tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDay Care Treatment Ch. 6

Day Care Treatment Ch. 6


Derrick was sitting at home the following evening editing that days tapes of his most recent sexual encounters with all three of his lovely caretakers in order to have the best scenes on one master archive when his mother informed him that Courtney had just stopped by.

Derrick stopped his recording and allowed Courtney to enter his room While talking to her he thought of the irony that she was seated next to the tape player containing many of her mother's sexual encounters with him.

"Faith told me what you did?" She said.

"What do you mean?" He asked nonchalantly.

"She told me about your little tryst yesterday."

"Oh that," Derrick said with a grin. "Well, I figured that it was OK with you if I fucked her."

Courtney scowled. "I wanted to be in on it."

"Besides," She continued, "She admitted that you got some girl to eat her pussy. She wanted to know if it was me or not."

"What did you tell her." Derrick asked.

"Fuck you, Derrick. You know what I told her. Not that I wouldn't mind trying something like that. But I want to know why you never got someone to do that to me."

Derrick was getting hard thinking of the prospect. "Do you want me too?"

Courtney was grinning from ear to ear. "I'd love to let some lady eat my pussy. Who knows, maybe if I like it enough I can talk Faith into coming back and we could do it for you."

Derrick just had to follow up on this. He told Courtney when to come by the next day and promised to make all the necessary arrangements. Then he clicked on his secret camera and got her to give him a nice blowjob before leaving.

The next morning all three women were there. Each wondered why Derrick had put off any sexual activity with them at first. But he promised that he would soon be ready for all of them. Then he informed them that he had another visitor coming by. Phyllis was relieved that it wasn't her daughter again. Derrick then had all three women strip naked, store their clothes in his dresser, then, when they heard the doorbell, they all three crammed into his closet. Jan felt somewhat uncomfortable being sandwiched in such a way that she had Terri's huge boobs pressing against her on one side while Phyllis' ample bosom pressed on her from the other.

Terri's heart sank when she saw Courtney walk into the room. It had been bad enough watching her daughter getting fucked. But now her two best friends were going to watch it as well.

When Courtney stripped got on the bed, allowing Derrick to begin tying her spread eagle to the four corners she wanted to scream. She had heard from Jan what Phyllis had been forced to do with her daughter. Now Terri knew that the same was going to be asked of her. She couldn't stomach the idea of orally pleasuring Courtney.

Once Derrick had Courtney secured he placed the mask over her eyes then hit the record button on his remote. He then walked over to the closet and motioned for Terri to exit.

"I won't do it." She whispered.

"OK, then I'll just untie her and let her ask why the three of you are standing in my closet naked."

Terri lowered her head.

"Come on, Terri." Jan whispered. "I had to do it to Faith, so at least you can do it too."

Terri came out of the closet.

"Who is with you?" Courtney asked.

"Don't worry," Derrick said. "Someone who'll never tell anyone about this."

"But I want to know who it is." She pleaded. When Derrick wouldn't answer she followed up with, "Well, can you at least tell me if she's pretty?"

"Oh she's pretty, alright," Derrick answered.

"What does she look like?"

Derrick gave a brief description of Courtney's mother, making sure to be vague enough not to give her away.

"Why doesn't she speak?" Courtney asked.

"Because I don't want you to have any clue that can identify her if you ever meet later." Derrick explained, then he told Terri to start.

Terri blushed as she looked at her daughter's already wet pussy waiting for her. She could feel the eyes of Phyllis and Jan upon her as she crawled on the bed between Courtney's legs. She lowered her face, smelling the aroma of her daughter's juices. She paused then slowly leaned closer and began to lick her daughter's slit.

"Ohhh." Courtney moaned as she felt a woman's tongue for the first time.

Terri couldn't believe that Courtney was willingly enjoying this. She tasted her pussy and felt her juices flowing even more as her excitement increased. Terri's tongue found Courtney's swollen clit and her daughter shook at the touch.

"Oh, that's it." Courtney said as Terri began flicking her tongue back and forth on her clit.

In the closet the two women watched as Terri went down on her daughter. Phyllis, remembering her own orgasm on Faith's face, found herself rubbing her clit while watching. Jan realized that Phyllis was masturbating beside her and slid farther away. But now her eyes were going back and forth from the spectacle on the bed and her friend playing with herself. It wasn't long before she found her own hand between her legs as well.

