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It all started by chance, and innocently enough. I was reading the Discussion Board messages on Literotica, and an impulse took me to check out the "How To" topic. There, I found a couple of the women had these character "dolls" that they had found, and wanted to use them in their signature lines. The word "charactoon" came from one of the participants later, but I like it, so I'll use that to describe them.

The one that caught my eye belonged to Angel. It was an image of an angelic little blonde with a halo and wings.

She wrote "Hey Celestiale, those are really adorable. I love the Mermaid! I'm thinkin of sticking all the one's I've collected/made/altered on a site now with everyone gaga over em! (I just can't get them transparent without fuckin' em up. Ah well.)"

I noticed that it had been saved in the wrong format, and was much larger than it needed to be, so I spent a few minutes fixing the shading so it was more even, and making the background transparent.

Many of the charactoons that the women were posting didn't have a transparent background, and, since I'm a damn perfectionist, I offered to help them out by editing the graphics so they would look better. And, I e-mailed the Little Angel to Angel. Apparently, I had done good, because she thanked me in a return e-mail, and my modified doll was the one she was then using.

This was great. I was getting e-mail from one of the Lit-babes telling me what a nice guy I am. Then, after the women saw the Angel-toon (and she thanked me in public), "Guru you are a freaking GEM," and "Thanks Guru! For fixing the transparency. You rock." I got several more requests for toon-work. I created a web site and began to modify or repair, and now host, toons for Lit women.

Then one day, feeling exceptionally spunky, I decided I could erase the Little Angel's clothing and e-mail her to Angel, as a flirty gag. I drew a hot little, petite blonde body to go with her angelic appearance, and sent it.

Soon, Angel made "Lit Guru" and presented her naked toon-self to the Board. This made my day, and I was really jazzed. I spent way too much time on Lit that night, and on the 'net looking for new toons. Finally, I was exhausted and went to bed, thinking about the little Nude Angel, and the other mischief I'd started.



The next morning, I awoke with a raging erection, and as I lay there letting consciousness seep back into my mind, I remembered the dream I'd had.

The Angel toon, the nude one, had come to me, floating in the air, flying without using her wings. She glowed, as if she was still on my computer screen. She seemed to be composed of tiny, glowing dots of red, green and blue like the computer.

I said "Hello, Angel." I'm such a clever, suave conversationalist in my dreams.

She held her finger up to her lips, shushing me, and flew over to me. Her arms wrapped around me. Her lips almost touching mine, she used her tongue to trace the outline of my mouth. I put my hands on her body, feeling her smooth sides and hips. She certainly felt nice: smooth, soft and warm.

She pressed her lips against mine, and began to slowly, yet deeply, french-kiss me. I let my hands roam over her body, feeling her small, firm breasts, her soft arms, and her *wings*, which were downy soft and feather-like.

She pressed against me more firmly, floating up a little, and then down, letting my erection rub against her small patch of downy pubes. She kissed me harder, and deeper as she did this. Then she floated up just a little higher, and rocked her hips so that the tip of my cock slid back and forth along her very wet lips.

She then pushed forward so my cock began pushing inside her--she was so tight, and I was just a half-inch inside her, feeling the heat and extreme wetness.

The alarm woke me at this point, and here I am, with an erection that's almost painfully hard. But, the work day called, so after a couple of minutes, off I went to my job.


All that day as I worked, I couldn't get the Lit Angel out of my mind. Of course, she was just perfect in my mind, because I had made her that way. No wonder I found her so desirable.

After my day at work, I checked my e-mail and had a request from Nekky Baby for a charactoon, Naked! She sent: "woohoo nekkie doll! i have long reddish wavy hair blue eyes and big tits how big you ask? a 38D"

So I began my search for a good starting point. Soon, I found one that fit perfectly, except she was wearing clothes. I quickly changed her hair and eyes to match Baby's description, and eagerly erased the clothing and drew in the flesh that had been covered.

I uploaded the toon to my web site, and e-mailed Baby that her toon was ready. She put it up right away, and really got appreciative comments from the guys.

I was having a blast, and stayed up late, again. I was really tired when I finally headed up for bed.



