tagGay MaleCyprus and Theo

Cyprus and Theo


This is a prequel to one of my sweeter stories "Ready to Eat", but you don't have to know it to understand this one.

I'm not one for writing sweet stories, but if y'all like them I guess I could try writing more.


The insatiable Theo was all over him again that night, begging him for more than just petting and fingering.

"C'mon Cyprus pleeaase..." The horny 18-year-old weaseled up to him and cooed.

"Do mee. I can take it! I played with toys before, so I know how it feels already, and you finger me a lot. Plus, I'll make sure to slather lots of lube on your thick...sexy...cock." He purposely drawled out his words to tease Cyprus.

These moments were the only times Theo wished his boyfriend wasn't such a patient gentleman. He didn't understand why he had to practically beg Cyprus to be fucked. In high school, he had to fight off guys from trying to get with him. Although he did understand that Cyprus just wanted things to go smoothly for him, he knew he was ready, so he didn't want to wait anymore.

However, no matter how much he begged and teased him, Cyprus wouldn't allow it.

"Teddy, I'm doing this for your own good. It's best to take this slow. Trust me." Cyprus knew good and well that Theo wasn't ready for the real thing yet. He had just gotten the boy used to two fingers in him, so a 7-inch cock surely didn't equivalate.

"Besides, toys feel a lot different than the real thing." He added.

It's not like Cyprus didn't want to have sex with Theo, it's just if he tried to push the boy into anal when he wasn't properly prepared, it would ruin his first experience, and Cyprus knew all too well about having a bad first time, so he didn't want that for the youngin.

In truth, he wanted to plow the boy, and he wasn't in the mood to be gentle right now either. You had to be delicate with a virgin asshole, so Cyprus had it all planned out: He had a weekend off soon, so he was gonna bring Theo to his house, so he could take him nice and slow, maybe give him something to drink to loosen him up, then once the boy was used to the feeling of him, he was gonna give him the business.

That's what he had planned.

However, Cyprus was starting to feel the side effects of his self-proclamation. He was frustrated, and his balls ached. Plus, Theo was making it difficult for the man to hold on to his resolve because he was being clingy and handsy, and Cyprus started to feel the novelty of blowjobs wearing off, so of course sex was the only viable next level, but he knew he had to hold out, just for a while longer, and it would all be worth it. Patience was the name of the game.

Theo was aware of Cyprus's sexual agitation, so he was gonna use that to his advantage. All he had to do was provoke the beast long enough, and the man's grizzly mode will take over. He knew the game. Theo was gonna get his way.

One night Cyprus told Theo that he'd be out of town again for a few days, so Theo invited him over to his house. In the 2 months of their relationship, Theo still hadn't told his parents about Cyprus, so every time he came over he had to sneak in. Cyprus wasn't used to this, but he did it for Theo.

Sneaking around made him feel naughty, Theo said, but it just made Cyprus feel like a pervert.

"So when are you going to tell them about me?" He asked while tiptoeing past the boy's parent's room, then into his.

His room was like a nerdy teenage boys; Dirty. an unkempt bed on the floor, X-men posters hanging everywhere, a PlayStation 4 and flat screen tv in one corner, a desk and a computer facing away in the other. Not to mention, the familiar smell of boyish musk and feet lingering in the air.

"I will." Theo locked the door, "My folks are still getting used to me being gay, and rule number 1, no other guys in my room."

Even though Theo was 18, his father was a 'his house, his rules' type of man. Theo said his father is not the type of man he'd want to get caught by, and Cyprus knew exactly what that meant.

That didn't stop Theo from wasting no time taking his spot on the man's lap, and he kissed him deeply. He stirred his ass on the man's hardening cock, occasionally bouncing on it, and Cyprus couldn't help but put this his hands on his hips and push back.

Theo stood up, and slid down his shorts, revealing a pair of red briefs with his hard cock head poking out at the top.

"Eat me while I suck your cock?" Theo asked like he always did.

Cyprus answered by unzipping the front of his pants. Even though he wished for more than a suck, he wasn't gonna deny it when offered. The man's hard 7-inches sprung out, and Theo took off his underwear and crawled back on top of him, turning around so his ass was in Cyprus's face.

Theo sucked Cyprus's cock like a popsicle. Using his plump lips and tongue to make loud, sloppy, noises that turned Cyprus on so much. He focused his sucking on the head of the man's cock where he was more sensitive, making Cyprus's hips jerk. He sucked while playing with the man's hairy balls, but as he tried to take Cyprus's hefty cock to the back of his throat, he'd gag a little for he was still learning how to deep throat properly.

Cyprus loved the view of Theo's sexy asshole. His ass was a shade of brown like cinnamon, and the ring of curly dark hair around his puckered hole was sexy to Cyprus, and the way it clenched whenever he gagged was also a turn on. He'd run his tongue across it, long and deliberately, then he sucked on his middle finger and it slid right into Theo's asshole, making the boy sigh sweetly.

"Another one." Theo said, before Cyprus could even slide his whole finger in.