Courtney was moaning with delight as her mother continued to munch on her box. Terri realized that it wouldn't be long before she brought her daughter to climax. Courtney let out a loud cry as her pussy began to orgasm against Terri's face. Terri continued to lick as Courtney bounced her ass up and down while orgasming.

When Terri pulled away she looked down at her daughter lying there panting. Her young pussy soaked with post-orgasmic fluids.

"I want to lick her pussy now!" Courtney called out.

Terri stood there in horror.

"You heard her." Derrick said as he continued to watch. His massive prick standing fully erect.

Terri climbed up over her daughter. She squatted over Courtney's face looking toward her feet. Courtney wasted no time in attacking the pussy above her. Terri's eyes rolled at the first sensations. She blushed in shame at the notion that she was enjoying this. It was one thing for Courtney to get off not knowing it was her mother who was going down on her. But for her to enjoy Courtney's efforts was humiliating. She glanced at the closet, with its doors wide open, and could see Jan and Phyllis shamelessly playing with themselves while watching her ordeal.

Terri's body was responding to her daughter's mouth and tongue. She resisted the effort to cry out but could feel herself coming closer and closer to the edge. Without realizing it she began pushing her cunt harder into Courtney's face. Then her head began rocking back and forth as she climaxed, doing her best to remain silent.

As Terri climaxed Phyllis was bringing herself to an orgasm watching. Jan watched both women get off and began to frig herself even more.

"Let's see some '69' action now." Derrick suggested.

"Sure." Courtney said, burying her face into her mother's drenched cunt again.

Terri almost shouted out as Courtney started licking her again. At Derrick's urging she fell forward and began licking her daughter's pussy once more.

At the sight of the two women doing each other Jan completed her own orgasm.

Derrick walked to the foot of the bed and untied Courtney's feet. As Courtney and Terri continued to lick each other he got on the bed, raising Courtney's legs in the air so that he could come closer. Terri lifted her head to watch the approach of his massive pecker. She didn't want to see him entering her daughter, especially at a close-up range, so she opened her mouth and began sucking on him. Derrick allowed her to do this for a bit, then pulled out and pressed his cock between Courtney's swollen pussy lips and began pressing inside her.

"Oh yes! Fuck me!" Courtney cried out, then renewed her efforts at sucking and licking the clit above her.

As Derrick began fucking Courtney, he pushed Terri's head back down so that she could resume licking Courtney's clit as well.

Having her pussy filled with Derrick's cock and a tongue massaging her clit was too much for Courtney to endure. She continued licking her mother but was moaning and thrashing about as she had a powerful orgasm.

Feeling her daughter climaxing beneath her was the final straw for Terri too. She jerked about; unwillingly letting out a sob of ecstasy as her too had another orgasm.

As the two women climaxed together Derrick pounded away at Courtney's tight box until he blasted her insides with his seed.

Once they had all caught their breath he guided Terri off the bed and back to the closet. He told Courtney to lie still and relax while their lady friend dressed and left. He waited a few minutes in silence then returned to the bed and removed Courtney's mast and untied her arms.

"That was fucking great!" Courtney said as she got up. "I'm ready to fuck again."

Derrick was tempted. But he looked at the clock and said. "Sorry, I'm expecting your mom back soon to check on me. So you better go.

When Courtney had left Derrick called for the ladies to come out of the closet.

"That was a cruel thing to make me do." Terri said to him.

"But you got off, didn't you?" Derrick asked.

Terri didn't respond.

"Now, how about me watching all three of you eating each other's pussies." He suggested.

"I don't think so." Jan said.

Derrick shook his head. "Now don't forget that I have some good tape of each of you having sex with me, not to mention two of you doing your own daughters. So I think you might want to reconsider."

Terri and Phyllis scowled at him. Each knowing that their fate was sealed. Jan was still resisting.

"Please don't make us do this." Phyllis begged.

"I'm not making you do anything," Derrick said. "But I really would like to see it."

"Oh fuck, like we really have a choice." Terri said, moving over to the bed.

Phyllis followed her, but it took a bit more coaxing before Jan joined them. "How about making those two do each other while I fuck you." Jan offered to Derrick.

