tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCindy in the Park Ch. 1

Cindy in the Park Ch. 1


We were on our way home from a night out, and Cindy felt the drinks she'd had, and needed to pee. We were approaching a large park so I turned quickly into the parking lot. It was about 10:30 at night, we'd had a few drinks, and were both feeling pretty horny anyway, so I jumped at the chance to stop. After all, we still had a whole 30 minutes left to drive to get home.

"Why wait?" I figured.

Of course Cindy was dressed sexily. She had on a short jean skirt, which buttoned up the front, a light blouse, and a light leather vest. We had been out honky-tonking, and she and her outfit had been the center of attention. She had attracted quite a few hungry, appreciative looks while we were drinking and dancing, and I know that added to her horniness. It sure added to mine.

The park was large. It had a couple of man-made lakes, surrounded by hills created from the dirt excavated to make the lakes. There were a number of paved walkways around the lakes and through the park, innumerable picnic tables, fishing platforms, and lots of bushes and dark corners. The park had everything we wanted.

Even before I had parked the car, Cindy had ripped off her vest, removed her blouse and put her vest back on. The vest was semi-modest, meaning that she wouldn't get arrested if she didn't bend over. If she unbuttoned anything, then all bets were off. The vest was cut low around the arms, low in the cleavage, and stopped about an inch short of her navel. Damn, but it was hot. Entirely apropos, I thought, since Cindy herself was so hot.

The last thing she did was pull off her panties and leave them in the car, too.

"I can't pee very well if I'm wearing these.", she said.

I could not argue with that logic, even if I wanted to. I didn't, of course.

We walked away from the car, over the first little hill, and surveyed the scene. There were lights around, which was good and bad, and scattered people all around the park. Most of them were single guys, sitting or walking around. Not many couples, which we figured was good. Cindy was in a mood to tease some guys, and I was hot just thinking about what the next few minutes would bring.

After we had crested the hill, Cindy reminded why we had stopped. The reason was so that she had to pee. So she did.

She pulled her skirt up over her hips, squatted just a little, and let loose. As the pee flowed down the hill, I watched the rest of the park. Although we were not in a very well lighted area, I could see a couple of looks of recognition, or perhaps disbelief in some of the people around the park. None of them were very close, but still, the action is probably one of those universally recognizable ones, so the interest was definitely piqued.

Cindy stood up, pushed her skirt hem down to where it "belonged", then she grabbed the waist and pulled it up. This put the hem extremely close to her crotch, the waist just below her navel, and the bottom of her vest just above her navel. She unbuttoned the top button of the vest, and announced that she wanted to walk a bit.

I concurred, wholeheartedly, and we set off.

We walked down the hill to the sidewalk, and began walking around the lake. I glanced around and saw that we (meaning she) were beginning to develop a following. Nothing threatening, just that most of the guys we had seen were moving nonchalantly in our direction. Cindy noted this as well and I heard her giggle. She was warming up to her fun.

Just as the first of our followers began getting close, we found a bench to sit on. The teasing part was that the bench faced the lake and was about 30 feet off the sidewalk, canted just a bit to the walkway.

We sat down, and Cindy sat close to the left end of the bench. She stretched out her right leg, and pulled her left leg up to place her foot on the bench beneath her. I could only imagine the sight from the side. Her vest would be loose around her arms, allowing a large glimpse of breast. She would be showing a great amount of leg, maybe some of her hip and ass, but those on the sidewalk would be left to imagine what the view from the front would be. Her pussy would be open for all to see, but one would have to be pretty brazen about walking in front of us to see it. Luckily, our little group was shyer than that, so we could continue the game on our terms. They all would get to see her by the time we had finished, but the timing was to be ours, not theirs.

As we sat there, we looked over the park to plan our strategy while watching our watchers parade by. It was kind of fun to watch their reaction. There were about a dozen, maybe more. Each of them would walk slowly up to our vicinity, then slow down even more as they looked. They were all more or less discreet, stealing glances somewhat surreptitiously as they passed. Some would be surprised by the lovely sight and would forget to look away quickly. We found this kind of funny, although we were trying hard not to let them know we noticed. The scene was encouraging, however, and we both were getting more excited as each one passed.

In time, we decided to walk some more. After we stood, Cindy gave a tug on her skirt to get it higher still, unbuttoned the lower two buttons on her skirt, and we set off. We walked in the same direction as we had been, following those that had passed. A lot of leg flashed as she walked, not quite up to her crotch, but very close. She was an amazing sight. Tanned, long, bare thighs flashed with each step; luscious breasts threatened to bounce out of the vest, whether from the side or the top seemed equal odds. Her blond hair framed her face. I think out of all the people in the park at the time, I was the one who was most turned on by her. I sort of wished I were one out there trying to get a peek at her, just as if it were the first time.

Anyway, we kept walking. We still had a group behind us, undoubtedly enjoying the view from there; and we began to pass those in front. They all suddenly seemed to want to stop and sit as we approached, affording them a more leisurely, and closer view. Cindy put a little extra motion in her steps as this occurred, causing her half-open skirt to wave around more, and her breasts to sway and jiggle more aggressively. She was definitely getting into this, and I sensed a shift in the action coming up.

