tagGroup SexCondominium Ch. 12

Condominium Ch. 12


Chapter 12

About six-thirty that evening I was into another scallop wrapped in bacon and talking with Jean Power and Chris Hanson about real estate trends in the city. The party was well underway.

To my surprise, someone lifted my left arm -- still holding the empty toothpick, and slipped in next to me in an intimate way. I got a kiss on the cheek.

"Kristi! You made it." She gave me a megawatt smile that made my insides melt into a pasty mash of puppy love.

Kristi looked beyond beautiful or stunning. Words couldn't describe her. For the first time, I saw her with her hair down -- long blond locks that gently curled in a spiral fashion as they cascaded near her breasts; oh, my God -- her barely covered breasts.

She wore a hip-hugger skirt and an unusual crop top that left her midriff bare, revealing a small tattoo of a rose right above her belt line that I hadn't seen before. I wondered where the stem of the rose started. The top consisted of two pieces of spandex that crisscrossed over her full breasts, leaving a lot of cleavage available and not much to the imagination about what her breasts looked like. The brightly colored micro-skirt left her spectacular legs available for ogling. She wore some sexy spike heels that called to me.

After recovering from my speechless state, I introduced her to Chris and Jean. I also explained what we'd been talking about, and Kristi joined right in, talking about stratified mortgage rates versus the rate of home sales in various price bands. She'd apparently read several articles on the subject a couple of weeks ago. Chris and Jean were immediately impressed with her grasp of the subject and the conclusions she'd drawn about real estate investments.

As we stood there, Kristi insisted that I keep my arm around her. Several times she even made sure I knew that it was more than acceptable for me to put my hand on her breasts. Chris was drooling. The men in the conversational circle next to ours were also slobbering as they watched the two of us.

Eventually, I suggested a glass of wine and Kristi accepted. We went over to the bar area. I expressed what I was feeling, "Kristi, you look beautiful, and I'm so glad you came."

She giggled, "I hope to come later too ... with you. I am only here because of you. I hope we can spend time together tonight."

There are certain things in life that stroke a man's ego. I can't speak for everyone, but this man -- me -- was ecstatic at what Kristi had just said. Every sexual part in my body started to react with twinges and jerks.

Just to cover some bases, I asked, "Marshall?"

Kristi smiled, "Captain on an eight hour flight from Sydney to Manila about now. He sends his regards, looks forward to meeting you and everyone else, and expressed his fervent hope that I would have a very good time. I specifically told him about you and my feelings for you."

"Feelings?" I asked.

Kristi leaned forward and kissed me. "I like you a whole lot, Jon. Couldn't you figure that out?"

"My bad," I said. "I was thinking you were so out of my league that I missed your signals. You must know that I feel the same about you. I didn't even hope that the feelings were mutual."

"And Amber?"

"She knows everything there is too know about you, including how taken I am with you."

Kristi smiled, and then kissed me again. "I like how you kiss ... and how you taste, and smell. You're manly."

"Kristi, you're turning me on."

"Good. Isn't that the idea of this party? You've already turned me on." She paused and said, "By the way I'm not wearing any underwear. I just thought you should know." She nibbled on my earlobe. She whispered in my ear, "I'm only wearing four things, and two of them are my shoes."

Even at that point, I wasn't a hundred percent sure whether Kristi planned to stay beyond having some cocktails. I had my hopes; however, I couldn't bring myself to believe in the possibility that we'd do anything later in the evening. Big brain was shutting down; little brain was getting all excited. I introduced Kristi to a few others who stood nearby us. The only ones I detected strong positive vibes from Kristi about were Tyler and Greg. I made a mental note.

As we stood and sipped some wine, and snacked on a few things within reach, Amber came by and I got to introduce Kristi. Amber said, "I couldn't resist tasting that seafood dish you brought. The sauce is marvelous. You are quite a cook."

Kristi explained about how she loved to be creative in the kitchen, and how she had the idea to create the sauce for the dish. I couldn't wait to try it; it was not out of a can. We migrated to the buffet line and I got to taste the nectar she'd created -- it was the best sauce I'd ever tasted. I probably made a pig of myself, but I focused my entire meal on her Newberg dish. Kristi looked pleased that I liked it so much.

