tagInterracial LoveDaughter Meets Mom's Black Lover Ch. 02

Daughter Meets Mom's Black Lover Ch. 02


Characters: Jerome the black man, Ida the white mother and Louise the young white 18-year-old daughter.


Jerome was driving home from Ida's house where he had spent the past three nights and 4 days fucking Ida as her husband was out of town again. This visit was his fifth and an especially good one since he not only took the mother deeper into black sex, but for the last three days and nights the daughter had joined then in Ida's bed. It was her daughter Louise who had a piece of his black cock and she too had her first interracial experience. It had been a huge added reward for him to involve the young white daughter in his training of the mother. He had seen her before, and his mouth watered to fuck her. This time he had indeed had the great pleasure of fucking Louise's young beautiful and very well built body and to begin to fuck with her brain. He welcomed her white body into the world of interracial sex and to show her what it was like to fuck a black man. He was sure she had enjoyed it a great deal and Jerome knew little Louise had had three fantastic orgasms and would be back for more of his black cock.

As he drove he was thinking, "While white men won't admit it or want to anyway, the world of black cocks in white pussies was now a huge business. The black men couldn't wait for the chance to stick their dicks into any young woman but if that woman was white, well hell, that was an extra bonus for them. And for Jerome it meant an extra $200 or $300 or more. And the best part about this younger generation was they, white women, were seeking out the black men. Hell they were more eager to fuck the black man to see what it was like than to fuck their own race."

"Unbelievable", Jerome said to no one as he turned into his expensive condo driveway.

Jerome realized that this huge increase in white women fucking black men made his livelihood and the income from it better and better. And there were others like him who were also reaping thew rewards and the increase in money that seemed to leap tremendously higher over the past 5 years. He was earning more money now that ever before and he was getting fucked more than ever before by white women, some extremely beautiful white women. But it didn't seem to matter much these days. A white woman being fucked by a black man was what people wanted to see and watch. If the bitch was nice looking, well, so much the better. But it was more the two colors merging together with black cocks in white pussies. His life was changing for the best now and he would soon be rich enough to work only when he wanted too and then he would work only as a sort of pimp for a large group of men. Men of all colors were now demanding his services. Life was good for Jerome now.

As he pulled up to his reserved parking place, Jerome exited his car and took the elevator to his condo at the top of the building in the penthouse. On the way up, he was thinking, "What luck this week had been. He was about to turn Ida out to his friend very soon anyway. They would enjoy fucking a lovely mature white woman with a fantastic body. Ida knew how to please a black man proper now that he had trained her for about 5 months. But now he could do it and not miss her body so much since he was going to enjoy her sweet young innocent daughter for himself."

As he stepped off the elevator and walked the few steps to his front door he smiled as he said to himself, "I can now concentrate on making the daughter a whore for blacks too! Yes, this would work out great. I will need another man to join me when I invited both women back to my condo next time Ida's husband was away."

Jerome decided that he would talk Ida into fucking the other man while he gave Louise, her sweet little daughter, the fucking of her young life during those days. He would have her all to himself for most of the four days Ida's husband would be away and by the end of that time Louise would be his white whore replacing her mother. Ida would go home to wait for her husband's phone calls each night and maybe take her new man with her. But she would leave to make sure she was there when he called her. But Louise, well she could and would stay with Jerome and he would take her again and again as he opened her up to black sex.

"Damn! White women were so fucking easy to manipulate and fuck. They were so innocent for the most part. And tight! God most of them were tighter than any black woman he had ever fucked even when he was in school", he said as he smiled thinking. "Hell I'm almost falling for that old black man's line myself about black men are bigger than white men and once you go black you never go back!"

What bullshit, he knew it, but it worked and white women fell for it. Before they knew it they were fucking like animals and whores and doing things they never dreamed of doing with their straight lace white husbands or boyfriends. It was a black man's world these days when it came to sex. For once he was happy to be black.

