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{If you like tales of Polyamory, extended-expanded families, with lots of loving behaviors and possibilities... read on. If incest (between consenting adults), lesbian behavior, threesomes and babies turn you off, don't read this tale. Your feedback/comments are not only welcome they are requested. Please use them to help me become a better writer. Tell me what you liked, what you didn't like, and I'll pay attention to your input. Thanks]


When we met the Jones' we had both just bought homes in a new sub-division. Their house was floor plan "B" and ours was floor plan "C". It was our first house and theirs as well. We started families and raised our children almost like we were four parents of four children. We had Mark and Melissa. They had Ken and Kathleen. When Mark and Ken were eighteen Melissa and Kathleen were sixteen.

Bob Jones and I were very different looking men. He had been an athlete in school and continued to stay very fit. He swam, rode his bicycle every weekend the weather allowed and had been known to run a 10K race once in a while. He was six foot and weighed one-ninety. On the other hand, I had been the last player picked since the second grade. In basketball, I never made a basket during a game. In football, I got knocked on my ass almost every time the ball was snapped. I could swim, across the pool and with a rest I could swim back. Bob was three inches taller than me. My hair thinned and then left on vacation to Mexico or somewhere, never to return. Bob's wavy, dark hair was as thick and nice on the last day of his life as it was the day we met. Looking at us one would wonder why we were friends.

Our wives were just as different. Bob's wife, Marion, struck me as defined by a single word the day we met. Willowy. Tall, slender without being bony or skinny, she carried herself as if she had been trained to walk like she was fluid. Her long legs entranced me way back then and still do, these many years later. When we met she was blond. When the kids came along she changed to her natural brown hair and never went back to blond. My wife, Kim, was four or five inches shorter than Marion, and her legs were not the feature most people noticed first about her. Men noticed her chest first. She had been blessed with firm, large breasts that pointed forward when we met in college and still have not fallen victim to gravity the way many big breasted women do. My sister's breasts now aim at the floor when she gets undressed, but Kim's still aim right ahead. Kim has very curly thick hair and for as long as I've known her it has been short. Looks aside, the two women are sisters. They think alike, speak alike, like the same things and parent all the kids like they both are Mom.

We sat next to each other at high school graduation. Once for the boys and once for the girls two years later. The boys both went away to Northwestern for college, majored in the same thing, Engineering, shared a dorm room and then an apartment. The girls went to Arizona State and like their brothers shared a dorm room, then an apartment and a car.

The summer before the girls would be seniors they came home. I got them jobs and they had a great summer. We took three great long weekend trips and enjoyed being together as a family. In the back of our minds we all believed this was the last summer where we would be doing summer together. After graduation the girls would be beginning their lives as adults and summer wouldn't be the same again.

The weekend before Labor Day we went to a lake we had been to many times. Two hours from home it was ideal for a weekend away. Marion rented a cabin for all of us that we had stayed in before. I reserved a boat for us for all day Saturday. The six of us piled into Bob's van Friday afternoon and before dinner we were in the cabin.

Bob and Kathleen and went for a walk. Melissa and I walked out onto the dock by our cabin and sat. It was our quiet time together. Melissa talked about her hopes, plans and a little about her "friendship" with Kathleen. Friendship was her word. In my mind they were a couple. I was pretty sure they had been having sex with each other since ninth grade. My attitude about it was simple: If they are happy, I'm for it. We didn't have that conversation.

We heard Kim's voice calling us and knew it was dinner time. During dinner, Bob mentioned he wanted to go to bed early as he was feeling tired. All of us were worried. Bob never complained of being tired. We cleaned up after dinner and sat in the big living room and talked. Bob stayed with us until almost ten. He closed his eyes and Melissa noticed.

"I think someone is ready for bed." Melissa said.

Bob's eyes opened, "No, I was just basking in how wonderful it is to be here feeling all this love. I feel so content, so satisfied. Thank you all."

Marion helped her husband to his feet and said, "When he talks like that I want to just wrap him in my arms and hold on. Please excuse us. We'll see you in the morning."

