tagFetishChelsea's Wet Diaper Fantasy Ch. 01

Chelsea's Wet Diaper Fantasy Ch. 01


This is my first ever story so I would greatly appreciate some constructive criticism or general advice......


It was a late night in May as Chelsea lay in bed illuminated by the screen of her lap top. At the moment Chelsea was indulging in one of her most kinky and secret pleasures; she was a wetter.

She loved the feeling of the instant when her bladder was unable to hold back the flood of pee any longer; first resisting the impending flood, but then allowing it to escape in full force into whatever, if anything, she was wearing. She not only loved pissing in her panties but she had recently become interested in diapers.

Chelsea was petite 18 year old girl just finishing up her final month of high school. She had bright green eyes and long wavy blond hair that fell just short of her round shapely ass. She was quite slender and had long toned legs, but was actually quite busty on top. She normally wore a 36C bra but on this current night she did not.

Her gorgeous supple body lay on her bed completely exposed except for the partial cover given by her hair as it lay draped across her luscious tits allowing only one fully aroused nipple to penetrate her golden locks. She was quite the sight as she lay illuminated by the light from her laptop wearing nothing but a pull-up diaper which was quite snug and tightly cupped her rapidly moistening hairless pussy.

She was feeling particularly kinky this evening and decided to try on one of the pull-ups she had bought last week and had hidden in her panty drawer which was also home to her numerous sex toys and a bag of pot which she had just finished smoking a joint from thinking that it may help to lower her inhibitions from the act she was planning to perform.

She watched with lust as the scene unfolded before her on her laptop. She watched as two young girls, naked except for the diapers they were wearing, slowly caressed in a lustful embrace. A man then entered the scene and the girls pulled his stiffening rod from his underwear and began to hungrily slobber over his cock.

One of the girls let the man's cock drop from her mouth and laid flat on her back, while the other proceeded to straddle her face in a 69 position while still sucking on the throbbing cock in front of her; her body tensed briefly and then relaxed allowing her golden flood to fill her diaper which began to sag. She was grinding her soaking wet diaper covered pussy into the face of the girl below her who then pulled her diaper aside. She continued to lap at the golden nectar while she pressed her middle finger all the way into the pissing girl's tight puckered ass. The girl on the bottom then let out a moan accompanied by an enormous flood that leaked around the sides of her diaper soaking the bed below.

As the girl on bottom continued to finger the others ass while licking her pussy, the man pulled his cock from the top girls mouth. He directed his attention to the girl on the bottom; he pushed the diaper against her pussy unleashing an even greater flood that was added to the already substantial puddle forming on the mattress.

He forcefully ripped the diaper to the side causing one of the side clasps to release revealing her bare, swollen pussy, still dripping with piss and her cum that dripped into the crack of her ass. He drove his saliva coated cock into the eagerly awaiting pussy and pumped in and out until he shot his cum into her pulsating pussy.

As he pulled out cum began to ooze out of her gaping hole which trickled down over her puckered ass and finally reached the soaked diaper where it mixed with her piss and cum.

The video continued but Chelsea could take no more; she had drunk over a gallon of water in the last hour purposely pushing her bladder to its limit. Her lower stomach was swollen with all of the water she had drank and the diaper was squeezing her bladder causing her pussy to release a few quick bursts of piss into her diaper before she clenched it back with all her might. She then delivered a steady push on her bladder; she couldn't hold back the flood gates any longer and piss began to fill her diaper.

She felt the most amazing warmth that first started where the opening of her cunt was held firmly by the diaper but it quickly began to spread below into the crack of her ass and finally the warmth accumulated around the leg holes of her diaper and a small trickle escaped dripping onto her mattress.

At this moment she decided to prolong this orgasmic experience and stopped the flow of pee into her diaper. From under her pillow she pulled one of her favorite toys a thick seven inch bright purple vibrating dildo, which she eyed with lust. She unfastened the two sides of her pull-up allowing her to pull the front down while the rest of the soaked material remained beneath her dew covered ass. She was more wet than she had ever been in her life so she skipped the lube, cranked the dial on the bottom of the dildo to max power, and thrust it deep into her pussy.

Within seconds she could feel the approach of an orgasm; her first arrived seconds later sending the most intense wave of pleasure through her quivering body as another gush of pee shot from her soaking lips, some of which missed the diaper and soaked her sheets.

As she basked in the pleasure from the most intense orgasm she had experienced she slowly rubbed her middle finger around her asshole and allowing only her first digit to slip inside as it tightly clenched down in response to her probing and from the aftershock of her orgasm. Chelsea with a naughty grin released a few more squirts into her nearly satiated diaper.

Removing her finger from her ass she crammed the still vibrating dildo as far into her pussy as it would allow, pulled the diaper back over her pussy and refastened it. She squirmed with pleasure as the vibration encompassed her wet pussy, relishing in the feeling provided by her tightly fitting soaked diaper. As she felt her next orgasm approach she let go a surprisingly enormous amount of piss that was begging to escape her bladder.

As the urine flooded around her ass it began to pool within the diaper and gushed out of the seam between her fair skinned thigh and the diaper, completely soaking her bed beneath her. The kinkiness of filling her diaper with piss that it was unable to contain combined with the intense vibration within it pushed her over the edge.

Her hips bucked into the air allowing a streaming trail of urine to escape from her diaper which landed with a soft patter into the wetness below her. A long intense moan escaped through her clenched teeth reverberating around the room of the completely silent house in which her parents slept.

She collapsed with a sigh into the puddle of her piss, switched the vibrator off through the sodden material of her diaper, and passed into a deep content sleep.

In the morning she gently woke as a ray of the early morning sun fell upon the subtle freckles of her young face. She awoke feeling amazing, the events of last night not yet having penetrated the fog of her early morning slumber.

Her hand slowly dipped to her naked breast where it continued on its path to her pussy. As her hand brushed across the saggy wet lump of her diapered pussy she woke with a start. She lay completely naked without a blanket or sheet in the middle of her soaked mattress and her mother would be in to wake her any moment for school.

To be continued...

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please keep going its just getting intresting!
there's nothingwrong with it so far, its incrdable!

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