tagLoving WivesC'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 07

C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 07


I have been receiving a continuous flow of e-mails from readers regarding the stories that I have been writing in this series. Some have commented favorably and offered constructive advice while others have preferred to make discouraging and derogatory remarks. I always try to reply to those who provide their contact e-mail.

One of the e-mails I received read as follows:

You have a fantastic imagination and can write well. I hope you are not discouraged by the crude comments of some of the other readers. I look forward to more of your contributions. I hope you enjoy getting other couples aroused because that's what your stories did for my wife and me. (morris40 at Literotica)

I responded:

Thanks. Your comments have been very encouraging. I've been a little preoccupied with my work, but I'll continue with my series. I'm glad that you and your wife were aroused by my writing. You may be interested to know that these 'stories' are true episodes from our married life. Things can become really exciting when both parties in a marriage start communicating their feelings to each other. My wife and I seem to have got on the right track to keep things hot and spicy. Cheers! (loving_hubby)

Morris replied:

I appreciate your replying to my email. My stories are mostly fictional, but the characters and the descriptions are based on experiences that were a lot of fun at the time. This is not to say that my experiences are over. I suspect that my wife and I both still have some fantasies to explore. My wife and I have our relationship well-grounded in a wide range of shared interests and a strong commitment to our children. Like many readers of Literotica, I am proud of my wife's sexuality and know that she will bring the excitement back to our relationship again and again. Many couples can say that they were introduced by friends. I met the woman who would become my wife when I walked in on my roommate having sex with his date. My wife and I still get a good laugh – and then get hot – when we recall those events. Of course, we had to make up another story of our first meeting for our parents and more conservative friends. I wish I had been there with you watching your wife seduce that young man at the nightclub. I'll wait patiently for your next story. (Morris40)

I showed the above e-mail to my wife Tina, and she was very excited by the fact that Morris had first met his wife while she was enjoying such an intimate moment of passion with another guy's cock embedded inside her.

"They must be quite a couple," she commented, "I would have died of embarrassment in such a situation."

"I'm sure I too would have still married you if I had met you under such compromising circumstances," I said to Tina with a sly smirk on my face.

"Are you sure?" she mumbled almost to herself as she appeared to become submerged in deep thought.

I could imagine how my wife's mind must have gone into high gear with all kinds of wild and naughty ideas. She had never experienced sex with another man, so the fact that other women could be so free in their relationships must have created turmoil in her supposedly innocent head.

"Let's get into bed," I suggested, knowing that I was only saying what was already on her mind. Looking at her I could tell that she was helplessly in need of some wild sex.

As we got into our bedroom Tina appeared to be in a state of trance. "She was actually fucking another guy when her husband first met her?" she asked, as if trying to imagine such a situation.

"Can you picture yourself in bed with another man, your legs wide apart, and his big cock plunging in and out of you?" I asked her, "And then he fires his full load of fertile sperm into your unprotected womb."

Tina was quiet as she got out of her clothes.

"And then, as you lie in his arms, completely drained by your orgasm, you open your eyes to see me standing at the doorway," I continued as I stripped myself naked.

It felt so beautiful to have her naked body pressing against mine, especially after imagining the possibility of her having been fucked by another man. I let my hands roam all over her chaste body. When my hand reached her dripping wet pussy, I could not help thinking to myself that my wife deserved more than just one cock to satisfy her voracious carnal needs.

As we lay in each other's arms after making love, I thought about Morris and his wife, and a rather wicked idea crystallized in my mind.

The next morning I sent an e-mail to Morris:

Thanks for your very interesting e-mail. I showed it to my wife Tina and she was especially turned on by the circumstances under which you first met your wife. She started wondering what it would have been like if I had first met her in a similar situation.

My wife was a very innocent and conservative virgin when I first met her. Over the years her sexuality seems to have blossomed, and lately she seems to have become quite obsessed with the idea of extramarital sex. If I had not realized the type of fantasies she was nurturing in her mind, I'm afraid that sooner or later she would probably have ended up in bed with another guy.