Kim, Kathleen and Melissa kissed Bob and Marion good-night and they went to their bedroom. We made sure everything was closed up, cleaned up and then we went to our bedrooms too. Kathleen and Melissa had shared bedrooms, apartments and tents all their lives. Sharing a bedroom at the cabin was nothing new.

I held Kim in my arms and we whispered the things a husband and wife whisper to each other when life is very, very good. We fell asleep that way.

I was suddenly awake! It wasn't a noise that woke me. I had no idea what woke me but it wasn't a noise. A noise would have been heard by Kim and pPaulably the girls, not me. I sleep like someone flipped the power switch off. But, I was wide awake and I was scared. Something was wrong! My heart was pounding.

I looked at the digital clock beside the bed: 03:38am. I could hear breathing. Kim was beside me, softly breathing. I could just make out other breath sounds from outside our bedroom.

When I decided to get up, pull on some clothes and go see what was up, I was to the stage of pulling my pajama bottoms on when I heard a muffled scream. It was Marion! I pulled the pajama bottoms up and ran to their bedroom. I knocked and said, "Is everything OK?"

All I heard was sobbing. I opened the door and Marion was holding Bob in her arms, sobbing. I knew he was dead. My whole body went cold and I wasn't sure what to do. I hesitated for a few moments, closed the door and went to them.

Marion looked up at me and whispered, "The last thing he said was that he loved all of us." Her hand grabbed me and pulled me down onto the bed beside them. I hugged them both. Bob was still warm.

How long we sat like that I'll never know for sure. When my thinking cleared enough I realized there were things that needed to be done. Marion and Bob were both nude. I found the big t-shirt Marion wore as a nightshirt on the floor. I held Bob while she put it on. She took him back in her arms and rocked him.

As quietly as I could I went back to our bedroom and woke Kim.

"Sweetheart, Marion needs you. Bob died. Go be with her." She was out of the bed and into a Paule faster than Clarke Kent became Superman. She went to Marion and they held Bob while I went to the girls.

I opened the bedroom door and they both woke and sat up in bed. They were nude and I noticed a hickey on Melissa's breast. They looked at me and Kathleen said, "Daddy's dead!" It wasn't a question. I nodded. They jumped out of bed and ran to the bedroom where the rest of the family was already gathered. I gave the ladies some time with Bob. When the kitchen clock read 5:15 I called the police. I asked them to please come without sirens. No crime had happened. My best friend had died in his sleep.

When I hung up I went to the bedroom and said, "I called the police. They will be here soon. It might be a good idea if some of us got dressed, at least in Paules."

Both girls realized they were totally nude and that I had seen them. They flew to their bedroom. Kim went to dress and I held Bob while Marion pulled on her Paule. She continued to cry and to talk to Bob. When she was covered I went and dressed.

I opened the door for the police. Two uniformed officers and two people from the coroner's office. Fifteen minutes later Bob's remains had been taken and the police were gone.

My mind went from shock and pain into get-the-job-done mode. I handled everything, including getting all of us back home. All the arrangements for burial, services, insurance, his business partners, family and friends notification got handled. Kim, Melissa and Kathleen held Marion and comforted each other. Each felt the loss as a personal loss not of a friend but as a husband, a daddy. We had been that close. I felt it as if my brother had died.

Late in the afternoon Kathleen came into my office and sat in my lap. She hadn't sat in my lap in years. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she kissed me.

"I've been so lucky all my life. I've had two Dads to love me, protect me and be there for me. Thank you for being my Dad too." I was overwhelmed. I never knew how she looked at me. She snuggled in and cried herself to sleep. The phone rang and I took care of each call, holding my daughter and Bob's in my arms.

An hour or so later Melissa came looking for her and she looked at me and said, "You know I love her." Again, it wasn't a question. I nodded.

"Are we Ok?"

"I love you both. I shouldn't be surprised that you love each other."

Kathleen's voice came from her curled up body in my lap. "It's all your fault, you and Daddy. How could any man measure up to the two of you?"

"Thanks. I'll take the blame, as long as you're happy. Can we be practical for a little while?" They both nodded.

"All of us need to eat. I still have calls to make. How about you two make food and get your Moms to eat and bring me something too?"

