tagLoving WivesConnie Wants A Baby & A Lover

Connie Wants A Baby & A Lover


Connie was a loving wife and she adored her husband Steven. They had been sweethearts since high school and married shortly after college. She was a virgin when she met Steve, so she had never been with any other men. They had settled down into their careers and were ready to have a baby.

Steve and Connie tried for 2 years to have a baby with no success. It turned out that Steve had such a low sperm count that even saving up the sperm didn't do the trick. You wouldn't know it by looking at Steven, he appeared healthy and fit. At 6 foot tall, brown hair, blue eyes and an athletes body, one would never suspect that Steven had a extremely low sperm count. Connie was only 5'3" tall, brunette with shoulder length hair, ample bosom, and a nice behind. She definitely turned heads when she walked by. Steven had no trouble getting a 7 inch erection with his lovely wife Connie and for the most part their sex life was good, but ordinary.

Connie felt that a baby would complete her and Steven and she was determined somehow to have Steven's cock inside her when this baby was conceived. They ruled out all the various options. Adoption was to time consuming and costly. Artificial insemination was to clinical and cold. A baby can't be conceived in love that way, Connie thought.

She worked this out in her mind carefully how this baby would be conceived and set about to making it happen. Her solution she thought was to invite another man into her bed with Steven that way her loving husband would be there at the very moment the baby was conceived. Her plan was to take both her husband and a lover in her pussy at the same time!

Connie had seen this once in college. Her thoughts raced back to that day when her roommate Tammi showed her a image she found on the internet. "Can you believe this Connie?" Tammi said. "This woman has two cocks in her pussy. I didn't know that was possible", Tammi said. At first glance, Connie thought that the image was disgusting. Then she took a closer look and was mesmerized by the big smile on the woman's face and the two engorged penises in the woman's pussy. Not wanting Tammi to think she was a slut, Connie said "gross" and walked away, but the image stuck in her mind. Yes, she knew that 2 cocks in a woman's pussy was possible!

How would she convince Steven to go along with this, let alone take another man into her bed. Steven would never agree to something like this or would he? She decided to talk to Steven about letting another man impregnate her.

The time has come, Connie thought, she'll talk to him about it tonight after they make love. After some heavy foreplay, Connie had her husband lay on his back while she mounted his cock facing him. Up and down she rode Steven's cock. Steven could see she had a far away look in her eyes while she bounced on his cock. It looked as though something was on her mind and there was. Connie dreamed that this is how it would be, her riding her husband's cock while another approaches her from behind. With that spectacle in her mind her body shuddered with orgasm setting Steven off as well with his sperm less cum squirting up in Connie's pussy. Exhausted, she collapsed on Steven's chest. Now was the time to ask she thought.

Connie said, "Steven I love you more than anything in the world, but I want to have a baby. I don't want to leave you for another man." Steven looked horrified. Connie continued. "I think I thought of a way to conceive our baby with you present."

"What are you saying Connie", Steven said. "I want to have sex with another man while your there to guide me and protect me," Connie said. "It would just be a one time thing to get me pregnant with no attachments." Steven was shocked, but strangely aroused which didn't go unnoticed by Connie. Connie felt his penis start to grow again against her inner thigh when she mentioned this. Before he could answer she slid down his chest and took his growing cock in her mouth.

"What do you say honey?" Connie said as she held Steven's cock to her lips and flicked the head with her tongue. "Are you going to allow me to take another man's cum into my pussy so that we can have the baby we've always dreamed of conceived in our love." With that said Connie completely swallowed Steven's cock while her eyes gazed directly into Steven's.

"Yes, yes" Steven said as began to cum into Connie's mouth.

"Yes what?" Connie said between milking the cum from his cock.

"Yes, I will allow you to have sex with another man" Steven blurted out.

"Only one time to conceive our baby," Connie said.

"Right" Steven said, "just to have the baby."

"I love you," Connie said.

"I love you too" said Steven as they drifted off to sleep.

The next day began with Connie refreshed and excited. Connie thought to herself, "I get to take a strange cock in my pussy and her husband's cock too, although she hadn't told him about this part yet."

