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Clown Torture


When I was a sophomore at my local high school, I never had any friends. The only people who talked to me were guys who liked me for my body, since I was tall, blonde and skinny. I ignored all of them as I was extremely focused on my education and to me nothing more was important than having a perfect grade.

Everyone knew about my extremely deathly fear of tickling and clowns and I was a target of several pranks at school that involved clowns. When I was seventeen, when I was a junior as part of a giant elaborate prank a group of seniors kidnapped me strip me to my underwear, tickled me for hours while dressed up as clowns. I had nightmares for weeks afterwards and I had to go to more therapy than I usually did as a result and the students were expelled.

For the next two years, as a result of spending all of my time studying I had no friends and the people who I considered to be my friend never bothered to ask me out on the weekends or do anything since they thought all I did over the weekend was homework assignments and extra credit assignments which wasn't true at all. Due to my efforts in school, I was the valedictorian of every grade I was in.

I was very tall for my age, I stood at 6'1" Weighed only 100 lbs. I had glasses and braces and had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Even though I just turned 18, I still feared things like the boogeyman and monsters of the night that lurk under your bed. Part of that was because when I was younger some traumatic things happen to me period when I was 5 somebody tried to abduct Me and when I was 9 I was caught up in a hostage situation at an airport.

I went to therapy once per week and was diagnosed with PTSD, social anxiety disorder and Asperger's syndrome.

On Thursday evening, after band practice, the day after my eighteenth birthday, I came home from school and did my usual routine of hitting the books and doing my homework. There were three months ago until my high school graduation.

Around 5:30, my mom called me down. "Erica, come down your food is going to get cold."

When I came down there was a piping hot bowl of vegetable soup and on my plate there was mashed potatoes with mixed vegetables. Me and my family were vegetarians, and we all had very fast metabolisms, so everyone in my family was really skinny and fit, however I was the skinniest number in my entire family, not just by weight, but according to the body mass index as well.

After dinner, I went to watch my favorite show, Steven Universe. After I watched Steven universe, I took a shower, brushed my teeth changed into my PJ's and went to bed. When I went to bed, I wore my socks just in case my siblings decided to tickle my feet in the middle of the night

I had three older siblings, two older twin brothers and an older sister. My twin older brothers were 18 and my oldest sister was 19. They like ganging up on me and tickling me from time to time, they would tie me up and tickle me until I peed my pants other times, they would tickle me until I passed out. They first began tickling me when I was around nine years old and the first time they tickled me until I passed out was when I was 12. After they tickled me until I passed out, they began to do this pretty often and they did it several times per month.

As a result, I had a very deep fear of tickling. I discovered that my older siblings had developed a tickling fetish and they were using me to act out their desires, this did turn me on a little bit, but it also made me fear tickling even more due to the sexual aspect of it.

When I went to bed, I had a small night light on that I've been using since I was 6 years old in order to quell my fears of monsters in the dark.

I laid down around 10pm and by 10:15 I was fast asleep.

In the middle of the night, I tried to change my position by turning and I realized that I couldn't and that I was stuck. In horror, I opened my eyes and I realized that I was tied spread-eagled to my bed and my PJs were gone and I was dressed in only my underwear. I didn't wear a bra since my chest was flat since I was so skinny.

Standing above me, were two beings, a clown and a being made of black tendrils.

I just managed a scream, but the moment the scream came out, the being manifested a ball gag instantly and shoved it into my mouth, effectively silencing me.

Well, well, well what do we have here?! It seems the pleasant scent of your luscious fear have attracted us to you and now that we're here we have so much planned for you, we don't even know where to begin!"

I whimpered in my ballgag and turned my head at the clown who then picked up what appeared to be a feather. My eyes went wide in shock and my face get red hot from embarrassment.

Coochie coochie coo, the clown told me as he began dragging the feather across my belly and over my flat nipples. At the same exact time the being made of black tendrils began hovering over my feet. The black tendrils slowly removed my socks encasing my feet.

All of a sudden, and explosive tickling feeling thousands of times more intense than what was happening towards my belly and nipples erupted from the soles of my feet. I was now squirming wildly in my bonds and not even the ball gag could not suppress the screams of ticklish laughter coming from my mouth.

