tagIncest/TabooDad is Discovered F***ing Paige!

Dad is Discovered F***ing Paige!


This is the 'Revealed! Dad & Her Sex Secrets' story (in Literotica's Incest/Taboo collection) but with a totally different ending. It is suggested you read that story first, then skip down to page 2 of this story and read the different ending starting below the line of stars.

* * * * *

It's a great pleasure to meet you.

I don't get to meet - let alone see - too many people, so I am honoured being able to tell you my story.

I'm Paige's panties.

Or, as Paige often describes me, I'm 'Nick's knickers' - or, alternatively, her 'lucky panties.'

I was the pair of panties she was wearing when she lost her virginity...Or, more accurately, the pair of panties she was wearing before she was blooded...and the pair of panties she was wearing immediately after she experienced her first penetration.

And - with the exception of occasions when Paige was wearing no underwear at all (those occasions on holiday when she was 'dressed' in just a yukata) - I've been her 'lucky underwear' every time she has since 'got lucky' with Nick.

Mind you, I have not seen much of that action. Paige and Nick have been 'at it' in bed and I've been discarded, lying on the floor alongside Paige's bra, having to listen to Paige's screams and moans of delight - which sometimes seem to have lasted for hours.

But I've seen things that no one else has seen...I've shared secrets no one else knows about...I've been very much closer to Paige's most feminine parts than anyone else...

...so, thankyou for giving me this opportunity to reveal all.

If you've seen the photograph of Paige on Nick's bedroom wall, I'm the pair of panties that is lying just at her feet.

As you'll have noticed, I'm not as pretty - nor as sexy - as Paige. But she obviously considers me to be her favourite pair of panties.

I'm a pale pink colour with black trim around the waist and along the edges that run down between Paige's legs. So I'm feminine, and attractive - but otherwise not outstandingly stunning.

And I've been around for a couple of years - so I have some unusually intimate stories I can tell!

It's perhaps appropriate that I should, therefore, first go back to the days when Paige was a virgin.

Paige may have been a virgin then, but she understood what sexual pleasure was all about...and she certainly knew how to pleasure herself.

During less-interesting lessons in school, as well as at home at night, Paige used to let her hand wander down between her legs and she would push my fabric down to rub that particularly-feminine nub that was usually hidden between her labia. I'd circle her clitoris...sometimes she would tap me up against it...sometimes she would squeeze me against it...sometimes she would use me to massage it...

Until, a little further down between her legs, I'd then discover I was becoming increasingly damp.

Sometimes Paige would shudder having orgasmed...which invariably meant she would soon stop pushing me around.

Sometimes - but only at home in her bedroom - she would also let out a muted, satisfied sigh.

And then those nights, after undressing, she would give me a sniff...and then a little kiss. So, obviously, I was doing something very special to please her.

Not that I minded at all! Who could object to giving a pretty 19 year-old girl a serious rubbing around her clitoris...and all the pleasure she was seeking?

On other occasions she would grab my elastic at the front and at the back and pull me tightly so that I was squeezed into that crack between her beautiful buttocks and into that smaller valley running up the front where her clitoris was hidden, and then she would rhythmically pull me up and back...up and back...obviously delighting in whatever she felt as my fabric touched some particularly sensitive area between her legs.

So I was her Sex Toy No. 1!

I had often wondered about my role - apart from the part I played for her when she was masturbating. I'd cling to Paige's hips in a way that was exactly the way that guys squeeze her waist when they are stealing that first pash.

And I'd cling tightly between her legs to ensure no breezes were able to cool her cunt or waft up her then-virgin hole.

I often wondered exactly what was down that hole. Paige would sometimes pop a finger inside and appear to be giving something down there a bit of a tickle. This would invariably bring a smile to her face. And, other times, she would insert a little white tampon and then shield me from seeing what was happening by covering me with a panty liner.

So that hole of hers remains a mystery to me.

But it certainly attracted the attention of some boys. They would try to push a hand down under my elastic waistband and get a finger as deep into that little hole as possible. And, after a bit, Paige would sternly tell them "You've gone far enough. Stop it."

