tagLoving WivesDaughter of Frigg Ch. 03

Daughter of Frigg Ch. 03


Daughter of Frigg - Chapter 3

Loving Sisters

After Megan got on the plane headed for Colorado, then Portland, before her final arrival at Boise, I turned and walked back down the terminal to my car and went back home. The last year here in Atlanta was harder than I had ever imagined.

I love Megan but if I hadn't gotten her pregnant I would probably be sending her home with divorce papers, well if in the last few months since she got pregnant, she hadn't improved her disposition - I would have.

Since coming back to Atlanta, when we went out with Chris, there was a strange chemistry between Chris and Megan. We really didn't hang out enough for me to get a grasp on it and my queries of Megan never produced an answer. In the year I had left Atlanta, Chris had become something of a playboy as he introduced us to friends of his two or three at a time. Two of such friends were sisters, Michelle and Kathrin. To describe them is to describe the two most exotically beautiful black women I have ever seen. Truth be told, if I had known either or both of them before I moved to Montana, I never would have left Atlanta, and I definitely would have married one of them.

Michelle, to me, looked like an African queen, tall standing at nearly 5'10" with onyx eyes, long straight black hair that fell softly to the bottom of her buttocks cheeks, and black skin as dark and flawless as black porcelain, even her lips. Her chest was maybe 30" with small C-cup breasts and a 20" waist that flared out to wide 40" hips and bounteous apple bottom ghetto booty above glorious 20" thighs. She had an exotic hourglass figure were her shoulders were not even as wide as her hips.

Kathrin is a little shorter than her sister, standing a little taller than Megan at 5'8". Her skin was a wonderful color of mocha, her eyes where green and brown hazel, and lips as pink as pink roses. Kathrin's chest was a little larger than Michelle's around 32", not very perceivable unless you asked, but her breasts were whopping F-cups that spilled out of all her low cut tank-tops. Her waist was 20" like her sister that broadened out to 43" hips and a heart shaped ghetto booty above 22" inch thighs.

Through our fights and Megan's suspicious behavior, disappearing anytime we fought for most of the night to come home with lame excuses of where she had been; it had been hard to not flirt - to not consider cheating on Megan with these two extremely beautiful sisters. The fact that they had flirted and were interested in me made it all the harder. Over the year I tried to not think about it.

Pulling into my apartment parking space I opened the door to get out and go up to my apartment, a disk rasped as it moved in the car door when I opened it. Grabbing it I looked at it not remembering where I had gotten it. Curious I fingered it as I went up to our apartment, now my apartment, while Megan was gone. Walking over to my computer I thumbed it on and waited for it to start up.

Once the computer was purring I put the disk in and let it auto-run.

The Media Player started as I thought curiously, that it was a movie.

"Why don't you dance for the camera Megan," said a deep male voice off camera.

Megan closed her eyes and began to move her hips with the beat in a tiny little black Victoria Secret bra as she used her hands to cup her purt B-cup breasts then caress her flat belly and 24" waist, then her hips and buttocks and thighs while bopping her ass to the beat as she traced her hands up her inner thighs to her shaven pussy then back up to her belly and breast.

"Damn you are fine ass woman," Jamal complimented as he walked up behind Megan and put his hands on her hips pulling her ass to where his 12" horse dick could slip between Megan's ass cleavage. Flexing his rock hard muscle it throbbed and bobbed at her ass cheeks.

"How do you wanna start Baby," Jamal asked politely.

"Mmm," Megan moaned her eyes closed then bent forward her voluptuous ass cheeks parting to reveal her cavernous valley leading to her asshole before grinding her offered pussy on his black dick, "Impregnate me baby with your long hard fuck me stick."

Hitting the pause button I ran to the bathroom to puke then returned and continued.

Jamal guided Megan to the bed and had her get on all fours. Her ass in the air, Jamal played his huge mushroom tip at her labia until her lubricants dripped to the bed then he pushed his massive dick slowly into Megan's vagina.

She sighed as she tried to relax and take his full length as he thrust his cock like a piston in and out of her crevasse, each thrust pushing more of his length into her pussy.

