tagBDSMClaiming Katy Ch. 07

Claiming Katy Ch. 07


[Author's note: This story was originally posted in "Lesbian Sex", but due to the heavy sadomasochistic themes of the series, I have moved it to "BDSM".]


-Dr Isabella Pacetti's Notes:

To recap: Sophie has spent an evening subjecting Katy to cruel pain and humiliation. Katy has learned that she is quite capable of orgasming with nothing but pain for stimulation. As a sort of reward Katy is permitted to sleep in Sophie's bed, but lying across it with Sophie's feet for company.

-Katy's Statement:

I awoke, and felt dizzy. I was in an unfamiliar place, engulfed in a strong, familiar scent and the bed was the wrong way around. The room was quite dark and I couldn't make out what was in front of my bleary eyes.

Then I realised I was looking at a slim, beautiful foot, hanging off the edge of the bed, just in front of my face. I jumped, as all of my memory came back to me, and as I jumped I realised how sore and aching I was. My face was stuck - actually stuck - to my pillow, which was still damp with my pussy juices and was also the source of the extraordinary smell. By raising my head I could see that Sophie was fast asleep, breathing slowly and deeply. I considered for just a moment that I could sneak a kiss on the foot, but I did feel dreadfully sore, and couldn't face punishment.

I contented myself with moving my cheek close to the foot, feeling its warmth on my skin for a few moments.

The dim light through the curtains told me it was time to get up. I eased myself off the bed and onto the floor, where I knelt for a few seconds, feeling my aches. I finally stood, stretched awkwardly, and gently tidied the duvet. Sophie's sleep was deep and untidy, one arm and leg hanging off the bed, her face lost in a soft nest of tangled hair. She looked gentle and serene and beautiful.

I looked around. My pyjamas were on the dressing table, neatly folded. As I walked towards them I felt something cold under my foot, and looked down to see the scattered bobby pins. I felt a rush of sickening excitement, and my fingers moved unbidden to my breast. My skin was raw, and my nipple hurt sharply.

I scrabbled around on the floor, struggling in the half-light to find all seven pins, gathering them and depositing them on top of my pyjamas.

I padded through to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I looked pale and dirty, and my torso was a canvas of glowing pink patches crossed with harsh red marks. My hair was filthy and sticking in all directions.

I smiled at myself. This is the way she likes you...

I reached forward and traced my finger across the mirror, writing invisibly:


Clutching my folded pyjamas in one hand, my pins in the other hand, and my pillow between my teeth, I ran naked up the stairs to my room. I couldn't put on any clothes because I was too dirty, and I didn't need the extra laundry.

My attic room was quite dark, with early morning light beginning to trickle in through the single window in the sloping roof. I put the pyjamas on the bed and dropped the pillow on the floor. I went to my washstand and ran the hot tap until it filled the basin with warm water.

Very thoroughly, but very gingerly, I washed myself all over.

Only when I finished did I realise I hadn't stopped smiling.


I had a clean uniform with knickers, and my hair was dry by the time Mrs Alderney and Sophie appeared in the office. I also had two breakfasts ready.

I took the tray into the room silently, too nervous to look at either woman until they spoke to me, and then only the briefest glance.

"Good morning Katy."

"Good morning Madame."

"'Morning Katy."

"Good morning M-Miss Sophie," I could barely whisper. It seemed that neither woman was looking at me, each engrossed in work. I froze in the middle of the carpet, between the two desks.

Madame and Miss Sophie. Oh God.

I felt a dirty rush of pleasure come up from my belly.

I've cried and I've crawled... I've begged for your approval... Oh God, there's nothing you can't make me do. Do you know I'm here? Please look at me... please look at me... I love you...

I realised I was just standing and breathing, and looking from one to the other with wide eyes.

Mrs Alderney was reading a dense legal document of some sort, pen poised in her hand, spectacles halfway down her nose. Her hair was arranged neatly, glowing in the light from the window. Her quiet suit was impossibly black in contrast. She was perfect.

Sophie was scanning some of Mrs Alderney's pages, similarly neat and cool. This was Ms Burton, not Miss Sophie. Miss Sophie was a hard, burning creature in my memory, a threatening, raging... goddess. Miss Sophie hurt me, made me spasm with ecstasy, made feral sounds...

Ms Burton smiled slightly and said:

"Nothing to do this morning, Katy?"

I ran from the room.


