tagNonHumanDate With the Dead

Date With the Dead

byIvellios Nightarrow©

My name is Marissa Knodle. I'm 18 years old and live in Rochester,MN. I'm an actress at a small childrens theatre down town. I'm half Chinese and half Short dark hair and a very shapely body.

I have many friends. Of these one particular freind has come to my mind. His name is Andrew(though everyone calls him Andy). He's one of the most handsome guy I know.

He has a long slender face with deep,almost glowing green eyes. Long wavy Blond hair that just barely touches his shoulders makes his appearance even more atractive. His mucsels are clearly defined and he moves with an unearthly grace.
We've been friends for several years now. We have so much in comman that it feels I could read his thoughts. Yet something about him is...dark. Mysterious. Gothic, almost. All these things tied together make me deftly attracted to him. And I'm preety sure he feels the same for me.

Any way, The Holloween Dance was coming up so I asked him to go with me. He acsepted and soon the night had come. I came as Cleopatra. Andy came as a vampire. When ever he does something he does it to the extreme.

He had a black leather tank top with a black trench coat. He also had put on white make up to make himself look extremely pale and stuck to fangs to his teeth. I asked him what he used to stick them there but he said he'd show me later so I let it go.

The dance was pretty uneventful,(except for slow dancing with Andy. He's a very graceful dancer). I asked him to some home with me to have dinner and to my enjoyment he acepted.

We drove back to my house and sellted in. Neither of us got out of costume because he didn't have any extra cloths and I wanted to look sexy for him. We ate a large dinner.

My mom and dad rose from the table. "Marissa, your mother and I are going to see a movie. Don't stay up to late and don't keep Andy here too long. I'm sure he needs his sleep." At my Fathers last coment I barely noticed a smirk spread across Andy's pale face.

So my parents left and Andy and I went into the basement to watch tv.

After a few minutes, Andy took the remote, shut off the tv, and looked deep into my eyes.

"Tell me, Marisa," he said, "Do you beleive in vampires?"

I laughed. "Of course not. Why?"

Andy smirked again. "I do." And he vanished! He just dissapeared! I looked in a stunned silence about the room.

"Behind you." said his voice smoothly. I turned to see him sitting on the seat behind me.

"But you were...just...How?" I studdered.

"I moved so fast you eyes could not register the movement." His smile faded as he became suddenly seriouse. Again he dissapeared, but this time he reapeared inches away from my face. Then he slowly settled in beside me on the couch and slipped his arm around my should.

It seems I've been waiting for this very moment ever since I met him. But something was wrong. The experience was...frightening.

"What I'm about to tell you might be hard to beleive, but you must." he moved so close or noses almost touched, and he whipsered an almost silent sentace, "I am a vampire."

I didn't know how to react. The notion was abserd, but how else could he move so fast?How else could he move with such grace?

"You can't be," I said, "That's stupid!" I rose and walked away from the couch and stood,my back to him. "Besides, even if vampires were real, You walk in the daylight. You would fry."

He shook his head and smiled, "Yo see vampirse are creatures of the night, but I've found a by-pass to that little rule." He then put to fingers to his eyes and took out two shaded contact lenses. I turned to him then. His eyes were remarkable! They littleraly glowed green.

"You see, the reason vampires die when in sun light is they can't seem to help but look into the sun before the dissintagrate. The vampires skin is safe from the sun, but their eyes is what kill them. Cover the eyes..."

"Live in the light." i finished for him. "But.." again he flashed right in front of me and held me arms tightly to my side.

"I tell you this for one reason. I trust you." Andys paused, his glowing eyes boring into mine. "I love you." At that moment I knew he was not lying. Andy realy was a vampire.

I felt a trickle of moisture run down my leg. I realalized he was hold my left breast and I was hotter than I've ever been. His skin was cold, but sooned my breast heated it.

We broke into the most passionate kiss I've ever been in. Ever seen for that matter. His unocupied hand slowly brought the shoulder strap of my dress down, The the other. The top of the dress fell to my waist, reveling my black satin bra.

We broke apart as he sliped off his coat and tank top, his chest and stomach muscle so tight I almost climaxed right there. I slipped out of the rest of the dress as he unbelted his pants and took down them and his boxers. He had nine inches of splendor. This time my panties quikly became damp as I swooned.

In the blink of an eye he was catching me. His right arm under my back, his left on my stomach, slowly inching it's way down my moist panties, I felt his hardon rubbing against my leg as two of his long fingers entered me. My back arched as he gentally rubbed my clit.

He lowered my to the ground where he unhooked my bra and let my breast fall out. He squeezed my breasts gently as his other hand was still working my pussy. His mouth desended onto my breasts where he began to suck my nipple. A wave of pleasure shot through me again as his tounge ringed my tit. Hw took his hand out of my pussy and tore the seem of my panties and pulled them off.

With his unbelievable grace,he slipped on top of me. As he looked deeply into my eyes he guided the cock into my virgin pussy.

The pleasure was unbereible. His head pushing ever so lightly against my unbroken cherry. My back arched as he aplied sudden force, shattering my virginity. I had another orgasm as his cock slipped all the way in. His tight balls pressing against my ass.

I screamed in pleasure but I was cut off by another passionate kiss. "How does undead lust feel?" He said as he finished.

I anwsered in a whimper. And shut my eyes as the pleasue over took me. The same smirk I love about him played across his lips. "Good." Was the last thing I heard before and unreal stinging pain in my neck.

I awoke in my bed with a with a jump. The sunlight sifted through my teanslusent curtains .Sweat beating down my face. I was breathing heavily.

"Just a dream," I siad between dissapointed gasps. "Just a lustful dream."

I got out of bed and walked to my dresser and started to comb my hair out. Then I noticed smething. Taped to the mirror was a small peice of paper with a drwing a heart with a small bat in the middle. It was also then I noticed two small punture wounds on the right side of my neck.

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