"Someone's eager tonight." He laughed, then prepared his index finger then he slowly pushed it in too, but he felt Theo tense up a bit. "You alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Can use a bit of lube?" Theo asked.

This was new to Cyprus. Theo usually didn't ask for lube when he fingered him.

"Here." Theo reached over to his nightstand and readily grabbed the bottle, and he smiled innocently.

Although he thought this unusual, Cyprus thought nothing more of it. The man did have large hands, with equally large fingers, and two fingers were still new for Theo, so he applied the slick lube liberally to Theo's ass and then to his fingers.

Theo moaned as Cyprus's fingers slid smoothly in and out of him. Reaching just a bit farther than usual, and pressing his sweet spot. The feeling was amazing. If this was how the man's cock was gonna feel then he didn't want to wait anymore!

To Cyprus's surprise, Theo turned around on the man's lap, and he snatched off the man's shirt and wrapped his arms around his broad shoulders and kissed him. Tongue to tongue. Hard cock to hard cock. Cyprus grabbed Theo and squeezed him. His hands reaching around to grip the boy's tight ass.

Theo attacked Cyprus's neck with his tongue, perusing down to his chest finding his nipples underneath the jungle of hair. He took off his shirt to rub his chest against it.

He grinded more against Cyprus's cock then reached around and pressed his hot cock head into his asshole.

"Teddy, I know what you're doing." He glared at him, but Theo ignored him. Instead he just played with the man's hot cock between his ass cheeks.

Cyprus's cock felt like it was ready to explode as Theo kept teetering it in and out of his asshole. He was gonna lose, if he didn't stop. He knew Theo was gonna try something like this, but today couldn't have been the worst day for his mental fortitude was beginning to falter.

"Teddy," Cyprus tried to sound serious, but his hips were moving on their own. "I'm warning you..."

"Doesn't that feel good, daddy?" Theo cooed, "Just press it in deeper..."

"Theo!" Cyprus barked his name and startled him. He grabbed the boy by his shoulders and with a swift motion, reversed him on his back. "If you don't stop...I can't promise you I'll be gentle."

There it was. Theo smiled triumphantly then threw his legs around the man's waist and he pulled him in. "I told you, I can take it."

Cyprus kissed Theo furiously, pushing him to the top of the bed. He was moving at lighting speed, taking off his pants, slapping on the condom and drowning his cock with lube. Next thing Theo knew, he was holding up his legs then lined his slick cock up with the boy's tight ass and pushed through. Theo held back a loud groan as he felt his virgin hole stretching out. He grabbed the man's shoulders as Cyprus slowly slid another inch into him.

Theo was incredibly tight, it was almost hard for him to get the head in, but with a slight thrust, with a pop, he got his whole fat cockhead into the boy's ass. He held it there for a second as he relished in the young boy's asshole spasming around his cock, also letting Theo adjust to the new feeling of something so large unnaturally entering his body.

Theo still held on to the man's shoulders, as he took a few deep breaths. He couldn't believe that another man was inside of him, about to have sex, Cyprus at that. This definitely felt different than two fingers!

"I can't believe your cock is inside me." Theo said softly.

"Does it hurt?" Cyprus asked.

Hell yeah it hurt, but he didn't want him to stop.

"Keep going." He replied quietly.

Cyprus slowly slid another inch into him, and Theo buried his head into the man's armpit and clawed his shoulders. He pushed half of his cock in the boy and decided that was enough for now.

"Get ready." He warned the doe eyed boy.

Then he pulled his hips back, and his shaft slid out of Theo's satiny hole, and Theo gasped and groaned as quietly as he could as he felt the man's thickness fill him back up. Over and over, he sawed in and out of Theo, and all Theo could do was gasp. He watched Theo go red in the face, and his toes curled with each thrust into him.

He was groaning and panting, and Cyprus thought he saw a tear roll down Theo's face, so he slowed down a bit. He didn't want to hurt him, but Cyprus didn't know how long he could take going slow in the boy's tight snatch. Just as he thought that, the boy started breathing heavy and his groans of exertion started to sound like deep sighs of carnal ecstasy.

"Cyprus...go faster please." He begged between heavy panting.

That was Cyprus's rightful cue to push the boy's knees to his chest and start the real thrusting, and Theo bit his lip to hold back his cries. Cyprus watched his deep red shaft piston in and out of the boy's trembling brown asshole, and Theo's cock inflated quickly from the growing pleasure going on in his asshole.

The sounds of Cyprus's thighs slapping against Theo's ass was loud and the boy's panting and moans were also starting to grow louder than the action movie playing on the tv.

"Teddy, you sound fucking sexy, but you gotta be a bit quieter." He tried to stop the slapping noises by slowing down. "I don't need your dad coming in here kicking my ass."

"I cant- help it. Your cock feels so good." He answered honestly. "Deeper please!"

And deeper Cyprus went, shoving the rest of his cock into Theo, and Theo yelled.

"Shh!" He quickly covered his mouth. "Ok, this isn't gonna work. Turn around."

