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Cyber Vampires


I looked at the link in the screen it was a rectangle coloured red and black that said "For the best sucking Pleasure in your Life come to the world of the vampires". I smiled a little at the blatant play on words. I was bored and was surfing the sex sites on the Net. I had tried all the ones I usually went to but I wanted something new.

What grabbed my attention I have to say was the statement, "No Money Required for the Show."

No money that would be unusual, I avoided paying for my pleasure on principle but then there is so much to choose from on the Net that is free. I let the cursor lay over the switch and then pressed enter. The computer began to download the entrance page.

I smiled as I looked at the entrance of dripping red fangs beneath it was the usual warning "If you are under 18 do not enter this site."

I clicked the enter button and in time was given a pictured list of men and women in their finest evening best. In line with the theme they were wearing black evening dress. I could not fault the models and they were both desirable and sexy. Next to them was their name and another enter button. I looked at the pictures and decided to take the raven-haired beauty whose velvet black dress curved tightly over her c-size breasts. It seemed to me that her brown eyes had an extra ounce of lust than the others.

The enter button was pressed and a red brocaded curtain was drawn back allowing me into a chintz bedroom. Light music spread from the speakers. There in front of me was my choice looking at me. She smiled and I saw the sharp incisors press into her red lips. Before she talked a message began to scroll across the screen.

"Beware stranger to talk to the Vampire can cost you your life. Are you sure you want to be here?"

Another Enter button appeared before and I pressed it. There was a further warning about running active-x components that I rushed through and the woman licked her lips before me. Suddenly she talked in a low lust-laden voice. It thrilled me as she talked and ran her fingers along the the velvet of the dress at her cleavage.

"Hello my name is Jenny and I want you badly. Am I talking with a man or a woman?"

I typed Man.

She continued in that lust-inducing voice and I felt my cock grow hard as she spoke,"Good I like men so much. What is your name stranger?"

I realised that she had a slight accent, something Eastern European. Perhaps this was one of those Russian Mafia porn sites. Again I typed in a name.

"Hello John. Come here with me and let me relax you."

She stood and moved closer to a strong fire that made her a shadow in front of the webcam but what a shadow, she moved with an eerie grace that was so sexual and balletic. She stood next to a leather recliner that she made a motion to make me sit there. The camera moved as though I was sitting in the chair and again she was in front to me and I could see her.

The woman must have the owner of one of the palest white skins I had ever seen and I wondered what makeup they must use since white marble had more colour. She poured a glass of deep red wine and offered it to me. Looking over at the fire she hummed a wordless melody and began to sway her fantastic body back and forth in duplication of the flames that flickered and roared near the chair. She must have been nineteen I thought and then thought this is getting pretty boring. It was almost as though she knew that I was getting bored that she looked back to me and spoke again.

"I am so hot John do you mind if I take off my clothes?"

At last. I typed NO.

"So definite and so strong. You must be a very strong man John."

Reaching behind her neck she undid the bow that held the top of her dress up. Turning her back to me the dress slipped to her hips and I saw her naked back. There was no bra strap here and I was amazed, this was one of the most attractive backs that I had ever seen. It was muscular and perfect in all ways. I eased my cock out of my shorts and watched as she swayed her perfect back and backside in front of me. I could see her legs through the split in the back of the dress they were magnificent she could have been a super-model, what was she doing on this porn site.

The dress was pushed over her hips and I looked at a perfect smooth naked ass. She had the body of an Olympic athlete and my God I was so aroused. I began to pump my cock as she bent over giving me an eyeful of her tight shaved pussy. Parting her legs she opened her cunt lips and played her fingers over the white lips. I pumped my cock harder though slowed down a little, I didn't want to cum yet. This was so good and it was free.

Jenny looked again at the camera, she stood and turned, her breasts thrust at me. I was impressed the nipples were not pink but a darker shade of white. She pinched them and walked towards me.

"You are hot too. I can see your big cock that you are pumping in your hand. Here suck on my tits I need a man to fuck me."

She thrust that firm nipple at the camera and I felt it touch my lips. It was cool and fleshy. My body stopped in shock and the nipple touched my tongue. Again my arousal took over and my lips wrapped about the invisible tit that was in my mouth. It was the softest tit I had ever touched, the nipple was like a small pebble pressed to my tongue. She thrust her tit in and out of my mouth and I devoured it with an energy I barely knew I had. From the speakers I heard her groaning and inspiring me to greater efforts.

"John you have the tongue of the devil I am going to cum soon with what you are doing to my tits."

She pulled back and smiled at me, her canines razor-sharp and glowing in the firelight. She knelt before me and I felt her hand touch my cock. Again it was cool but the small hand seemed to arouse me even more.

"You are so big John can I suck on your cock? Do you want me to suck on your cock?"

My shaking fingers typed Yes and smiling again she bent into the camera. A tongue slipped over my precum leaking head. I felt the lips draw over the skin and her tongue lick up every drop on the tip of my cock. Her cool tongue touched me in a way that I could never have expected. I felt her strong slim hand hold the base of my cock to stop me from cuming too quickly.

The pleasure was so great that I threw my head back in my chair and screamed softly with delight. The lips slipped over my head and I felt the razor sharp fangs press but not break my skin. I reached out and I could swear that I felt soft silky hair in my fingers. She pressed forward and her lips slipped down the shaft of my cock until the entire length of my cock was in her mouth. No one had ever done this to me and it was fantastic. Then her mouth began to move up and down on my cock and drove me crazy.

It was only small and slow movements at first but each movement seemed magnified through my body with the pleasure it caused that if I had not been held in that death grip on my cock I would have cum all over her. I did not question that somehow she was with me now, in fact I couldn't question anything all I wanted was her tongue and mouth on my cock. Her head began to pump harder up and down and I began to groan and scream with the need to cum. She pumped her mouth quicker on my cock until just as I felt that I could no longer stand it she released her grip about my cock.

I screamed with the pleasure as my cum pumped through my cock. It was the strongest cum I had ever had. She sucked it deep into her throat and continued to suck on my hard flesh. I felt a slight prick on the shaft of my cock but my cum continued to shoot into the throat of the woman giving me head. As I continued to cum my head slid silently down to my chest.


The two detectives looked down at the body slumped prone at the keyboard. His shorts were wrapped around his ankles and his computer was still hot, whatever he had been doing it was garbage now.

"So it was a heart attack" One of the men remarked.

"Yep probably couldn't take the pleasure," he replied slowly. Looking at the screen covered in vampire fangs he shook his head and continued," I can never understand why someone doesn't have anti-virus and a firewall when they surf the Net. You just have to have protection when you go out there."

The two men turned away from the body and walked towards the door.

The End

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