"Oh shit he's about to cum," I heard myself saying as I watched Jamal start to smash into Megan faster as the throws of his climax gripped him. His plunging became ragged and insistent as his pace accelerated. Megan began to wail loudly her back arching as she pushed back against Jamal with her thighs and arms. Jamal grabbed Megan's hips for one last thrust. Pulling out leaving only the head of his prick in her vagina, he then thrust mightily pulling her hips to his pelvis savagely as he pushed his full length into her.

Screaming in pain and orgasm Megan reached through her thighs and grabbed his ebon balls and squeezed his jewels, a familiar practice I knew intimately as I watched him pump his semen into her womb as she massaged him dry and sighed contentedly for the camera.

I continued to watch the rest, as Jamal flipped Megan onto her back and started driving into her again to climax three more times into her treacherous pussy as she begged him to get her pregnant; to give her a baby to take back to her fucking husband.

When it was finished I sat and starred at the computer for an hour before I went into the bathroom to puke again then lay down on the bed to seek sleep from my tormented soul as the questions "Why?" "Why did she do this to me?" "Why did she betray me?" occupied my thoughts for the rest of the night.

Still in shock and depressed and really, really pissed off, the phone rang. Going to pick it up I answered it to find Chris wanting to know if Megan and I wanted to go hang out.

"Megan left to go see her mother in Idaho for the birth," I growled, "but I need to go out and have a drink."

"Cool," Chris responded, "I will come pick you up in an hour."


I waited the hour before Chris showed up; when he did he took us over to Michelle's and Kathrin's house to hang out. Beer and Margarita's as well as straight tequila, vodka, and rum were all provided for generous consumption. I am not a big drinker so it didn't take long for me spill my sob story to Michelle and Kathrin and Chris.

The girls reacted by sandwiching me between them both as they caressed my head and thighs and shoulders in their regret over this terrible turn of events as I snaked my arms around both of their small waists and generous hips. In my tormented state it was really flattering to have two drop dead gorgeous women falling all over me.

"I'm sorry man," Chris apologized to me, "That really sucks. You know I kind of expected something like that would happen though."

"Really," I asked sharply, "How could you expect anything like that to happen."

"Because," Chris slurred, drunk off his ass, "Ben and I fucked her brains out two days before your wedding while you were off taking that A+ Certificate test. Dude she is a good lay. Man she lay there for four hours as we fucked her brains out, and moaned and cried for more the whole time."

I don't remember crossing the room, or the five or ten punches I put into Chris as he staggered back knocked out onto the floor. It took Michelle and Kathrin both to pull me off.

"Take that piece of shit and put him in his car," I heard Michelle command Kathrin as she hugged me tightly to herself and pushed me back to the couch and down into it as she filled my mouth with her wide bee stung lipped kiss and tongue that probed my mouth and played with my tongue.

Pulling her closer I fiercely returned the offered kiss as my hands ranged up her back and down to her voluptuous booty. It didn't take long for things to go further as I struggled to pull her shirt off and take off her skin tight blue jeans.

"Wait a second honey, let's go to the bed," Michelle purred, as she got up off of me and pulled me to my feet, and then led me to her room.

Once in her room she guided me to the bed and pushed me down onto it.

Standing there before me she pulled her shirt and bra off, displaying beautiful ebon breasts, her skin as flawless and dark as black porcelain with areolas the same color so as to appear as if all she had was a small point for a nipples. Michelle hooked her pants and panties with her thumbs and pushing then down then stood before me allowing me to see that her belly was athletically fit but curvy before flowing down between her wide baby bearing hips to a completely shaved camel-toe pussy.

"Megan doesn't deserve you, Owen," Michelle said as she strutted toward me, pulling me back up and began taking my clothes off, "Her loss, and my gain if you will have me."

"Uh-uh girl, us," Kathrin said as she came into the room too, as her monologue continued she quickly undressed to catch up to her sister, pulling her shirt and bra overhead and off to release her grand teats to fall back down and rebound generously against her slim chest, "We talked about this, I was the first one to have a crush on him, so he should be mine, and if not just mine then at least ours cause I am not giving up claim to him."

Her skin was perfect mocha underneath her clothes just as what she usually showed outside them; the areolas of her melon sized breasts were lightly pink and mocha like her lips and pointed straight forward and slightly up. Her abs were well-toned and flat down to her naval where she had nice curvy roll to her lower belly like her sisters; also like her sister, her soft feminine belly lead to a perfectly shaved camel-toe pussy between her slightly touching inner thighs.