Presently, we came to another bench. This one, however, was on the hillside of the sidewalk. Anyone walking by would have to pass in front of us if they stayed on the walk. We sat down. Cindy sat on the side of me that had the most watchers. She crossed her legs, and managed, without being too obvious, to unbutton another button on her vest. Two buttons held it together now, and they were both below her nipples. The swell of creamy skin was evident, and the hardness of the nipples underneath was even pushing out the thin leather a bit. Combined with all he visible leg, the show was awesome.

The gallery began to slowly make its way by. Sometimes we would cross one up by saying "Good evening" as he would pass. He would then have to look us in the eyes to reply. This was pretty funny, to us at least. Soon, most of them had passed by. There was one left, one she had remarked about before. He was young, probably 19 or 20, maybe younger, and looked pretty geekish. We both figured he probably had not had much real experience with women. Cindy, as all mothers would do, took immediate pity on him. She decided to give him a special show.

Before he could get too close, she pivoted to place her legs lengthwise on the bench, leaning her back against me. As if that was not enough, she raised her left leg up, and dropped her right foot to the ground. The picture was just like something out of a web site. Our poor little friend looked a little nonplussed as he approached, but at least he had the moxie to keep walking, instead of turning around. I could almost feel his discomfort – wanting desperately to see, yet scared to death at being "caught" – as he came up.

Just as he came to us, almost ready to pass, my impish Cindy spoke up. "Excuse me," she asked; looking him in the eye, "do you have the time?"

The poor guy looked completely baffled. Here was this incredibly sexy woman, almost naked, addressing him. He looked at his watch, and stammered that it was "about 9….I mean……10:……..15, or maybe 16." He did well getting that far, I guess.

Of course, he had stopped to answer, and still had not started walking yet.

I answered, looking at my watch "I've got closer to 10:25."

He stared at me uncomprehendingly. If we already knew the time, why did she ask him?

Cindy smiled at him and, unbelievingly, pulled her legs up to her chest, opening room on the bench.

"Why don't you sit down and talk to us a bit?" she said, in her most matter-of-fact tone of voice.

"Oh, uh, oh, uh……" is about as close as I can get to his answer. But he did sit right down in the place indicated. I watched as he actually looked directly down at the inviting spot between Cindy's legs, which were still pulled up against her chest.

"Good for him," I thought, "he's actually making the best of it."

Cindy lowered her left leg to lie across his lap, right across the visible bulge in his pants, and dropped her right foot back to the ground. While doing this, she initiated small talk about being in the park, and what a nice place it was, etc. The guy actually answered, and by now was apparently physically unable to take his eyes off Cindy's crotch. I couldn't blame him, and wondered if he had cum already. I thought it amusing that he could not figure out what to do with his hands. He was much too shy to actually touch her legs, and either just fold them across his chest, or rest his arms on the back of the bench. He alternated positions frequently, never quite sure what to do. We talked for a while, as the others were beginning to make their way back to us. Cindy allowed a few a lucky guys a view, and then we decided it was time to continue our way around the lake.

We said goodbye to our new friend, and stood up to continue our walk. Before we stood up, however, Cindy undid the third button on her skirt. This was roughly even with the top of her trimmed pubic hair, so random views would be great. I know she would have done the last one if it were not holding her skirt up. Of course, I had a good idea that one would go pretty soon, also. She also undid the third button of her vest. Not much was left to the imagination, although from a distance it might appear as if she were actually covered. As we walked away, I stole a glance back at the guy we left sitting on the bench. Judging by the wet spot in his pants, I was right. He had cum already.

Continuing to walk had us pass by the others of our group. They were beginning to gawk at the incredible sight, and Cindy was getting more and more turned on. I'm sure a few of them got flashes of pussy hair, and probably all got nipple sights as we passed by. Cindy was giggling like a schoolgirl, and telling me that this was the most fun she'd had outdoors in a long time. I could feel myself getting on the brink of needing some more direct action, and I think Cindy was also. The way she occasionally shivered, I wasn't sure if she was cumming herself.

We had already figured that the top of a hill coming up would be a good place. It was pretty dark, the lights being shaded by the trees and bushes that were up there. It also would allow us a good look at the rest of the park, so we could keep an eye out for rangers or police. We were ready.

Of course, our route wouldn't be quite so direct. By now all of our little troupe were behind us, waiting for us to do something else radical. They would not have long to wait. We walked past our chosen place to allow time for everyone to get about to the point in the hill where we would ascend. When they all got in the vicinity we stopped. Cindy undid the last button on her vest, allowing it to hang free. She pulled her skirt up more so that the bottom of the hem was above the lower curve of her butt. Naturally, her pussy hair was pretty visible where the buttons were undone.

We then turned around and walked directly toward the group of men. Cindy's breasts swung completely uncovered, the vest having fallen to each side. Her legs flashed white in the light, long and glorious and ending in that delicious dark patch which was clearly visible. They all stopped, stood, and stared at the beautiful sight that approached. We walked into in the middle of the assembly, and then turned to climb the hill.

