tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCommand Decision Ch. 2

Command Decision Ch. 2

byDaddyz Girl©

Once again, I would like to say that this story would not have been possible without Ice's co-operation.

It had been two weeks since Colonel Hunter and Major Sloan had been locked in the “vault”. The two of them tried to keep everything professional, but as the second week drew to a close, the two of them longed for each other’s touch. They tried to avoid each other in the halls, so that no one would suspect anything, however it was becoming unbearable.

To: Msloan From: Ehunter Subject:

XO, We need to talk. Would you like to join me for dinner at my house, say Friday at 8:00 PM?


To: Ehunter From: Msloan Subject: Re

Sir, It would be my pleasure. I look forward to it.


Everything was ready. The Colonel had ordered Chinese take-out and sat nervously waiting for his XO, his love, to arrive. 8:00 rolled around and a black Mercedes SLK 320 pulled into the driveway of the rustic house that Hunter had inherited from his grandfather. The doorbell rang and Hunter jumped out of his chair to open the door. When he did, he saw Sloan, dressed in a tight little black dress, with a slit down the right side showing off her sexy legs.

“XO...” Hunter began in a very official tone

“Sir…” Sloan replied, trying to keep a straight face, but started to giggle when she realized that she was finally going to be alone with the love of her life again.

As he escorted her into the dining room, he said nervously “ I hope Chinese is O.K. I ordered take-out.” He held her chair as she sat, kissing her neck gently.

“Mmm,” Sloan moaned, “I do like.”

As they ate they at first began to discuss trivial matters, then then Hunter brought up a serious topic. “Miranda, Love, it’s been two weeks since we’ve made Love, and…uhm…we didn’t use protection, does this mean you are…” Hunter fumbled around looking for the words.

She smiled slyly and replied, “Not unless we can defy medicine.” She pulled birth control pills out of her purse. She explained that over the last few months she had been taking them in case a situation should arise that she needed to go up “above and beyond the call of duty” for her Commander. Hunter blushed as he heard her say these words.

“Miranda,” He reached out and took her hand in his, caressing the palm with his thumb. “I love you so much. I never thought love would come to me but it has and I don’t want to lose you.”

“I know Ethan,” Sloan replied, looking deep into his eyes. “I have always loved you and now I can’t believe we can finally be together, that you share my love for you.”

“But Miranda,” Hunter said looking away “We have to be careful. If they find out, we’ll be in trouble.”

“Sir, as your XO, as your friend, and your... lover,” Sloan began, “no one ever has to know if we keep it a secret and out of the office.”

“I guess, if that’s what we have to do, Love. I just wish I could tell the world that we love each other,” Hunter replied, sounding disappointed.

Hunter got up and walked over to Sloan, leaning down to kiss her lips gently. Sloan reached her hand out and caressed his cheek, then ran her hands through his hair. Hunter leaned forward even more and deepened the kiss, kissing her even more passionately. He gently slipped his tongue between her lips, parting them. The tips of their tongues touched, and they both shivered in pleasure. He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, not breaking their kiss. Sloan pulled away just long enough to whisper in his ear, “I love you.”

Hunter gently placed Sloan onto his bed and climbed on top of her. As they continued their passionate kiss, he moaned out softly into her mouth as Sloan sucked gently on his tongue. As Hunter slowly caressed Sloan’s body, reaching down to hold her firm, full, breasts in his hands, Sloan reached down and rubbed the front of his crotch. Hunter broke their deep, long kiss and pulled Sloan’s black dress off to reveal a sexy black bra, panty and garter belt set.

“You are so sexy, Miranda” Hunter replied grinning.

He moved back up and kissed his lover as he placed one hand on the front of her pussy and rubbed her through her sexy lingerie. Sloan moaned out as she felt his hands rubbing her, her panties getting wet with her anticipation.

“Oh God yes!” Sloan cried out “Eat my cunt out, baby!”

Before Sloan could even realize what was happening, she felt a mouth clamped over her clitoris. She cried out as Hunter’s tongue lashed out across it. Her body was warm with lust as she reached down and grabbed his head. Hunter moved down and started to gently suck on Sloan’s pussy. He slowly slipped his tongue into her. Sloan’s breath quickly picked up, she felt that she was going to have the most powerful orgasm since the time at the vault, but little did she know that wasn’t the only pleasure she’d get.

Hunter began to quicken his lapping and “tongue-fucking” Sloan clamped her legs around his head as she pushed her hips against his face and tongue. Hunter moaned out low into her aching wet cunt, nearly driving her over the edge.