At the moment we are both enjoying this game of fantasies and role play, but sometimes I wonder if this will lead on to something similar in real life if the opportunity arises. Nowadays Tina never pretends (like she used to) that I am the only guy who has sole rights over her body.

Considering how your e-mail turned her on and subsequently provided me with the benefit of a good sex session, I wonder if you would be willing to write the next email to my wife, using all your writing skills to arouse her and to bring out her wild and illicit sexual instinct. I will have no objections at all to the use of whatever explicit language you consider appropriate. Make verbal love to her in your own special way and let's see how she responds.

I feel that my wife needs something more than just fantasies to let loose her pent-up lust and passion. She was so aroused by the young lad who danced with her at the nightclub. I'm sure she'll be even more dramatically turned on by the seductive words of an experienced man like you.

Thanks a lot. Cheers!

Tom (loving_hubby)

Two days later, I found the following e-mail in my inbox:

Tina, I thought the story that Tom posted on Literotica was a good read because the characters were believable and the emotions seemed true to life. I was attracted to that fictional Tina made of words. I am even more attracted to the real Tina made of flesh. Any woman who can create such imaginative role play with her husband has my undivided attention and respect.

I am writing as a middle aged man who loves to kayak in remote places, spends most of his time in a challenging academic environment and is committed to a woman he married nearly 30 years ago. While I can understand your desire to explore your sexuality, I do not want to do anything that would harm either your relationship or mine. Nothing can replace the love between a man and a woman who have a long history of celebrating each others accomplishments, smiling with each others happiness, and comforting each other in sadness. It's just that dinner conversation and sex after 15-30 years together is difficult to keep exciting without a little outside help.

Enlivening dinner conversation is easy. Just invite friends over. I don't feel threatened by my wife laughing harder at a friend's joke or being more fascinated with a friend's perspective on life. I still like to talk to my wife, but we are each more animated with new friends around the table, and we are more interesting to each other when we include others in our social lives.

So what about sex? Why isn't sex as easy as dinner conversation? It must be different since no one makes a big deal about extra-marital conversations, whereas extra-marital sex is looked upon as taboo. But the basic idea is the same. You would be more excited telling me a story for the first time that your husband has already heard several times before. Similarly with sex, you would be more aroused if I brushed my hand on your nylon stockings under the table than if your husband rolled over in bed late one night and cupped your naked breast in his hand. But if I had run my fingers along your bare thigh earlier that same night, then your husband's hand would have felt that much more exciting on your breast. I don't know how to explain this, but I think that it is true.

My wife and I have discussed swinging, but I think I'm more comfortable than she is with the concept. Unlike you, my wife has had intimate experience with 6 very different men and I have felt 9 quite unique women get excited by the entry of my fleshy appendage into one or more of their warm wet openings. Different people bring different unique feelings to what is essentially the same activity. A variety of sexual experience can be exciting and I highly recommend it, provided of course that sharing sexually with others does not disrupt the other important activities of life.

Your story includes dancing at the Paradise Lounge. Perhaps we can arrange to meet at the same joint. You both know that it will happen some day. You will have extramarital sex with your husband's encouragement. Tom said as much in his last e-mail. So why not now? Why not with me?

I can picture meeting you and Tom at the Paradise Lounge on Friday night. You wear the same sexy dress that you wore while role playing in your story. People stare at the three of us. A provocatively dressed woman accompanied by two virile males is bound to invite lewd speculations about their intentions.

I dance with you. My body presses against the shiny fabric of your skimpy dress. I look down the cleavage between your breasts and lust for your body. You feel my excitement press against your belly, but I won't cum so fast - at least not yet.

You dance with your husband. You ask him if you can go back to my hotel room with me. You have made your decision. You have made your choice. You want me to be the second man to watch you in the throes of passion. Tom consents. He is as excited by your sexual awakening as you are by the anticipation of a night of sex with another man.