As I climbed the stairs to Sophie's room, I found myself thinking about Mrs Alderney, because a thought was spinning around my head:

Madame knows what I was doing with Miss Sophie last night. Not the details, not yet, but she knows what was being done to me...

And as I stripped the sheets and the pillowcases from the bed I had another thought:

And of course, Miss Sophie knows what Madame has done to me, because she told her...

I clutched the duvet to myself and thought about this. It should have made me feel safe, I knew. Miss Sophie knew Madame was observing her, and vice versa. And yet... the two women had more in common with each other than with me, and between them they were my entire life. What if they ganged up on me? What if they decided to outdo each other, compete in humiliating me and hurting me?

Then that will be my entire life, I thought, wrapping myself in the duvet, head to toe. I smiled as I engulfed myself in the warmth and the scent.


Shortly before midday, I heard the front door close. I pattered into the empty hall and then into the office. Mrs Alderney was alone in the room, and was tidying the papers on her desk.

"Where's Ms Burton?" I asked.

"She's gone out for lunch," Mrs Alderney replied, "and you are to call her 'Miss Sophie', aren't you?"

I actually wasn't sure. It happened instinctively. But Madame was never wrong."Um... yes Madame. I'm sorry."

She shrugged. "It's of no importance to me. But I think it's in your interest to obey her. Don't you think?"

"Yes Madame. Thank you."

Mrs Alderney stood. "And I'm going out too. I'll be back this evening."

I stumbled forward and said, more loudly than I intended, "Madame, wait!" I took a moment to calm down before I continued. "Madame... may I have the Key?"

Mrs Alderney regarded me impassively. "What for?"

"I want to show... I want Miss Sophie to..."

Mrs Alderney smiled and opened the drawer of her desk. She took out the Key and laid it on the blotter. "And what do you think she will do?"

I stammered. "I don't know... but I want to share it with her." I expected something dramatic from Mrs Alderney. Anger or hurt, I wasn't sure. But she just nodded.

"I understand. I expect you think you love her?"

It was usually such a joy when Madame saw through me so incisively, but I felt all the warmth drain from me. My face fell into a tearful frown and I simply couldn't move it for a few seconds. I couldn't bring myself to say 'I'm not allowed to love her...'

"It's okay, Katy, don't be upset." Mrs Alderney stepped forward and gently stroked my hair. This always soothed me, instantly. "Maybe you do, or perhaps you will. I don't think you do though. She fucked you, did she?" The question was quite matter-of-fact, but the profanity was so out of character that I gawped for a moment, and Mrs Alderney smiled a little. "And she let you orgasm."

I nodded and looked down at my feet.

"Let me inspect you."

My stiff arms struggled to pull off my dress, but I laid it aside and stood in only my knickers.

"I don't think you love her yet. And I know she doesn't love you."

I nodded again, feeling the tears coming. I couldn't look at Mrs Alderney, but I knew I was being scrutinised. Every mark and bruise was being graded for severity.

"Do you hurt down there?"

"Not much. I'm sore, but I'm okay."

"Good girl. You'll live. You don't have to love her yet, you know. It's enough to desire her, to want her desperately."

My voice was a whisper, and I tensed myself as I heard the word come from my mouth.


Mrs Alderney stroked my head again. "Worship, if you like. Yes, if you know what that means."

I felt something like anger rise within me, but it felt beautiful and made more tears come. I turned my face to Mrs Alderney and lifted my chin a little.

"I worship you, Madame. And I love you, and you can't tell me I'm wrong about that. I know it. It's all I know for sure!" I was trembling with emotion, and now I dropped to my knees, gazing up at her, eyes wide with devotion, knowing only that I needed to express myself as I never had before.

Mrs Alderney smiled, leaned down and kissed my forehead, then whispered "Good girl. Stand up." When I had obeyed I was pulled close and embraced, and I clung on, shaking.

"When she holds you," she asked warmly, "does it feel like this?"

I shook my head and squeezed my eyes closed. "No Madame," I whimpered, almost sobbing, "I'm so sorry, Madame, I'm sorry..."

"Why, Katy? What do you think you've done?"

"I've... let you down, I've been unfaithful or something, I don't know..."

A cool hand stroked my naked back and I shivered.

"Don't be silly. I'd never allow you to do that. Take the Key and give it to Miss Sophie. What happens next is her decision, isn't it?"

"Yes Madame. Thank you so much. Thank you."

One final kiss on the forehead and Mrs Alderney walked away. I called out as she reached the door.

