tagTransgender & CrossdressersClara Bow's Academy for Ladies Ch. 04

Clara Bow's Academy for Ladies Ch. 04


Greville Hambleton tried hard not to think of the ginger sissy; he was married to a fiercely independent woman who was very much in charge in the bedroom, and who knew all too well of Greville's weakness for effeminate transgendered she-males. As he was often cuckolded, Tara his wife being partial to sampling cock, she turned a blind eye to his discretions. Like a lot of otherwise heterosexual males who enjoy the assertive control by the superior sex, he had a keen dominant streak which revealed itself with a preference for younger ladies, and even more so for sweet effeminate sissies. His cock stiffened as he thought of the call from Clara Bow, and turned his horse toward Honeysuckle Cottage, which lay no more than a quarter of a mile from the rear of the academy wall; there lay the promise of soft affection.

Martha Blandish smiled wickedly as she pulled the corset stay tight around the incredibly slender waist of Faith Merrick; the soft young thing she had been guardian of since being brought to her in her early teens. The smile broadened as she heard the familiar clip-clop of horse's hooves outside the cottage. Faith's cheeks quivered in the silk panties as the stay was tied and Martha squeezed the shoulder of the 23 year old, who still looked as though she were in her mid-teens.

"Well, this is going to be someone's lucky day! What perfect timing; I told you he'd be along again soon, he knows how you pine for him." Faith Merrick stood in tight corset, long slender legs in black stockings with a pert little bottom further accentuated by the restricting garment; her nicely proportioned breasts also made a little more prominent by the squeeze of the black Basque. The only thing that gave away her origins as once being Freddie Merrick was the bulge at the front of her panties; a bulge which increased on realising that Master Hambleton was paying a visit. He never came to see how Martha Blandish was respecting the tenancy of the cottage, which his family owned, though the amount paid in rental was always affected by his visits. Faith shyly covered herself with a white shawl as Martha put on her coat and opened the door to Greville.

"Oh! Mr Hambleton. I was just on my way out, but I'm sure Faith can make you a coffee." Greville blushed as the portly woman winked at him as she passed and walked up the garden path. He closed the door behind her and his cock stiffened as he viewed the shapely figure of the T-girl who had attended the academy from the age of 17 until she was 22. She stood perched on high heels, the shawl just covering her panties; her long feminine legs shimmered in the black stockings, and her sweet vulnerable look made her all the more inviting. Greville's cock stiffened to rigidity as he moved toward her and sniffed at her soft brown hair; his balls tingled urgently as he tugged at the shawl and Faith let it fall to the floor. Faith shivered a little as he squeezed her soft white upper arms and viewed her pretty little breasts and waspish waist in the corset. He smiled warmly as he noted the little bulge in the front of her panties.

"I'm so pleased to see you again Faith, I see you are pleased to see me too; are you going to be a good girl for your master today, or will I need to punish you?" Faith loved being submissive and was partial to being whipped or caned, bur she had not had relief in some time and was anxious to come whilst dressed in her new corset; it made her feel extra girly, not that there was a chance that anyone not knowing her would consider her masculine. Her boy-clitty bulged uncontrollably in her silky panties.

"I will be a good girl today. Please may I take master to my room and suck his cock?" Hambleton licked his lips and ushered the willing sissy to the stairs. He allowed her to walk two steps ahead; it was a pre-sex ritual that both enjoyed, he watched her sweet bottom as she stepped two stairs higher than he; she felt his eyes where his cock would shortly follow. In her bedroom she peeled off her panties and knelt submissively on the hearth rug, her little cock pointing excitedly. Greville stripped urgently, leaving his clothes on the floor; his cock rigid and needy. Faith's anus tingled with pleasure as he moved toward her and let her sniff and lick his aching member. She smiled sweetly and looked up at her master with loving eyes as her soft lips slid over Greville's bulbous bell-end, making him groan and shudder with pleasure. He grabbed her hair and thrust his cock deep into the soft warmth of her throat; far from gagging, Faith sucked longingly at the stiff cock she knew would soon be teasing her prostate.

Close to coming, Greville pulled his cock clear of her mouth and pointed to the bed. Without hesitation, Faith obediently lay down with her ass high in the air; she whimpered submissively as a strong hand clasped her hairless little scrotum and a tongue swiftly lapped at the musky perfume of her asshole. She felt the bed sag as he climbed on, then she clenched her effeminate little fists as her wrists were grabbed, and her little cock stiffened as his slipped sweetly in the crack of her ass, then probed deep into her tight pussy with no mercy, making her gasp with pleasure.

Martha stared then smiled wickedly as she viewed the rear wall as she walked up to the academy; at this one point, she could see between a close copse of trees and the rear wall, at a point where the small stream which ran through the grounds, left through an archway in the wall. She watched with interest from behind a large Oak as Bruce Janner lifted the railings like a gate, and tip-toed on stepping stones as he pulled it closed again behind him before disappearing into the grounds of the academy. Her pussy buzzed as she thought of catching him in the act; she would love to be in attendance to watch Clara Bow and other Directors of the academy, such as Tara Hambleton, serve punishment on an adult male. Young Janner would have to agree to whatever punishment or be exposed publicly, and Martha knew all too well how much Clara and Tara loved to cane males.

Pepper was feeling at home as she prepared herself for her first night at the academy; her nails were so pretty in pink and her friends giggled and joked from their beds, as Pepper too, slipped into the soft and luxuriant bed; this was one thing she had not expected of this stark academy. Her little cock stiffened on the silky sheets as her bottom clenched at the ceramic plug. She squeezed her puffy little breasts with her fingers and tingled as she recalled shooting her cream at the picture of the masked man. She was about to drift off to sleep when she heard Lucy talking.

"Don't forget, it's your turn tonight Hannah." The brunette merely giggled in response, and then there was an audible clunk, which made Pepper look over inquisitively. The tops of the bedside cabinets were to be kept clear, except for a tumbler of water; this was one of the academy rulings; so Pepper was surprised to see Hannah's ceramic plug also on top of the cabinet; why would she do this? Her question was answered as she heard the dormitory door creak open, and a hooded figure in what looked like a monk's habit, strode silently into the room. Pepper gasped as she saw the habit drop, and a large male, naked but for a mask, slipped into bed with Hannah. The other girls were silent as gentle, male groans and soft pleasurable whimpering was heard from Hannah.

Cosmo Stafford's cock remained rock hard as he fingered Hannah's soft, hot little anus and felt the contours of her body; as a director of the company, he combined his fetish for fondling sissies with the task of checking their development. Key factors indicated their readiness for the outside world; body shape, scent, receptiveness and general submissiveness being the main points. Stafford never tired of the task; wanking as he surveyed them from spy-holes was exciting enough, but the feel and scent of their soft bodies was a real perk of the job. He knew the new arrival would know he was there; the thought of her wondering what was happening to her new friend excited him all the more and he grunted with pleasure as he spurted his cream all over the soft contours of Hannah's naked body.

He kissed her forehead softly as he then took her little cock and milked her to orgasm. Pepper's cock was rigid as the fear and excitement took hold of her, though she welcomed the noise she now heard her friend make; she was obviously being pleased. Stafford left as swiftly as he had arrived, and Hannah jumped from the bed, giggling and took herself to the en-suite shower. Pepper watched as the other two left their beds and went and sat on Hannah's, awaiting her return. Pepper joined them.

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