"Oh I'll be fucking all of you," Derrick reminded them. "But I want you each to enjoy this as well."

Derrick had the women get on the bed in a triangular form. Jan was forced to put her head between Terri's legs. She could see her friend's dripping snatch only inches away from her face. Terri was between Phyllis' legs and Phyllis found herself face-to-twat with Jan.

"Let's begin, ladies." Derrick said as he restarted the camera.

Terri started licking first. She had already gone down on her daughter twice today so it was nothing to lick Phyllis' cunt. After a few licks Phyllis started licking Jan's pussy. Jan lay still for a while, trying to resist the urge to enjoy Phyllis' tongue. Then, at Derrick's prompting, she began licking Terri's already wet pussy.

It didn't take long for Terri to orgasm again. Jan was shocked at the amount of discharge that flooded her face as Terri's pussy erupted over her lips.

When Terri finished Derrick moved Jan's head away so that he could bury his shaft into Terri's hole. Jan was made to lick his hairy balls as he fucked Terri. She climaxed again and again as he fucked her, never giving up on licking Phyllis' cunt. Derrick spilled his seed into her twat then pulled out. Having Jan suck him clean before returning her to continue eating Terri.

Derrick walked around the bed watching the women going down on each other. Phyllis and Jan both had their orgasms then Derrick told them all to turn around and begin eating the women at their opposite ends. Derrick watched as Jan's body shook as Terri got her off for the second time. Then he pulled Terri away and shoved his stiff rod into Jan's tiny hole. Jan squealed in delight as Derrick began fucking her. She felt Phyllis coming on her face as she was rammed from behind. She climaxed again as well before feeling him empty his balls into her.

The women were then left to their own again. Each woman was in a quandary. Their jaws ached from the continuous efforts of eating pussy. Each wanted this to stop soon. But each found themselves coming over and over again.

When Derrick's cock was ready again he got behind Phyllis. Jan was relieved to give her jaws a rest while watching Derrick pound Phyllis' cunt. Phyllis climaxed under his assault while brining Terri off with her mouth. In return Jan began crying out as Terri was bringing her to another powerful orgasm. Then Derrick pumped his load into Phyllis cunt.

He stepped back and watched as the women continued going down on each other until each came at least once more before he allowed them to stop.

Terri worked her jaw back and forth with her hand. She had just completed going down on three different women today. She had never had so many orgasms before in her life and wanted nothing more than to dress and go home. She could tell that Jan and Phyllis pretty much felt the same way.

As they got off the bed Derrick pulled the sheets off, for they were drenched with the cum of all three women. The ladies changed the linen then watched as Derrick got on the bed, each seeing that he was hard once more.

"How about a three-way blowjob before you leave." He suggested.

All three ladies groaned at the thought. Each wanting nothing to do with using their mouths again today. But Derrick was persistent.

Jan got on the bed between Derrick's legs. Terri got on his left and Phyllis on his right. They worked together, licking and sucking him. Derrick looked down at the three pretty faces working his cock. He had already cum four times so it took the ladies a lot of time and effort to get him ready again. They took turns licking his shaft and balls. Each took his head into their mouths; with none of them getting any desired rest for their aching jaws. All while Derrick just laid back and enjoyed their efforts. After nearly a half-hour of sucking and licking his balls began to tighten. Jan once again took the head of his cock into her mouth while Terri's lips slid sideways along the underside of his shaft, coming into contact with Phyllis' lips doing the same on the opposite side.

Derrick exhaled sharply as he began to cum, filling Jan's mouth. She swallowed what she could but much of it escaped her mouth and oozed down his shaft only to be caught up by the lips and tongues of Terri and Phyllis.

Derrick's orgasm finished and the three women climbed off the bed. He was exhausted and ready to sleep. He watched as the three of them dressed and then bid farewell for the day. Then he clicked off the camera, deciding that he would wait until later to review the tape of this day's events.

Yes, Derrick believed that his accident had perhaps been the best thing to ever happen to him. He now had three women completely under his control who were willing to do anything he asked to satisfy him in order to keep him quiet. And he had the bonus of being able to fuck two of their 18-year old daughters anytime he wanted to as well. Derrick wondered if there was any way for this to get any better.

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