"Do you... you do love me... don't you Madame?" I'd never needed an answer so desperately as now. Mrs Alderney answered without turning around.

"Of course I do, you silly girl. I don't keep you around because you're good at your job."

She walked out, leaving me tearful and nearly naked, but beaming with pleasure.


I tried to busy myself with chores for the next hour or so, but I was terribly distracted. I forgot to put my dress back on, remembering only when I went to put the empty milk bottles on the doorstep. I held the Key in my hand for the whole time, partly because it fascinated me, and partly because I couldn't imagine the trouble I'd be in if I lost it.

My mind was fixed on the Key, and more importantly on my decision to offer it to Sophie. I knew I was in deep with Sophie, and I knew I had chosen that, even fought for it. It was different to my situation with Mrs Alderney, which was now beyond any question. We belonged to each other, in so many different ways. But with Sophie it was as though I was being tested and challenged all the time. Mostly by Sophie, of course, but I knew it only worked if I complied. Every moment I was making a choice to stay in Sophie's power, and all the time my choices were pushing me deeper.

The Key was a particularly dramatic step. The Key would be another push. But, importantly, this was all my idea, and entirely my choice. The sensation - which I suppose was a kind of power - was strange and exhilarating. I hadn't felt anything like it in my life, except for the day when I first knocked on Mrs Alderney's door.

I was almost sick with fear. I realised that was the real reason I clutched the Key so tightly, and the reason why I couldn't focus on the simplest task. I wandered into the office and over to Mrs Alderney's desk. I was almost ready to put the Key back in the drawer when I heard footsteps clip-clipping up to the front door.

I pattered rapidly back into the hall and heard the door being unlocked. I froze in the middle of the hallway, and watched it open.

Sophie was dressed in a jacket and black trousers, the sort that lightly hugged her glorious hips and her behind. The dark pointed toes of stiletto boots peeked from underneath. Her hair was drawn back loosely, and slightly wind-swept. The afternoon sun gave it a warm glow. She was carrying some shopping bags and was a little short of breath, and she looked beautiful. She stopped when she saw me standing motionless in front of her, both hands clutched in a single fist at my belly.

"Katy? What's wrong? You okay, sweetie?"

I smiled nervously and nodded. My brain was panicking wildly. I looked up shyly at Sophie and silently opened my hand and extended it towards her, displaying the Key. I bit my lip.

Sophie stared blankly at it. "What's this then?"

I cleared my throat and I suddenly sounded oddly business-like. "Madame said I could give you this. I want... I want you to have it."

She looked a little suspicious, and gestured at the door as she closed it. "I've got a key, Katy. What's that for?"

"It's for... let me take your bags upstairs. I've made some tea, it's in the kitchen if you'd like some."

Sophie smiled at me oddly, put down her bags and nodded. "Okay, baby. I'll have tea, you take the bags, take your time. Try to breath, you weirdo."

I snatched up the bags, still holding the Key, and ran up the stairs to Sophie's room. I carefully placed the bags inside the door and ran back to the hall. I walked slowly to the kitchen, my heart now thundering in my chest. I gulped my breaths as I approached the kitchen table, where Sophie was seated, drinking. I held out the Key once more, at arms length.

"For you, Miss Sophie, please."

She stared into my eyes, still with that odd smile, and I thrilled as her fingertips brushed my palm and took the Key.

"And what's it for, Katy?"

"The cellar. Here." I went over to the first door, a wooden one with no lock, which opened onto a descending staircase. I looked back and, using only my eyes, begged Sophie to follow me. She stood and shrugged off her jacket, revealing a white fitted blouse. She slowly followed me.

The stone treads chilled my feet as I led the way into the dimness, down a few steps, round a turn, then a few steps more. At the bottom, at basement level, there was the heavier door with a dark iron lock. I pointed at it, feeling foolish. I flicked a switch beside the door-frame, and light from beyond the door shone dimly through the keyhole.

Sophie eyed me slyly as she stepped up and inserted the Key. I watched the muscles of her shoulders twitch as she pushed open the door and looked into the warmly lit cellar.

I tried to pretend I was seeing it for the first time again. I remembered vividly how that had been. At first I had looked around and seen a workshop: tool racks, shelves, an old-fashioned blackboard, an electrical workbench, a large sort of metal frame in the centre of the room...

Then I had seen a heavy metal chair, raised on a sort of tiny stage. It had a footrest, high arms and high back, and there were odd holes and slots all over it. I now knew it as the Throne.