He flipped the boy on his stomach, and threw the blanket over them. He reinserted his cock back into his asshole and before Theo could make another noise, he shoved his face into a pillow. He hitched his legs underneath the boy's and thrusted hard, making sure the hit his target in the boy' ass.

The smell of sex was brewing strongly underneath the sheets. Cyprus had the boy's hips up and his face was buried in the pillow, so his groans and cries were muffled out. He hunched over Theo, burying his face in the boy's mass of sweaty curls, and he reached underneath him to toggle his hard pecker.

His ass was so tight. Cyprus thought he wasn't gonna last very long. Plus the view he had of Theo's ass was incredibly sexy. He was already getting used to Cyprus's cock and learning techniques. He was learning to push his asshole out to take in more of his cock and meet Cyprus's thrust. Damn he loved his Teddy's ability to catch onto things quickly! He wondered how could this boy get any sexier?

"Cyprus, pull my hair." Theo pleaded.

That threw all his reserve out the window.

He no longer cared about being gentle or quiet. All he cared about now was fucking Teddy into the baseboard. He laid his chest against the boy's back, one arm underneath Theo's sweaty chest and his other hand snatched the boy's hair back. The man's cock tunneled deeper and Cyprus rolled his hips around, churning up Theo's insides. Thrusting with all his body weight into the 150lb boy.

Theo felt like he was gonna be crushed by the mammoth man. The man's large body blanketed his, and Cyprus was thrusting so hard that the mattress underneath Theo was springing his ass back farther on the man's cock. Theo was very turned on by his boyfriend's roughness, and the mixture of pain, and mind-numbing pleasure that was going on in his ass from his 32-year-old boyfriend's thick cock.

His cock was hard as steel and precum leaked out like a broken faucet. The man was just mindlessly thrusting into Theo. Breaking in Theo like he was just a filthy sex sleeve, and Theo loved it. He wanted Cyprus to use him like this for now on. Whenever Cyprus wanted to ram his thick cock in his tight boy ass, he wasn't gonna deny it.

"Cyprus!" He cried.

Suddenly, they heard a knock on his bedroom door that jolted them both up.

"Theodore." His mom called him. "What are you doin'?"

Theo cleared his throat, "I'm, uh, playing a game with my friends online."

Cyprus chuckled quietly, impressed at Theo's ability to fabricate a lie so quickly.

"Ok," She said. "Your dad and I are going to the store, you need something?"

"No!" Theo covered his face, embarrassed.

"You sure?" She asked.

"Yes!" He yelled, wishing she'd go away.

For a few moments, they sat still, listening for Theo's parents then finally they heard them leave out the front door.

"Now that they're gone." Cyprus grinned and threw the blanket back.

He lifted Theo up by the back of his legs, and lowered the boy down on his still hard cock, and Theo threw his head back and wailed in ecstasy. In this position, Cyprus had all the control over how fast and hard he could thrust and Theo was light enough for it to work.

"Yeah! That's good! That's so good!" Theo groaned as loud as he wanted and rested his head back against the man's chest.

Theo was loving this position. Cyprus was actually picking him up. Like the actors did in all those pornos he saw. It was so hot. Cyprus picked up his speed, his rough thrusts made his cock drill hard and deep into the pit of Theo's bowels.

"Oh god! Oh god!" He kept yelling. That feeling was too intense for him. He could cum at any moment. "Oh god, I think I might cum!"

Shortly, he was grunting hard, then his cock jet-setted ropes and ropes of cum all over his blanket.

Cyprus couldn't believe that Theo was cumming from his ass on his first time, but he couldn't hold it back anymore either. "Fuck, me too."

Cyprus grunted, cumming so hard that his balance staggered and he toppled over onto Theo, but not letting that stop him from filling up the condom in Theo's ass.

Cyprus lifted himself off Theo and peeled off the sticky, full condom before tying it up and tossing it on the floor.

"Hey!" Theo protested.

"Your room is already gross, so why not." Cyprus laughed and fell next to Theo, fully spent. "Was it a nice first time?"

"It was amazing," Theo rolled over and grabbed his shirt to clean up with. "Kinda sore though."

Cyprus chuckled. "Hey, sorry I made you wait all this time. I didn't want you to have a messed up first time like I did."

"I understand. Sorry that I kinda pushed you into it." Theo apologized and laid next to him.

Cyprus reached over and bear hugged Theo, and they both laid there staring blankly at the tv.

"The only thing bad about this was my mom interrupting us." Theo said.

"Which is why I wanted to go to my house." Cyprus scoffed.

"Well let's go tomorrow night and try out more positions!" Theo said excitedly.

Cyprus stood up. "No," He said while putting his clothes back on. "For being sneaky, I'm grounding you from sex until I get back next week. You can only suck my dick up until I leave."

"Whatever," Theo laughed, but Cyprus wasn't, and Theo couldn't tell if he was joking or not. "Hey! You can't be serious! That's not fair! You can't keep it from me! I want more!" He begged more, but Cyprus didn't give in.

*The moral of the story, it's not fun getting caught with your boyfriend's cock in your ass by your parents.


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