tagBDSMClaiming Katy Ch. 02

Claiming Katy Ch. 02


[Author's note: This story was originally posted in "Lesbian Sex", but due to the heavy sadomasochistic themes of the series, I have moved it to "BDSM".]


--Dr Isabella Pacetti's Notes:

To recap: Sophie Burton has started a new job as assistant to a novelist, Marie Alderney. She has moved into the author's house and befriended her maid, Katy. Harbouring dark secrets in her own past, she was immediately aware that the relationship between Katy and the widowed Mrs Alderney is odd. Disturbed one night by strange noises in the house, she has confronted Katy the following day, and seen that Katy's skin is vividly marked with fresh caning scars.

Once again I remind you that all the participants in these acts of sadism and submission are consenting adult women.

--Sophie's Statement:

Thundering down the passage, across the hall and through to the office, I was trembling with rage. I never stop to analyse my reasons when the anger takes hold. I preferred to think it was genuine concern for my friend, whom I towed along beside me by her wrist, but before Dr Pacetti prompts me I will confess that I also felt embarrassed, humiliated and betrayed. And in fact Katy's passive compliance only pricked my anger even more.

I shouldered open the office door and tugged Katy inside and spat out my question:

"So just what the fuck is going on in this house?"

Mrs Alderney looked up sharply and took in the scene. While I glared at her she stared sadly at Katy for what seemed a long time. She sighed, laid down her pen and removed her glasses to rub her eyes. Her voice was exasperated and resigned.

"Really Katy? I must sincerely apologise, Miss Burton."

"Apologise? You must sincerely fucking explain this!" I twisted Katy around to show her employer the backs of her legs. Mrs Alderney didn't look, but continued to stare coldly at the girl's face.

"Miss Burton, I have to..." She stopped, as though she realised her response was going to sound feeble and she was embarrassed before she started. She thought for a second, put on her glasses, and stood up, fixing me with an icy stare.

"As you know, Katy was rather deliberately exposing herself yesterday afternoon. Apparently it gave her some disgusting... kick. She confessed this to me last night. As her employer, given her particular attitude deficiencies, I take it upon myself to impose on her the discipline she lacks in herself. I had hoped that I had corrected this particular aberration, and that you would not have to suffer her games any more. I sincerely apologise. Must we have more exercises, Katy?"

Katy squirmed and turned deep red with humiliation, and looked everywhere but at Mrs Alderney or me, but finally found her voice.

"Yes please Madame."

I stepped away from her, feeling a little queasy. My anger had ebbed away during Mrs Alderney's little speech, as it always eventually did, and now I felt cold and numb. And helpless.

"Since she has decided to burden you with her problems too, you might want to observe the steps I take to correct her. Or you may prefer not to. I quite understand."

I thought I said "What the fuck?" but my voice failed me. Instead I just gaped, stunned by her apparent calm. But I stood there, and I watched as she pushed back her chair until it was close to the window, and then returned to her desk. She opened a drawer and pulled from it an ancient schoolmaster's cane. It seemed too long for the drawer, almost comically so. She went back to the chair and tapped it briskly with the cane.


Katy hunched her shoulder away from me as she padded slowly to the chair and faced 'Madame'. She cleared her throat and spoke quietly but clearly.

"Please Madame, may I repeat my lessons?"

"Very well. Take it off."

If I had been about to leave or intervene, I don't remember, but I do remember stepping forward now to study Katy once more. She lifted her dress and pulled it off over her head, folding it efficiently against her belly and laying it on the chair. She was naked now except for the knickers, and her body was still as pale as moonlight in the midday sun. As I looked, I could make out dim pink ghosts of lines, faded versions of those which crossed her bottom. These were all over her torso, making slight bruises on her ribs, a little swollen across her belly.

I saw her small, firm breasts, and her nipples -- stiffening as her white flesh goose-pimpled -- also traced with barely visible lines. One nipple had clearly caught a blow at some time, and was subtly swollen.

She was soft and lean, with only a hint of muscle tone and elegantly slender limbs. She was beautiful.

"Oh, hurry up, Katy, I don't have time for this." Mrs Alderney tapped the back of the chair. Katy carefully climbed up to kneel on the seat, arms on the headrest, facing the window, facing away from me. She was clearly afraid, or excited, as she gulped shallow breaths. "So. As before then."

Mrs Alderney reached with her left hand and gripped the back of the white knickers. She pulled upwards, hard, tugging the crotch sharply between Katy's cheeks. Katy yelped and posed more erect. The red marks across her bottom were clearly displayed now. They were a series of clear, horizontal stripes, set in a broader area of lighter pink soreness.

"What are these?" Mrs Alderney demanded, shaking the white cloth soundly.

Katy whimpered for a second, composed herself, then replied in a murmur. "My knickers, Madame."

"Why did I provide you with knickers?"

"Because... to provide me with dignity, Madame. Oh, I mean, and for the dignity of others. Thank you Madame."

"And what are these?"

Redoubling the tension on the knickers, Mrs Alderney pulled them higher, stretching the fabric into a narrow rope and making it cut viciously into her. All the dark fascination of the previous day returned as I watched the strand of white fabric pull smartly against that tidy, groomed pussy, then slide cruelly between her outer labia and cut into the softer folds within.