"My God you two are beautiful, Goddesses among women," I complemented in awe.

"Thank you," Kathrin purred.

"You poor thing," Michelle said sharply, as she started pawing at my pants rubbing her hands over my hardened manhood as it fought for release and ached for the cavernous wombs of both these beautiful women, "Let's get you undressed and release that monster in your pants."

Kathrin took my shirt while Michelle claimed my pants.

After a little discussion of what was impartial we decided to flip for it, tails would be eaten out by me while heads road my cock until the first orgasm, and then we would change with each orgasm.

"Tails," Kathrin called.

"Heads," Michelle returned as she grabbed my dick and scrotum and pumped my rod to keep me stiff.

Acting as referee I thumped the coin into the air and caught it slapping it on the back of my hand I slowly lifted my right hand to reveal the winner.

"Tails," I announced, and Kathrin squealed jumped at me pushing me back onto the bed smothering my face in her massive breasts as she jerked my dick to full engorgement as she kissed me, doing her best to strangle me with her tongue as I concentrated on the texture of her wide bee-stung lips. First, sucking on the bottom then the top then the bottom again, and then pulling her close I relished the feeling of her massive firm breasts pressed against my chest before I released her to pull back as I started to massage her breasts with her nipples between my knuckles tweaking them as I massaged.

Putting her right hand down on my chest Kathrin steadied herself as she grabbed my hard throbbing cock between her thighs, twitching with my pulse to rap at her pussy lips as she slowly guided my large nearly purple mushroom head and guided it to play at her labia. Dipping my head in her vaginal mouth she wet my head with her thick clear juices before pulling me out again to lick her lips all the way to her clitoris then back down to her vagina.

Relaxing her thighs she lowered herself down until my head was just in her vaginal mouth then flexed her muscles, my head actually felt like a hook – I could push in but I could not retract past the mouth of her vagina. Relaxing her muscles again Kathrin sank down my shaft another inch before I felt a resistance that threatened to bend my shaft. Kathrin tensed a little and whimpered as she pulled back and then slid down my shaft again this time more determinedly. Letting gravity pull her down with her own weight, I hit the barrier again and flexed with all my power to stiffen my prick and felt the barrier give and tear.

Kathrin pulled air into her lunges through clenched teeth as her hymen tore and she took my full length and settled down onto my pelvis.

"Are you a virgin," I asked incredulous, not having ever taken a virgin before, not even Megan's.

"Yes," Kathrin confessed meekly, "Are you upset, I don't have experience."

"Hell no," I reassured, "I am honored that you would give it to me."

"I hope it is something you keep and continue using," Kathrin hinted not so subtly.

"Hey now," Michelle interrupted, "I am a virgin too, and you had better use mine as well."

"I would be honored," I answered, I hoped wisely.

"Good, now since Kathrin has your dick, I am taking your mouth," Michelle said determinedly, moving to the side of the bed climbing up and putting her hand on my chest as she moved her legs to the sides of my shoulders as her great 20" thighs straddled my head and settled her perfectly shaved pussy and ass onto my face.

Maneuvering my arms so that my shoulders were on her calves allowed me access to massage her ebon thighs, bounteous ghetto booty splitting that cavernous cleavage, and her dripping ebon pussy. Thumbing a drip of lubricant from my cheek I sucked it off my thumb tasting her. It tasted like salty tears, clear and good.

Kathrin feeling better after the initial pain of breaking her hymen began to rock her hips slowly up and down my shaft, not much – she was still sore and sensitive, so it was more of a grinding of her wet pussy lips on my bare shaved pelvis as she deep plunged my head straight to kiss her conical cervix. My head slipped past her cervix allowing it to rub on the top the head of my dick, it felt like an extra chamber, but it wasn't, it was still her vagina just at the up most reaches of it while her cervix poked out like a conical mountain pointing to her rectum. This was not an issue unless I actually hit her cervix, which felt like hitting my nose with a brick wall, when it caught my prick just right I felt as if the tip her mountain would force its way straight into the mouth of my urethra. I did my best with the stunning pain and tried to reposition my dick past her cervix again.