How would she go about finding the other man? The internet she thought, of course, a person can find anything on the internet. She did a search for the characteristics she was looking for. There were thousands of ads, but one ad caught her eye because the location was nearby and it went like this: "SWM, disease free would like to join a couple for experimental threesomes. I especially would like to share a woman's pussy with another man at the same time. The risk of pregnancy would make this even more of a turn on. I'm straight, clean, and respectful. My only desire is to please a woman."

'Could this be more perfect,' Connie thought. Connie emailed the man and exchanged photographs. Connie explained what she wanted and that her husband didn't know she wanted them both in her pussy Through their correspondence, Connie found out that Scott was about 6'3" blonde hair, blue eyes and by the photograph he sent he looked fit. Connie positioned herself on her bed, and used a timer on a digital camera and snapped a photo of herself while wearing a teddy with crotch-less panties and her erect nipples exposed.

This was so dirty she thought as she sent the photo off to Scott. Scott saw the photo and instantly got hard from it. He returned the favor by holding printout of her photo while standing naked and erect next to it. It was Sunday and Connie arranged to meet Scott the coming Saturday night. Steven came back from running some errands and Connie emphatically stated, "Guess what, honey this Saturday night were going to conceive a baby! Steven was shocked she found someone so soon, but agreed to meet him. With that they had another steamy love making session.

Connie could hardly wait until Saturday night to come, but finally it was here. Scott was to come for dinner at about 6 p.m. and they would share a meal and good conversation to get to know each other. Six o'clock finally came with a knock on the door. Connie and Steven's hearts began to pound. They answered the door and there stood Scott, freshly shaved and showered. Connie was attracted to him right away. Over dinner they found Scott to be nice, good mannered and very respectful. Connie and Steven couldn't help but like him.

After dinner the threesome had a couple of drinks and reclined to the living room. Connie was wearing a back less low cut red dress that left little to the imagination. Connie put on some romantic music and sat down between the two men on the couch. She gave Steven a soft kiss and then turned to Scott and asked him to dance with her.

"Certainly," Scott said as he took her by the hand and her body melted into his. Scott and Connie began to softly kiss as Steven looked on with bewilderment, yet excitement at the same time. After a few minutes, Connie motioned to Steven to dance. Connie fell into her husband's arms and Scott started to sit down.

"Wait" Connie said, "you can dance too, just dance with my backside."

There they stood the three of them in the living room, swaying to the music, their bodies melded together. Connie alternated between kissing both men as she felt their groins pressed against her body. She felt the bulges in both their pants as Scott began to explore her body with his hands from behind and Steven from the front. Scott kissed his way up and down her back while she kissed her husband. He deftly undid her dress and it fell off her shoulders down to her ankles revealing the lace thong panties and bra she was wearing.

Then Scott took off his shirt and Steven followed. Scott removed his pants and now stood behind her only in his underwear. Connie helped Steven out of his pants and he too stood before her in his underwear. She felt Scott's bare flesh against hers as he removed her bra, so her breasts could hang free. Connie could feel Scott's cock through his underwear rubbing against her back. Connie turned to see Scott's beautiful cock head sticking out of his underwear. She knelt down and gently kissed the head of Scott's cock.

"Take these off please," Connie said grabbing at the front of his underwear causing his cock to flop out and hit her in the chin. Connie giggled with delight at the sight and gave Scott's cock a couple of licks and squeezes. Connie turned her attention back to Steven who had already removed his underwear and his erection staired at Connie.

"I see you two want to make me pregnant tonight," Connie cooed as the two erect cocks stood on either side of her. As she stood up she stepped out of her thong panties revealing her moist bush she melted back into her husband's arms pressing his erection against her abdomen. Scott moved in behind and pressed his flesh against her back, rubbing his cock against her beautiful butt cheeks. This was wonderful Connie thought as their bodies formed one perfect standing sandwich. Perhaps this was un-dressed rehearsal for what would occur later Connie thought.

As they swayed together, flesh upon flesh, skin on skin, Connie whispered "it's time to go to the bedroom and make me pregnant." With that she quietly took Steven's cock in her left hand and Scott's in her right hand and led them to the bedroom.

When they reached the edge of the king-size bed she let go of their cocks and jumped onto the bed. She rolled over onto her back, spread her legs wide and said, "come and get me boys."

