Daddy's Little Girl


Seeing the look in his loving little girl's face, how pretty and sexy she was right now and the way she kept grinding back against his cock, it was too much for Vincent. When he felt her very wet hole right against the tip of his cock, he looked down and she was so very tiny in front of him, almost half his size and so delicate, with such a tiny ass. His hand held her waist while he used the other to turn her face towards his and slowly, he pressed his mouth against hers and began kissing her deeply while his hips also moved forward and hers backwards in unison, his little girl moaning loudly into his mouth as her daddy's large and thick cock penetrated her, spreading her apart as it sank deep into her wet pussy in only a couple strokes.

Groaning in pleasure as he kissed his daughter while burying himself to the hilt into her virgin pussy, he broke the kiss only for a second as he looked into her eyes while pulling back slowly until the head of his dick was against her hole and she was almost empty, then he plunged his hard cock back into her soaking wet hole with a loud slurping noise. Izzie gasped and moaned loudly as she held her father's gaze while he penetrated her for the first time. Vincent could not help but see how tiny she was compared to him, how adorable even naked in front of him with his cock in her hot little cunt. Her daddy kissed her deeply again as she felt him pull out of her after only thrusting twice into her.

She was so vulnerable in this position, so completely offered to him. So small, so fragile, he had to have her completely and so he kissed her even more deeply as he used his left hand to guide his cock higher, pushing it against her tight and pink asshole. Feeling the wetness and the pressure caused her to twitch and she actually pushed her ass higher and more against her daddy as he kissed her so hungrily, her eyes snapping wide open as she felt all ten inches of her daddy's long and hard cock slowly but steadily sink up her ass, her tight hole stretching wide around his girth. She was almost screaming in his mouth now as his entire length buried itself up her tight little teenage ass, her own father behind her grunting loudly as finally his hips were pushed against her ass. Eyes still wide, Izzie felt her daddy pull back, the hard shaft rubbing everywhere up her ass until he was almost all the way out and then without warning, he pushed himself back deep up her tight rump and this time Izzie felt her daddy penetrate her with little resistance.

She looked into his eyes as he kept devouring her mouth, moaning loudly as her father began thrusting in and out of his little girl's ass, fucking her deeply yet at a gentle pace, and soon the initial pain was replaced by pleasure as her eyes closed again and her body relaxed, she even began pushing back against him to try and take his cock even deeper up her ass while he fondled her breasts and kissed her passionately. After a moment he pulled out and shoved his cock back into her dripping wet little cunt, the moisture helping a lot as her daddy's shaft slid in deep inside of her from behind and she moaned wildly, now actively thrusting back against him. After fucking her like that for several minutes and after she came many times around him, he pulled out and slowly laid on his back, opening his arms to her. Still with her ass on display for him, she looked back at her father seductively, fully aware of what they were doing and loving every second of it.

Taking her time, she turns around and moves to her father slowly with a soft smile on her face as as looked down at him and straddles him, never looking away even as she takes her first initiative and takes a hold of his wet cock, giving him a few strokes before she lifts a leg slightly and aims his cock where she wants it as she lowers herself onto her daddy. Vincent felt a tight wetness as the head of his hard and sensitive cock pushed against one of her holes, his sexy little girl holding on to his shoulders with her perk breasts almost in his face as she pushed back slowly, her daddy's cock pressing up into her heavenly tight ass an she moaned loudly as she took her father in her rear by herself, lowering herself more and more and feeling his long and thick shaft plunge so very deeply up her ass. Holding onto him, she began riding her daddy's cock faster than before, her ass cheeks slapping down against his thighs every time she slammed down and took him deep into her hot and tight asshole, it was hard to believe that her father's big cock could fit in her bum, she was so tiny.

After licking and sucking at his little girl's breasts for a few minutes, he slid a hand between her legs and pushed three fingers up into her soaked pussy, making her moan even louder as he crushed his lips against hers and kissed her deeply, slamming his hips upwards into her harder. The poor little girl felt her daddy's huge cock repeatedly ram deep up her ass and it was driving her insane with pleasure as she rode him wildly while he fingered her. All of a sudden he moaned and moved her off of him, forcing her to slide his cock out of her ass and she watched his every movement, eyes filled with lust and pleasure as he pushed her down on her stomach on the bed. It took less than a second and she felt her daddy straddle her ass, one hand spreading her tiny little ass cheeks to reveal that tantalizing and small hole. She felt the head of his wonderfully big and hard cock pressing tightly against her asshole and she took a deep breath as her father pushed his whole length all the way up her ass until she felt about to split in two.

"God your ass is so tight, baby, it feels so incredibly good that I could take it all day like that, I think that every occasion I'll get from now on, daddy is going to pull down your pants and take off your panties, and after you suck your daddy's cock like a good girl, daddy is going to bend you over and put his hard cock deep in your tight ass, baby." As he said that, he was using a hand to grope and squeeze at her ass even as his fully erect cock was plunging in and out of his own daughter's rear, making her moan louder as he continued.

"I...I'd love that daddy, I....I love it when you do things to me, but it feels really good when you do...things to my bum...your...your cock feels really good up my ass daddy." And then she moaned again as he fucked his innocent little girl up the ass while straddling her, grunting loudly as he finally couldn't hold back anymore. Moaning loudly and his body trembling, he pushed himself hard against his little girl's firm ass and began spurting loads after loads of hot sticky cum deep up little Izzie's asshole, the poor abused girl reaching her orgasm at the same time and shaking heavily as she screamed out and her juices flowed out of her pussy, her tired body held down by her father's weight before he slowly rolled on his side, moving her with him so that she laid on her side as well, his cock never slipping out of her body.

Before they could even think about cleaning up, both were snuggling up against each other and falling asleep from exhaustion after Izzie's first sexual encounter, her daddy's wet and softening dick still inside of her sexy ass and she had a smile on her face when she finally dozed off.

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