As he undressed and stepped into the shower he was still thinking, "Yes, this was perfect! Louise was young and white and before he was done with her sweet little pussy and ass there would be many more men fucking her and paying him to do it.

Yep, more and more folks wanted and loved to see black men fucking white women these days. Hell even white men were making money filming white bitches fucking black men. And black men all over the world were enjoying more white pussy than ever before. It was a gift from the gods!" Jerome laughed out loud as he started washing his dark tired body. His well used cock was hanging down limp as a rag from fucking two white bitches many, many times over the past four days. He was beat. A long nap and some food was what he needed in that order.

As he dried off he smiled as he continued to think, "The white woman were helping to destroy their own race and they were to fucking dumb to even see it. All the white women saw was a thick black snake pumping in and out from between their legs as it fucked and filled their pussy or ass holes or both. They were going wild on black cocks even if the cocks were the same size or in some cases, even smaller than their own husband's cock. It didn't matter, it was the color difference or the adventure and evil of fucking a "nigger" fucking a "brother" fucking a "black man", yes, that's what was really turned these white bitches on.

As he lay in bed he smiled as he looked up at the ceiling and closed his eyes and said out loud this time, "And the brothers were happy to fuck them all. We were happy to help them fuck up their life too so we could bring in money from pimping their white asses."

It seemed that since more white women were dreaming of fucking black cocks and the black men would do their best to satisfy them all. If the husband found out about it they were leaving them. That was perfect since the black man was there to step in and take all he had as they lived with the wife and fucked her and spent her money."

He laughed and said, "And there are many, many black men dying to knock up one of these white bitches and give them a mixed baby. Yea! They especially loved to fuck white married women and pump their black seed into them trying to knock them up!"

Jerome laughed again thinking, "And with each back baby inside a white whore, only helped to destroy the marriage and humiliate both the woman and her white husband. It made the smart white men leave the bitch since everyone would know the woman fucked a black man, my God my wife fucked a "nigger"! There would be huge humiliation and extreme embarrassment for the husband and all of their families."

Jerome knew that a white woman having a black baby would push the husband to leave her almost a 100% of the time. Then the woman was the one to raise the black man's child usually by herself. Maybe her family will help her but it would be so humbling to the white families involved since everyone who saw her would know she had let a black man between her thighs and fucked her, shot his black cum in her and give her have his baby! It also helped to made more and more white women think maybe these black cocks had something special that every woman wanted or needed. Yes, a black man had filled another white pussy with his black seed and she risked it all including her marriage to fuck him. WHY? It must be special to be fucked by a black man. This too only served to help give the black man a better sexual identity and have more white women wonder about it. Good! If the white woman was married and the black man fucked her husband and her life even better.

In most cases her white husband would never be able to face his friends or family so he would divorce her. It was so good, actually fun, to see all these white women pushing little black or mixed kids around the malls and shopping centers. You see them in grocery stores, and movies and the parks, hell now they were everywhere. And the more white women who saw the mixed child would start to wonder how it was to fuck a black man. That meant that more and more white women would take the risk and fuck a black man. There was just so much white pussy out there now just waiting for a black cock! It was absolutely staggering! But the black man would rise to the challenge. He knew he absolutely loved fucking white bitches and making them his whores. Oh and if the husband stayed after the wife had a black child it usually meant that the wife was still fucking the black man. The white husband was just too much of a pussy himself to leave her or to try and stop her and the black man from being together. Hell some white men liked to watch the black man take his wife in his bed and pump his seed into her. They were the saddest and sickest of them all. Some white husbands would submit and acknowledge that the black man was the alpha dog and the whites would let him have his way with the white woman. Sad fucking people these whites!"

So, with all this in mind, here is part 2 of my story about how a beautiful white 18-year-old and her mother both got involved with a black man who was about 40 years old.