I flinched and raised my eyes, now watching as Katy arched her back, raised her face and squealed. Her palm beat once, convulsively on the back of the chair, and she made choking sounds in her throat.

"Do not try my patience today, girl. What are these?"

"Muh! Madame! My privates Madame! Ohfuck!"

"And without indecent language, can you tell me why anybody would want to see your disgusting privates?"

"No Madame! Nobody! It won't happen again!"

"See that it doesn't. Now the exercises."

Madame dropped the knickers and let them snap back. They were loose now, and Katy reached back with trembling fingers and pulled them down. They were limp and distorted and tangled around her knees. Between her legs, I could see the labia still parted and the distinct silhouette of a hood of flesh protruding from their folds. It was my own fascination with this which finally shocked me out of my reverie.

"My God! I'm right here!" I exclaimed, almost laughing with incredulity. "How do you have the nerve to do this in front of me? What's the matter with you?"

Mrs Alderney regarded me coolly. Now, against all common sense, she was offended.

"You seemed to want to observe, Miss Burton. But you may remain or you may go. As you please. "

"But you don't see any problem with this? Performing this freak-show in front of a complete stranger? Am I supposed to just ignore this? In my office? In my office!"

"You may remain, or--"

"I'm going! Of course I'm going, Christ! Don't you see how insulting this is? To assume I'm going to be perfectly fine with it? Be in no doubt, I'm leaving." I marched forward to see Katy better. "You, look at me."

Katy looked around, her face stained with wet traces, her nose and eyes pink. She looked ready to say something desperately plaintive, and she stuttered for a moment. I reached up and held her chin firmly with one hand, examining her face minutely. I knew I had to challenge her, even though I also knew what the answer would be.

"Katy, tell me that I shouldn't go to the police, right now. Tell me that you absolutely want this to happen to you."

Katy looked terrified, and yet there was that thrill behind her eyes. "No... oh no no no, please... Madame only ever gives me what I ask for! Please, it's not... Please don't hurt her! Don't go to the police. You don't have to go, it won't happen again, honestly, please!"

I let go but Katy remained facing me. Imploring, adorable. Only after a sharp command from Mrs Alderney did she reluctantly turn her face away.

"I'm sorry Miss Burton," Mrs Alderney said, although she looked at Katy as she spoke. "I misjudged you. I'm sorry if you're unsettled by this, and I understand if you wish to leave."

"Misjudged?" I ran my hand down my face, trying to arrange a calm, coherent sentence. "Unsettled? No, no I don't think you understand. I'm not unsettled. I am angry because you think you can just do this without asking or even warning me. I'm angry, also, because I was beginning to like this little slut, and I thought we were friends, only to find she's been playing perverted games with me."

Katy's face was mostly obscured, but I could see she looked shocked, and she gave a wretched little whine. I didn't care. I wanted to hurt them both.

"And I'm angry, frankly, to be subjected to such a clinical, soulless performance." I sneered, turning my anger into spite. "It seems rather a waste."

"Then please leave," said Mrs Alderney in a hard voice. "This episode has already taken up too much of my time."

I turned in a hurry and made for the door. As I reached it Mrs Alderney spoke again.

"The exercises, then. Don't look at her, pay attention."

I turned to see them at the window, neither looking at me. Katy hunched over the chair-back.

"You didn't absorb the lesson last night, did you? So there will be increased emphasis. Bend your back and raise your behind." I couldn't help but watch as Katy obeyed, pushing her bottom backwards and upwards, bending her knees and ultimately presenting the offending privates, as fully as she could. Her face was laid against the back of the chair, and she was shivering with each breath. Every subtle movement of her body signalled her submission and her willingness for more. The memory of Tara was called to my mind more forcefully than ever, and it brought with it hot, oppressive guilt.

"There will be six here, for last night's lesson, then you will turn around and have six more, when the lesson will be: To Ignore the Teacher is to Insult the Teacher. So."

She laid the cane across Katy's back and slowly drew it sideways and downwards until it was across the top of her thighs. Katy was bending her body so fully that the cane now clearly nestled solidly into the open softness of her pussy. She whimpered.


My whole body flinched as the cane jumped outwards about a foot then flicked smartly back against the delicate skin, the sound echoing like a gunshot in the peaceful, sunlit room. It was not a brutal blow, but it didn't need to be. I could see the tiny tremors splash out from the cane as it bit the flesh of Katy's thighs. The pussy itself twitched independently, and Katy almost barked with pain. Her hands leapt to her hips defensively, but the cane smacked them away.

"Stop that," her Madame snapped. Katy flexed her spine and whined, and slowly settled back into her pose. She gulped desperately, new tears on her cheeks.

"Girl, you are not reciting! Must we be here all day?"

"I'm sorry..."

"You're a disgrace. Again then, from the start. One."

Again the stroke, the sound, the ripple and the twitch. Katy made the same response, but stayed relatively still and quickly gasped:

"Private... should... be Private! My Filth...must not...be Imposed on...Clean People...oh Madame..."

"Good, again. Two."

I tore my gaze away once more and made it into the hall, slamming the door behind me. I heard Katy yelp as another gunshot rang out in the room. This time she was wailing and clearly departing from her lesson, apologising and pleading.

"She's leaving! Please don't let her! Please do something!"

Mrs Alderney barked a reply to silence her and there was another stroke of the cane. Katy responded with an animal noise and apologised.

I ran for the stairs.

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