"I will, if you will!" Willa exclaimed.

"Wellllllll ... I don't know...In church?" I replied.

"It isn't going to harm anyone, is it?" she asked.

And she sure was pretty - awesome even! "All right. But just this once!" I said with as much decision as I could muster.

Willa just looked at me with that slight comic smile and walked away. I went back into the choir locker room and removed my pants and underwear. The gown slid over my shoulders easily, just as before, but now it caught on my hard cock! In a moment, I let it drop past - shook myself, to get comfortable. Ha! Some comfort, I thought. I was trembling with the thought of Willa naked under her gown and in public!

Oh well, I joined the choir to march up the aisle to our places at the front of the church. It is too bad this is not the Catholic Church with a separate choir loft on a balcony at the back. We are perched right up front and I am right in front, too! Willa is behind several others. I can hardly see her, even if I turn completely. I could feel my cock rub against the thick rough robe as I walked. If I leaned forward a little, only the tip touched occasionally. Walking like that made me look like a dork!

I thought I would get my great reward after practice the next day. Willa lived on a farm way out in the country and I saw her only on Sunday or whenever we had practice. She got home schooling. When the church services were finished the minister said we should gather right in front of the altar to discuss the upcoming celebration of our choir's anniversary.

"Just take your robes off and place them over the pews there." he directed.

"Sir? I need to relieve myself..." I called as I raced for the men's room just across the hall.

Inside, I tried to think quickly. What did I ever think I was doing? I bet, that witch knew just what was going to happen - I wonder? There was another door leading out to the back of the church. Without another thought I dove out the door and ran as fast as I could to the back, entered the choir locker room, and slid on my pants only. The jockeys I stuffed in my pocket.

Just then the assistant choir director came in. "Are you OK, Bill?" he asked as he walked over next to me. "We saw you run by the windows. Is there an emergency?"

"Yah, I have to meet my Mom!" I exclaimed. "Well your right in luck, because she is right outside the door. She was wondering why you were running, also."

I said nothing. I didn't know what I should say. My Mom was right there when I opened the door. Mecham, the assistant saw the shorts sticking out of my pocket and quickly grabbed them from me without me knowing it.

"Hi Mom. You came late. I was worried something might be wrong - or something."

"Since when have you been concerned with my welfare, son?" she said smiling.

"Well, I always have whether you know it or not!" I exclaimed.

"How sweet! That Wilma girl also thought something might be troubling you, dear. Are you ready to go home?"

Before I could answer, Mecham grabbed my shoulder and said, "If you could spare a moment or two, I'd like to talk to you."

"Well OK. Do you mind, Mom?"

"No son. I'll just go along. You can come with the others later. They are at that meeting. Bye!"

Then she was gone. Mecham, a rather nice looking slim young man, and I were alone in this part of the church. He pulled out the shorts and handed them to me.

"Those ain't mine!"

"They were hanging out of your pocket. I grabbed them before your Mom saw them. Is Wilma playing a trick on you? She is a bit tricky, you know?" He smiled.

I noticed him staring at the front of my pants and a wet spot that seemed to be growing larger. In spite of whatever I was thinking, my cock with a mind of its own, was going hard rapidly, poking its way out the front of my pants, and leaking precum like a faucet.

"You can't go anywhere like that. If you would let me help you, I could fix that problem."

"Problem?" I asked stupidly - not realizing the extent of the wet spot in these blue pants that stood out like a neon sign!

Mecham pointed to the spot and my very hard cock. Without my briefs, it was practically exposed to plain sight! You could see the head plainly. "Take your pants off and let them dry out. If you sponge the spot off with water it will dry sooner. Want me to take care of it for you?"

"OK." I unsnapped the catch on the pants, but before I could move much, Mecham had the zipper down and my pants around my ankles. He carefully took them off over my shoes as I lifted each foot in turn. His face brushed lightly against my cock's tip as he did that. When he looked up from his kneeling position his mouth was right in line with my dick that was bobbing up and down with my heartbeat. "That is a beautiful penis you have, Bill. Do you play with it a lot?"

"I - ugh...ugh..." gasping, as he handled my stiff prick knowingly. It quickly grew just a smidgen more to an aching hard randy cock with precum at the tip in a gleaming jewel of light. It was there but an instant before it was whisked away by Mecham's quick agile tongue. Quick as a wink, my cock disappeared all the way in Mecham's mouth!

"Ooh! MYY! Mmmn...mmnn...Ooh...Uuuuh!" I groaned as Mecham sucked and lavished my hard dick with his hands, mouth, and eager tongue. I tried to push away, because I knew there was going to be a mess and very soon. Mecham didn't hesitate. He placed his one hand on my ass and pulled me closer to his face. His other hand reached around back to my scrotum, that he fondled nicely. As soon as I felt him handle my ass and balls, I was shot! I couldn't help but let my cream stream out into his ready mouth. It was a true delight and the very first time anyone had ever touched me or probably ever seen me naked. For sure that was the first time anyone ever did that! It was great. My legs felt very weak and I needed to sit. Mecham let me sit on the old choir bench that was kept there. He reached up and lightly kissed my mouth. I was so out of it, I hardly noticed.

When he came back a long time later, I was almost asleep and my cock once again was hard.

"Is this my reward then?" Mecham asked taking my firm willing dick deep in his mouth without a moment's hesitation.

"Oh! You do that ... soooooooooo...goooooooooooddd!" I tried to exclaim but was lost I the thrill of it all. It lasted a few seconds longer than it did the first time, but I thought I enjoyed it more. Now, I was really weak.

"Do people do that to you, Mecham?"

"Oh my, yes, Bill. I enjoy that a lot. Since Earl died a few months ago, I do not have anyone. Would you like to be my friend, Bill? I would be happy to teach you."

"I think I would like that."

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