Jerome had just finished up the fifth fuck session with Ida since she gave into him after just the second meeting/date. They had met while her husband was out of town. She and her girlfriends were at a restaurant/bar. It was Ida and two other women drinking and dancing. There were many men there but the three blacks swooped down on the innocent white women and before they knew it they had them dancing and were feeling them up. As the booze flowed the blacks made their play and Ida didn't know about the other two women but she had agreed to meet Jerome again the next time her husband was out of town, it was that easy.

Jerome smiled as he remembered how easy it actually was to convince her to meet him again all by herself without any girl friends around to help her behave. He had used the race card, which worked almost all the time with these white chicks. Like so many other whites, Ida must have felt guilty because she told him OK almost immediately after being called a racist. She was so easy, so dumb, and so very predictable as Jerome played her like a fucking piano. "God damn these white woman are so dumb when it comes to the game of sex. They always wanted to make sure the brother didn't feel they were racists.

Ida risked her entire way of life, her marriage and her family to meet him again the following month to prove she wasn't a racist woman." Jerome smiled as he recalled how he had pushed her into it.

As he rolled off the bed after sleeping the entire night he was thinking, "Yes, these white bitches were no match for a experienced black man who knew the sex game and how to play a woman to get her in bed with him. He was sure he could get almost any white woman to fuck him now a days if he had enough time with her alone."

Ida was a pawn and he was a king. He had her drinking and dancing with him within minutes of them meeting. As the night moved on and Ida drank her drinks she let him touch her white body and in an hour she was moaning for him to do more to her. He had taken her small pink hand and placed it on his hard black cock. She moaned even louder as he told her to rub it and she did. He maneuvered her to the exit door and in the parking lot he fingered her into an orgasm that he knew shook her to her sole. She pulled him into her SUV and he fucked her in the back seat, on the second date!!! That's all it took to get Ida to want more of his way of life. Now every time her poor husband went on his business trips, Jerome was waiting in his apartment for her to come to him. Once John's car pulled out of the driveway and turned at the corner, Ida would wait about 15 minutes to be sure her husband wasn't coming back for something he forgot. Then she would jump into her car and pull up next to his car at the condo. In minutes of John leaving town Ida was in the condo where Jerome was wait for her. He would always be nude and Ida would actually moan with her heat and need for him when she saw his black body and his fat snake of a cock swing as it was facing her at the door.

Minutes after her husband was on his plane, Ida, the good mother and wife was on her knees sucking his big black cock and begging him to fuck her. They would spend the night fucking while the husband was away. The only problem was the young daughter. Then he had demanded that she let him into her home and she did. Jerome wanted to take Ida's body on the bed where her husband slept and fucked her. They had done it once before. But this time he had insisted that he come to her house and fuck I the late afternoon so he could spend more time fucking her in her bed. Finally she gave in and he waited until the sun was just going down.

Ida made sure he knew the one rule to never let her daughter see him in the house. But that had now changed too. Louise had come home early one day and caught them going wild fucking in the bed.

Jerome smiled as he remembered Louise that day watching him pump his black snake into her mother's cunt hard and fast. He remembered her look of fear and then saw it turn to lust as she stood in the doorway and watched for a long time before she yelled and scared her mother to death.

But Jerome was smart and had already talked to Ida about Louise and what to do and say if they were ever caught. Ida was like a puppet and did what he told her. It was the mother who actually talked her young daughter into watching him fuck her. Then the mother talked her daughter into trying Jerome too! She had actually talked her daughter into fucking this black man! God how fucking dumb could a white bitch be?

He laughed out loud thinking about that night he had talked Louise into staying with him when there was a chance. He had convineced her long before her mother was to find out! He had talked her into it the night her mother and she were with him in his condo. The husband was away and when Ida went into the bathroom to shower and freshen up, Jerome had made slow and easy love to the daughter while all the time talking to her about how good it would be if they were alone together. He drove her young body wild fucking her longer and longer now as she became accustomed to his cock.