Tom offers to drop us off at the hotel. I put my arm possessively around your waist and pull you close to me as I talk with your husband. I explain to him that you are too hot for one man tonight. I need him to help me quench the fire of passion that burns deep inside you. I think you are ready for two men, one having his cock sucked while the other fills up your pussy.

He hesitates. I reassure him that I am not interested sexually in him. I only want to make sure that you get the most out of the encounter. You are ready for it. The anticipation of an inexhaustible supply of stiff cocks excites you - and the presence of your husband would be reassuring on this grand adventure. You look into your husband's eyes pleadingly. He smiles, and I know that the three of us will be inseparable for the rest of the evening.

My room looks out over the harbor. The lights of the city are beautiful against the blackness of the water stretching out towards the cape.

You stand between Tom and me holding our hands and looking into the night for the last time as a one-man woman. The majority of women and men, including your husband, have had multiple sexual partners. You are a little late, but you are about to join the sexual majority.

No one has said a word. We are comfortable in the silence. At last you drop my hand and put your arms around Tom's neck. You whisper, but I can hear you clearly. You tell him that you are going to kiss your new friend, and that you want his full blessings. Your husband smiles and nods his head. Then you turn to me and bring your lips up to touch mine. I appreciate the gesture. I am not your husband or even your lover, but I am more than the young man on the dance floor in your story. I will soon be taking on the role of your new lover and sharing an intimate experience with you and your husband. You are aware of this and acknowledge this with your kiss.

I put my fingers in the cleavage of your dress and feel the softness of your breasts. I hear the zipper at the back of your dress being pulled down by your husband. It's as if he is unwrapping this beautiful gift for me. Suddenly your breasts spring free of the fabric as Tom unfastens the last clasp of your bra. Your scant clothing falls away and you stand between us, naked except for your patterned stockings and high heels.

I pull my shirt over my head, slip out of my shoes and shove my pants down. I press my naked body into yours eagerly. You pull me into yourself and we kiss again with open mouths. Your skin is soft and warm as you press your breasts against my bare chest, but the tightness of your embrace hints at the strength of a tigress.

Your husband is having trouble getting his shoes off in his haste. He fumbles with a knot in the laces while his pants lie crumpled around his ankles. His shaft is hard and juts upward as he watches us mold our bodies together. He stumbles to a chair to untangle the constraints of his clothing while I lead you to the bed.

The sheets are already turned down. You slide over into the middle of the bed. The smooth fabric is cool against the bare skin of your back. You open your legs invitingly expecting to be fucked right then, but I will not be rushed. In the soft light you look beautiful lying there waiting to be pleasured. Your breasts flatten out and fall to the side but retain their splendor. Your nipples are hard and pointed, waiting to be sucked. I will leave your nipples for your husband. I have other plans.

I want to smell and taste your sexual arousal. I am a man. I have intimate knowledge of the power associated with the smell and taste of a well-washed woman's pussy spread for my delight. I push my nose between the folds of your labia. It tickles you and you shudder slightly. You have taken the first step towards an evening full of orgasms. I suck the thick folds of your outer labia into my mouth and slide my mouth slowly along the folds from top to bottom. Then I take the other labia and repeat the motion. You moan and put your hands softly on my head to encourage me. I smile to myself, relishing the intimate delicacies of another man's chaste wife.

I look up at your face. Your husband is kneeling by your head while you lick under his shaft that will ultimately carry his sticky fluid into your willing mouth.

I probe your vagina with my tongue. My tongue is much shorter than my cock, but I can trill it back and forth rapidly in your opening while you gasp at the new sensation.

The stimulation is both too much and not enough. You push my head away from your opening and insert your fingers. I lick the back of your hand and then suck the shiny juices that coat your fingers when you offer them to me. As you masturbate, I lick the area between your pussy and the little rosebud that will lie untouched tonight in the crease of your ass cheeks.