We chatted and talked. From time to time, others would join us for a while, mostly to meet the new 'girl.' When one looks like Kristi, one is no longer a girl; she was all woman -- incredible sexy woman.

Amber spoke to me briefly while Kristi went to the powder room, "Kristi is a knockout. You'll have fun tonight."

"If she stays."

"If she stays I want some of that too," she teased, but I knew she was serious.

"I guess we'll see," I said as I sipped my wine.

"See what?" Kristi said as she sat down beside me again.

Amber spoke up, "See whether you stay for the evening at our party. We were both hoping you would."

Kristi looked surprised, "Of course, I'm staying, but I hope it's all right, I plan to stay with Jon all night and not hop around to other partners."

Amber put her hand out and stroked Kristi's pretty cheek in a sensuous way. "I hope it'll be all right if I join you two later." Her eyes looked deep into Kristi's.

Kristi lit up, "Oh, definitely. Please. I like you a lot too. Jon has talked about you so much I feel I know you too. We already have a strong connection." She gently tugged on Amber's arm to bring her closer, and then the two women kissed. I could hear the sea sizzle and we weren't near the ocean.

My wildest dreams of the past week -- maybe in all my life -- were about to be realized by being able to make love with Kristi. And even better, my wife was going to join us. This was going to be the equivalent of The Experience for me.

Amber stood from the kiss and turned to me. After she kissed me in a tender way, she said, "Be sure to give her 'The Experience' tonight. She'll love it." On that note she left us alone for a while.

"The Experience?" Kristi asked as she turned to me. I got a kiss before I could respond.

Bree Wilson, my occasional client at Delta Pharma, heard the question and turned around. She sized up Kristi and spoke, "Honey, getting 'The Experience' from Jon is the best thing in this life and on this planet that can ever happen to you. It's why all the women here love this man you're with. It is more pleasure and joy and love than you can almost bear. Don't miss it. Oh, and I've understated all that I just said."

Bree smiled, but leaned down and planted a large kiss of pure love on my lips. She said, "Oh, Jon, I still love you. Be with me later, if you can."

Kristi turned to me as Bree went back to her conversation, "Are you ... some kind of sex god or something?"

I shook my head. "No. I've just done my homework about how to make a woman happy. I believe you'll like it if you want to try."

"What do you have the biggest or longest schlong in the building or something?"

"'The Experience' doesn't involve intercourse, but it does involve a lot of very intimate and exciting touching."

Kristi stared into my eyes and whispered, "I can hardly wait." After a paused, she said, "I can't tell you how much you excite me. I know we're matched intellectually from a few of our talks. I feel a spiritual and emotional resonance with you too. Physically, I'm sure were matched. Every second I spend with you, I am surer and surer that we are soul mates."

She glanced around the room. Several couples were making out. One man had his hand inside his partner's top, pawing at her breasts.

Kristi said, "Oh, look ... Amber." I glanced over and Cody had several fingers in her cunt. She'd also gone without panties, and he was taking advantage of her vulnerability. Amber had her eyes closed and was obviously in some place of bliss and ecstasy as she relished the sexual assault.

Interestingly, no one near Amber and Cody seemed to pay them any more attention than a glance. Everyone wanted to mate and find their own place of rapture. Around the room, clothing started to disappear at a rapid rate.

Kristi continued to stare at Amber but talked to me, "What I just said. I think I love you, but I'm not trying to take you away from Amber -- or any of this or your friends. I just wanted you to know how I felt."

I stood from our love seat. "Come and let's be together and see where the night takes us." I led Kristi down the hall to our bedroom. As had become custom, the hosts kept the rights to their own bed, although some opened up the room to others. I was glad for the potential alone time Kristi and I would share.

In the bedroom, Kristi smiled at me as she came up to me to kiss. I expected a peck on the cheek, but instead she gave me a deep, soul-touching, romantic, mind-blowing kiss. As she pulled away, I said with a touch of humor and sarcasm, "Wow! You really are a heavenly dream -- an angel, because no human could possible kiss the way an angel does." As I intended, we both laughed over my schmaltzy compliment.

Kristi said to me in a pleading tone, "Jon, would you do me a favor?" I nodded. "Would you be sure to always treat me like a normal girl, and not as some piece of porcelain that you put on shelf and only look at?" She drew close to me. "I like you. I'm attracted to you -- a lot, and in many ways. The last thing I want is to be put on a pedestal and left untouched."

