tagBDSMCheryl's Passion Ch. 02

Cheryl's Passion Ch. 02


April gave me a few minutes to catch my breath and for my tears to subside. When I had finally stopped sobbing, she held up a handcuff key where I could see it and said, "For your second punishment, I need you to turn around and face me. If I unchain you from the wall, will you turn around and allow me to chain your wrists to the wall again?"

What an impossible choice! My mind rebelled against the situation April had put me in. I was certain that a slave-girl was supposed to be made helpless and forced to accept her punishments. She wasn't supposed to be asked to cooperate with her tormenters!

"If you think what comes next is going to be too much for you, just say so," April advised me, "I can always just unchain you and go home. You never have to see me again."

The idea that April might leave my house and never return was like a splash of cold water in my face. It startled me and gave me the courage to cooperate with April so that she could deal out my next punishment.

"I will turn around and allow you to chain my wrists to the wall again, Mistress," I finally told April, and I was rewarded with a facial expression I couldn't quite read. Was it surprise? Was it admiration? Was it respect? Was it a combination of all three?

April then unchained my wrists and, as I promised, I turned around and faced April so that she could chain my wrists to the wall again.

"That's a good girl," April assured me after my wrists were once again helplessly locked in stainless steel bondage.

"You're very brave, you know that?" April asked, "You had an opportunity to take the easy way out, but you chose the more difficult choice of being my slave-girl and submitting to another very painful punishment."

"Thank you, Mistress," I replied. She claimed that I was brave, but if she could hear how fast my heart was beating, she just might have changed her mind. I was wildly nervous about what was to come next, but I also wanted to endure what came next. I feared it, but I also embraced it as a very important part of who I had become and who I was in the process of becoming.

April then wiped some of the tears from my soaking wet face and surprised me by leaning in and kissing me passionately on the mouth. I had never been kissed by a girl before, however, I felt strangely proud that my first time kissing a girl was while I was naked, chained helplessly to a cinderblock wall and being kissed by a dominant girl who had just mercilessly punished my poor, naked bottom with a leather belt.

April's tongue invaded my mouth and I eagerly let it in. I allowed April's tongue to explore my mouth, to slide over and under my own tongue and to excite nerve endings in my mouth I didn't previously know existed. I moaned into April's mouth and she controlled me with her lips and tongue.

April stimulated surprisingly erotic, tingling sensations with her kiss that began in my mouth but spread all across my naked body, finally spreading to that sacred place between my thighs, making me feel even wetter and making my clit throb even more.

April's kisses had been passionate and forceful at first, but they gradually became tenderer, more affectionate and more lingering. Then her lips separated from mine and, while I was chained helplessly to the basement wall, she kissed my naked breasts, quickly locating my nipples and kissing them both and then sucking them hard one after the other, causing me to moan in delirious lust and causing both my nipples and clit to throb simultaneously.

"It's a mistress's privilege to be tender at times," April explained, "A mistress doesn't have to explain why and she doesn't have to tell you when it will happen again. It just happens when I want it to happen."

I moaned at this. I was deep in a sexual fever and desperately wanted April's mouth once again on my lips, my nipples and even between my thighs. I spread my legs indecently wide in an invitation, however, April refused to touch my wet, throbbing sex.

April resumed licking and sucking on my nipples, getting them shamelessly wet and extraordinarily hard, reddened and erect. They were so hard and swollen that they ached. I whimpered and panted, but my mistress controlled my nipples and did what she liked with them. I was chained to wall and could do nothing to stop her.

The more she lavished attention on my nipples, the more my loins tingled and suffused with feverish sexual heat. I gasped and panted, but April refused to take me all the way. My pubic lips became wet and swollen and my clit became painfully hard and peeked out from its hood.

"Now, I think it's time for your second punishment," April said as she took her lips away from one of my wet, sensitive nipples and reached into her bag of tricks.

She pulled out a small leather whip and showed it to me. It had nine, leather lashes attached to the short leather handle. I was no expert on whips, but the small size of the thing made me suspect that it couldn't cause much pain. I actually thought that it looked rather cute.

