Command Decision

byDaddyz Girl©

This story was co-written with a friend, without whom my life would be boring. Thanks, Ice.

"Attention all JAG personnel, due to the approaching storm, your Executive officer and I are ordering everyone to go home. It is now 6:40 PM," said the Colonel. "Have a safe drive home everyone."

Colonel Ethan Hunter turned around to look at his Executive officer, Major Miranda Sloan. "So, shall we leave as well Colonel?" asked the Major.

"I suppose we should, but I have a few things in the "Vault" to take care of," the Colonel said while getting up "Follow me will you?"

The two officers locked up their offices just as the first wave of thunderstorms rolled in. Most of the personnel had run out of the building when the order came to go home. The Colonel was a soft-spoken man who cared deeply for the people under his command. Major Sloan was more of an outgoing person making sure everything was in order. She noticed that her CO was a nice and tender man. She had had her eye on her Commander since first day but knew it was against regulations to even say anything. Also she didn't want to say anything for fear of being hurt.

The two reached the lowest level and stood in front of the "Vault". The Vault was actually the storage area for everything that the JAG office had. Most of the items around belonged to old cases and their evidence, the "clearing house" of all items. Colonel Hunter dialed in his security code and the large doors open as the lights flickered on; row by row.

"Sir, we should go soon, we don't want to get caught in this storm." The Major said in a scared tone

"Relax XO, besides worse comes to worse, we'll spend the night here, trust me, I've seen you sleep here before." Hunter said with a grin.

This statement suddenly caught the XO off guard. As she followed her Commander into the vault, a bolt of lightning struck the power generator located behind the large old brick building of the JAG legal office. Suddenly power cut out and the "Vault" door slammed shut because of a built in security feature. The lights cut out and it was completely dark in the building.

"XO!" the Colonel yelled, "Are you all right?!"

"Yes, Sir, I am, are you?" The Major asked, now truly scared.

The emergency lighting flicked on and the entire vault was covered in an eerie green light. The two trapped officers looking around for a moment then walked to the door. At first the Colonel tapped the keypad to open the door and then realized that the power was out.

"Major, we have a little 'problem' with the door." Hunter remarked looking at the door.

Suddenly the two realized that this night was about to get a whole lot longer. "Well it looks like it's just you and me, Sir." The Major said thinking very naughty thoughts in the back of her mind, recalling his earlier comment about seeing her sleeping.

The Major had always been able to keep things professional and very low key when opportunities like this arose. Once the Major got extremely close to Colonel Hunter in the copy room but kept herself from kissing him, like she wanted. But tonight was different; perhaps it was the green glow that covered the room.

"Well it's going to get colder now that the heater is off," the Colonel responded, while looking at the heater vent.

The two sat against one of the walls, next to each other waiting for time to pass, or until the power came back on. The Major kept glancing over to her side looking at her commander's crotch.

"What are you looking at, Major?" Hunter said with a chuckle.

"Nothing, Sir, just staring into space." The Major said drawing her attention away quickly.

The two began to talk about random things, such as life, working, and eventually, love. The room began to get colder and colder. Colonel Hunter began to notice the Major's nipples were sticking out of her thin blouse. He moved over and grabbed a blanket to cover them up with.

"Thank you, Sir," The Major said looking into her Commander's eyes. "Sir, permission to speak freely?"

"Go ahead XO; we are technically off duty..." said Hunter smiling.

"You have the most beautiful eye's I have ever seen" Sloan said in a low voice, "Sir since the first day I as your XO, I've had you in my mind everyday, most of my days, and I know it is improper to say such a thing. But I had to say it."

"XO, I...I never knew..." Hunter replied flabbergasted

Before the Colonel could finish his sentence, the Major leaned forward and gave Hunter and deep and passionate kiss on the lips. She slipped her tongue into his mouth slowly wrapping her arms around his body. The Colonel at first tried pull away but was totally melted by his second in command's embrace.

"Uh XO, I never knew that you liked me." Hunter said trying to catch his breath.

"It's more then that, Sir." Sloan said looking at the floor. "That time I was sleeping in the office, Sir? I wasn't sleeping; I was, um, 'playing' with myself, Sir. I tried to stop but I couldn't. I imagined you kissing, caressing my body; you cock deep in my wet pussy."

"Miranda! I...I didn't know!" It was the first time that Hunter had ever said her first name.

The Major was suddenly filled with a heat from inside of her; she had her Commanding Officer right where she wanted him to be, in shock and still yet in wonder. She felt her bare pussy wet with excitement, for she was not wearing panties that day.

"Miranda," Hunter began to look at her in her lustful state. "To tell you the truth, I've never been with a woman know like...because I've only watch por..."

"Then perhaps it its time that you did," she remarked in a seductive tone before he could finish.

