tagIncest/TabooDaughter's First Time

Daughter's First Time


Christina Garrett was a senior in high school, nearly ready to graduate this spring, so it was something that kept her at school late, commencement practice or something. She hated getting home so late, but it was nice to have someone there when she got home, the car in the driveway gave it away. She opened the front door and entered, pulling off her jacked as she did; revealing the short pleated skirt and white top that marked her school uniform. She rested her backpack down as she kicked off her boots, letting them all rest in the foyer. She pulled her pigtails out of her hair, letting the ebony silk fall around her face, and with curious green eyes she glanced down the hall.

"Hey ... I'm home!"

Jonathan enjoyed what little time he could get with his daughter. When his wife, Sarah called and said she had to stay in California for a few more days due to production problems, he gladly took the opportunity to spend it with Christina. All week he would get off from work early and come home to prepare a meal for the two of them before vegging out in from of the TV or playing a game. Tonight was different though. Pizza had been purchased and was in the kitchen. Jonathan was in the weight room, working up a sweat. This week had just been the best week of her life; it had been wonderful, spending time with her father like they had in the summers when she was younger. It was a joy to her. Her stocking clad feet made no sound as she walked across the kitchen floor and she cocked her head to the side at the sight of the pizza box. Withdrawing a piece, she went to the fridge and pulled out a can of soda, and she waited, hopping up onto the counter and munching idly on her pizza. She glanced off in the direction of the living room and she frowned in thought, even as she finished off her piece of pizza and took several sips of soda. Her feet took her through the house, along the halls until she heard the movement of the weights and peeked inside. Leaning on the door jam she tucked her right foot back up behind her left leg and watched him with warm love in her eyes.

"Hey daddy..." A loving name she never let goes of.

"Hey sweetie." Looking up at her with a smile. Jonathan had been working out for about an hour now and had worked up a decent sweat, his body glistening and easily viewable without a shirt on. Sweat shorts were the only thing he had on and from Christina's perspective, little was left to the imagination.

With her head tilted to the right she smiled softly, stepping toward him. She wasn't sure when her father had gotten so attractive, but the thought that she realized he was attractive was a little disturbing to her. She gave her voice a little clearing as she stepped toward him.

"You gonna want to relax after that I suppose?" She smiled; she'd gotten a little spoiled in the last week, spending time with him was everything. She bent over him a bit, reaching down to swipe her finger across his chest. "...All sweaty..."

"Figured I would get a shower in, then spend some time with you?" Smiling as she touched him. Setting the weights down, he stood up and stretched a bit.

His standing brought him very close to her, for she hadn't moved at all. She nibbled at her lower lip, faintly aware of just how close her modest bosom was to his chest. "Yeah, that'll be nice. I'm just gonna go change and maybe grab another piece of pizza."

"You mind grabbing a slice for me? I haven't eaten yet. Thanks sweetie." With a smile, he kissed her forehead and moved away towards his bedroom to change for the shower.

She closed her eyes to the touch of his lips on her brow, and she smiled softly. She didn't know what was going through her head, why the smell of his sweat was driving her nuts, but she let him go. "I'll meetcha in the den."

It seemed to be their private little hang out this week, like their own secret fort. She moved off to her bedroom, changing into some clothes she'd veg out in usually dressed for bed. Tonight it was a pair of loose fitting pajama bottoms synched tightly at her narrow waste, and a tank top that didn't quite meet, leaving a sliver of skin open.

She went down, pulling up her hair in a haphazard fashion and she simply brought the whole pizza box and a couple sodas to the den, as well as a few napkins, might as well have it there in case they decided to snack during their time together. After a quick shower, Jonathan slipped on a pair of boxers and a T-shirt, concealing them with an old tattered robe. Walking into the den, he smiled at his daughter and sat down beside of her. He had enjoyed this time with her. Last month she had celebrated 18th birthday and had grown into a remarkable woman. It wasn't until now that he realized how beautiful she actually was.

"I thought you might wanna munch." That old tattered robe brought a grin to her features. How long had he had that thing? She tugged at the sleeve. "I remember you had this when I was eight..." She couldn't help but grin up at him and nudge him a bit, before nodding to the box.