The clown told me evilly, "He is a being of pure tickling energy the moment he touches you come wherever he touches you you will feel the most intense tickling you have ever felt in your life! Also, he has the power to create pocket universes, which means we can trap you in here for a very long time! In the pocket universe where you are in right now, one second in the real world is equal to one year! And guess what! We plan on keeping you in here for 2 hours in the real world, which means you will be in here for thousands of years before we let you out!"

Then, screams of horror Escaped my lips even through the gag as I knew what awaited me.

Then, the Clown and being switched positions and now the clown was at my feet and he began by lickling my feet. The clown began by sucking my big toe and then moving to each individual toe and sucking between my toes as well. The clown then licked the rest of the soles of my feet.

The being then laid on top of my belly tickling The Living Daylights out of my belly ribs and flat breasts. once I was out of breath from the tickling of my torso and chest, the being moved down my flat and bony belly and tickled the pits of my thighs including right under and around my protruding hip bones until he reached the helm of my underwear. with this simple Touch of my underwear, it surprisingly vaporized into dust, exposing my Virgin clitoris.

He then teased me by going inside my clitoris causing the most intense tickling to have ever occurred in my vagina. The being informed me that he is telepathic through telepathy and that we can communicate to each other through thoughts. I begged him to finish me off and he told me that I had to beg him.

"Please finish me off! I will die from the frustration!"

While I was a virgin, I was no stranger to masturbating and watching porn videos, so I was well aware of BDSM and tease and denial.

After only 20 seconds of tickling my clitoris non-stop, I had the most intense orgasm I have ever had in my life and I passed out.

The orgasm was so intense that just before I passed out, I saw my juices go and land and soak the clown who was standing at the base of my feet and I saw the Clown grab his face and wipe some of the juices off his face and then he licked his fingers and he said to me, "I am going to eat and Slurp you all up little girl!" Then everything went black after they heard that statement.

When I woke up, the Clown began licking and slurping my vaginal juices from around my clitoris.

After he finished eating me up, I saw him grab The Violet wand and vibrator and I knew what he was going to do.

Then, the clown said to me, "Now that I had you all cleaned up, I will now Electro-fuck and tickle you to many, many orgasms, my little Erica."

The clown then put a metal tube inside my vagina which was used to conduct the electricity. Then, he used the Violet wand on me by tapping the Violet wand on the metal which shocked my clitoris and within 20 minutes I had about 25 orgasms and 5 of those orgasms were so intense that they caused me to pass out.

This repetition of the bondage tickle tortures, orgasms, Electro-fucks, continued for many months and the months dragged into years.

For the first 500 years, they tickled me non-stop to the brink of death and back.

Then, for the next 2,000 years they gave me non-stop ticklish orgasms. Then, to make matters worse, for the next 2,500 they shocked my entire body with several violet wands and my clitoris to the brink of orgasms while simultaneously being tickled non-stop for that entire time as well.

For the next 500 years they tickle- double penetrated fucked me.

Then, for the next 600 years, it was a mixture of all the tortures mentioned above.

Then the clown came up to my battered body and said, "if you think that was anything, you got a whole other thing coming! Just to prove to you that this is really a pocket universe and to reiterate how helpless you actually are, we're going basically vaporize every part of your body over and over again!"

For the next 1200 years, I was electro fucked and tickled and burned so badly that I was utterly and completely vaporized thousands of times per year.

The fire for my body was so high, that it was reaching the Multiverse!

Then, the most intense attack ever hit, one the clown and the being said I will never wake up from hit me and as I screamed in fear, I woke up in my bed drenched in sweat and my hands in my clitoris.

That was some wet dream I had, i thought,

I decided to visited an online community and I realized what I experienced was not unique and that these beings were real and they liked visiting skinny virgin teen girls and they fed off their fears of clowns and tickling and I found out to my horror when I visited the Forum that they usually visited their victims for years after the first visit and the visits were daily as well. The online form was actually a support group which I became very involved in from that day on

Looks like I have another long series of nights ahead of me!

I'm going to bed early tonight since I cannot wait for the next visit!

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I wish I was her

That girl is so luck! XD! I wish I was her so bad! Please, clown, come and get me tight pussy! ;)

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