She moved over and pushed Hunter against the wall. She then reached inside his pants and pulled out his cock, slightly hard from watching Sloan. She began to gently rub the head of his cock as she licked her lips. Hunter moaned gently as she wrapped her lips around his cock. She began to bob her head up and down slowly. She swirled her tongue up and around the head of his cock making a "plop" as she pulled off with a wicked grin on her face. She then sucked on her tongue, tasting some of his pre cum. Before Hunter could say anything again she dived her mouth onto his now rock hard and moist cock. She began to suck harder and harder, as Hunter was lost in pleasure. He closed his eyes and tossed his head back as Sloan moved faster and faster. He suddenly whimpered and cried out in pleasure as he unloaded the first shots of his hot sticky cum into her eager mouth. Shocked at how quickly he came, she remembered this was his first time; she gently sucked off his cum and swallowed it.

"I...I...I can't believe how good that felt!" Hunter exclaimed trying to gather his breath.

"You don't know the half of it, Sir" Sloan replied.

She moved her hand up and unbuttoned her blouse letting it fall to the ground revealing her breasts. The eerie green light cast a hypnotic glow on her hard nipples. She slowly undressed Hunter as she kissed up and down his body. With a wicked grin, she undid his belt and pull off his pants. Then she slowly took off her knee length skirt. They where both naked, staring at each other, lost in each other's gaze.

"Miranda, I've wanted to tell you something too." Hunter said. "Since the first time I saw you, I've wanted you, you. You have the most magnificent body, the sweetest laugh and..."

"Don't speak, Sir," Sloan replied "Show me..."

She sat gently onto his lap as they kissed. He slipped his tongue into her mouth as they locked lips. She gently began to suck his tongue. He moved his hands through her short hair and down her back, caressing her gently. He ran his finger down her spine. Sloan moaned out onto Hunter's tongue, and his cock twitched and began to grow again. She moaned out again as she felt his cock grow against the back of her ass. She gently rose up and slid herself down his growing 8" member. Hunter groaned out as her pussy took all of him in. She smiled the naughtiest smile ever and returned to kissing him. The two officers lost in each others lust began to move. At first their movements were slow, and random, but they began to feel each others rhythm and began to move faster and faster. Hunter moved his head down and sucked on Sloan's nipples as she moved herself up and down his cock faster and faster. She cried out in pleasure feeling his dick throb in her wet, hot cunt. She ground her hips into his and slowly let out a low moan. Hunter let out a groan as Sloan grinded herself onto him before getting off his rock hard cock.

"Sir, please." Sloan said panting "Do me from behind. I dreamed everyday to be fucked hard with your cock from behind please, Sir!"

She moved herself onto all fours on top of the blanket and pointed her dripping wet cunt into the air. Hunter positioned himself behind her, as he brought his cock within distance of Sloan's pussy lips. He slowly pushed himself into her gently. They both cried out with pleasure as she felt his cock in her pussy, while he felt her pussy wrapping around his dick. He began to slowly push his way in and out of Sloan's dripping wet pussy.

"Oh GOD it feels so good, please fuck me harder, Sir!" Sloan yelled out.

Hunter slowly began to quicken his pace as Sloan began to moan louder and louder. He leaned forward and began the pound her cunt harder and harder. The rhythmic sounds of their love making, as well as their pleasure-filled cries only made them want to cum hard together. Their breath could be seen in the cold air as he rammed his cock into her.

"Make me CUM, Sir" Sloan answered in a lusty tone. "Make me cum HARD!"

Hunter reached under and pinched Sloan's nipple gently. He then took his other hand and held onto her hips for leverage as he started to ram harder and harder into her. Sloan cried out as Hunter leaned forward to whisper a naughty thought into her ear.

"You like this don't you." Hunter said grunting with every thrust.

Sloan reached down and played with her clit as he pounded deep into her. With every thrust, every slam brought them closer and closer to orgasm. With one final thrust deep into her cunt they both came. Hunter shot is sticky hot seed into her aching cunt and felt weak in the knees. They both yelled out in extreme pleasure as Sloan felt the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. Her entire body racked with pleasure as she pushed herself as far as she could onto her Commanders throbbing cock, now spurting his cum into her. They both collapsed into each others arms breathing hard, sweating. Sloan's body began to quiver after the powerful orgasm as Hunter began to feel himself shrink. They held each other, sharing their body heat, passionately kissing each other. He pulled her closer to him as her breasts pressed against his bare chest. Their hands roamed each others body not wanting to forget this moment, remembering every part of each other's body. Hunter covered both of them with their clothes and blanket and they both looked at each other and smiled, slowly falling asleep in each others arms. Hunter mouthed to his XO before they both feel asleep for the night

"I love you."

To be continued...

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