tagInterracial LoveChloe & Mom Ch. 04

Chloe & Mom Ch. 04


Besides being a take-off from the great stories "Letters to Mother" by LKWRITER, the following letters from a different daughter to a different mom also draws on the inspiration of CDE.

Dear Mom,

I'm sorry I haven't written you for a while, but I've been busy. Really, so much has happened, I hardly know how to begin. Of course I do know how: with the night I told the boys I was going to have a baby.

The night of the morning I found that sexy blue "X," Darrell came over as usual. He had nooo idea that he had done it, had put his black baby in this hot little white wife's tummy, but he must have noticed something was different. I met him in my shortest, blackest, tightest mini with my slinkiest see-through blouse and a pair of strap sandals that brought the top of my head right up to his chin. Obviously Sidney and I had not finished with dinner, as the table was set and delightful smells were coming from the kitchen where Sidney was preparing the food.

Gosh, that's right, Mom! I had forgotten to tell you about Sidney; he just continues to amaze me. No girl has ever had such a sweet, wonderful husband. Not only can he clean excess cum out of my pussy like nobody's business (and the orgasms just keep getting better and better), he has turned out to be a great cook. It seems a lot of the time that Darrell and I have been fucking before I knew he had knocked me up, Martin was taking Sidney aside to explain that now that I was going to be a mother, he would start having to take better care of me. Sidney has always like doing things for me, so it was easy to persuade him. For the previous weeks he has been doing all the housework and cooking.

That is a good thing; otherwise the house would have gone to hell. I just didn't have the time or energy. Darrell says it is important to keep as much sperm as possible in my pussy, so in addition to coming every night to fill me up, he often slips away from work to give me a nice topping up during the day. And I've told you, Darrell is not one of those "slam, bamm, thank-you-ma'am" guys. He always takes the time to get me really hot first -- not that that is too hard with us, huh, Mom? -- by lovingly fondling and kissing my titties while his fingers in my snatch making my little clitty feel sooo good.

Then he never fails to go down on me and let me know just how much he loves the pussy he's about to fuck. And it's not just that he's grateful for the chance to put his big black cock in there to make a baby in my flat white belly; he really enjoys tonguing my labia and sucking my love bud until I gush all over his mouth. He says I taste sweet. Then, too, he says making a woman to cum hard before and while putting sperm in her helps the little wigglers find an egg to impregnate. I don't know if that's true, but I sure did enjoy the way he puts that theory in practice.

And he takes his time when he fucks me, too, especially after the first shot. I can forgive that; getting his cock back in my hot little pussy after several hours' absence excites him so much, he looses it after only a few strokes. The relief allows him to get down to the serious fucking. He can hammer away at me for a good half hour while I go through I don't know how many orgasms before he blasts a second load of jism into me. The third time is even better! After a few fucks like that, Mom, and I'm really out of it. When he finishes with me, he tells me to stay in bed with little butt propped up with a pillow so more of the sperm will stay inside "where it will do the most good." I often fall asleep like that, fucked full of Darrell's cum and dreaming about having his baby in me.

Getting filled full of baby juice like that a couple of times a day is fun, but it doesn't leave much time to sweep, and mop, and wash dishes, and do laundry, and all those things that Sidney has been so wonderful about. When he comes to bed at night it's often after midnight and my sweet hubby is just exhausted. He smiles at me wistfully, seeing Darrell's cum leaking from around the tampon I use to plug myself, and I know he'd like to fuck me, or at least try. But that wouldn't be right, would it Mom? I promised Darrell he could knock me up this time and I can't run the risk, however small, of having a white baby!

Still, Sidney is my husband, even if he does have a pretty ineffective little weenie, and I love him oodles. So I take him in my arms and let him nurse my titties, the very titties that will be swelling with milk for Darrell's baby pretty soon. I don't know if that's what Sidney is thinking, but it doesn't take long for sucking my breasts to give him a little stiffie. I kiss him and tell him how cute I think his cock-y is and start to rub it for him. He really likes that, Mom, just like you said. BTW, thanks for the tips on how to keep your husband reconciled to seeing you being impregnated by a superior lover. I can hardly believe you kept Daddy's balls drained for twenty years with hand jobs, except for that slip-up with Arthur. You are one sexy mom, Mom.

Anyway, I tell Sidney how much I love him and that I understand how horny he must get, seeing Darrell sliding his big cock in and out of me, getting ready to dump more of his baby-making spunk into his innocent wife. I realize that he wishes it could be his little cock-y that gets to go inside my pussy to make a baby. He's groaning with excitement by then and I tell him how wonderful he is to let a handsome back man like Darrell be the one to make my tummy swell. And then I prove it to him by squeezing and pulling on his cock-y until he's about to make a mess in my hand. Then I kiss him again and tell him how tired I know he is and how I am going to help him go to sleep. He sort of protests, but not much because he is so sleepy. I just keep stroking his weenie and tell him it's OK to just let go, that I love to see his little cock getting his 'jammies all wet, and that he can just close his eyes and ...come! He moans, and spurts a few times and goes limp. It never fails to put him out like a light. What a guy!

Which brings me back to my story; sorry for rambling Mom. Well Darrell saw the preparations for dinner and looked at me quizzically. I told him to call Martin; we were going to have a special dinner, refusing to say more.

Martin said he'd be a few minutes, but that was OK with Darrell and me. Although we didn't have time for a full heels-to-the-ceiling fuck, I told him he could do me in the living room. He grinned and pushed my head down into the seat of that overstuffed armchair. Then he wiggled my skirt up over my butt and grunted when he saw my black lace panties. I don't normally wear panties, but I know how much he likes taking them off and wanted to give him a special treat. They were crotchless in case he was in a really big hurry to get his big black babymaker into my grateful hole, but he took his time.

