tagNon-EroticDancing in the Pale Moonlight Pt. 01

Dancing in the Pale Moonlight Pt. 01


For those of you who will read this and claim Batman is out of character, I want to say that I based the Batman in this story off Batman in his first appearance in Detective Comics #27. His outfit, however is modeled after the Batman of Tim Burton and Michael Keaton is the Batman I had in my head when I decided to include Batman in this story. So don't go expecting a pacifist Batman like the modern Batman of today. I had to put this here so I wouldn't get flamed for this.

This story was written as a request from a good friend of mine that I've known for quite a few years now who is an avid Batman fan. Happy late Birthday, Anthony; I hope you enjoy this story and I'm sorry that it took me this long to even finish the thing.

I also offer my apologies if this first chapter isn't that good. I'd been struggling with it, but I really think everyone will like the last few chapters better. Sorry. Also, no sex in the first chapter but you can't expect some in the second. I'm sure I'll get even more low-votes for this.


I always thought that Gotham City was a pretty cool place. Well, maybe not ALWAYS. One thing that I had found about living in Gotham City, was, the experience was a little similar in drinking alcohol; something among the dreary lines of an acquired taste I suppose you could say. Because who honestly wanted to live in a place like Gotham? The city, at one point, had been known to be rather peaceful and it was rather serene where you could just take a walk outside and set forth on a peaceful and magnificent stroll and just enjoy nature and being alive. But that changed. Boy, had it changed.

I wasn't alive when Gotham was the calm land that it once was. I didn't get to experience the friendly embrace and warm kisses that the once enjoyable city had to offer to its residents.

But I had heard stories from people who lived there. A friendly town where everyone knew anyone.

But now? Now it was a ghost of its former self.

Gotham City...It did certainly earn its name rather well. Dark, cold, and bearing something of a chilling aura, it did. It was not the type of place that you would want to travel all across the world just to come visit.

The streets were no stranger to the spilling of blood. The criminals there had become progressively worse and knew no-bounds and no restrain whatsoever.

A town once glimmering with light, now shrouded by a thick and impenetrable cloud of darkness that showed no signs of lifting.

It was...What it was: The dark and depressing town of Gotham City.

There was only a few people who fought against the darkness and offered a slight light: Commissioner James Gordon, and a man, a man who had exceeded what should have been the limitations of human nature; a man who struck fear into the hearts of villains everywhere, who's name was always muttered by trembly lips in a hushed manner as if it was forbidden to speak: The Batman.

It was just another day. It, just like all the others, seemed like it was just the same day as the one that had just faded. Nothing ever felt genuinely new and life itself felt like it was just a repeat of the same day, but given a new yet familiar name...That really wasn't so new after all since these names had been heard over and over since many of us had been born.

It was nothing special. Nothing new was going to happen.

I heard the sound of my alarm going on the black nightstand that rested right next to the worn old bed, full of holes in the sheets and mattress, that I just couldn't bring myself to throw away no matter how worn it was.

Groggily, I rubbed my eyes and growled under my breath; cursing the pale light that was seeping through the darkly colored curtains that were mostly, save for a small crack, closed.

"Morning already?" I muttered in annoyance.

But as these words passed my lips, I instantly gasped and looked out through my window.

I turned over onto my side and squeezed my eyes shut in defiance against the light that had threatened to ruin my much needed sleep, and slammed my face onto the other half of the comfortable pillow; pulling the blankets over myself as the nippy air attempted to assault my body.

Christmas was right down the road.

It was literally only about seven days away. And, as what had seemed to become the norm in Gotham, the air had dropped below zero and was freezing, with snow being a nice early present from Old Man Winter, for all the residents of the crime-infested city.

But honestly..I wasn't even that excited about the Yuletide since I didn't have anything to really be excited for: I had no parents, my relatives didn't give a damn if I was dead or alive, my 'girlfriends' turned out to be gifts from the underworld and may have well been Satan in disguise, and to top it all off; I was hanging on a thread with my job.

