tagGroup SexCouples Dance and Swap

Couples Dance and Swap


It started as a bit of a flirt between very good friends.

Dancing with each others spouses, we graduated from some rock 'n roll to smooch. I was with Maggie's husband Todd and she with my David. We looked across at each other and smiled a reassuring grin of confidence because we all knew each other so well. But we'd perhaps had a little more wine than normal and the music was very warming.

I suddenly noticed that Todd was pressed against my thigh and was more than a little bit aroused. Meanwhile, his right hand was on the inner side of my left hip and it felt rather nice there. The fact that this was happening in full view of our spouses was also terribly erotic. I could then see that David's left hand was nearer Maggie's breast than was strictly necessary for dancing cheek to cheek!

Again we glanced at each other, as if acknowledging what was going on and being OK with it.

David and I had sometimes fantasised having a foursome with Todd and Maggie and knew we both found them attractive. The way in which all four of us were now dancing, seemed to suggest the feeling was mutual.

The music ended and the four of us moved to our large sofa and sat with our spouses.

David and I started kissing soon followed by Todd and Maggie. As our passions rose, our hands moved around our partners bodies and both men were touching our breasts over our clothing. Then, as I glanced at the other couple, I noticed Maggie holding the pronounced bulge in Todd's trousers. Why should I deny myself the pleasure of holding David's likewise?

It wasn't long before I had gone beyond merely holding the external manifestation of David's erection. I undid his belt and top button to put my hand inside his shorts and feel the intense warmth and hardness that awaited me. As I looked across at our friends, I saw that Maggie had done the same with Todd.

Todd then lifted Maggie's top over her head to reveal breasts barely contained in her lacy underwear. As her kissed her shoulders, he lowered her bra-straps. I could feel David getting even harder in my hand and he did as Todd had done - with no objection from me. Both men we now caressing their wives breasts as we girls undid he clasps at the back of our bras so that they could have freer access to us.

The boys now removed their shirts and neither Maggie or I could resist the temptation of pressing our naked breasts with evident hardened nipples to our husbands chests. What a wonderful feeling to be doing this so openly and I knew that Maggie was enjoying it every bit as much as me.

The pretence, that this just a bit of playfulness became less sustainable, as I then unzipped David's trousers and reached in to take his cock out so that it was visible to all. Maggie had stood Todd up and was removing his trousers, shoes and socks so that he was completely naked when he resumed his place on the sofa.

It was wonderfully erotic touching our partners bodies whilst another couple watched. I was ever surprisingly shocked yet excited when David reached across and caressed the side Maggie's breast so that, whilst I was holding his cock, here he was - touching another woman. It was a strange mixture of jealousy and intense arousal all at the same time. David was clearly no less horny as some pre-cum appeared on the tip of his cock. Looking across directly into Maggie's eyes, I smiled, bent down and purposefully licked his pre-cum off with the tip of my tongue. Seeing her eyes widen in excitement, I then lent across and let Maggie lick it off my tongue with the tip of hers - giving her the taste of my man.

Todd had now moved so that he could cradle my breasts in his hands, my nipples incredibly hard and puckered with pleasure at being touched by another man whilst holding my husbands erect penis. Maggie was stroking Todd's cock and did with his pre-cum precisely what I'd done with David's. It was an electric moment as I tasted Todd on her. Maggie and I kissed passionately with our tongues tasting each other and our men as we sat there holding our respective husbands' erections.

Our mouths parted and, as I watched, Maggie moved to sit on Todd's lap, spreading her moist labia and pushing his hard cock into her. I was transfixed as I stared at his cock moving in and out of her and glistening with her cum. I then stood David up and, holding his swelling cock, guided it towards Maggie's mouth. Here was my husband hardening even more in my hand as another woman's tongue at first licked him and then took him into her mouth fully, looking up at him whilst doing so.

I moved behind David and held the base of his cock and his balls, which tightening as Maggie sucked him so hungrily. I licked the top of his bum crack with the tip of my tongue as Maggie squeezed his cock and she then pointedly licked more pre-cum off him as I watched, smiling at me as she did so.

By now, Todd (who was watching this with some glee) was getting uncontrollably excited - as was Maggie and I could sense and hear that they were both about to come. As they did so, I could feel David building up also and had the intense pleasure of holding his balls and the base of his cock as I felt his cum surging through him into Maggie's welcoming mouth and over her face and breasts. I wanted so much to suck the last drops of his cum out of him, but Maggie wouldn't let go of him because of her own, uncontrollable, raking orgasm.

Eventually she did let go of his cock and kissed me on the mouth so that I could taste my husbands juices in her. I loved it intensely and then turned hungrily to suck David's now free cock, trying to get whatever might have remained of his cum out of him, he was my husband after all. Eventually I let him fall, totally expended but not totally soft, from my mouth.

Maggie then lowered me to my knees so I'd fellate Todd's cock which was covered in a mixture of his and her cum. The combination of sensual fragrances and tastes was wonderful and, with Todd fully in my mouth and growing again, I could feel Maggie slim fingers on my moist labia. It wasn't long before I became aware she was pushing David's reawakened arousal into me. She then somehow turned onto her back underneath my hips so that she could watch as she stroked David's cock going into me and lick it at the same time. Needless to say, her tongue also touched my very hardened clit and, with Todd's hardening erection still in my mouth, I was soon in a frenzy of joyous arousal as I could sense my own orgasm approaching. I just wanted this intensity of excitement to last for ever.

My own fingers joined Maggies tongue on the wet shaft of David's cock and I sensed she was licking my cum on him as I was touching that same moistness. I just couldn't hold back any longer and the most powerful orgasm I'd ever experienced overwhelmed me. Maggie had somehow manouvered herself to be behind David so that she was using her hips and pudenda to drive him even harder into me - sort of her fucking me by proxy.

Reluctantly, I let Todd out of my mouth and had to lay down and, as I did so, Maggie took David into her mouth again and, with obvious pleasure, sucked my juices off him.

I looked up at Todds cock just above my face and couldn't resist tracing his shaft with the tip of my tongue. I wanted David to watch me do this because we would talk of it later and how exited we both were at seeing the pleasure the other was getting. I guess the same was happening for Maggie and Todd.

By now my David was fully erect and ready to go again. I encouraged him towards Maggie's labia and arranged them so that I could guide him into her. Here I was, holding my husbands cock in my slender fingers and pushing it into another woman. I watched him slide effortlessly into her - she was very moist after all. Then, as he slid out I licked him, pushed it back in and tasted him again on the way out. I also let my tongue brush firmly against Maggie's clit which she obviously loved and moaned pleasurably at. I held Davids's balls which were getting tighter again. I took him out of her completely and sucked him hungrily tasting her juices on him and his pre-cum. I then pushed him back into Maggie and watched and held him as he banged into her with increasing urgency. As I felt his orgasm building, I manouvered my lips to be on either side of his cock so that I could feel the pulse of his cum rushing through into Maggie as he exploded into her. "Yes" I cried as it happened. I proprietarily knew I was the one who made him come every bit as much as she did.

I laid back down and moved Maggie's very wet labia over my breasts so that the juices inside her spilled over my nipples as I again sucked David's last remaining juices and Maggie's cum off of him.

As we all collapsed in a heap of friendly joy Maggie pointedly licked the fluid that was on my nipples, sucking them as she did so. It wasn't long before Maggie, who'd very much enjoyed what'd just happened twixt me, my David and her, wanted to do the same thing, only with her Todd going into me.

What a wonderful night. Never to be forgotten and arousing for all of us for many years afterwards.

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