Steven crawled in on her right side and Scott on her left side. There they laid, all three butt naked on the marital bed she shared with Steven for 8 years. "Why don't each of you take a nipple in your mouth" Connie said. "Hopefully they'll be providing nourishment to our baby in nine months," Connie said with a giggle.

Scott and Steven began nibble and lick her tits and exploring her body with their hands. First one hand found her clit, then another. Then one finger went inside then another. Connie began to moan and her breathing grew rapid. She opened her eyes momentarily to see one of Scott's fingers and one of Steven's fingers both probing her pussy at the same time. She wondered whether Steven knew what she had in mind. This went on for awhile and Connie loved every moment!

Connie then whispered to Scott, "I want you to lick me."

With that Scott kissed and licked his way down to her already moist mound. At that moment Connie felt the hot breath of stranger just above her clit and damp slit. Scott inserted a finger in her pussy and began to work it in and out. Then she felt his tongue touching her clit and waives of pleasure went through her body. He alternated between gently licking and lapping hard like a dog. Scott kept saying your beautiful, sexy, hot, between his licks. He plunged his tongue in and out of her pussy and then replaced it with his finger, going back to her clit. Scott obviously loved going down on a woman which was a bonus for Connie as Steven never really liked it that much. The whole scenario was getting to her. A virtual stranger devouring her pussy and her husband holding her hand while he played with her breasts. This set her off and she reached her first mini-orgasm which Scott greedily lapped up with a smile.

Connie then took control of the situation again and asked Scott and Steven to bring their cocks over by her. Connie sat up and grabbed Scott's cock with her left hand and Steven's with her right. She finally was able to take a good look at Scott's cock. It was similar to Steven's, a little longer but not as fat as Steven's. 'These will work great together,' Connie thought as she began to take Scott's cock into her mouth while pumping Steven's with her hand. She alternated between sucking and pumping each cock as they grew larger. Then an idea occurred to her as she drew the two cocks near her. Why not rub Steven's cock with Scott's to see how Steven would react.

From the emails she knew that Scott was Ok with it. Closer they came to one another until finally the two cock heads touched. Steven jerked a little but didn't say a word. Feeling more bold she said honey and Scott can you move closer I'm having to strain my neck. Now she had 2 to 3 inches of their shafts rubbing together.

"That's better" she said, thanks loves.

With that she thought one more test ought to do it. She wrapped her mouth around both cock heads released her hands on the shafts and put her left hand on Scott's behind and her right hand on Steven's behind. With both cocks still in her mouth and her hands in place she pushed on both behinds feeding more of the cocks into her mouth. Now 3 to 4 inches of their cocks were in her mouth together and most of their shafts touched. She began to pump her mouth up and down on the cocks while listening for objections from Steven. All she heard was Steven and Scott moaning with pleasure. She could tell they were getting really excited as the two cocks shared her mouth. She didn't want them to cum in her mouth and waste the sperm so she removed her mouth from their cocks.

Again the housewife who only had one man before this in her life took charge. Scott lay on your back with your head facing the headboard. Scott promptly complied. Scott knew what Connie was up to and was thoroughly enjoying the game. Steven sat at the end of the bed stroking himself watching what was taking place. First Connie straddled her pussy over Scott's face to let him lick her, then she leaned forward into a 69 position and proceeded to lick Scott's cock while staring at Steven.

"I love you," she said to Steven, "this beautiful cock is going to make our baby". Feeling her pussy hot and bothered again from Scott's expert licking she moved down his body off his face where she straddled his erection. Connie smiled at Steven as she rubbed Scott's cock around her bush. Then she did it, she positioned Scott's cock at her pussyl entrance and slowly engulfed every inch. Steven sat entranced stroking his cock while watching his wife's pussy being invaded by another man's cock on their marital bed. He wondered if he made the right decision, should he throw Scott out?, God it looked awesome though and Connie was hot! Steven was turned on and he knew it and besides he was going to be a father!

Connie leaned back to give Steven a better view as she bounced up and down on Scott's cock. Then she leaned forward again with Scott's cock still in her and motioned to Steven. "Come here, I want you to kiss me while Scott's baby maker is in my pussy." Connie bounced up and down while kissing her husband and it felt so good. She felt Scott's cock began to pulsate and she knew by his panting he was about to cum.