My other role seems to have been to tease the guys - particularly in summer.

Paige occasionally wears short skirts and, like all girls, she would feign embarrassment when the wind lifted her skirts a little too high.

But I really knew she actually loved the added attention she momentarily received when the wind exposed me to the world.

I remember being worn to the shopping mall on several occasions when Paige and Jenny, both dressed in very short skirts, went there specifically to tease the guys.

They would stand near the bottom of the escalator until a suitable young male was obviously walking their way. Then they would ride the escalator a few steps ahead of him, occasionally leaning forward to give him a clearer view of their behinds - and, in Paige's case, of me.

Paige's favourite trick half way up the ride, would be to grab my elastic somewhere around the back, lift it, move her finger down between her legs and then allow the elastic hem to flick back down against her bottom - as if she was adjusting her knickers, relieving a slight wedgie.

She knew this always excited the guy who was down behind them on the escalator.

And having, by then, got the guy's complete attention, both girls would suddenly turn around and give him a couple of 'caught you in the act, you pervert' glares...before stepping off the escalator in a fit of giggles...and then riding the escalator down to repeat the act on another unsuspecting lad.

I'd thought it would be just desserts if these two mischief-makers were forced to repeat their shenanigans in a totally panties-less state...so the unsuspecting 'victims' would have a clear view of what is usually well-hidden between their legs.

But, being regular visitors to the nudist resort, even this 'punishment' would probably have had no significant impact on them at all! After all, both girls have holidayed each year to a resort where the lucky guys who are there freely get to see exactly what is between their legs.

As you can guess, I'm extremely close to Paige's pubic hair. We are very close neighbours, with absolutely nothing separating us - and we often play with one another!

I was devastated the day that Paige's teenage pubes all disappeared...shaved off ...leaving a bare (but, I must admit, enticingly beautiful) pubic mound.

For a week or so after, Paige was constantly rubbing me against her pubic mound while she experienced the prickliness that usually comes with the first re-emergence of shaved pubic hair. That was a role I had never thought I would have!

Paige lovingly watched her regrowth...and, to me, it was like getting reacquainted with a close friend who had suddenly gone missing at some earlier time.

But, just as that familiar patch of pubic hair had regrown, Nick then trims it back to almost nothing!

I guess I've since got used to her pubes now being just a thin strip of hair that points all the way down to that mysterious hole between Paige's legs.

I could tell you some interesting stories about some of the guys who have shafted that tight little hole, but I really want to tell you about Paige and her Dad...and what that brute of a father did to her by-then, very-cherished fuck funnel.

...About what happened one Saturday evening a few weeks ago, a short time after the family returned from their annual holiday to the nudist resort.

Mum was away that weekend, caring for her mother who was ill. And Jenny was out somewhere for the evening.

Paige had spent the afternoon with a young guy, savouring the pleasure of having his young manhood up her love tunnel and, of course, accepting some shots of cum from him as a sort of parting gift.

It was more than obvious that Paige had been 'romping in the hay' that afternoon because she showered when she arrived home, and then changed into a new set of clothes before preparing dinner for her herself and her Dad.

And I was the pair of panties she had selected to wear that evening.

Over dinner Dad raised the question of her sexual proclivities. He expressed the view that perhaps she was making herself a little too-freely available and suggested that perhaps he should not make his car available to her so she could drive all over town just to allow young men to give her a fuck.

"And, I couldn't help noticing at the resort how many times you would disappear with some young man, only to re-appear an hour or two later, obviously freshly showered and with your hair neatly done. So I can only assume you had been fucked every time you disappeared...and that you were making your body freely available to them."

Paige didn't deny any of this. Instead she confessed "I really enjoy having sex, and I hope you won't try to stop me having more by restricting my use of the family car."

And then, surprisingly, she added "You're jealous, aren't you?"

"I must admit I am, and I must admit I'd love to be given the same opportunity to have a good look and a good feel of your body as you are giving those younger guys," Dad replied.