Again, I had a dream. This time, it was Nekky Baby who came to me, and she was very naked. Her flowing red-hair, very buxom and sexy figure was exactly as I had drawn it. She glowed like Angel had, and also seemed to be made up of little primary colored dots.

She walked up to me, and said "You. I want you, and I want you now!" Her voice was low and husky--very sexy.

I started to say something lame in reply, but she clamped her mouth on mine and began to French kiss me. She reached down to my cock, and grabbed it roughly, feeling it get erect at her touch. I could feel her large breasts pushing against my chest. Her nipples were hard, and I could easily feel the pressure of them pushing into my chest.

As soon as my cock was hard, she pushed me back so I was laying on my back, and leaped into a sixty-nine position. She ground her cunt onto my face, and I licked and sucked as skillfully as I could. She got wilder and faster as I continued, rubbing her lips across my face. She continued to stroke my cock, keeping me excited while she used me for her pleasure.

Soon, she began to get closer to cumming--it was obvious from her grunts and moans as I licked her. She began to move her cunt quickly back and forth across my mouth, and pressed down even harder. Then she came, gushing onto my face, saturating my moustache.

She had almost completely ignored me so far, just stroking my cock enough to maintain my erection. After a second of rest, she began to make up for it when she leaned over and took the head of my cock into her warm mouth. The feeling was exquisite, better than I ever remembered from oral sex when awake.

Then, damn it, my alarm rang again, and I awoke. I savored the memory of this dream, and made sure that I recalled every little detail. I thought about how she tasted, and smelled, and the wild, bucking, intense climax that I gave her.

It was at this point that I realized something very strange, and a little scary: My moustache was wet, and smelled like a woman. I discounted it as coincidence--I must have been drooling, or something, as I slept. And the smell... I couldn't quite figure that out.

Another day at work ahead of me. I really didn't have time to dwell on a smell at the time.



That night, Angel responded to one of my posts with a comment that her boobs in real life were bigger than I'd drawn them. So I changed her Angel-toon. I teased her a little about wanting to get a boob job, and posted the "before" and "after" on Lit.

She seemed to like her new toon, answering me with...

Again, that night, I had "The Dream." Angel came back, with her new breasts.

"These are much better, don't you think?" she said. Her voice was husky and low as she moved in closer. "Feel them, they are really nice."

I reached out, and touched them softly. They were full, large and very nice looking. The areolae were obviously flushed, and her nipples were erect.

As I touched her breasts, and teased her nipples, she reached down for my organ, quickly giving me an erection. She pushed against me, and breathed into my ear "I love my new boobs. How can I thank you?"

I moved one hand down to her crotch, and felt that she was very wet. She wrapped us with her downy wings, enveloping me and pulling me tight against her. She began to kiss me deeply and passionately. My cock was between her legs, and she maneuvered me inside her.

We began to move together as much as we could, but she had a tight hold on me, and I could barely move. She was controlling this, as I was firmly in her grasp and enfolded by her wings. Angel used her muscles to tighten around me, rhythmically matching and strengthening the intensity of her pelvic movements.

It didn't take too long doing this to get her and me really close to climax. Our movements picked up intensity, and then we came together. It seemed to last a very long time, and afterward I was completely spent. She kissed me one last time, hard, and then floated away, and faded from my sight.


When the alarm went off, I spent just a minute laying there thinking about the great dream I had. It didn't take me long to realize that I had obviously had a wet dream, as I was a sticky mess. Damn, I hadn't had one of those since I was a kid. I got up, and headed to the bathroom to clean up as well as I could.

During the day, I couldn't stop thinking about the dreams I had been having--they were so real, and vivid. And yet, they were so, weird. Who dreams about little charactoons come to life?



That evening, I had decided that the dreams were just my imagination gone wild, and it couldn't possibly last, so I may as well enjoy it while I could. I thought, "What the heck. I should draw something that I would really, really like."

My plan was to assemble three or four naked charactoons into a group scene. I had several cute little toons to choose from, and I arrayed my little group tableau. There was a blonde with short hair, and small, perky breasts. A tall, black woman with long hair, and very dark skin. And, a very busty brunette with long legs and a shaved crotch.