Louise had always dated boys but Jerome was a man almost 40 years old. Louise was no match for him. He had a great deal more experience and used it to seduce her more and more. He had already taught her how to let her self go and release the passion inside her. She cried out and arched her young body up off the bed humping herself on his hard cock as he did everything he could to hold off cumming. That was very difficult for him since Louise's pussy was very tight and she was extremely lovely with a great body. He was sure Ida looked just like her when she was 18 years old. But Ida's body was bigger now her breasts were much larger than Louise's and her hips and ass were fuller too. Ida was a woman and Louise was still a girl. He savored her body and made sweet love to it. As Ida showered Jerome fucked the daughter and gave her a screaming huge orgasm. Then he talked her into telling her mother she was staying with Jerome all night. He knew Ida would have to leave soon so she could be home to receive the husband's nightly phone call.

Since Louise had met Jerome the fearful day when she came home early and found him in her father's with her mother fucking her mother like a damn machine, she knew she wanted his cock too.

Louise had never seen a black man's cock before that day or any man's cock for that matter. It was so much thicker than the boys she had fucked. It was so black and she watched as he thrust his hips making her mother cry out and cum. Louise watched her mother orgasm again and again as she rammed her ass and hips up off the bed fucking Jerome's cock as hard as she could and climaxed. Louise was wet between her legs as they both talked the pretty young white girl into coming to bed and with the mother's help. Jerome fucked the daughter for the first time that day.

That day turned Louise's young life around in more ways than her young brain or her mother could have ever imagined. She was now starting the beginning of a ride she may not survive. And if she did she could become a single parent with a mixed child who was being raised by her and her mother and maybe the father. Or she might become a whore being run day and night by a nasty pimp. Or perhaps she would become a drug addict and give blowjobs to any man who had $20.00. Or, young Louise may become all of the above.

As Ida lay in Jerome's bed after showering away most of Jerome's cum from her body she watched her daughter being fucked and saw her finish her sweet orgasm. She smiled knowing Louise was enjoying the sex she had with Jerome. When midnight was close to being the time, Ida decided that it was time for them to go home. When she was preparing to leave, Jerome told her that Louise was going to spend the night.

At first she was scared to allow it since her daughter was so young. But, Jerome had a way of convincing her to do pretty much anything he asked. But this was her daughter he was asking her to let her daughter sleep with him all night!

As Ida tried to talk her daughter Louise out of staying she realized it was two against one and she was no match for them. Jerome and Louise together ganged up on her and she finally gave in like she did every time with her black lover. Ida finally agreed to let her daughter stay but made the demand to Jerome that Louise would not be asked to do anything she wasn't happy in doing. Lousie told her mom that she was OK and that she could trust Jerome. With reluctance in her heart and brain, Ida left to go home and await her husband's call from California. He always called at 9PNM his time out on the West Coast, 12:30 AM Ida's time.

Jerome now had the daughter all to himself. He led her around like some puppy. First he told her they needed to shower together. He took a great deal of time cleaning her and showing her how to remove the cum from deep inside her pussy as his fingers probed and went deep into the young girl's hole. He was having a ball and Louise actually enjoyed all of his attention.

He wanted her as clean as she could get. They spent a great deal of time in the shower and he instructed Louise on how to clean and then suck his cock. He delighted in seeing her young white face looking up at him, eyes big and bright as she sucked his black bone. He held her face and told her how beautiful she looked sucking his cock. He covered her with compliments and how good she was at doing the sucking. She smiled up at him and learned very quickly what Jerome liked.

Jerome turned her around and pushed his cock between her ass cheeks and the head popped out in the front of her pussy lips. He told her to tickle the fat black cock head with her fingernails. She lay back against him as he ran his hand all over her young white perfect body. He squeezed her breasts as he held her tight against him. He ass pushing against his pelvis. Made him want to shove his cock in it and fuck her hard. But he didn't want to scare her. That would come soon enough. He wondered why white men didn't fuck their wife's ass more. Every white bitch he had fucked was almost a virgin in her ass. Few had ever tried it. Ass fucking was nasty and evil but they were always so fucking tight he loved pumping his black seed in a virgin white ass.

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