"Not yet," Connie said as she withdrew her pussy from Scott's cock. Steven looked puzzled by this as he thought they wanted him to cum in her. Connie continued the game by saying, "I want you to cum in my pussy first honey."

She told her hubby to lay his back with his head facing the headboard. She gave Scott's cock a "be ready" tug and wink as she mounted her familiar husband's cock while facing him. She road his shaft up and down with delight knowing what was about to occur.

Before her husband could shoot his sperm-less cum into her pussy, Connie turned her head and motioned to Scott as they had planned. Connie leaned forward onto her husband's chest as Scott's cock swayed towards them.

"Honey, I have a surprise for you," Connie said. "I not only want you to witness the conception of our baby. I want you to be a part of it. I want you to feel it as it happens. I want you to feel every thrust, every twitch of his cock, and every spurt of his sperm shot in my pussy. I want you to feel as though Scott's sperm is yours!"

Just as she said that, Steven felt Scott's cock touch his shaft already engulfed in Connie's pussy. Scott placed his well lubed cock head on Steven's shaft, grabbed Connie's hips and pushed hard as his cock head slipped in past the vaginal lips. "OH MY GOD!" all three of them said as Scott's cock began to ease it's way in.

"God Steven, Oh God, I'm doing this because I love you," Connie said. Steven was in no position to argue, besides it felt good, tight, weird, but good. Connie pushed back hard on the cocks until both cocks were crammed all the way to their balls which now rubbed without mercy together. There she was on her marital bed with her husband's cock and a stranger's cock completely enveloped by her love hole. She felt the two cocks twitching together. She thought about the wedding night she spent in this bed. That was good but this is great!

"Do you feel him Steven?, do you feel his love wand against yours. Do you like it Scott? Do you like feeling your cock against Steven's in my pussy."

"Yes, yes," Scott moaned.

She thought about the image she had saw on the computer many years ago and now she understood why the woman was smiling ear to ear. She began to grind her hips and squeeze her pelvic and vaginal muscles around the cocks making them twitch even more.

"Are your balls together Steven? Do you feel Scott's cum filled balls."

"Yes, yes," Steven moaned.

"I love you, I love you," she kept saying to her husband as she began to move her hips in a way that the cocks would move in and out. Then Connie had an sexual awakening as her chant went from "I love you, I love you." To, "I love it, I love it, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, I love you, I love it, move those cocks, fuck me with those cocks."

With that Scott and Steven began to move their love rods in and out in and out. Slowly at first, then faster and faster. Sometimes they would stop for a moment with both of their cocks pulsating together deep within her walls and then start thrusting again. Connie began to look other worldly as her body trembled and shuddered. Steven face was being slapped by nipples harder than he had ever seen before. Goosebumps covered her entire body. Scott noticed them on her incredible rear and they looked beautiful.

"Fuck me, fuck me" she screamed as Connie shook and panted. Her juices flooded the engorged members in her pussy. The extra fluid greased and increased the motion between the cocks causing her go into multiple orgasms. "Fuck me, Fuck me, cum in me, I love it, I need it, I've got to have it, I can't live without it," she bellowed almost incoherently.

Just then, Scott and Steven couldn't take anymore of the friction, the heat, the juices, the erotically charged beautiful woman before them beckoning them to fill her with cum. Connie felt this happening in her cunt and shoved herself back on to the two dicks as far as she could go. Both of them began to twitch wildly. She squeezed the two cocks rapidly with her vaginal muscles.

"Cum in me, Cum in me, fill me with your seed Scott. Make me a mommy!" With that Scott began to grunt, ejaculating wildly in her pussy. This set Steven off as well. Connie continued to orgasm and screamed to at Steven. "Do you feel it, Do you feel it, do you feel our baby seed being pumped into my pussy."

All Steven could say was "Yes, yes!" He felt it alright. Scott's cock and his were as one in his wife's pussy and he accepted it. He felt every spurt, every twitch, every vein throbbing against his own and Scott felt it too. Connie felt both throbbing cocks begin to deflate. Her pussy made a squishy sound as she rubbed her flooded mound against the two cocks. All 3 of them collapsed in a heap on the soaked sheets.

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