"Yeah, it was the best Christmas present I got that year." Smiling, knowing full well she had been the one to get it for him.

She was lazily flipping through the channels as she sipped on a can of grape soda. 18 or not, she could still call him daddy and still drink her grape Crush. "Maybe a pay per view or something?"

“Your call. I picked Monopoly last night."

"Uh..." She glanced and lifted a brow. "How bout some more Soul Caliber?" She glanced down to the console game that rested before the television. She knew she got into it when she played it, moving herself around. Then again what fun didn't include movement?

“I'll kick your butt." She murmured a faint grin of a challenge on her features.

"That a fact?" Grinning at her as he turned it on.

"Yeah ... that's a fact." She giggled as she took the last sip of her soda and took up one of the controllers, moving the other before him as she settled down. "...Right up over your head." Her grin grew.

Taking the controller, he went through the motions and picked a character and waited for the fight to begin. It didn't last long. This new technology was never an easy thing to grasp. She giggled as she played; able to use her knowledge of combos and other maneuvers to easily beat his characters time and time again. She'd nudge him a little if he got the upper hand, as rare as it was and she laughed out her words when he actually won a match.

"You cheated!" Her words were filled with teasing mirth, but still, she turned to push him back on the sofa and try to tickle at his sides.

"Nope, I just got skills!" His jargon butchered by the last 44 years of normal speech.

As she tickled him, he leaned back and tried to return the affection. One of her blocks though, deflected his hand to her breast. Pulling back, he couldn't keep himself from swelling down below. She hadn't really noticed the touch...though she noticed how he pulled back and a curious frown adorned her features.

"Something wrong, daddy?" She moved up a bit, trying to get a little closer as she did that she touched her hand to his shoulder. "I didn't pinch, did I?"

"No sweetie. I, uh, um, accidentally touched your breast." Looking down at her beautiful 36C mounds of flesh.

She bit at her lip as she looked down to her chest, her breasts only contained by the thin material of her tank top that stretched over them.

"Oh ... it's okay, Daddy ...I didn't even notice."

Giving her a nod, he released a laugh of nervousness.

"You're so amazing, you know that?"

A light blush touched her cheeks as she settled down near to his left side. She moved to lay her head on his shoulder, though she slowly came to crawl over his lap and sit so she could cuddle a bit more. Cuddling seemed so very rare when you're older. She kissed his cheek softly. "You're amazing, daddy."

"So are you, sweetie." His arms wrapped around her back as he gave her a hug, kissing her head. With her straddling him, his member that had gone limp was now rising again, pushing against his pants. She fidgeted on his lap a bit, unsure of what to do with herself, knowing that she was able to turn him on like that. She sat up a bit more and nibbled on her lower lip.

"...Do you think ... I'm beautiful?" Expressive green eyes came to fall upon his own.

"Of course, sweetie. You inherited my good looks." Offering a smile to her.

She gave him a bit of a grin; her eyes glittered as she leaned down to kiss his cheek lightly. "Well ... when you put it that way, I have to be gorgeous, right?"

"You're absolutely breathtaking." Reaching up with one of his hands, he caressed the side of her face.

Her eyes fluttered lightly, and she pushed her cheek against his hand. She loved contact, yet this was making her a little heady. "Hmm ...thank you." her words were softly whispered.

“Sweetie..." His tone lowered as he adjusted again, his member pressing harder against the pants. " ... Have you ever been with a man?"

She was eighteen, but still, that was something meant for another time. Besides, she went to an all girls’ school. She nibbled on her lower lip and her green gaze lifted to his own. "...No ... I haven't..."

"I'll be honest with you, honey. You're amazing and I'm sorry I never realized it till this week I've had with you. It's hard to understand why I am drawn to you this way...” Still caressing her face, the other hand is on her hip, rubbing the bare skin between the shirt and the pants. The fact of her virginity was turning him on even more and if you were to look down, the bulge in his gym short would have been enormous. "All I know is that I am...”

