tagLoving WivesCoffee Bean Stand Ch. 01

Coffee Bean Stand Ch. 01


Julie wasn't sure if it was the extra sugar she put in her cappuccino or the mood she was in caused by the conversation with her boyfriend (who she loved). The conversation was about her dressing more sexier, but when her boss told her to quit pulling out her camel toe, she became hot and bothered. Instantly. Zero to horny in like nothing flat.

Like a deer caught in the headlights, she froze when he said that. She just wasn't sure she heard right.

Over her shoulder, Jack said, "I have been taking notes and all of the guys return for another cup when on the rare occasion you neglect to pull out your camel toe." Julie took an opportunity to receive training to be a barista by signing a 1 year contract with Jack, the owner of several coffee bean stands. They all had drive-up windows that placed her midsection squarely framed in the window. She looked down and saw her lips split in two! It was deep. Her PC muscle spasmed and it clenched! She looked at Jack, and it seems he was looking at her crotch too!

Julie usually wasn't conscientious about her camel toes, but it seemed that Jack was noticing something, so she kept a vigilance. He was married and on the occasion she met Jenny, his wife, they seemed very happy together. So now he verbalized her suspicions, but it wasn't stated from a pervert, but from a businessman trying to increase his bottom line.

"If it's all the same to you, please leave your camel toes alone." And just like that, Jack sat down and began his paperwork that he usually does every morning after the morning rush. And the matter seemed to be closed. But for her, it took a second to become 'un frozen', and she pulled out her camel toe from habit and started to rinse out her creamer cups, but she did notice that Jack scowled.

Jack was only at her stand for an hour in the mornings to help with the rush, and then do paperwork before heading out to the next stand on Jefferson Ave.

How was it Jack knew about repeat business. Hmmmm.

After her shift Julie went home and decided on showering since her camel toe thoughts left her feeling not-so-fresh. The thoughts were of leaving the camel toes in. She realized she felt like she let Jack down when she pulled it out. At that moment it actually occurred to her to put it back! and she had cycled that thought over and over making her smolderingly horny. John burst in to the bathroom to urinate as she was reaching for her towel and he naturally moved it out of her reach to tease her. " Hey Julie? Why the afternoon shower?" and with that, she decided to open the can of worms.

"Jack asked me to leave in my camel toes."

Incredulous, John was like, "What!?"

"Ya. He says there is a lot of repeat customers!"

On the instant, John's dick twitched and he was amazed at his reaction. He had a very scary thought when he realized another man was telling his woman to display her charms. Naturally he felt this placed his relationship on less firm footing. It drove him crazy with lust, too. To test this out, he asked her, "And how did you react? I mean, are you quitting? Did you tell him off?

"Well, I was not prepared at all. I didn't say anything. I'm sure Jack wasn't making advances on me, it was a business point he was making, but my body was gripped with lust, and it was so sudden that I remained frozen. Don't be mad, John. I'm trying to be honest."

"Holy Shit!" John had a growing pain in the pit of his stomach. He was getting hard and at the same time he was losing his girl. He was being torn apart with simultaneous opposite emotions. "Lust? This doesn't sound like you."

"I know. I should have slapped him. He's never hit on me before, and so I think it caught me off guard. But when he mentioned the camel toe, he looked right at it. His very look made me start dripping!

"I have to say that I'm very jealous."

"Oh baby! Don't be," she embraced him and then reached for his groin to sooth him but found a hard cock roaring to go! "What the heck is this?" What's getting you hot?"

" Not sure. I want to scold you, and I want to fuck you!"

"So somebody else telling your girlfriend what to do makes you drip with throbbing anticipation?" She realized that might be what is making her hot too.

John picked up Julie and to bed they went. He took her hard, and as was usual, allowed her to cum 1st. It was a screaming orgasm that was more intense than expected. On impulse she jumped away from John before he could finish and why she did that at 1st she did not know.

To answer his questioning stare, she explained that if he was allowed to cum, she knows he would forbid her to go back to work. "This way, I want you wondering what I'll be telling you this time tomorrow. Hey. Besides, I have a binding 1 year contract.

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