tagErotic CouplingsCold Morning in November Ch. 02

Cold Morning in November Ch. 02

byGrey Beard©

She was naked. Her petite body was tanned to a light brown, except where her bikini had protected the creamy skin of her modest breasts and shaved pubic area, from the assault of the Sun and prying eyes of Voyeurs. Her breasts were quite taut in spite of her forty plus years, and although it was very warm, her nipples were engorged. She appeared to be asleep, as she lay on a beach chair adjusted in a semi erect position, but there was an earthy purr coming from her delicate lips.

When I looked at her reflection in the mirror that covered half the opposite wall, I also saw a tall man with a grey beard standing behind her. He was also naked, his thighs were still pasty white and his penis was also in a semi erect position.

I reached down and slowly massaged her temples and then gently pulled my soapy hands upward through her wet hair. I leaned over, kissed her forehead, and then squirted a little more hair shampoo into her golden bangs. Before the soap had a chance to flow, I stroked it upward and let my fingers slowly massaged her scalp. I tried to pull each and every strand of Carol's hair through my fingers. When my hands started to pulse, great gobs of thick creamy suds started to emerge. She did not open her eyes, but a smile appeared on her lips and she said " Oh my God, if there was ever a time for you to go slow, it is now."

We had finished our game of Honey Marks the Spot on the kitchen table, and had taken a shower together. Now after pulling a lounge chair into an oversized bathtub, I was treating Carol to one of her favorite forms of pampering, having her hair washed. The room was still very warm from our steamy shower, and the heat lamp in the ceiling glowed brightly. We were both finally dry, so I was careful to rinse her hair without getting the rest of us wet. She sat up and I gently massaged her scalp once again, but this time with a fluffy bath towel. I was almost finished when she turned her head to look at me, and my fully erect penis stabbed her in the ear.

We both laughed, and she said " hey, Bob you have put that into some very tight spots, but I really don't think it will fit this time."

I smiled, and said " so, you thought that you were the only one who gets excited around here? "

Carol laughed, and said " no, but I didn't expect such a quick recovery. Come around front, and let's see what I can do to quiet you down."

I quickly replied, " if you are thinking of using that puffy thumper trick they taught you in Nursing School, I think I'll pass."

"Well, maybe that was a poor choice of words. How about release the tension?" I stood straddling the lounge chair, and looked down at her golden topped head. She reached around and with one of the cheeks of my butt in each hand, she guided my penis towards her open mouth. Just as I was about to enter that perfect O formed by her lips, just pulled her head back. Her tongue darted out, and she slurped the head, followed by a puff of hot breath. She looked up at my startled reaction and said " That's my only trick, and I learned that from you." Then she took a deep breath and quickly sucked my penis into her mouth. This was her chance to be in total control, so I resisted the urge to thrust, and I put my hands on the top of the chair and let her rock my body back and forth while her tongue fondled my shaft inside her hot mouth. Soon, it felt like my whole groin was alive with waves of rippling vibrations. We had done this enough times so she recognized the subtle signs that my semen's journey was about end. My breathing was now coming in short labored breaths, my penis was getting harder, and I started to moan. She was still gripping my butt, and just as I was about to blow, she pulled my cheeks apart and shoved a middle finger into my brown eye. Soon nature took over. My hips started to jerk, and when she felt the first spasm in my rectum, she pulled her head back, and my semen quietly dribbled into her other hand.

I just stood there for a moment, while she wiped off her hand on the bath towel and surveyed her handiwork. As she gently caressed my deflated penis she said " well that seems to have really settled you way down, but I am still excited."

I just smiled and kissed her upturned nose, and said " I think I can return the favor." I kneeled down, next to the lounge chair, and gently pushed her legs apart and started to lick the spot between her lips and her brown eye. When I moved upward, something scratched my tongue. I had not noticed the fine stubble on the outer lips of her labia earlier, but now I was prompted to ask Carol " would you like a shave?"

She sort of looked off to nowhere in particular and said " no one has done that for me since the night we practiced on each other in Nursing School." I asked her if she enjoyed the experience, and she surprised me by saying " yes I did, almost too much. Her name was Glenda. Someday I'll have to tell you that story."

I was sure that it would be an interesting story. In fact, I also had a story to tell about a time many years ago when a nurse shaved me. But we really did not need any ghosts in the room right then, so I started preparing for what I was about to do for her. I pulled a small basin from under the sink, and my razor and shaving cream from the vanity. I let the hot water run over the can of shaving cream for a few minutes before I filled the basin. Carol moved her feet on to the floor. When I laid a hot wash cloth between her legs and started to rub very gently over her labia, Carol shut her eyes. I squirted a thick mound of shaving cream on her public bone, and her breathing became short and labored as I gently pulled that warm silky foam down between her legs. Her lips were starting to swell, and I could smell the faint odor of arousal. I whispered " Carol, if you think you are going to go over the edge, it might be better to do it now before I start using the razor."

She looked down and said " don't worry, I'll be alright, but when you are done ..." and her voice trailed off as she laid back on the chair cushion. .

I started at the top and worked my way down both sides of the outer lips of her labia, and outward on to her legs, going over the same area several times until I had found every last hair. Back in my youth when I used to shave, I found that keeping my chin taut made things go a little easier. So, a couple times I gently tugged at her lip from the inside. After I rinsed her off with another wet wash cloth, I was relived to see that I had not cut her, but the skin look very pink and raw. I found a small bottle of hand cream on the vanity, which I warmed in the basin before squirting some into my hand. I started to slide my slick fingers over her freshly cleaned mound, and my thumb was gently rubbing her love button when Carol started to pant again.

She cried out, " suck me." I put my lips over her clitoris, and inhaled it into my mouth. At the same time, I pushed my middle fingers, palm side down, deep into her vagina and pressed my thumb against her brown eye. She opened her mouth and let out a deep guttural cry as she started to shake. I held on when the convulsions lifted her butt off the chair, and when she came down she had impaled herself on my thumb.

When it was over, Carol opened her eyes and said " hold me, darling." I scooted up next to her on the lounge chair and she lay in my arms. Although it was still very warm in the room, and she had recovered from her orgasm, she was still shaking. We looked at our reflection in the large mirror over the vanity for what seemed like an eternity.

I broke the silence and said " Is that what Glenda did for you?" Carol thought for a moment, and then whispered " yes, but now that I know that you can do it too, I'll never have to dream about her again."

Oddly enough, this was not the first time that I had been in bed with a partner who had experimented with other women. I kissed her on the neck, and said " I think we need another shower.

We stood under hot spray, and Carol buried face in my chest as I ran a large soapy sponge down her back and on to her butt. When I slipped my fingers into the crack between those two delicate globes, she bit my nipple and said " Bob, don't you ever think of anything else?"

I smiled and asked " do you want me to?"

She got up on her toes, and kissed me gently, and said " No."

After we dried each other off, we went back to bed and fell asleep cuddling spoon fashion. Later that day, I did my best to give Carol the kind of pleasure that she could never have received from a woman. But that is another story.

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