My alarm clock just rang through my ears in my attempt to ignore it, and I tried my absolute hardest to just pretend that I wasn't hearing anything, but I ended up giving in and muttered a mild-curse, the type you'd hear on a G or a TV Y7 show, nothing big or fantastic, and finally snapped mentally.

I gave in.

"Piece of garbage! Why didn't you go off HOURS ago? You better not be getting wacky on me..."

I rolled over and reached for the clock, turned it off, and yawned a noisy yawn.

"Holy crap!" I instantly grabbed my sides once I had pushed the blankets off and instantly felt the air trying to pierce through me like hundreds of knives.

"I knew it was cold, but THIS cold?"

I felt like my nipples were about to just turn into nipsicles or something and then break right off my chest and shatter all over the ground into several teeny, tiny little pieces.

"It's like it got colder over night."

I fought against the cold air, despite my overwhelming urge to just return to the comfort and warmth of my bed, and made my way towards my closet where I opened the closet door to my walk-in closet and started going over my clothes hangers to pick out what outfit would be my choice for the day.

My choice was something pretty casual and pretty suitable to the dark nightlife of Gotham. A simple black turtleneck and black trench coat and a pair of long black pants and a pair of underwear and socks from my dresser. To be freeze-proof though, last thing was a pair of black gloves.

I headed to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. This was immediately followed by me starting the water on the tub and throwing off the dirty clothes that I had on. Once I had gotten into the shower, feeling like my whole body was about to turn into a Popsicle, I held my nose as the cold water rushed towards me and had me letting loose a deep shiver upon the clear aqua splashing against my skin.

I tried to keep my shower short, but still make sure every area of my body was clean. It was already cold enough even with clothes on, but without ANY clothes on? Hell, I may have well had been living in the North Pole with temperature that icy.

I dried off as quickly as I could, and combed my short dark brown hair forward, threw on the clothes starting with my boxers that I slid up my legs, then my pants, and then the socks, with the trench coat and gloves being the last things.

I heard the quiet, yet growing sound of multiple feet hitting the floor of the apartment, and gazing downward, I saw the adorable face of the thirteen inch and eighteen lbs of happiness, jumping up and down in short bursts before nearing its face to my legs and lapping at my hands.

"Hey, girl."

That Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was among the last good thing I had in this ugly world; my prize and joy; Rosemary. I had got her when I was fourteen, after my first dog, Spot died from old age, after several long months of heavy grieving.

"How you doing?"

Her eyes growing bigger, the whites in her eyes enlarged, she nuzzled against my arm and began to push it up in obvious demand of my attention.

I reached down and picked her up; holding her close to my chest and kissing the top of her white and brown, soft head while I was attacked by her wet tongue that repetitively licked at my face and even touched my nose, causing me to break out into laughter.

"Yes, you give good kisses."

I walked over towards the window with Rosemary in my arms and licking up a storm.

When I gazed out my window, after clearing some fog off the glass by rubbing a repetitive circle for a few short seconds, my eyes instantly saw a growing fog blanketing the air outside.

As if it wasn't a dangerous enough town when there WASN'T any fog.

"Any denser than this," I whispered to myself, "and the bad seeds of this city will be able to pop up even more unnoticed than usual.."

But at least it hadn't became thick enough it was impossible to see.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"All right. Well, it's time for me to head to work, but first thing's first: You need something to eat and then I need to refill your water bowl so you have water to drink."

Setting her down, I began to walk towards the kitchen with her pitter-pattering right next to me, looking up at me and then looking on straight ahead as we neared the kitchen, with the sink coming into view.

I crouched down once we were at the sink and pulled out the large bag of dog food out, hauled it off to my bed room, bent down and poured it into the steel bowl and once I had seen her, wagging her tail and looking at me with that-Sideway glance that showed her whites, then begin to hungrily chow down, walked off to return to the kitchen and return the bag to under the sink.

I returned back to the room to pick up her water bowl and filled it at the sink, then returned it back to the room and sat it next to her dog food bowl.

"Well, it's time for me to get going now. So I'll see you later tonight when I get back home, okay? Be good while I'm gone and don't go chewing on anything."