And then it had slowly become obvious, with a rising sickening excitement, and my eyes had grown wider and my mouth had fallen open...

The tools were not for home improvement, but for discipline, all manner of devices for restraining, flogging and otherwise punishing. The electronics bench was actually a small electrical transformer designed to power a selection of low-voltage wires, needles and electrodes. The frame in the centre of the floor was a sort of bed frame, with removable leather cushions, and with sturdy-looking restraints at the corners and around the edge. It could be raised, lowered and tilted. Near one wall there were a pillory and stocks. There was a large, low industrial sink with a coil of hosepipe. There was a huge metal track running around the ceiling, from which hung a few loops of chain.

In the furthest corner, near the foot of the Throne, was a large dog basket, with a removable lid which converted it into a cage.

When I had first seen it, led by Mrs Alderney's hand, it had taken me some time to take it all in. Mrs Alderney had been patient. Today, I didn't have to wait for Sophie. She laughed with delight.

"So you do have a dungeon! I wondered if you might."

"It's not dungeon," I said earnestly, loyally repeating Mrs Alderney's explanation. "It's the cellar. It's a workroom."

Sophie gave me a look that made me feel a few inches tall. But she smiled and said "Okay, baby. Well, now. A cellar." She started to pace around the room, performing a circuit of the central bed, looking at the items arranged around the walls. Her heels were clip-clipping slowly on the stone floor. "How long has this been here?"

"Oh, the previous owner put it in. I think he built it to, you know, discipline his wife."

Sophie nodded, but betrayed no emotions. Her fingers brushed a rack full of whips and crops, leaving them to sway like dark, silent wind-chimes. She looked up at the track in the ceiling. There was a dog chain hanging from one of the loops. "And what's this for?"

I stepped forward and touched the collar on the end of the chain. It hung level with my chin. "Well, it lets you... walk around...er..." I grasped the collar, stood on my toes and fastened the familiar leather around my neck. I tottered forward on tiptoe, and the chain was pulled behind me, sliding along the track above my head. It allowed me to walk, slowly and awkwardly, in a circuit of the room. I looked to Sophie for approval. She nodded and made a gesture to say 'Keep going'.

While I struggled on, Sophie eased herself onto the Throne and crossed her legs. The Throne was only really a Throne if its occupant was regal. When I sat in it I was not a Queen, but Sophie immediately was. I knew I was blushing hotly, and the collar was tight on my throat. I was trembling with excitement and fear now.

"And why did you want me to have this Key, Katy?"

I paused. I didn't have a proper answer. "I wanted... I wanted to give you something, Miss Sophie."

"It's not yours, though, is it?"

"No Miss Sophie. But it's something I wanted to share with you."

"Why? What are you sharing?"

A true answer would have been that it was an expression of love. Another would have been that I wanted to have some small control of our relationship. But even if either were allowed, it all sounded too foolish now.

"I don't know, Miss Sophie."

"So... you wanted to share the cellar with me. But it's not a dungeon; it's not for playing in, is it? I don't think it's Mrs Alderney's sex-room. Is it?"

"No Miss Sophie." I stopped in front of her, but I couldn't meet her gaze.

"What is it for, Katy? It's Mrs Alderney's room, what does she use it for?"

I hesitated. "Punishment, Miss Sophie," I whispered.

"Punishment. So it's as simple as that, then? You just want punishing?"

I tried to nod, but the chain was too tight. I wobbled on my toes instead. She smiled at my clumsiness.

"Take that off, Katy."

Relieved, I released myself from the collar and settled my feet flat on the floor.

"So, punishment. You'll have to explain this, Katy. We already know you need pain, and I've already started to give you that. But that was a... gift between friends. And I've demonstrated punishment, so you won't be misbehaving again, will you? Why should I punish you?"

I was lost now. This whole exercise, which had seemed so right and important, now felt foolish. I wanted to go back upstairs. "I don't know, Miss Sophie, I can't think properly. But this was a secret place, and I wanted you to share it. And you're not Mrs Alderney, so you don't have to... But I do need punishing, Mrs Alderney will tell you. It's good for me."

Sophie sighed and shook her head. "You're hard work, Katy. I can't figure you out, it's too tiring. Do you want to let me know when you've thought of a reason?" Her voice was not unkind, and had a little humour in it. "Or am I supposed to..." she gestured dismissively at the equipment around the room, "...torture you until you confess to something? 'Cos I'm not sure I can be bothered with that. I'm sure we agreed you wouldn't waste my time needing lessons and training."

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