tagTransgender & CrossdressersCrazy College Days

Crazy College Days


Author's Note: This is my first story ever, so apologies for quality. This story takes place in a world populated by females and she-males. It's not supposed to make sense; it's supposed to be sexy. If you're not into she-males, just move along :)


The campus was much livelier then Lilly had expected. Her brown eyes darted at the various buildings surrounding the courtyard - then at the beautiful girls parading between them. It was hard not to be overwhelmed by that sudden, familiar sensation of nervousness - it was her first day of college and she was all alone. Her mother had driven off, and she was officially on her own, for the first time in her life.

With one hand on the strap of her backpack and the other in her pocket, the pale freshman made her way towards what she assumed was the dormitories. She could see a couple girls glancing at her from a bench nearby, out of the corner of her glasses.

"Hey, look at the fresh meat!" giggled one of them, a blonde.

"Give us a smile, freshman!"

Lilly's face flushed red as she could hear the two of them chuckling at her shyness. She brought a lithe hand up and pushed a strain of brown locks out of the way to expose her bony face. She had an elvish-like frame, showing off her cheek bones and chin, topped off with thin pink lips and button-like nosie. She smiled - half out of obedience, half out of a lack of a better idea - at the two older girls. Both of them giggled again and whispered to each other.

"Oh yea, she'll be lots of fun."

A look of confusion crossed over Lilly's face, but she shrugged it off and kept moving. She had to move around the various bodies littered in the courtyard. It was full of girls gossiping, flirting or discussing their school schedules. Lilly knew all about the vices of college, and had already been warned by friends back home that she'd be the perfect target of horny big-cocked students - but her strategy was to stay on her own and focus on her schoolwork. Fun could wait.

"Hey, freshman!" One of the girls behind her called. "Come here, we can have some fun before class starts!"

Lilly glanced over her shoulder, behind her spectacles, to see the blonde was cupping her over-sized breasts in her hands, trying to tempt to the younger girl. But Lilly had her mind on the prize - get to the dorms, get to class, and worry about the vices of college later.


It was common knowledge that in this sexually-charged world, the college scene was one of the dirtiest and most fun places to be. Lilly might have underestimated exactly how true that was, as she had seen some crazy things just walking to her new room. Out in the courtyard she had seen a couple girls whip their pricks out and even a couple pairs of breasts, but here in the dorm it was like a completely different world.

Once Lilly rounded the stairs and moved into the freshman wing, the first thing she saw was two girls in the dimly lit hallway, up against the wall. The taller of the two girls, a short-haired blonde, was corkscrewing a thick looking cock into the rear end of a younger looking foreign girl. She had a look of pleasure on her Indian face as the cock sank deeper into her backside, and her knees threatened to buckle as she leans against the wall. Lilly tried not to stare as she walked by them, allowing them to continue in their own debauchery.

She made her way to the end of the hall, and stood in front of the cracked door that would lead to her new home. On the door were two names: L. Harper, which was Lilly's, and S. Takanawa, which she had to assume, was a roommate. Lilly stepped forward, knocked politely, and then entered the room. Inside she found a small Asian girl standing next to one of the twin beds, going through her suitcase. Lilly was relieved to see her own boxes of stuff were sitting undisturbed on the other side of the room.

"Hey there," said the Asian girl, who Lilly assumed to be S. Takanawa. "I'm Susie. You must be Lillian."

"Lilly. Nice to meet you." She shut the door behind her and threw her backpack aside, than stepped in and shook hands with the cute exotic girl. Susie was shorter then Lilly, with shoulder-length black hair. She looked like she had just woken up, as she was wearing an over-sized black tee and navy blue sweatpants. "You look like you've been here awhile."

"I flew in last night," Susie smiled. "So it looks like we're roomies. Excited for college life?"

Lilly took a glance at her side of the room. She flopped her bottom down on her bed and looked up at Susie, who moved back to her bed. "Yea, I'm ready to get started. My first class is at noon. I think it's going to be rough being the fresh meat, though. I saw a girl getting... fucked, on my way in."

"Oh, it'll be fine." Susie flashed a big smile. "That's the fun of college life! Big cocks, lots of alcohol and plenty of beautiful girls." She paused a moment and turned to Lilly. "Aren't you looking forward to some dirty college fun?"

The pale spectacled girl shrugged. "I was going to try and focus on school, to be honest."

Susie's face dropped. "Aw, come on now. That's no way to be! There's no way I'm gonna let my roommate be a stick in the mud. You gotta at least have fun with me!"

Lilly wrinkled her nose, obviously unsure. She didn't want to end up being stuck in some partying lifestyle, but at the same time it couldn't hurt to have a little fun with the person she shared a form with. "I mean, if it's just you, and we live together. That could be alright. Maybe."

The Japanese freshman nodded her head excitedly. "Awesome! Are you a girlie-girl or do you have a cock?" She turned from her bed and licked her lips, making Lilly blink a bit on confusion. Obviously whatever she said made Susie especially excited.