"This whip is special," April explained to me, "This is only used when a mistress whips her slave-girl's breasts or pubic lips. I'll probably spare your pubic lips today, but I am definitely going to whip those lovely, firm, round breasts of yours. They're so beautiful and so bold, they just seem to be crying out to me for my attention!"

I stood there, naked and chained helplessly to the wall. I was able to watch as April swung her little whip and punished my defenseless left breast with a cruel stinging splat of leather on naked girl's flesh.

"Aaiighhh!!" I screamed in pain and shock. I had assumed that the small size of the whip meant it wouldn't hurt. I was wrong. It stung far worse than the leather belt across my bare bottom. It was scalding agony.

The pain was extraordinary, but I refused to beg April to stop. I had asked for April to be my mistress and make me her slave-girl. It was unthinkable that I would try to back out of that now. I intended to take this punishment that April was offering and not beg for mercy. I was going to be her slave-girl and I was going to take my punishment like a naked slave-girl should.

My naked breasts bounced and burned as each stroke of April's tiny whip painted reddish-pink marks upon my youthful skin and when April's leather whip slashed across one of my sensitive, swollen nipples I screamed especially loud. I abandoned myself entirely to the pain. The anguish of a punished slave-girl was all I knew. April didn't even seem to be swinging her leather whip very hard, yet somehow the pain was excruciating.

April's cute leather whip splatted fire across both of my naked, defenseless breasts and left me screaming and struggling against the stainless steel bands on my wrists. Struggling was futile, but the pain was so intense I couldn't control my body's reactions.

When my breasts were crisscrossed with more than a dozen angry reddish-pink marks, April ceased whipping my helpless, naked body.

I was sweating, sobbing, panting and my breasts were throbbing in horrible, stinging pain. April gave me a few seconds to get my sobbing under control and then she asked, "Do you still want me to be your mistress?"

"Yes," I answered, although my voice was broken and cracked with sobs.

"I can be a very harsh mistress," April reminded me, "I can dole out very severe punishments. Are you sure that you want that?"

"Yes, Mistress," I said emphatically, tears still sliding down my cheeks, "I want this. I want harsh punishments. It's what I dream about at night. I crave this sort of cruelty. I don't know why, but I desperately want it."

"You seem very sure," April said.

"I am very sure, Mistress," I need this. I didn't know that this sort of lifestyle existed until just a few weeks ago, but now that I've discovered it, I don't think I can live without it! I need a harsh mistress to punish me, to humiliate me, to treat me like a possession!"

"I can do all that," April assured me, "I just needed to make certain that's what you really wanted."

My buttocks and breasts throbbed in cruel, throbbing pain, but I actually smiled at April's words. It seemed as if she'd agreed to be my mistress and treat me as I needed to be treated.

Then April put a hand in between my legs. She painfully pinched my swollen labia and then she roughly kneaded my sex until my breathing became labored and interspersed with gasps. Then April suddenly inserted a finger deep and forcefully into my throbbing wet sex.

I let out a girlish gasp and then April withdrew the finger only to impale my sex again, this time with two fingers. And this time it felt as if she was probing even deeper into my sensitive sex.

"Aaaahhhh," I gasped and then April withdrew and shoved three fingers forcefully into my sensitive vagina. April thrust her fingers into me roughly, forcefully, again and again, making me moan, pant and sob. Harder and harder she worked her fingers into me and then just as I was on the verge of my orgasm, she grabbed a sensitive nipple with her free hand and pinched it cruelly just before the jarring explosion of libidinous pleasure spilled through my loins.

The pain of my nipple being tormented only seemed to add to the intensity of my final, shattering orgasm, and I let out a wanton, indecent cry that was so utterly loud and passionate, my mother must have heard me upstairs.

I moaned, sobbed and panted and April kissed me on the mouth once again. I moaned into her mouth and kissed her back as much as I was able. I was physically and emotionally drained and could barely control my motor functions anymore.

When April broke from the kiss, she observed, "This has been quite a day of firsts for you, Cheryl."

"Yes, Mistress," I agreed. I was still panting and my words were little more than gasps.