She kissed me again, and I took her at her word and kissed back with everything I had. We French kissed, and Kristi exploded further into a passionate woman who wanted to be loved. Her words and the way she erupted showed me that she had a huge pile of unfulfilled needs, and I guessed she saw I could help her with some of them.

After many kisses, and as we looked in each other's eyes, I carefully reached for the tie behind her neck that held her crop top together. I paused so she knew exactly what I was thinking. I studied her face for permission or rejection.

Kristi nodded her head and smiled invitingly.

I pulled the tie, and the fabric fell down her body exposing two perfect breasts -- each a hand full with a lot left over. I reached around to her back and pulled the other tie; the top fell from between us.

As we kissed, we crushed into each other; her breasts flattened against my bare chest. I could feel her erect nipples against my chest, and it raised my temperature past that of the sun. Our hips ground together. This relationship had turned a corner -- it had become a runaway train with a single destination.

I toyed with her breasts, until, with her full awareness, I reached to one of Kristi's hips and pulled the zipper on the small skirt she wore. I flicked the button, and the small bit of material fell down her legs. I know she was bare underneath; however, I wanted nothing in our way when we made love.

Kristi pushed my shorts as well. We were naked together in record time. We enfolded each other's bodies, and this time she moaned in pleasure as my inflating shaft rubbed against her; she caught it between her legs and held me tight against her labia. We both groaned into another passionate kiss.

I made love to Kristi's breasts as we stood there. I used everything I had ever learned about how to love a woman's nipples, areolas, and honey mounds. I stroked her neck, blew warm air into her ears in a passionate way, and kissed my way to each breast with my tongue oscillating wildly to please her. Everything I did escalated the sexual desire in each of us.

I looked at Kristi's nude form, pointing to a floor to ceiling mirror in our bedroom where we could see each other. She was still wearing her tall 'fuck me' heels, and looked positively spectacular. She could be a centerfold in any men's magazine on the planet, par excellence.

I picked up Kristi, and she put her arms around my neck. I carefully set her on the bed, adjusted her position, and allowed my mouth -- my tongue -- to dive into her pussy. I reveled in her taste. She responded, and soon we were awash in her lubricating fluids that I lapped up as fast as she could generate them.

Kristi made such appreciative noises, I felt on top of the world. She was almost lost in her passion and bliss, but not enough not to praise me and urge me to do more to her in every way I could think of.

Kristi came, grinding her cunt into my face as she held me tightly to her groin. She said, "You are a marvelous lover. I want you to make love to me ... all night long."

I rose over her on my arms and buried my cock in her pussy. As I slid in, I felt that wonderful rush of happiness and joy, and knew she did too. This act of joining carried us each to a new level. Purrs and moans confirmed our happiness with what we were doing. Kristi became my single point of focus in the universe; I wanted to bring her extraordinary happiness.

I didn't prolong our union the way I could have. We came. I timed my climax to hers. Our orgasms ripped through our bodies like lightning bolts from a towering thunderhead. We were as one; each of us felt every sensation the other felt in addition to our own. We crested in an explosion of light that started deep within each of us, and raced out through every pore of our bodies. As the climaxes subsided, I lay down next to Kristi, and rolled us to our sides so I could remain coupled inside her. This way, we could kiss and be face to face but I wasn't crushing her. She had tears on her cheeks. We kissed tenderly. She was speechless, but I could tell she was trying to form words and sentences.

Eventually, she spoke as I cradled her in my arms: "Jon, these moments ... I don't know how to say it ... Thank you ... I'll never forget this. You are amazing. You made 'us' amazing -- we ceased to be you and me -- we were only 'us,' and I feel we'll forever be that way."

I kissed the tip of her nose. Kristi said in a serious tone, "I hate to admit it, and I've had sex with more than a few men -- I don't think I'm promiscuous or a slut or anything like that, but I have enjoyed the act often." She sighed and took a deep breath, before going on; "And, I have never ... never even come close to anything like what we just did -- what you did to me -- how you made me feel." She choked up a little as her last words came out.

I said softly, "We did it to each other. We were both open to not only the lust, but also to the spiritual act of joining two people together in love. We just allowed our energies to merge in an open and exceptional way." As she apparently did, I too found my feelings for her had moved beyond a quick fuck.