I was about to walk out the bedroom door when she came rushing up to me and jumped up on my legs again; barking softly and pushing up against my hand trying to get me to pet her again for a few more minutes.

"I need to go."

But she wasn't going to have no for an answer until I finally gave in and began to pet her; scratching behind her floppy ears, but then stopped and kissed her wet nose and lightly pushed her away.

She followed me through the open bedroom door, and all the way to the front door; quietly whimpering when she finally sat down on all fours and watched me.

"Come on...Don't be like that. I'm coming back."

I didn't turn to gaze at her; I'd feel too bad and probably would be tempted to just stay home for her sake.

I walked closer towards the door of my apartment that had grown aged and worn over the years taking a few holes and pieces of wood chipping off, pulled the tarnished knob, almost turned to look at Rosemary who's whimpering was growing louder, but stopped myself, and walked out closing the door behind me. I reached into my pocket and pulled my keys, fiddled with them and then found the right one and shoved it into the keyhole and deadbolt locking the door and walking away.

I passed by my black '49 Coupe and stopped to glance at it. I shook my head as I stared at it and then just walked away upon deciding that I'd just walk into town instead of driving on down there in my car.

The fog really did hinder parts of my vision, but thankfully my eyesight was good enough I could still see through the fog.

"Looks about just like any other ordinary day, really." I said to myself with a sarcastic half-laugh and another shrug of my broad shoulders.

"What a surprise."

But at least I had yet to see any crime taking place within the forsaken city.

The deafening powerful sound of the massive clock tower; the Gotham City clock tower, resonated deep within the city and caused quite the alarming disturbance: Causing people to look around with a look of bafflement on their faces.

I stopped in my tracks and gazed through the fog towards the sound of the old tower, but then averted my gaze and resumed my walk through the city as the buildings, tipped with snow, came into view.

As I continued along, I soon had walked right into the claws of crime. Only; I wasn't the victim of the crime and the person who was, was a young woman about eighteen and had been pinned to the wall, with a 'gentleman' running a hand upwards on her thigh that was exposed to the cold since her dress had been raised upward by him.

I was either too stupid or too brave for my own good, but, throwing caution to the wind, I quickly put the distance between myself and the criminal who was down the alley I nearly passed by without a passing glance.

"W-what are you doing?" Questioned the horrified young woman.

Her question was met with a rather forceful slap to the face with the butt of the coal-black gun that rested in the hand of the trench coat wearing no-gooder, but the force didn't seem enough to knock her out but rather quiet her down and bust her bottom lip while his hand reached to her clearly exposed white panties.

"Hey, what's going on?" I intervened.

The eyes of the male hit my gaze and I heard a low growl escaping his clenching teeth as his eyebrows fell together.

"Get the hell out of here. Or I'll all blow your brains all over these damn walls, you prick."

"Just let her go. I won't report it to the police. Just let her go and that'll be the end of it and no one will know what almost transpired here this very night."

Yeah, right. I had every intention of telling the police about how the girl was practically being raped by the guy.

"And what are you gonna do to stop me?"

His teeth unclenched and shaped into a wicked smile; laughter escaping his throat.


"Look, let her go...I'm serious."

"Fuck OFF! I ain't putting up with a punk kid like you."

His eyes pulled away from mine and his hand quickly latched onto her underwear; quick strokes across her restricted area being sent by his hand.

At this point, I knew that I had to do something before this took a turn for the worse.

Tears rolling down the cheeks of the young female, I took a few steps forward and this diverted his attention. His hand ceased movement over the area that was, to her own embarrassment, I'm sure, growing moist, and quickly he cocked the gun and aimed it at me.

His finger hit the trigger, and I knew this was it.

But as the gun was about to fire, a giant bat-like figure came swooping down from right above us from, what I only could assume was the two buildings around us, and landed right in front of me, or...Rather, the man who was about to take my life.

The gun was knocked out of his hand with amazing ease; sliding across on the ground away from him while he gasped in horror.

But the man reached for a secondary gun, only for this action to be in vain as well. A third gun was pulled out; the giant bat had one of his own and he cocked it and his finger went for the trigger, and then the sound of gunshots was heard; followed by a deathly male cry.