"Recount them for me," April said, "I want to hear you say them out loud."

The enormity of it hit me as I began to say them all out loud, "Today is the first day a woman has locked me into bondage I couldn't get out of. Today is the first day that a girl has ever whipped me. Today is the first day I've ever kissed a girl. Today is the first day that a girl has ever played with my pussy or brought me to an orgasm."

"I guess you're not a virgin anymore, are you, Cheryl?"

"No, Mistress," I replied.

"And who was it that took your virginity from you, Cheryl?"

"It was you, Mistress," I replied.

"April Ladd took Cheryl Munroe's virginity," April said with mirthful satisfaction, "I like the sound of that."

While I was still chained to the wall, April kissed me and played with my nipples again, rolling the pink nubs between her thumbs and index fingers until they were swollen and erect. I moaned into her mouth and soon my pussy was throbbing with need again.

Finally April broke from the kiss and said, "I'm going to unchain you from the wall, darling, but when I do, I intend to handcuff your wrists behind your back."

"Of course, Mistress," I replied.

When April unlocked my wrists, I obediently placed my hands behind my back, crossed my wrists and waited patiently for April to lock my wrists in stainless steel.

"My, I have an adorable slave," April gushed, "So obedient! So cooperative!"

April hugged me after my hands were cuffed behind my back and then she reached between my thighs and felt my pubic lips once again.

"Are you going to finger me to orgasm again, Mistress?" I asked and began to writhe as her hand stroked my sensitive labia and made them even more swollen and tender.

"Just the opposite, my greedy little slave-girl," April replied, "Now you're going to get down on your knees and use that virgin tongue of yours to service my pussy."

For a girl to get down on her knees without the use of her hands is difficult. To make matters worse, the floor was made of concrete and was rough on my knees, but my mistress wished for me to kneel on the basement floor, so I submissively obeyed.

While I knelt on the basement floor I waited for April to get ready for my tongue. She removed her shoes, her skirt and her panties. She took her time, didn't rush and did it all gracefully. After all, it's not like I was going to go anywhere, if she took too long. I was a naked and bound submissive. She could take all the time she wanted.

"Now, this is your first time," April explained as she stood over me, her puffy, pink pubic lips just inches from my face, "So I'm going to have to instruct you on the proper way to use that virgin tongue of yours to pleasure a woman's vagina."

I had fantasized many times about a dominant woman forcing me to lick her orgasm, however, this would be the first time I actually did it in real life. In my fantasies, I was an expert at using my tongue to please a woman, however, since this was the real world and April was a real girl, I followed her instructions and did exactly what she told me to do with my tongue.

She taught me a system of licking the folds of her pussy, starting with the pubic lip on the left, then the pubic lip on the right, then the slippery cleft in between.

Licking her sex properly meant smooth, slow licks, starting at the bottom, near her asshole and working my way up to the top. I had never licked pussy before and was surprised to discover that the juices of April's pussy tasted almost exactly like butter.

April began moaning almost from the first lick. I took this as a compliment and felt rather proud that I was doing well enough to make her moan. The only downside was, the more she moaned the more difficult it was to understand her instructions.

Eventually she had me lick the hood away from her swollen clitoris and based on her responses she really liked it when I did that.

Finally she had me take her hard, swollen clit in between my teeth (gently, no biting) and suck on it. I did exactly as she told me. Apparently April liked the way I sucked on her clit. She responded to my efforts with trembling thighs, frantic hissing sounds and bucking hips.

April's hips and pelvis bucked so hard that my mouth lost contact with her pussy a couple of times. After the second time, April grabbed my skull and forced it against her crotch, thus making certain my face and her pubic lips would remain connected.

April's orgasm was quick, intense and loud. I was certain that my mother heard April's orgasm too. I was extraordinarily grateful that nobody else was in the house. I would have felt insanely humiliated if one of my mother's friends or co-workers had heard the screams of teenage lesbians in the midst of orgasmic bliss coming from our basement. Imagine the looks they would give me the next time they looked me in the eye.

