It was a late September morning when Alex and Shana went on their hiking trip. Both were adventurous and wanted to see how far they could go on foot. They had stayed on the trail most of the way but then decided to go exploring. They realized they were lost when nothing they saw looked familiar. It started to get dark, not from nightfall, but from storm clouds that were quickly approaching. Alex saw the cave first.

'Well, Shana, it isn't much as far as comfort goes but at least we will be out of this storm.'

Shana agreed. She didn't like storms and was glad for any kind of refuge. She followed him inside, staying very close to him.

'We need to get out of these wet clothes and get warm. I will build a fire while you undress. I promise I won't look.'

Shana smiled and went to the back of the cave and started to undress. Alex did as he promised and didn't look as she put on some dry clothes. When she had finished changing, she brought her wet clothes over to the fire that he had going.

Thunder echoed through the cave and Shana moved next to him. Another clap of thunder echoed and she pressed her shivering body against his.

'What's this?' he asked, smiling, as he turned to face her. The young woman he started the hike with had turned into a frightened child he thought. Tears started to escape her blue eyes and Alex wiped them away from her soft cheeks with his hands. Another clap of thunder, louder than the others, echoed through the cave. Shana gave out a painful cry and put her arms around Alex's waist, holding on tightly to his still-wet T-shirt.

'Please don't cry. It's only thunder and it can't hurt you.' Not knowing if she had heard him or not, Alex started stroking her long blonde hair. Even wet from the rain it was still soft. He kissed her on the head and she looked up at him. He kissed her on her soft lips and felt her returning it.

Everything was going in slow motion. She was on the floor of the cave and Alex had taken his wet clothes off and was now hard at work making her sore. He had never asked her if she was a virgin or not. She was, and she felt the discomfort of the huge cock moving in and out of her. He had broken her hymen and caused her to bleed.

His hands were all over her…his lips kissing hers…his tongue darting in and out in of her mouth…his hips thrusting his cock into her even further. Instinct told her to cry out from the pain, but she liked this pain. She wrapped her legs around his ass and helped him enter her deeply. Her pussy muscles clamped down onto his swollen cock, causing him much pleasure and her pain from the excess blood.

Her head and body felt like they were about to explode. She moaned louder with each thrust. 'Alex!' she screamed as he started to suck on one of her pink nipples. He moved in and out of her faster and time now had no meaning for her. She felt pain and pleasure at the same time.

Alex suddenly stopped and looked down at her. 'You asked me for this, remember?'

Shana knew she hadn't but went along with the game. She would soon get what she wanted just as surely as he was now getting his.

'You wanted me so I took you.'


Alex smiled and pulled himself out of her, and rolled over onto his back. 'Now…fuck me!'

She mounted his still-hard cock. Alex closed his eyes and moaned while she rode him fast and hard. She bent down, teasing him with her tits, just out of reach of his waiting lips. He sat up and held onto her hips as she moved herself up and down his pole. She held his head to her breasts and felt him suck her nipples. She could feel his sperm enter her as her milk was sucked from her. Putting her head back, she moaned loudly. 'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!'

'Damn, this is great!' he shouted. He was close to cumming again as bucked against her.

Shana looked at him and smiled. 'Thank you, but it isn't finished yet.'

Alex smiled. 'There's more, Baby? I'm glad. I'm about to cum again.'

Shana gave him a quick kiss on the lips. 'One more thing to do.'

Alex laughed. 'Be a nice touch if you would suck me.'

Shana smiled. 'That's exactly what I was thinking. How did you know that?'

Alex lay back onto the ground. 'Go for it Baby…drink me dry!'

'My thoughts exactly, my dear.'

He closed his eyes, anticipating her sucking his dick. He could feel his cock still in her pussy but she had leaned down to kiss him on the lips, then the cheeks. He smiled, getting aroused by the thought of her kissing him all the way down his body and then sucking him for dear life.

'Yeah, Baby! Take your time and don't miss a drop!'

Shana started kissing his neck. 'Oh, I won't miss a drop', she whispered in his ear. Then she started to lick one particular spot on his neck.

'You were right, Alex, I did want this.'

'Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yeah Baby!'

Pain shot through Alex's body. The source was from a puncture wound on his neck. Alex felt the blood drain from his body. He pushed her away. 'What did you do?'

'You asked for this, remember? I'm going to drink you dry!'

'I didn't ask for this, Bitch!'

'And I didn't ask to have you take my virginity, either.'

Alex stared at her in horror. Her eyes were actually glowing and she had his blood dripping from fangs.

'You can't be a vampire…no such things as vampires.'

Shana could smell his fear and the aroma was sweet. 'There are some of us, Alex.'

'Vampires only come out at night…it's daytime!'

Shana smiled and showed him her fangs. 'That is only a myth, Alex.'

'No! Stay away from me!'

Shana did not listen to the cries of her victim and lunged forward to devour her meal. She fed until she was full, even after his screams had ceased. When she had her fill, she got up and got dressed. Before she left the cave she stopped to look down at his lifeless body. 'It's amazing just how stupid you humans are. You believe in your own myths. Your arrogance made you believe that I was as frightened as though I was a mere child. Foolish human, you played perfectly into my hands.' She walked out of the cave, laughing to herself.

Shana turned the radio on while driving home and heard a news report of a man that had been found dead in a cave. Cause of death was bites from vampire bats that were found inside the cave. Shana laughed to herself. 'Vampire is right!'

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