The hill was steep, and it was necessary to lean forward to go up. This served to pull the skirt up higher over the curves of Cindy's ass. The view must have been marvelous to those below. A sight of ass and pussy on such a gorgeous lady is a rare sight, and glancing back, I felt that the view was being properly appreciated. About half way up the hill, Cindy removed her vest altogether and carried it along. The message was that she did not care who saw what anymore, and I think they understood. When we got to the spot we had chosen, we turned and looked out. We were more hidden than we had thought we would be. We could see the sidewalk below, which seemed to have fewer men than when we started up, but we were pretty well hidden from the rest of the park. While we looked at the few remaining guys down there, who were looking up at us, Cindy unbuttoned the last button on her skirt, and it fell to the ground. I heard an audible gasp from several of the bushes around us. That told me where the missing members were. I dropped my shorts to the ground, and took off my shirt and took Cindy in my arms.

We both were moaning, and whispered to each other how hot we were. We loved these experiences, and this was the hottest one yet. She rose up slightly and I slipped my too hard dick into her pussy. We both moaned as I penetrated, and I fought off the urge to cum immediately. We managed to move somewhat in rhythm, but had a little trouble with the standing position. I lay down on the grass, and Cindy straddled me, sliding easily all the way down my cock. I watched her breasts sway, with her blond hair waving around them. Her face had a far away, dreamy look on it as she moved back and forth, up and down on me. I'm sure she was thinking about the many pairs of eyes that were peering at us through the bushes, and probably about all the dicks in hand that were moving to our rhythm. I know I was. I thought about it probably too much, and probably watched her too much. After just a few minutes, I could not hold back any longer. The climax was huge for me. I shuddered and bucked as Cindy rode on top of me. Watching the delicious breasts swaying faster set me off even more. She rode and moaned with me, and worked to milk me for my last spasm, my last drop, my last thrust.

She smiled coyly at me and winked and said that she expected me to finish her off too. As if I was not in complete agreement. Lifting herself off my still twitching pole, then dripping cum all the way across my stomach and chest, she slid up toward my face. Stopping over my face long enough to allow some of my own cum to drop on my face, she lowered her pussy to my mouth. I lapped and sucked and licked her pussy, her clit, her asshole, her thighs, anything I could get my tongue at, while Cindy writhed and moaned above me. Then, after what I thought was entirely too short a time, she came in great moans and heaves, grinding her crotch into my face. Remembering the audience that must have been in awe of the performance, her climax went on and on as she released the pent up feelings she had been building.

When she had finally calmed down, she lifted off me and lay down beside me in the grass. Her still twitching legs were spread, and any of our group would have quite a view far up her dripping pussy. She looked at me and we both laughed at how completely wanton we must look, and agreed that we were still enjoying the evening. But the grass was starting to itch, so we slowly stood up on shaking legs.

After kissing again, we looked around. There were a couple of guys who had gotten bold, and were standing in full view of us, their still-dripping dicks in their hands. Cindy smiled at them, and, encouraged by her reaction, others came out from behind the bushes, all with dicks in hand. Turning slowly completely around, my incredible wife favored all of them with a smile and a long, slow view of her gorgeous, nude body. A number of the cocks began to expand again at the sight.

By this time, I had pulled on my shorts and shirt, and I picked up Cindy's skirt and vest. I offered them to her, but she waved them off. We started back down the hill, but just before we came out of the bushes, Cindy saw our friend from earlier, standing there, still shy, with a still hard dick in his hand. Since we had to walk close to him on the way out anyway, Cindy strode boldly up to him. Looking him right in the eyes, she reached out and grabbed his dick, and began slowly kneading it. His eyes began to close, and she knelt slowly down in front of him and took the hard dick into her mouth. She moved the dick slowly in and out of her mouth, and I could see her cheeks caved in from the suction she was applying.

It was such an incredible sight – this beautiful, long-legged blond woman, kneeling in the grass, creamy ass curving delightfully in the weak light, sucking off this shy young man. She moved with tender passion with him, and it was not long until he began cumming in violent waves and jumps. Cindy stuck with him, however, and managed to catch all of him, despite his violent movements. When he was done, he looked unbelievingly at the beauty on her knees before him. Cindy smiled and rose and kissed him deeply, transferring his cum back to him. Then she winked at him, patted him on the cheek, and we both set off back down the hill. When I looked back, they all were still standing stock still, watching us.

I put my arm around Cindy's naked waist as we walked back to the car. Luckily, there were no police around that night, and we were able to drive away without incident. Just before we entered the car, Cindy put the vest back on, without buttoning anything. She also put the skirt back on, but only buttoned the top button. The show was still fantastic. She got a few whistles from drivers in pick-ups and SUVs, and she smiled and waved at each one. When we got back home, we headed straight for the bedroom, where we able to repeat our lovemaking of earlier, but with more controlled emotions and at a more leisurely pace. It wasn't a bit less intense, however.

That was some time ago, but still, every once in a while, though, I think about the poor shy kid who got the special attention.

I mean, who is ever going to believe him?

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