tagIncest/TabooCousin Monica Ch. 02

Cousin Monica Ch. 02


The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Notice: All ye censors, perverts, and oddballs - no one under 18 years of age did anything sexual to anyone in this story (because there are none). They didn't in the original version either.


The fall evening echo whispers with its leaves as I sat on my porch smoking a cigarette. I sat there for a long time as dark drew near.

A blue mustang pulled into driveway, it's lights unwelcoming and bright. It was Monica. The predominant adults in my life were out of town and thought I needed supervision. Their choice was interesting and without intimate previous knowledge, quite foolish. Upon turning twenty-one, Monica had received, what she referred to, as her Stallion. The electric blue, 2001 Mustang convertible which brought her much attention in our small town.

She greeted me with a warm smile and a, "Evening, cuz." She hugged me tight, then walking passed me allowing her left hand to linger on my shoulder. Entering the house, she tossed her jean jacket over a chair and fished around in one pocket.

Turning around and grinning even wider, I beheld a bottle of vodka in her hands. I couldn't help but lift the side on mouth in excited amusement. In the coming hours, the clear liquid first filled tall glasses and colored with alternating mixtures. The rivers of my blood began to swell and as we talked into the night I found I could not stop laughing. Sometime during the night the stereo came alive with the unnamable meanings embedded in melody. These elements created a whirlwind of delight and caught in its grip I fell down, laughing still.

"That's it. You're cut off. No mas for you's.", she giggled and helped me up. "Time for bed, buddy boy." She led me to my room and took off my off my pants and shirt, tossing them in a corner on the white rug. Emboldened by this, I tried to kiss her. Her response was to almost effortless push me onto the bed like a wayward feather.

"Aw, come on." I said. She smirked and said nothing. I lay there like a sack. Her long, long black hung over her shoulders, framing her pale face. She stood up and slid her shirt off in one motion. Her breasts, round and pale, stood against my gaze, defiant in their perfection. Her bra was the next victim to my expectations. Nipples tinged with pink stared at me, helpless in by bed.

She knelt alongside the bed and once more reached for my penis. Her fingers curled around my shaft engorged with blood and aching form her touch. I exhaled completely as she st rattled me, resting my cock between her lovely tits. She licked and licked my cock. Hungry for its hardness. Pressing her breasts together, Monica wrapped my cock in the loveliness of her white bosom. I had no idea what was happening, my head, which had been spinning had come to dead stop. I reached down and started to stroke her long, ravenite hair. I massaged her and she breathed heavily upon on my shaft.

Releasing the enveloping warmth, Monica's left hand traveled down to the crossroads of her legs and slipped into her jeans. Her tongue flicked my head and without effort and drew it into her mouth.

She sucked like never before. He body began to move, her hand dictating the rhythm. Pressure was building in my abdomen. Watching her masturbate, I was getting so turned on. Her breasts bouncing furiously, quivering with each wiggle. Suddenly her eyes squeezed shut and my cock was freed from her mouth. She gasped three times in a row. Monica quickly bowed her head and just as quickly arched her back as she came. She froze for several moments and then fell back against the bedroom wall.

I was speechless again at the sight of beautiful cousin playing with herself and climaxing in front of me. Being robbed of my speech I reached to finish myself off. Recovering quickly she stopped me with her free hand.

"Wait!!", she pleaded in a heavy whisper.

She jumped off the bed and shucked off her jeans. Her black panties winked at me as she st rattled me again. She began to ground her clit against my cock through her panties. Her hips rippled in waves across my cock. She bounced against it. She was crazed with lust and grabbed her tits, pushing them together. Faster and faster she rode me, herself getting more excited with each passing motion.

I could feel her hot, wetness and inside I was screaming to get enter her. I wanted to be wrapped in her warmth and give her mine in return.

In a moment like any other, I came. The world feel away and Monica let out a yelp as I sprayed my belly with my sperm. Without missing a beat she dropped down and licked it up. She shoveled it into her mouth as if it was the last remnants of water on a parched Earth. She licked and licked. Sucked my cock and licked. Then, with a final parting stroke she got up, replaced her clothes and turned out the light.

All I could think was that I wanted to hold her. To feel her breathing and hear it echo in the darkness. The site of her pale, perfect body had stirred me beyond believe. I couldn't get the images out my mind. I lay awake for what seemed an eternity. Wanton thoughts of being inside her consumed me in my room and I left them.

I dreamed of her and I in the bluest of waters. Her body on top of mine. It was the most vivid sex dream I had ever had. The motions, her mystery growing my wish to never wake except to embrace her once more.

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