"After all, I'm constantly being teased by that wonderful picture of you and Jenny that you so kindly gave us...I do get to see you without any clothes at the resort - even if that's usually from a bit of a distance...and you know I occasionally get glimpses of you in the nude as you make a naked dash from the bathroom to your bedroom."

"I'm very proud of you, and I'm a normal, healthy male - so how could I not but dream of seeing more of your body when you are naked, and perhaps be able to also make love to you too."

"And, if Freud is correct, I bet you have also had similar dreams of making love to me!" he added.

Paige was a little taken-aback by the discussion...even though nudity, sex, sexual feelings were topics that were more freely discussed in this household than in most households. So Paige surely had some understanding about how her father felt.

"I'll make a deal with you," she suggested. "You just accept that I am who I am, and I'll offer you - just once - what I make available to those other guys. You'll be able to look at my whole body, touch it, feel it, and get right inside it."

Paige could tell her Dad was interested. Very interested!

"But there are three conditions," she continued. "The first is that this is a strictly once-off occurrence. I shouldn't be allowing my Father to fuck me, and you know you shouldn't be fucking your daughter. So you will never, ever, ask me to go to bed with you again."

"The second condition is that you never tell anyone else we have had sex together. So only you and I can ever know what is about to happen."

"And third, I am not going to make things easy for you. You will be fulfilling a fantasy...so I intend to fanaticise a bit too. So I suggest we make this a bit different, a bit surreal for both of us."

"What do you have in mind?" Dad asked.

"First you are going to have to catch me. And then you are going to have to get my pants off. And then you are going to have to get my legs apart. So you'll have to work hard to get what you want...and I'll be expecting you to be a bit rough - which is probably appropriate if you believe you now have a little tart for a daughter!"

"But I won't make it too hard."

"I'll take off my bra and...hey... I've got an old nighty there. How about I cut the hems at the neckline and the bottom so you can rip it off me...before ravaging me?"

"Sounds fun," Dad replied. He had never imagined that his dessert at dinner tonight would be this appealing!

So Paige retreated to her bedroom to prepare herself.

She had a few moments there to think about what was to occur. She was excited - in fact so excited that, for the second time today, she could feel her feminine 'in anticipation juices' start to dampen her vaginal tunnel.

She knew this would be a unique experience - allowing her Father inside (and, yes, she had dreamed, when younger, of exactly this prospect!) - and hoped it would be an outstandingly memorable experience that might rank up there with the pleasant memories she now had of her very first fucking by Nick. And she hoped she would never have any regrets about what was about to happen.

She knew it was something they absolutely shouldn't be doing - but that just added to the excitement of the impending moment!

What Dad was doing was really quite out of character. He had never, ever, asked Paige to take him to bed. In fact, he had never, ever, even asked her to show him her boobs or to show him her now-mature teenage cunt.

And then Paige wondered if her older but less sexually-driven sister, Jenny, had ever been asked by her Dad to have sex with him...or whether she had ever been asked to show him her boobs or her other private parts...or even, when Jenny had been sent to her room for misbehaviour and Dad had then gone in to give her a smack, he had taken her panties down before delivering her punishment.

Of course she could now never ask Jenny, because Jenny would be curious why she had raised these questions...and might even ask Paige whether her Dad had ever suggested they make love to one another.

And Paige hoped that her Dad, presumably having enjoyed having sex with her, would never then be tempted to put the hard word on Jenny to pleasure him in the same way.

Paige knew that Dad had a big penis. He is, as some would say, "well endowed" and "well hung". His manhood is clearly both longer than average and thicker than average.

What Paige had never realised is just how thick and just how long it becomes when it is fully engorged.

Dad's erection was going to stretch her little cunnie more than it had ever been stretched before...or, as a doctor might observe, she was about to experience a significant vaginal dilation.

If she had asked her Mum, she would have been told that her Mum suffered serious pain the first time Dad drove his dick home. Her Mum was convinced she could feel exactly how far his erection had penetrated for several days thereafter.

And Mum was just thankful that she had lost her virginity before Dad had entered her that first time. If she had still been a virgin, she felt there was no way she would have been able to fully accept his erection.