"Girly-girl," Lilly repeated, though thought it sounded silly when she said it aloud like that.

"That's great, because I haven't pussy in like, twenty-four hours!" Lillian was about to say something, but she was cut off by the sight of Susie suddenly yanking her sweatpants down. She had no garments underneath it, and so let out a freakishly large member, already half-swollen from excitement. Lilly couldn't contain her squeak of surprise at the sight of the Japanese cock, nor could she stop her brown eyes from bulging into saucers. "Come on, roomie; let's get to know each other!" Susie said, grinning at the response of her roommate.

Lilly shook her head frantically, but it didn't stop Susie from advancing, leaving her sweatpants behind. She left the baggy tee, which only made the sight stranger. Susie was skinny, almost flat-chested and short, so her cock was raised up underneath the shirt, draping it up around her. "Hold on, I mean, we just met. I haven't even unpacked!"

"What are you, sheltered?" Susie asked, looking a bit annoyed. "This college is like 70% cocked girls, and I don't know how much you know about us, but we need to cum regularly. You're my roommate, and this is how I get to know someone. So get over here!"

Lilly didn't move, but this time it was mostly out of fear. Susie had suddenly snapped and shouted at her. "I'm sorry, it's just...I just got here, and I don't know you yet. That's all. Just...just give me time and -" But she was cut off as Susie suddenly lunged forward. "Ack!"

The Asian girl was surprisingly quick as she moved forward and grabbed Lilly by the back of her head, fingers curling into her brown locks and pulling her forward. The pale nerdy girl stumbled forward, yelping as she was yanked off of the bed and onto the floor, landing on her knees. "Open!" Susie directed, but her roommate tried to back up. With a small but strong palm on her head, the over-sized girl-cock was mashed into her lips anyway. "Open!" Susie repeated, and soon the tip of the prick made contact with Lilly's lips. With a little force, she pushed the mushroom-shaped cockhead all the way inside those pursing lips. "There we go..."

Lilly immediately smelled soap - it was clear that Susie was fresh from the shower. The next sense that was invaded was her taste buds, as the cockmeat slide further into her mouth until it was stuffed to the brim with the Asian flesh rod. Her jaw felt contorted - while not an experienced cocksucker, she had a few in her mouth before and this was by far the largest.

"Look up at me," Susie said. Gone was the gentle young freshman roommate Lilly had met a few minutes prior. Now was firm, sawing her girl-meat in and out of her fellow student's maw. Lilly had to move her head back in order to see Susie through her glasses. "Good. Now that you're where you belong, let's get something clear." Susie slid forward again, her cock disappearing into the open gullet of Lillian. "We can be friends and you take care of this cock when I tell you too, or we can be enemies, and I'll turn you into my ass-licking puppy without thought. You got it?"

Of course she got no response. Susie was no longer pumping herself inside the open mouth, instead just holding her cock inside the warm confines of Lilly's throat-box. Some spittle drooled out onto the chin of the spectacled girlie-girl as she struggled not to choke on the width. When Susie finally pulled her hips back, it had to be the slowest movement Lilly had ever seen - it felt like it took forever for that long dick to slide all the way out of her mouth and give her the room to cough.

As Lilly sucked in a big breath, she was increasingly aware of Susie's Asian cock resting atop her forehead, mashing into her glasses. "Well? Friends or enemies?"

"Friends!" Lilly choked out immediately. Maybe it was fear. That was certainly part of it - she didn't want to end up like the girl she had seen earlier, getting butt-fucked in the hallway in front of passer-bys. But there was also the fact that honestly, she didn't hate sucking on Susie's hot pipe. It was rough and certainly a bit painful, but it tasted delicious and there was no denying that heat stirring in her core. "We can be friends! I'll be good, Susie! I'll be good!"

"So nice to hear, roomie!" Susie said cheerfully - like she turned the 'bitch' light switch off instantly. "Take your shirt off so I can see those titties."

Susie didn't stop waving her cock in front of Lilly's face as she moved her green shirt up and off of her slender torso. She wasn't supermodel-skinny, but she kept good care of herself. The most notable thing about her was how pale she was - as expected from a nerdy girl that spent most days studying and playing videogames. With her shirt off, and then her glasses, she moved to also remove her emerald-shaded bra. When the cups dropped, her little globes bounced free, topped with light pink buttons at the tips.

"Very nice," Susie complimented. "Open up again." This time, she didn't need to be rough in order to get Lilly to cooperate. She stepped forward to the offered lips and easily slid herself inside that tight opening, stretching Lilly's mouth again. She moaned as this time she could feel tongue on the underside of her veiny shaft. "Oh, Fuck! There we go! You're a cocksucker after all!" She threw her head back as Lilly seemed to be cooperating.