Meanwhile, I used my two index fingers to split Michelle's ebon lips to my amazement, as I stared in wonder, the ebony pigmentation stopped like a perfectly drawn line down her external labia to her internal vulva. She was not pink; at least not light pink, but rather darker reddish pink. A large clear tear drop of vaginal juice hung from her clit, so pulling Michelle back down so that her pussy rested lightly on my face I tongued her vulva from her clit to her vagina licking up all her juices lining her lips in one swipe. Thrusting my tongue into her vagina I heard Michelle moan lightly as I licked around her vaginal mouth trying to shed more of her lubricants from her walls to trickle down into my waiting mouth, and then I moved back to her clit. Once there I decided to dedicate some time to this most sensitive spot as I tongued it lightly then sucked on it while massaging it between my teeth with my lips as a barrier so that I applied firm pressure with no pain of biting, and then sucked on it as I used my tongue to lick up and down her vulva, over her urethra to her vagina then back up with fresh juices from Michelle's womb. I repeated this until Michelle's thighs shook with her climax in a high soul lifting wail escaping her lips as she reached a new awareness of her mind and body. Clear liquid started gushing from her womb at a torrential pace, the first squirts hit my eyes before I pulled her pussy savagely to my mouth and envelope her whole pussy in a long French kiss as I tried to drink all of Michelle's cum juices. Once she stopped shaking and her moaning turned to sighs, I tried to tickle her pussy again with my tongue. She was so sensitive though, she told me to stop, that she would wait her turn for my dick and got up off my face and lay beside us.

"Fuck, Michelle did you just piss in Owen's mouth," Kathrin asked both awed and disgusted.

"I – I don't know," Michelle admitted, "I have never done that before, I climaxed then I felt like I couldn't hold my pee any longer as my climax built, when I did climax, I just had this humongous urge to let go."

"Well, I am not sure what you did either," I admitted, "But, it wasn't pee, it tasted like your lubricant juices, just tons of it. I tell you though, if I can make you cum that hard, I will drink that every time."

"Eww," Kathrin scoffed.

"Well, let's see if you change your tune when you cum," I declared with renewed determination.

Grabbing Kathrin's hips I began plunging her pussy in a crashing rhythm, after Michelle's climax I was dying to see Kathrin's, and have my own. It didn't take long for her vaginal juices to course down her walls along my dick to cover my pelvis and cream sack. As I watched my stiff rod plunge in and out of her warm wet pussy my climax overtook me as Kathrin flexed her thighs and buttocks and ran up my poll for a final thrust. Rushing back down my balls tightened and started to pump my first streams of seed as the pinnacle of her conical cervix hit my tip spread the lips of my head and pushed in and up my dick for a half inch or so as the spurts of my cream hit her cervix and stopped. My dick felt like it was about to explode as Kathrin settled down onto my pelvis pushing her cervix further into the head of my prick until my large mushroom encompassed her entire mound and I could swear I actually felt the peak of her mountain touching the stiff muscles of my rod. It felt like shoving a cork into my tip on ejaculation, I could feel all my semen backing up my shaft, down my urethra all the way to my prostate.

We remained like that for some time, Kathrin rolling her hips moving her cervix, shoved down the urethra of the head of my prick as she moaned her climax out. Slowly - oh so achingly slowly I felt my semen softened her cervix as it gave a little from the pressure of my cock pressing against her womb shrinking her mound a little and allowing my cum to trickle through and into her womb, or rather I felt the back pressure suddenly lessen as my cum started to jet out my dick – I think, with her cervix corking my dick I assume it all went in there.

Coming down from her climax, Kathrin lay down on my chest her large breasts pressing into my body like soft pillows. Still inside her, my penis and her vagina joined together like key and lock, except it felt like one of those security locks with a key with a notched tip. The difference being, it was Kathrin's womb forcing its conical access down the throat of my swollen mushroom head. My eyes watered with the awkwardness, but I managed not to scream or squirm too much.

Kissing me with her soft wet bee-stung lips, it did serve to take my mind off my nether region's discomfort, her tongue played and licked at mine as I ran my hands down the small of her back and over large mountains of beautiful soft buttocks cheeks.

"Ready for round two," Kathrin asked as she pushed herself up onto her elbows and looked me in the eyes, green-brown hazel into my green-grey hazel.

"Sure," I answered huskily, trying to mask my discomfiture.

"This time you're on top," Kathrin replied with a broad smile.

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