I spent about an hour on these, and arranged them into one graphic. I spent the rest of the evening thinking about having a dream with these three hot babes, and what fun we could have. My imagination was working overtime.

Finally, bed time came. I was so keyed up that I had a hard time falling asleep (no pun intended), but finally drifted off to have my dream encounter...


The next thing I knew, the alarm was waking me up. No dream, no erection, no wet spot, nothing. Damn. I didn't understand it--it had worked for Angel (twice), and for Nekky Baby. Well, I thought that perhaps this was a happy fluke of the dream world, and it was done. It was just a couple of dreams, after all.

Time for work. I'd miss those dreams.



That evening on Lit, in a thread, Countess DeWinter asked for a naked icon. I found one that was close, and posted it. She wrote back:

"Oh my!! I love it! Can you give her short hair? Bigger tits would be nice, but you can't do that can you? oh, and how do I put it on my sig line? love ya, the Countess"

Well, I could do all that. I e-mailed her, asking for what she'd like, and she replied "THANK YOU!! Wow...a naked pic of almost me. I'm so excited. My hair's pretty short, only about jaw-length and straight. And I wear a 34DD. kisses and licks."

I eagerly read and reread her description. I shortened the hair, and enlarged the breasts to match her description. Her complexion was very fair, so I lightened the skin.

She also pointed me to the amateur pictures section of Lit, where she had a few posted: "*giggling* I'm guessing then that you don't look at the amateur pics very often *blush*"


That night, she came to me in a dream. She was much different from the other toons that I had dreamed about. She was taller, and had an air of dignity and authority about her--as if her Countess handle was based partly in truth.

But there was also a seductive, sensuousness about her that made her very desirable. (She was my dream, after all).

She glided up to me. "Thank you for the things you helped me with today."

Her voice was so seductive, with a low, husky tone to it. I could feel the desire in the way she said those words.

She took my hands, pulling me toward her, and kissed me. Long, slow, and very passionately. I could feel her body just inches from mine, and mine responded. As I became erect, the head of my cock just touched her neatly trimmed bush. She moved just a little, back and forth, as we kissed, rubbing my cock across her mons.

My hands had found their way to her large, firm breasts. Her nipples were very large and prominent, and they were both erect. She was pressing closer now, and I could feel the length of her body against mine.

"I've been very naughty today, showing this body to everyone. What would you do to discipline me? I should be spanked, don't you think?"

Her voice was so sultry, cool and hot at the same time. She slid down my body, leaving one hand on my cock until she had to release it to get into spanking position. She was on all fours, her gorgeous ass toward me. I could just see her cunt between her cheeks, dripping wet already.

"Spank me, now," she whispered.

I gave her a swat on the left cheek, then another on the right. She squirmed a little at that, and mewed her approval of the pain. With more force, I repeated this. She responded with more mewing, and wiggled her butt.

"Harder," she said, her voice even sexier and huskier now.

I gave her more whacks, each time she responded by groaning her desire. Once her butt was nicely reddened, she turned around and got up on her knees, taking my cock into her mouth, and sucked with enthusiasm.

As soon as I got close, she stood up, turned around, and pushed me into herself from behind. We fucked like this for just a while before she came. As I would get close, she would change her rhythym, or the angle, or something that would prevent me from cumming. A while longer, she came again. A while longer, she came again.

Every time she came, I would get this incredible rush. An electric feeling through my whole body that left my toes tingling. She kept me going for a long, long time. I'm sure she came ten times. Finally, she had this huge, incredible orgasm that pushed me over the edge, and we came together.


When my alarm went off, I felt like I'd spent the night out partying, drinking and carousing like I had in my younger days. I was completely drained, and sore. I could hardly move. I managed to reach the alarm to shut it off, and slowly stumbled to the kitchen to make some coffee.

I called off from work that day, telling them I thought I was coming down with something, and needed to regain my strength.

What had happened here? I couldn't get my little orgy charactoons to work, but every time I made one for a Lit member, I got a visitor in my dreams? And, the Countess must have an incredible amount of sexual energy, or at least, her toon does. God I was wiped out.