"Yes, Sir." Melissa said, grabbing Kathleen's hand and pulling her off my lap. I watched them go. The phone rang. I was back into get-the-job-done mode.

Melissa brought me a sandwich and iced tea. She said she had gotten both Moms to eat. I ate, then went in to talk with the Moms.

Marion was in shock and holding on to Kim for dear life. Kim was just as distraught, just as devastated. I sat in a chair by them and held a hand of each of them.

"Nick, I feel like I've lost a part of you." Kim said. "You and Bob have been our husbands for twenty years. Together. Please don't feel hurt that I'm hurting so badly right now."

"I'm hurt and bleeding too. I never had a brother growing up, but for twenty years I've had a brother."

Marion looked at me and said, "Bob loved you like that too. He told me last night how lucky we were to be family." She paused and none of us spoke.

She spoke again, "What happens to us now? Can the girls go back to college? Will I lose the house? Do we have enough insurance?"

"The girls go back to college. You have enough insurance. I've already talked to your insurance guy. You don't need to lose the house. Is there anyone you want me to call?"

She named five people. I had already called all five. Kim named five more. I had called four of them. The phone rang. I left them on the couch and went to answer it.

After the call I gave the girls the job of making sure all of us ate, took bathroom breaks and had plenty of tissues. I hadn't cried very much. I was too focused, too busy. At about six that evening the phone stopped ringing, the doorbell stopped interrupting and I sat in my chair. Not the one by my desk, the lounger by the TV.

Melissa crawled into my lap and snuggled in. She wore no make up. Her eyes were red and swollen. She looked at my face and a tear slid out of her eye and slid down her cheek. She leaned to me and kissed me gently on the lips. Two seconds later she pulled back a quarter of an inch and a dam burst inside me. Tears burst from me, sobs, I fell completely apart. I wrapped my arms around my daughter and let go. My best friend was gone! My buddy, my brother.

Sometime while I was wallowing in sorrow, Kim joined Melissa in my lap. They comforted me, held me and helped me hurt. Melissa left and Kathleen took her place. I dozed, curled in the chair with two women I loved as a husband and a Dad. When I woke up Kim was gone from my lap and Marion was curled in holding me and being held. A blanket covered us.

The next two or three days were mostly a blur. The funeral happened. We got there on time and dressed appropriately. Marion stayed with us, sharing the bed with Kim while Melissa and Kathleen stayed in Melissa's room. I remember waking up on the living room couch.

I remember hearing the noises of sex coming from Melissa's room and smiling, for a moment.

School had started and the girls were still home. Wednesday morning that realization hit me. I knocked on Melissa's bedroom door. She said, "Come in."

I opened the door. They were still in bed. I pulled a chair over by the bed and sat down. "School started yesterday. We can stay here cooped up and let our lives go down the toilet or the two of you can get up, get packed and go back to school. I don't want you to go down the toilet. I want you to come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. While you pack I'll take your car and get it washed, gassed and the oil changed. Be ready to load up and go when I get back."

They both jumped me and kissed me before I could escape. Ok, I didn't try very hard to get away.

When I got back all four women were dressed. I popped the trunk of their car and the girls loaded their things, kissed us all and left. When Melissa kissed me Good-Bye she said, "I love you Dad. I'm so happy you're my Dad."

Then Kathleen wrapped her arms around me and kissed me soundly on the lips. She pulled back a little and said, "Melissa and I are very lucky. We've had two wonderful Dads all our lives. I've called you Mr. Peterson since I learned to talk. I want permission to call you what is in my heart, Daddy."

Tears ran down our cheeks and I nodded. There was no way I could speak. She kissed me again and suddenly she was in the car and she and Melissa were yelling, "Bye, Mom! Bye Mom! Bye Daddy!"

The car backed out of the driveway and they were gone. I put an arm around both women and we walked back inside our house.

"Nick, sit in your chair please." Kim said.

I sat. They sat with me. I knew I was being ganged up on and that even if I wanted to resist, it was futile. I also knew that if you're going to be ganged up on, this was how you wanted it to happen.

"We knew the girls were going to do that." Kim said. "They asked us before they did it."