But, after that first time, Mum became a firm believer that 'size does matter!' So with the pain came considerable pleasure.

When Paige returned to the family room she was only wearing me and her old nighty - so was clearly indicating she was expecting to have some fun. She reiterated to her Dad that "whatever I may say to you while we are playing tonight, I AM quite happy for you to be fucking me this once."

Dad asked Paige if he could have a good look at her body and give her a cuddle or two before she started to play hard-to-get.

Paige agreed, so for the first time that night I was on the floor lying alongside her discarded nighty.

Dad gave Paige a close cuddle and then took her to the bedroom and lay her on his bed.

He started by gently stroking her incredibly smooth, taut, teenage backside.

Oh, what a great feel that was!

He slowly ran a finger down her butt cleavage, lingering at her ass hole. She silently, firmly moved his hand along. Obviously a journey down her Hershey Highway was not part of the package of treats she was offering him tonight.

Dad wondered whether his daughter might, in fact, still be an anal virgin.

This was one of many questions he would love to have asked his daughter: when exactly did you lose your virginity? Who was the lucky man? How did that first time feel? How many men have you had inside you since? How many guys were given that pleasure during the week at the resort? (he guessed at least five)...what exactly did she like about being screwed (a question no other girl had yet been able to satisfactorily answer!)...what would I need to offer to receive another invitation to get into your pants and get up your vagina again??!!

He then turned her on her back and spread her legs so he could see exactly what his sperm had helped to create some 20 years earlier.

He knew she was beautiful. He'd seen that from the photograph...he'd seen that at the nudist resort...he'd caught glimpses of her beauty as she scurried from bathroom to bedroom... and on the occasions when she had walked around the house clad only in the skimpiest of bras and knickers.

But now he had the opportunity to see her nipples close up and to discover what really was hiding between her legs.

He knew this was an opportunity he was unlikely to ever have again.

And he knew - only too well - he was seeing something that a father should never get to see.

He was excited - particularly when he pulled Paige's labial curtains apart and he had his first view of her quite prominent clitoris. Her most-female of female parts...her single-most erotic possession.

The area that guys so love to touch...a beacon standing at the entrance to her always-beckoning inner harbour.

"Do you mind if I touch it...give it a lick?" he enquired.

"Well, other guys do...and I told you I'd let you do what others guys do," she replied, and then added "But you had better make sure I enjoy it!"

Dad was in no hurry. He was determined to closely examine his 'baby' - every tiny, little bit of her...every bit of her that was visible from the outside and every little bit that he could possibly see inside her.

And he was determined to make his 'examination' as pleasurable for his little girl as possible!

So her tits got touched and tickled.

Her nipples got a nibbling.

Her labia were licked.

Her clit was caressed and carefully cosseted. Many, many more times than just the once! And Paige was loving it!!

And her clit was sucked...and licked.

Her love tunnel was tongued.

Oh, how good she tasted, Dad must have thought. He returned again and again to experience the sensational appeal of her intimate nectar that so very few have savoured.

He would have been content just licking her there for hours - until her teenage, feminine juices ceased to flow from that magical spring that was buried somewhere deep down the well between her legs - that deep well that had previously been explored and opened up by a number of other guys...and was soon to be made accessible to him.

Her g-spot was found and fingered. And fingered and fingered!

And Paige just lay there, eyes closed, thoroughly enjoying the attention that was being lavished...feeling her usual pre-sex dampness increase and start to trickle down to fully moisten her vaginal opening in readiness to receive...to receive what Paige had previously discovered she so-loved to receive.

And, all the time, she was willing herself towards orgasm...

And completely forgetting that it was her Dad who was actually debauching his daughter.

"Daddy, you're a dirty, dirty dog!! You've well-and-truly crossed that moral line in tonight's dealings with your daughter," she could well have remarked.

Not that Paige was totally innocent!

While her father had been caressing her body, probing her female features, she had been squeezing his balls, playing with his penis, becoming aware of the dampness of his pre-cum that was now emerging from his fully-engorged erection.

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