Underneath her, Lilly had put her hands on Susie's kneecaps, her mouth wrapped around the length that was sliding in and out of her suckling lips. Susie still had a hand on the back of her head, possessively keeping her in check as if to constantly remind her who was in control. It was almost as funny to Lilly as it was sexy - she had promised herself an hour ago she wouldn't end up caught up in college debauchery, and only ten minutes into meeting her roommate did she had have cock down her throat. Not only was that, but the dominant she-male a short Asian girl who was just as much of a freshman as Lilly was.

The cocksucking went on for another few minutes. Susie enjoyed changing the pace on the inexperienced student, face-fucking her with an inconsistent pattern. Drool dribbled down Lilly's face as the cock stretched her gullet out, covering her naked breasts and the swinging balls of Susie. At one point, Susie stepped back, pulling Lilly with her until she was on all fours with her head pointed up, giving her a great target to stuff the length into. Lilly was a great sight to behold - topless with her jeans on, crawling after her.

"I'm ready to blow, but you're not getting off easy," Susie finally told her, removing herself from the suckling clutches of the girl's lips. "Up, up! Come on, come on!" She hurried Lilly up to her feet as if time were running out, pulling her over to Susie's side of the room. "Are you ready to get fucked?"

Lilly yelped as she was yanked onto the bed, falling onto her back. She knew the question was rhetorical - Susie already had undone her jeans and was yanking her pants and panties off of her legs, exposing the milky white skin. She was getting fucked regardless - and this petite Japanese girl wouldn't be denied. Lilly sucked in a deep breath, nodded her head, and obediently set her legs apart. "I'm ready to get fucked, Susie."

Susie moved in between those bare thighs, setting her slickened cockhead along the bare nether-lips of her newfound friend. It was a small little runway of brown fur above it, and felt fantastically velvety against her spongy cocktip. "You're soaked, Lilly. I think you're a bigger cockslut then you thought. You're gonna be a great cockslut for me, aren't you?"

She looked up at Lilly expectantly. Lilly, to her credit, was thinking more about getting that shaft inside her own bubbling core, and was hardly paying attention. "Wh-what? Yes! I'll be a good cockslut! I'm ready!"

Susie's eyes narrowed. She knew she had her. "Tell me you're my cockslut."

"I'm your fucking cockslut!"

There it was. There was a moment of completely silence between those words and what came next. A moment where Lilly, completely naked in front of Susie, who was still covered by a baggy black tee, could hear their own breaths. They were connected only by that fat cock that slowly pushed itself inside her barely touched opening, stretching out that pussy slowly. Regardless of who was in control, the words had been uttered and the two roommates were connected. Only ten minutes into their relationship and the two freshmen had their first friend.

After that single moment of silence where the cock slid up into the hot box of Lillian, Susie suddenly let out a growl as she leaned in and gripped the back of her roomie's head. The two connected with a hot kiss as Susie began to pump herself inside that squeezing tunnel, fucking her way past the inner walls and up inside the pale girl's body. Lilly was bouncing down into the thrusts underneath, feeling the balls smacking into her backside, listening to skin on skin.

Their tongues wrestled for a moment as they found a good pace. Once the kiss broke, Lilly put her hands on the bed behind her to keep her torso up, while Susie put a paw on the waist of her new 'cockslut.' Her other hand cupped one of the bouncing little globes atop Lillian's chest, squeezing the tit-meat and plucking at the pink tips atop them. Her eyes moved down to the nerd's lap, where her cock was stretching her out. It was a beautiful sight, to see her own prick and feel every vein as it sawed in and out of the four-eyed girl's pussy.

"Here it comes, prude!" Susie spat out, her orgasm suddenly rocking through her without warning. Lilly was caught off guard too as Susie broke the pace to slam her meat all the way inside her squeezing cunt, causing her own muscles to tense. The orgasm rocked through her body, sending electrical shocks from her core to her limbs, making her shudder around Susie's girlie-dick.

Lilly flopped onto her back and Susie mounted her easier, slamming the spurting cockmeat inside her as she blasted the load of creamy liquid into her hot box. She slowed a bit as she felt herself shrinking, pulling from the tight grip of that velvet box. It was still stretched a bit even as she emptied it, covered in her own girlie-cum.

"Oh fuck..." Lilly panted, dazed. She obediently moved to Susie spun her around so she was resting along the side of the mattress, still on top of it. This allowed Susie to casually rest her member across her freckled, pale face.

"Kiss your new friend," Susie directed with a grin. Lilly wasn't even paying attention to the girl as she raised her head up and obediently smooched her lips right on the cream-filled cocktip.


Her eyes bulged as she heard the familiar click of a photo. She looked up and Susie cackled above her, holding her phone like a camera, having just snapped a perfect picture of her new college-buddy kissing her girl-cock. "I can already tell that you and I are going to be great friends, Lilly!"

And with that, Lilly was left there in a cummy daze, on her new roommate's bed, watching her naked ass walk towards the shower. She was officially here at college - in more ways than one.

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