"So, that was your first time licking a girl to orgasm," April said, "That's another first for you today."

It's true. It was a day for setting many precedents. Before today I had never performed cunnilingus. And April liked the job I had done licking her pussy so much, she had me lick her to orgasm a second time, right after she caught her breath.

The second time April's orgasm took longer and it wasn't anywhere near as loud, however, April's hips still bucked like an angry horse and her firm thighs still trembled and shook, so I was fairly certain I still did a good job.

"Oh yes," April said dreamily, after she'd caught her breath after her second orgasm, "You're a good student. I'm going to recommend you to all my friends."

I was pretty certain that that last part was a joke, but I failed to ask. Would April actually tell her friends about my skill at performing cunnilingus? Would she recommend that I service them sexually? It sounded unlikely and humiliating, but also kind of exciting.

April proceeded to put her clothes back on, however, she never gave me permission to get up off my knees. Being naked and kneeling on a concrete floor was uncomfortable, but it seemed inappropriate for a slave-girl to get up off the floor without permission, so I remained kneeling and waited for April to give me new orders.

When she was fully dressed and her skirt looked straight and presentable, April looked over at me and said, "Okay, Cheryl, you can get up now."

Getting up without the use of my hands was difficult, luckily I have very strong leg muscles and I'm very flexible and coordinated. It was difficult, but I managed.

"You look so submissive and adorable right now," April gushed, "The way that you struggled to get up off your knees while your wrists were handcuffed behind you back, you looked so submissive and vulnerable! If only we had a mirror down here!"

"Perhaps we can add one?" I suggested.

"Brilliant idea," April enthused, "I'm starting to get a lot of ideas for things we can add down here! The two iron rings in the wall for handcuffs are a good start, but if this is going to be your punishment room, it's not enough. I'm going to talk to your mother and see if she'll give me free reign to add anything I want."

Both of my eyebrows went up at that. I hadn't realized that April would be wanting to change and redesign our basement. Exactly what was she planning on adding?

"This is as good a time as any to go and ask her," April added enthusiastically, "Let's go, Cheryl."

April grabbed my right arm in her strong grip and started to lead me up the stairs. I panicked slightly at the idea of my mother seeing me like this. I was naked, sweaty, denuded of my pubic hair and I still had reddish-pink marks on my naked breasts and buttocks from when April whipped me.

"Mistress," I protested, "Shouldn't I get dressed too? Do we really want my mother to see me like this before the whip marks have a chance to fade?"

"Yes, we want your mother to see the whip marks," April replied, "You're not keeping secrets from your mother anymore. I expect you to tell her everything from now on."

I wasn't certain how to respond to that. I was uncomfortable going up to see my mother, naked and with whip marks visible on my skin, but I wasn't really sure how to vocalize this to April.

And when I hesitated, April just tightened her grip on my arm and pulled me forward. And in a sweet, but decisive tone of voice she said, "I'm grabbing your arm and you're walking with me. Here we go. Right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot."

One step at a time I made my way up the stairs and soon I was out of the basement and up on the ground floor. April kept her grip on my arm and I walked with her until we ended up in the dining room, face-to-face with my mother.

My mother was seated at the dining room table with some sort of report in front of her. It was just like my mom to bring paperwork home with her from work. Ordinarily my mom couldn't be distracted when she was deep into monthly sales reports or other files from work, but when April dragged her naked, handcuffed and whipped teenage daughter into the room, that caught her attention.

My mother's head snapped up and she said, "April?"

She packed a lot of emotion and subtext into that one word. I could practically feel the words, "Why are you parading my teenage daughter, naked and bound through my dining room? And why is she sporting whip marks on her naked skin?"

"I was hoping to make some changes to your basement," April said, "I'll pay for all of the improvements, but I wanted to get your approval first."

"April, you don't actually live here," my mother said, looking disapprovingly at my mistress, "Why do you think you should be allowed to make changes to my house?"

"It's actually for your daughter's benefit," April replied, "For when she's being punished and dominated. The iron rings in the wall are a good start, but in order to be a fully functional punishment room, your basement is going to need a lot more."

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