"They both worried I would think they were disrespecting Bob. He thought of you as his brother. In the Bible it says that when a brother dies the remaining brother inherits the wife and children of the brother that died. Calling you Dad is only part of being Bob's brother." Marion said. I saw a possible direction for this conversation and wondered if these two women had considered what they were saying.

Kim spoke, "We have been a family for twenty years, in almost every way. We have raised four children together. We have gone to little league games, dance recitals, plays and parent-teacher conferences together. Both you and Bob said a thousand times that you were brothers born to other mothers. The only thing missing was the physical intimacy."

"We've talked it over. You've been taking care of the family since Bob left his post unexpectedly, just as a husband, a brother, would do. Here's our plan: Marion will sell their house. We will add a bathroom and bedroom to this house and Marion will live with us. We are a family. You are the husband, we are the wives." Kim took a breath.

"That's it? Just like that I'm married to both of you?"

"Yes." Marion said, "And I expect to finally find out if you eat pussy as good as Kim has been bragging for twenty years!"

"Kim brags about that?" I didn't have any idea they ever spoke about our sex lives.

"Yes. Now, if it's Ok with you I have a realtor to call and some things to move from my old house over here."

"We can move you into Melissa's room, for now. They won't be back until Thanksgiving." I said.

"I'll move into her room, while we build. Perhaps you can call a contractor and see if we can get an addition built before Thanksgiving. Oh, by the way, husband, I love you."

"I love you, too." Kim said.

"I realize I have loved both of you for twenty years." I walked away in a daze.

I called two people I knew who had additions added to their homes and I took their recommendations. At seven that evening we met with the first contractor. At ten the next morning we met with number two and at noon number three. We met, not me. We. Marion, Kim and me.

We settled on number three. I had spoken to a lawyer earlier in the day and had a performance contract ready for him. If the addition passed inspection by the city, passed our inspection as ready-to-move-in on the Monday before Thanksgiving, he would get a fifteen thousand dollar bonus. We signed the contract on Thursday. He and three guys were on site at seven the next morning.

I worked every day and his crew were there when I left for work and there when I got home. Marion was embarrassed in the market about two weeks after the girls had gone back to school. She was in the market buying groceries and laughed at something. One of the women in the market said, "It's awfully soon for a widow to be laughing."

Marion left the market and came home in tears. I reminded her that Bob wouldn't want her suffering. He'd want her living, laughing, loving and remembering all the good times we all had.

She went back to the market the next day and the same woman was there. She approached her and said, "Yesterday when I laughed you said something about it being too soon for a widow to laugh. My husband didn't want me to spend my life suffering his loss. He asked me to live, love and laugh. I'm simply following his last request. If your husband wanted you to suffer and you are, then you are doing what he wanted. Please don't judge me by what you choose."

She paid for her groceries and left the store whistling.

I didn't know what life would be like with both of them under the same roof, every day. It was wonderful! They shared everything. The chores went faster. They laughed more. I also didn't know what life would be like with two willing sex partners under the same roof every night! I found out.

One evening, a couple days after construction started, I was watching Monday Night Football and Kim came to me and asked how they decide who gets the ball first. I told her about the coin toss.

She produced a half dollar and handed it to me. She said, "Flip it. If it lands heads you sleep with me tonight. Tails you sleep with Marion."

At that moment Marion walked in. "Tails he sleeps with me? What's going on?"

Kim explained. Marion looked at me and said, "So, flip!"

I said, "Does one of you feel neglected? I don't want to start keeping track of how many nights I spend with each of you and I don't want you to do that either. Let's just agree to communicate. If you feel like you want some snuggling, say so. You want to be nibbled on, say so. If you want to wake up with me and have sex in the morning, tell me. I'm the easiest man alive. I love both of you. Whatever pleases you will float my boat, light my candle, get me excited. Hell, I'd love it if I woke up with both of you."

Kim took back the half dollar., "I told you! We can share him in bed!"

They headed for the kitchen and I called out, "So, where am I sleeping tonight?"

Marion smiled and started unbuttoning her blouse, "Between us!"

I have no idea who won the Monday Night Football game on TV. I say I won the one at our house.

We undressed Marion and feasted on her yummy parts. Their conversation while we played was so hot I worried I might cum before I got inside either one of them.

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