Sitting on his lap the way she was, she could feel it...at least somewhat. She continued to nibble on her lower lip, continued to hold her breath for a moment. She idly wondered if he actually was telling her he wanted her, was attracted to her, the thought alone made her heart thunder. "You know ... you're ... a very sexy man ...I...I noticed when you were working out ... the way it made my breath quicken." She leaned down slowly and touched her nose along his own, very near her lips hovering near to his. "I feel something too."

No words could come to mind with his daughter’s mouth so close to his own. Leaning up slightly, he touched his lips to hers, kissing them.

"Is this okay?" Questioned softly as the hand on her hip squeezed tenderly before kissing her again just as soft as the first. Her eyes came to close lightly at the touch of his lips, and they didn't open when his hand squeezed, or when he spoke. All that came was a soft sigh, a near groan of a sound from her throat as his thumb squeezed into that little bundle of nerves on the inside of the hip. Her lips in mid kiss parted with that sound. She didn't think she'd have to say it was okay, she thought her kiss would tell him so. Kissing her, he probed gently with his tongue, wanting so bad to push through into the warmth of her mouth as the kissed. She'd been kissed before; this kiss wasn't something she hadn't done before, just, not with him, she had never imagined something like this with him. A sigh slipped from her throat as she let her lips part more, as she let her tongue greet his and she canted her head to the side to let him in, let him probe the depths of her hot mouth. Moving the hand from her head, he rested both of his hands on her hips, sliding them just below her pants. As one hand lingered there, the other moved to the crease in her butt, playing with it gently, almost tickling. Signals were firing off so fast, and her whole body felt like it was burning. She simply moaned no other word could be used to describe the sound as she let her tongue trace along his.

Finally her hands seemed to want to do more, one rested lightly on the center of his chest, while the other slipped up to the side of his head, up into his hair where they curled against his scalp. His kisses moved from her lips and mouth to the nape of her neck, sucking gently as he licked. His hands felt no undergarment beneath her pants as he moved them further down, cupping her cheeks in his hands. He could tell no bra was under the shirt from earlier when he brushed against her breast.

"...Oh..." Her sound was soft at his hand on her skin, it felt so warm, so lovely. She smoothed her hands, both of them, into his hair as she tilted her head back to the right. With another soft groan her body moved just a bit, more flush to his, and her hips shifted just a bit, just to grind up against the hardness she felt within those shorts. Sliding his hands out from under her pants, he broke this kiss in unison.

"Let's go to your bedroom." Whispering softly in her ear.

"Oh ... okay, daddy..." She let out a faint whimper when his touch was taken from her, yet she slid off of his lap and swallowed. Her entire body was shaking, she couldn't help that. As she stood to leave, I made it to my feet as well. Before she could turn to leave though, he lifted her into his arms. Carrying her toward her bedroom, he leaned down and kissed her, breaking it as he set her back down in front of the bed. She swallowed lightly as she was set on her feet and she looked up into his eyes. The thought of him taking her clothes off made her shudder, and so she reached out, her hand moving to the belt of his robe and she slowly started pulling it, once it was untied, she started to push it off of his shoulders. She didn't say a word, but she had a feeling that she knew where this was going. Moving his body, he allowed his daughter to remove his robe. Due to the strain, the slit in his boxers was parted, showing part of his manhood to her. Her eyes slid down his form and she bit at her lip as she took in the sight of him. Slowly her fingertips slid down his chest...down toward the waist of his shorts and her fingertips slipped into it...just a bit.

With her gaze lifting again she started to push the material down, though as she did her hands shook, making her need to use both. Noticing her shake, Jonathan took both her hands in his own and looked at her.

"You okay, sweetie?"

"J-just nervous...daddy." She whispered her words and she licked at her lower lip shortly after. "I ... I'm fine though ...really."

She cleared her throat as she moved slowly to push her lips against his collarbone. Closing his eyes as she kissed him, he let go of her hands so she could remove his boxers. Her thumbs hooked into the material and she pushed them down, moving lower to get them past his thighs so they'd fall away...and she slowly righted herself, kissing up his chest slowly. "...You know I love you ... right?"

"Never had a doubt in my mind." His hands wrapped around her waist and slowly slid up, hooking the shirt and sliding it off of her.