You are close now. You throw your arms over your head and ball your fingers into tight little fists that you shake uncontrollably. I move up through your pussy, sucking and licking until your clit slips into my mouth and meets the tip of my tongue.

Your husband jerks off over your face, leaving strands of cum in your short, light brown hair. Another strand of cum lies across the bridge of your nose and runs down your cheek. You twist and writhe. The stimulus is too much as you come down from your orgasm, so you push me away as your body goes limp.

I roll you over on your side and straddle your right thigh with my knees. I hold your left leg straight up in the air. You are remarkably flexible. Your raised leg pulls your pussy apart to expose the love tunnel leading deep into your body. I position my cock at the entrance and wait for a moment as you recover. You look straight into my eyes. Your pretty face is streaked with cum and flushed with lust. Fuck me, your eyes say, and I push my cock forward to slip into you. You are wet and ready. You accept the second cock to enter you in your lifetime with a sigh of pleasure.

Tom stares at our genitals - my stiff cock and your wet pussy - now linked together in the illicit consummation of our carnal desires. I shove my cock in and out with growing rapidity and force. Tom's limp penis still drips cum. You pull him into your mouth as he quickly inflates again. Your cheeks bulge out from the pressure of his cock head. We each reach for one of your nipples which we knead and twist as you encourage us with a string of sexually charged expletives. You cum again hard just as I shoot a load of hot sperm into your quivering body. Your womb is now flooded with the fertile sperm of a man who is not your husband.

I roll you over on your back as I slide my cock out. I see the thick sperm ooze out of your vagina. I'm limp now, but Tom is still stiff. He asks you if you liked being fucked by another cock. You smile softly. We have fulfilled our desires without any regrets.

As you wipe off a strand of cum from your cheek, your wedding ring catches the light and sparkles. You have entered a new phase of your life. You now have another man in your life. You are wearing one man's wedding ring, and you have another man's sperm flooding your womb.

"There's no stopping now, darling," Tom yells, in utter excitement, "Oh my god! You're going to be my slut wife."

The wicked grin on your face says it all.

I am content. I have just made love to a beautiful woman and helped a young married couple to expand their relationship.

Tina, the rest of the evening is for you and Tom to imagine. I had a lot of fun thinking of you reading these words and then making love to your husband. As a favor to me, call your husband Morris as frequently as you can while making love to him tonight. Imagine that you are making love to me.

I hope to hear from both of you soon.

Your not so secret admirer,


I did not want to show Morris's e-mail to Tina right in the middle of the week. I knew the kind of effect it would have on my sexually overcharged wife. I knew that it would be tough handling her in that state during working days.

So I suggested sending the kids over to their grandma's on Friday evening and decided to bring the e-mail to her notice that night. That would leave me with a whole weekend to enjoy the after-shocks of showing the email to Tina.

It's difficult to describe in words how aroused my wife was as she read the e-mail. She read it out aloud and her voice became very unsteady as she reached the explicit descriptions of her seduction by Morris.

Listening to her reading the e-mail was a mind-blowing experience for me. It was almost as if my wife was reading a secret letter from an illicit lover. And this time I knew that this letter was from a real man, not a fictitious concoction of my wife's mind.

Tina managed to read the e-mail only up to the part where Morris pushed his nose between her labial folds. After that, she was already burning in the fire of lust and passion, and I had to get to work on her.

"I can't bear it any more!" she exclaimed, "I need his cock inside me!"

She was really hot in bed and kept calling me 'Morris'. And I played along by taking on the role of 'Morris'. We had a long session of 'illicit' sex and then drifted off to sleep.

Later in the night – I'm not sure what time it was - she woke me up with kisses all over my face and whispered that she wanted to finish reading the e-mail.

We sat in front of the computer, both completely naked, and read the letter from the beginning to the end. Tina was absolutely out of control, and I had a raging hard-on again. We had another round of fantastic sex with my wife again repeatedly referring to me as 'Morris'.

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