During the day, I read a little on Lit, and poked around, but what I really needed was a long nap. I went to bed early in the afternoon, and slept right through the evening and into the next day.



The next night after work, I logged on to Lit, and began reading threads. I read a thread that had a message from Lava Goddess, which said "Now if I could only get Guru to make my devil naughtily dressed....or nekkie......"

An invitation I couldn't pass up. So I copied her little she-devil icon, and worked on it. When it was done, I had made it much redder (hotter) and given her a chain between her nipples, a gold band around her thigh and a tiny red thong. I made the tail look more like it belonged with her body. This little toon really looked hot. I was getting really good at putting sexuality into these little things.

When I posted it, she was thrilled, and began using it right away.


Predictably, that night, I had the dream. The Lava Goddess didn't just glow. She radiated heat that I could feel from what seemed like ten feet away. And, she caused the background to turn very red, like lava. She was incredible looking. Her glowing, red skin, gold nipple rings and chain, and the gold band around her thigh. Her tail was held behind her, and was wiggling a little.

"I've come for you," was all she said. Her voice was very strange--not demonic, but it seemed to have several timbres, or tones, in it.

She approached me, and I moved toward her. Something in the back of my mind was warning me that she was dangerously sexy looking. As we embraced, I could feel the intense heat of her skin. If this weren't a dream, I'm sure I would have burned where we touched.

I let her kiss me--in truth, she was very strong, and I don't think I could have stopped her if I had wanted to. Her tail wrapped itself around us, pulling us tighter together. I could feel it sliding over my lower back and butt as it did. It was as soft as her skin, and as hot.

I felt her breasts, caressing them, testing the nipple rings and chain. I ran my hands through her hair. She began to nibble on my ears and neck. Maybe it was a little more than nibbling. It hurt. Almost.

Her tail wrapped around my legs, brushing against my balls. Sliding against me under my balls. Soft, and hot. What a feeling. She continued to kiss and bite me while her tail wrapped, and slid, and caressed.

Her hands moved down lower to grasp me, to feel my erection.

She took my hands in hers, and pushed my arms up over my head. I felt metal rings, or cuffs, being fastened around my wrists. She was kissing me hard, so I couldn't look up to see. Once the rings were fastened, my arms were pulled up tight, stretched out to their full length.

Then, she started to really nibble. She bit my neck, and sucked. Her hands had again grabbed my erect organ, and she was slowly stroking me, just keeping me hard. She moved down to my shoulders, and nibbled all over them.

I glanced up to see how the hell I was fastened, and there were black, iron-like bands around my wrists. As far as I could tell, there was no way to open them. A chain connected them, and stretched up into the dream-mist as far as I could see.

I looked down--God, she was great looking. She was moving her bites toward my erect cock. This worried me, a little, as she was biting harder as she worked me over.

When she reached my cock, she bit my thighs, and nibbled on my balls, but didn't suck me. She just kept stroking slowly with her hot hands, teasing me.

Then, Lava stood up, and spread her legs, inserting my cock inside her. The feeling of her -- very hot, very wet -- was intense.

Her tail had a pointy tip--not sharp, kind of like a small finger, and it was exploring beneath my balls, and my crack. Then, I felt it touch my anus, and begin to insert itself into my opening.

She would bite me occasionally, hard, on the shoulder, or the neck, or anywhere she could reach, as she moved up and down hanging on to my body.

She would move, then her tail would twitch, then she would stop her body movements, use only her tail, then she would speed up, slow down...

I know this lasted a long, long time. Many of the details are gone from my memory, but it was a mixture of extreme, intense pleasure mixed with pain. I'm sure I came at least twice, and couldn't begin to count her orgasms.


When I awoke, I was drained, drenched in sweat and sticky, and every inch of me hurt. I dragged my aching body into the bathroom to pee, and caught a glimpse in the mirror, then stared at the sight. I had bite marks and hickies all over my neck, shoulders, arms and elsewhere. My skin looked like I had a sunburn--it was definitely reddened--but many of the reddened areas looked like hand prints or lip prints or, I guess, tail marks.

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