"Oh, God, I think I really want to be with you forever," Kristi crooned as she hugged me with all her might. "Let's do this again."

I nodded my assent, however, I had other plans. As we lay there, I extracted my flaccid cock and started to finger Kristi's sweet but gooey slit with a couple of fingers. Those two fingers became three, then four, and then with my thumb folded in my palm all five. Soon, I was able to push my hand into her body, a move that produced a huge groan of satisfaction from deep inside Kristi.

"Oh, God, what are you doing to me?"

"I am worshipping your body," I told her. "I am about to bring you pleasure. Just relax and go with the flow."

I moved my hand around as I sucked on her large areolas and nipples, and then brought my mouth down by her pussy. I paid some attention to her G-spot while my mouth teased her clit. Kristi blasted into two rapid orgasms back-to-back.

I probed further until I found her A-spot, and shifted my focus. Kristi was nearly delirious but cogent enough to urge me on. Soon, I could sense the telltale signs that an orgasm was starting to grow inside her. I knew this would be monumental.

Kristi's body started to push into my hand. She was simultaneously arching up as the sensations made her quest even more contact and sensation. I explored that magical spot inside her with more enthusiasm.

My other hand made excursions around her body, including her breasts and clitoris. I rubbed her everywhere, yet focused on her most erogenous zones.

Kristi started to gasp and swear under her breath. Her body arched more, and then she announced, "OH, GOD, JON. YOU'RE ... MAKING ... ME ... CUM ..."

I reached up her body with my free hand, and pinched her nipples hard, knowing that the small amount of pain I'd created would be translated into spikes of pleasure by her brain. That same hand came down, moved beneath her arched form, and became the source for two fingers that surged into her anal opening to maximum depth. I twisted and turned to amplify the pleasure there.

In those same fractions of a second, my mouth had latched onto Kristi's clitoris, sucking and pulling the small female penis into my mouth and then lightly biting with lips and teeth, again putting her on the verge of so much pleasure and a little pain to be translated to the opposite end of the spectrum.

Kristi gasped one last time, and collapsed to the bed. She was out cold. I did a little rearrangement and cleanup, and then held this goddess in my arms. I glanced up and saw Diane at the door; she smiled at me and waved and then left.

Kristi awoke about two minutes later, her body continuing to jerk and twitch as the remnants of her huge orgasm rippled through her like the aftermath of an earthquake that surges again and again with significant major aftershocks.

Except for moans of obvious appreciation, Kristi was speechless. Finally, Kristi pulled me to her for more kisses. "Oh, Jon. I love you more than ... ANYTHING. I never want to be apart from you. I am yours: completely, totally, without reservation. Whatever you command, I will try to do; just please love me a little in return."

"I do love you, Kristi." I kissed her to her supreme happiness.

Ten minutes later, I made love to Kristi again. I'd never had as responsive a partner, or one as beautiful. I tried to honor her request to not put her on a pedestal or treat her like a porcelain doll. The more we made love, the easier that task became.

Amber found us cuddled together in the bed. I'd made no attempt at cleanup; if anything, I'd made a mess messier. She floated into the room, obvious awash in someone's semen, but went right to Kristi to kiss her, and then to her pussy to commence a cleanup of the area, inside and out.

Kristi moaned and Amber's tongue hit places made highly sensitive by our lovemaking and The Experience. I commended her efforts.

Amber brought some of the fluids she found in Kristi's nether region up to share with her. To my surprise, Kristi welcomed the sapphic snowballing with eagerness. The two had fun, and even started to laugh as they traded the spooge back and forth.

Kristi got me involved expecting that she'd gross me out. I'd been in this situation many times before, so just enjoyed the interaction with her. I even teased her back to her pleasant surprise.

Finally, Kristi said, "Oh, this is so much fun. Amber, I have fallen hopelessly in love with your husband."

Amber chuckled, "'The Experience' will do that to you. I don't mind, and Jon is able to remain humble enough to not let anything like that go to his head or to take advantage of anyone, especially me."

Kristi pulled Amber to her and hugged her. "I like this ... being here with the two of you." After a moment she asked, "Amber, did anybody clean you up from whatever you were doing?"

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