Gently he hooked his thumbs into the panty band and slid his hand inside my little unmentionables. Oh, Mom! I know you're just like me; having a man's big strong hand on my quivering little bottom, his fingers softly digging into the soft asscheeks is almost enough to make me come right then. Good as it felt, I was not disappointed when he finished pulling them over my hips and slid them down my legs, caressing me as he went. A little tap on my ankle was my signal to step put of the undergarment and spread my feet farther apart. Then his hands were on and in my pussy. He commented about how wet I was. I don't know why; I'm always wet whenever I think about having Darrell's monster in my pussy. Maybe he meant the big stain my pussy juice was making on the armchair.

It was too late to think about re-upholstery bills. Darrell was sliding his cock into me. I guess it's silly to keep saying that each time he fucks me feels like the best ever. It's just that when he is in me, that huge slab of black meat pounding away at your daughter's hot little cunny, I just can't believe anything could be any more wonderful. This time was no different; I was lost in a sea of pleasure, overwhelmed by the pumped-full feeling of Darrell's cock ramming me mercilessly as one hand grasped my titties squeezing them and teasing my nipples while the other strummed my clit.

Suddenly I heard a noise and opened my eyes. There was Martin standing in front of me with his own beautiful cock just inches from my lips. Greedily I opened my mouth and he slipped it in, making a crack about us starting without him. He must have really been hot that day, because in no time he was moaning that he was about to blow. Suddenly he was holding my head and thrusting hard into my mouth. My excitement at getting my mouth filled with cum from one huge black cock while at the same time another one was getting ready to fill my pussy was too much.

My body went into a series of screaming spasms that might have dislodged the two black dicks that were making me come, if the boys hadn't been holding me tight. Instead my climaxes triggered theirs. As I felt Martin erupt in my mouth, Darrell exploded in my pussy. I must have squirted a bucket myself. It was great, Mom! I was drenched in sweat and my face and neck were covered in Martin's cum that was already running down soaking my blouse and tits, while Darrell's seed and my own pussy juice were tricking mingled down my legs. If they gave medals for nasty little white wives, I'd get the gold.

As you can imagine, our fun required a slight postponement in dinner as the three of us needed to get cleaned up. We decided to use the big upstairs shower. I guess you don't need me to tell you, Mom, that being in a shower sandwiched between two hunky black men had your horny pregnant daughter hotter than a firecracker again in no time. I'll skip the description of how I gave Martin another blowjob as Darrell took me from behind again. About an hour later we had managed to get dressed (well just in robes) and stagger down to dinner.

Somehow Sidney had kept everything warm and fresh and we sat as he served us a roast with potatoes and onions, fresh asparagus au gratin, salad, hot rolls and cherry pie. I was so proud of him! Darrell and Martin and I ate and ate until we couldn't eat any more. We finished the pie; Darrell had two pieces and Martin three! I had just one, but then my tummy was already full from two great blowjobs. A second bottle of Bordeaux was history when I pushed back from the table and said I had a little announcement.

It can't have been much of a surprise, but my husband and lovers indulged my little ceremony. I led us all to the living room and sat Martin in the chair (yes, Mom, THE chair. Those stains are NEVER coming out.). I sat on the sofa between Darrell and Sidney. First I turned to Sidney and kissed him on the cheek and told him I had wonderful news; he was going to be a DADDY! He wasn't too pleased, as I suppose is natural under the circumstances.

Then I turned to Darrell and kissed him, too. That turned into quite an event. I got up in his lap and threw my arms around him, rubbing my excited titties against his chest. His tongue was down my throat and his hands were on my ass. I got so excited I almost forgot and threw my self down on his prick and screwed him. Almost. Somehow, I had the presence of mind to pull back from fucking my self silly right there in my living room in front of my husband and Martin. Coming up for air, I pulled Darrell's hand off my bottom and placed it on my belly. And you, I told him, are going to be a FATHER.

Darrell let out a whoop of joy and was about to carry me off to the bedroom for a celebratory fuck when I stopped him. It's not your turn any longer, I giggled and hopped out of his lap. You would have laughed if you had seen it, Mom, your horny daughter scooting across the room from Darrell's lap to Martin's before either man knew what happened. Martin had only managed to open his mouth to say something when my tongue was in it, kissing him joyously. It didn't take him long to figure out what my pregnancy meant for him. As he started to feel me up, I was babbling into his neck about how much I had missed having him fuck me, and how much I thanked him for waiting, and for all the yummy blowjobs, and how I was going to make it up to him.

When I had babbled to a halt, I looked up at Sidney and Darrell. They were looking a little glum; now they had something new in common, envy for Martin who they knew was about to take me to upstairs to bed and screw my little brains out. Darrell looked more philosophical about it. He could afford to be, of course, as I was already pregnant with his baby. But he was a sport. Clamping his arm around Sidney, he said they could go back to his house that night and get drunk. The last thing Sidney saw as he looked back, walking out the door with Darrell, was Martin on his knees in front of me, holding my legs apart as he ate me to a shattering come.

Well Martin did take me to bed that night and yes he did screw me and ... Oh, God! I'm sorry, Mom; I've got to stop again. Writing you has me so horny I've soaked another pair of panties. It's like you told me; having a baby is making me want to DO IT all the time. Even with Martin AND Darrell fucking me daily and my dear, dear Sidney eating me as only he can, I still need more! I can't imagine how bad it will get when I start to show.



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