I walked forward, and saw the would-be rapist on the ground; lying in a pool of blood with a gunshot in his chest and the second gun he was reaching for from his coat pocket next to his dead hand.


It was. It was the Batman that I had heard so much of on TV and the news papers.

He was tall. Maybe not a giant, but he was at least five foot ten.

His outfit was composed almost completely of dark colors: His cowl pitch-black, just like his cape and the rest of his outfit, and the only other color his suit had was a yellow insignia in the chest with a black bat and a yellow utility belt around his strong looking waist.

"Go on." His voice was nonchalant and low. "Get out of here. He could have some friends waiting around here somewhere."

The female, eyes still wet, pushed her dress down and, raising to her feet, didn't even look at the either of us as she ran full blast away from the area.

The wild lightly blew the long cape, causing the bat-shaped cape of the dark crusader, to unfurl into giant looking bat wings. Silence befell us for a few long seconds before Batman turned to me, very slowly and looked me straight in the face with his blue eyes.

"You should get out of here as well. It's not safe wandering the dark streets of Gotham alone."

I nodded my head and turned around. But then I quickly turned back around when it donned on me that I didn't even thank him for saving my life. So I turned back around to thank him for saving me from that guy.

"Hey, thanks for--" but he was gone.


I shrugged my shoulders and glanced up at the sky, then turned around and started to walk off and leave the alley as I proceeded deeper into Gotham.

I knew that what Batman said rang true: It wasn't safe nor was it smart to be wandering around Gotham when it was after dark.

But...The thing was; I had a reason to be out this late: I had a promise that I had made six years ago that I intended to keep no matter what.

Even though I didn't enjoy the feeling of nearly freezing half to death, there was some undeniable magic about the cold air and the snow that seemed to have become endless in its falling and blanketing the gloomy and deadly city.

The terrors that bumped through the night were never far from my mind as I traversed through Gotham and passed by the metropolitan city, but the more steps I took, the closer I was becoming to my destination.

The ever persistent fog that lingered about the frigid air, during even the day with its ever eminent presence, seemed to grow denser and more difficult to see through as I continued the rather long walk that I had set for myself.

Finally, my long trip had paid off and I could see the old rusted gates and the old, aged and leafless dark trees that surrounded the inner gates: The Gotham Cemetery.

Slowly, I pushed the old gate open and listened to it noisily close behind me.

The wind howling behind me, and the sound of an owl seeming to be coming from somewhere nearby, I continued towards all the old and weathered tombstones that lay spread out as far as the eye could possibly see and just passed by all the markers of the deceased until I finally stopped near one.

Stopping near the tombstone, I stilled in place; my brows lowering weakly while I reached a reluctant hand to touch the tombstone.

"You were the most important thing in my life..." I lamented. "I wish that I could have...If only I could...Th--there had to have been something that...I..."

I fell to my knees.

"Lily...I--I'm sorry that...That I couldn't protect you, then..."

My parents had died quite a few years ago. Their death seemed so long ago now that, if it hadn't been for their graves, I probably wouldn't have remembered at all.

Six years ago, I had ran into an old acquaintance that I had known since I was about three and a half years old.

Billy Joel; that was his name, and at one point in time we were really good friends and me and him and Lily, my younger sister, we all got along like best friends. But there was always something off about Billy and, even then, I noticed he was different than the other little boys and not for the better.

As the years had gone by, Billy was portraying some strange acts of behavior and it escalated into something that scarred my sister. One day, as we were playing in the park downtown Gotham, there was a little dog, a black poodle that an elderly sweet neighbor of our's had, but the dog just happened to have been off the leash that day. Billy started off playing with the dog, hugging and petting him to which 'Troy' was enjoying and lapped at Billy's hand in affection.

But then Billy started to hug too rough.

It then donned on me, as I watched, though I was in denial at the time, that Billy wasn't hugging Troy; he was crushing his neck. We heard the dog whimper; then the sickening snap of the dog's neck. Billy had killed the dog.

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