“OH YES MAKE ME CUM LOVER MAKE ME CUM ALL OVER YOUR FACE!!!!” Sloan cried out in a slutty voice.

Hunter began to suck hard as he reached up and pinched a nipple. Sloan’s pussy lips clamped down onto Hunters tongue as her body was overrun by an orgasm that seem to hit her out of no where, wave after wave racking her body. She grabbed onto the bed sheets as she bucked her hips over and over as Hunter sucked up her sweet pussy juices. Sloan‚s breath was ragged as she tried to catch her breath after that orgasm. It took a lot out of her as she lay on the bed still moaning and her cunt still twitching from that orgasm.

“Oh GOD I want your cock in me.” Sloan cried out still horny as ever. “Please, Ethan, fuck me, now!”

“As you wish, my dear” Hunter said taking off his shirt and pants, producing his rock hard cock for Sloan’s pleasure. It had been two weeks since she had seen her Commander’s love tool. Deep down inside of her, she wanted it so bad; she began to moan just looking at it and thinking where it could go.

“Sir, fuck your little slut in the ass,” Sloan said rolling over onto her hands and knees.

“Beg for it then,” Hunter said with a smirk and a gleam in his eyes.

“Oh GOD PLEASE fuck me in the ass, cum into my tight hot asshole, make me cum again!” Sloan cried out in desperation.

This almost made Hunter cum right there in front of her. With his cock in his hand, he moved slowly behind her. Sloan turned around and took some lube and coated his cock, making it slick. Hunter sighed out as he felt Sloan’s hands all over his cock. Then she got on her hands and knees and begged him again to fuck her hard in the ass. Hunter took the head of this cock and teased the outside of her asshole. Her lips quivered knowing what would come next would both be pleasure and pain. Hunter then pushed into her ass.

“OH FUCK ME!” Cried out Sloan as she felt her ass split.

It felt as if her body was going to be torn in two. Hunter cried out as he tried to push his way into her, feeling her ass clamp down on his member. Hunter sawed his way in, inch by inch. It began to feel as if her ass on fire as she began to cry from both pleasure and pain. Her voice became hoarse from all the screaming and crying out. Hunter too, felt as if his cock was on fire from the friction; he started to pull out and gave Sloan a firm slap on the ass, making her body jerk. Sloan whimpered wanting more when suddenly Hunter shoved his cock back into her ass. She whipped her head back. Neither of them had ever had anal sex before. They were both in pain and pleasure together. Hunter leaned forward and began to push slowly back into her. Sloan tried to relax as much as possible as she moaned out from the new sensation she was feeling. Hunter leaned forward and slipped his finger into Sloan’s mouth. She began to suck on it as Hunter’s cock began to plow into her again.

“Oh GOD Miranda, you’re ass is so tight, so hot.” Hunter cried out.

“Your cock is so big in my ass, I don’t know if I can take it!” Sloan screamed. "But please, don't stop. It feels soooooo good."

She bucked her hips back and onto his cock trying to take as much of it as she could. Hunter slammed hard into her as she bucked back. They began to move faster and faster, moaning and groaning in each other’s pleasure. Hunter grabbed some of Sloan’s hair as the fucked harder and harder. He pulled it back like the reins of a horse. His balls slapped against her wet, flowing pussy. The rhythmic sounds of their lovemaking drove them both over the edge, Sloan screamed out in pleasure as she felt Hunters hot seed fire into her ass. As soon as she felt that her body began to shiver with delight as she too had an orgasm. They both collapsed on top of each other, trying to catch their breaths.

“Miranda… that was hot…oh God I love you so much,” Hunter said, kissing Sloan’s neck.

“Ethan, Sweetie, I love you too,” Sloan said still shivering from the mind blowing orgasm she had just experienced.

“Miranda, I just wish that we could stay like this forever,” Hunter said, as he started to drift off to sleep in her arms, caressing her back.

“Me, too, Ethan, me too,” she replied as she kissed him softly, knowing that she would never love another as much as she loved him right at that moment.

As Hunter drifted off, he was thinking of his upcoming retirement in less than two years. He had joined the Air Force right out of high school and, at 35, was still a young man. That night, for the first time, Hunter thought of himself as a family man. He knew that he loved Sloan with all his heart and with every fiber of his being. He knew he was risking everything by being with her, but also knew he needed her more than he needed anything else. He couldn’t live without her.

Sloan drifted off with thoughts of Hunter and her career. She had been in the Force just ten years, but knew that, with her training in forensics, she could easily get a civilian job, especially with her impeccable service record. She was due for review in six months, and had decided to request discharge from the force. One way or another, she knew, they would be together.


Look for the third and final installment... cumming soon.

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