She lifted her arms a bit so the shirt would come off easier, the fabric pealing away to reveal the supple mounds of flesh, each tipped with a small pink nipple, both hardened, but tight from excitement. She let her hands fall to just before her stomach and her hands were curled a little, not into full fists however. "G-good."

Smiling at her, he removed his own shirt before stepping forward to embrace her again. The feel of heat against her chest made her groan out, it felt absolutely glorious. Her hands slipped around his middle and she curled her fingers against the small of her back.

"...Are w ... we going to make love?" She whispered as her lips touched at his neck softly. She prayed his answer would be yes...with how her body shook.

"Only if you want to, sweetie."

She let her lips nibble at his skin over his throat and she grinned faintly against it. "Hmmm ... I do daddy ... I want to make love to you so much."

Those words held so much power in them. Despite what he thought was possible, he felt his manhood swell even further, growing to a staggering 10" long. Kissing her neck, he moved down, running his tongue over her firm nipples before continuing south to slide off her pants. A soft whimper left her throat as he descended down her body; her fingertips found purchase in his hair again as she watched him. Beneath those pants she wore nothing, she usually didn't wear panties to bed, so it was seen immediately that she kept herself shaved, probably a personal preference, though there was a soft damp spot in the crotch of those pajama bottoms she wore. Now both of them stood there nude and holding each other. Father and daughter in a warm forbidden embrace. Flesh against flesh, hands roaming over exposed skin. She shuddered; the sensation was strong and overpowering. She slowly moved back, a single step brought her to sit down and she tugged his hand with her as she went, pulling him more toward her as she did. Stepping forward with her, he remained standing as she sat down on the bed. His manhood mere inches from her face as he looked down at her. It ached so badly as it desired to erupt. Beads of pre-cum having formed already. Her green eyes came to what was before her face and she nibbled on her lower lip, seeing that moisture on the tip she cleared her throat. She'd never actually seen one before, and this was bigger than she'd ever imagined. Her right hand lifted to the base of his erect member and she touched lightly, her soft fingertips sliding around it as she leaned forward and slowly brought her tongue to that moisture there, curious for the taste of it.

At her touch, he shuddered and moaned. Reaching out, he played with her hair while she tasted him. A little salty, but sweet. She let her eyes flutter closed at his touch as her tongue slowly swirled around the swollen head. She hadn't done this before, hadn't a clue about what she was doing, not really, it was all experimental for now, though the way he sounded, it made her love this experience. Earlier she told him that she had never been with a man. Jonathan loved the fact that his daughter’s first sexual encounter was with him. In his mind it had always been destined to be. Everything else in her life he had helped her with. Why not this?

"Do you need or want guidance, sweetie?"

Her green gaze flicked up to his own as she pulled back, though her hand stayed where it was. "Yes, please?" She murmured, though as she did her lips brushed the sensitive skin she hadn't been fully far enough away from yet.

"I'm not sure what to do next."

He was getting very excited as the events played out. "Okay, you were on the right path. Lick the shaft all over, alternating between your tongue and putting it in your mouth. Only take what you can handle."

She looked down, then nodding as she dipped her head and moved a bit so that her cheek was touching the underside and she slipped her mouth along it, holding him with her hand to steady him. Her tongue darted out along his flesh before she pulled back and parted her lips. Soft warm lips slipped around the head and slowly pulled him in. So very careful not to touch him with her teeth, she let her warm mouth embrace him as her eyes closed. She tried to do as he instructed.

"Mmm, yes ... just like that sweetie!" The feel of her mouth on him was amazing and he shivered with ecstasy.

"Ok, now wrap your hand around me near your mouth and use it to guide me in and out of your mouth, making a vacuum."

His breathing was labored and he could barely speak as he made love to her mouth.

"Mm..." the vibrations conveyed to her mouth, sending ripples down his length. She slipped her hand up then, near her mouth and as she did her mouth slid down as far a she could. It hadn't even been half of him she got into her mouth before she choked a bit and pulled back with flushed cheeks. She tried to follow his instructions carefully, but she wondered, so with him still in her mouth, him still like this, she let her tongue wiggle along his flesh. Moaning louder, this goes on for a couple of minutes.

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