tagBDSMDecision Tree Ch. 20

Decision Tree Ch. 20


I think Eve understood my affirmative response through my gag because she untied me and helped me to my feet.

"I'm going to check on Thomas while you get ready," she told me. "I left my girlfriend with him to keep him company and I want to make sure they are OK before we leave."

I had no doubt my Master would have things well in hand, but I just nodded and headed to the bathroom to clean up and get ready. Half an hour later, I was the vision of perfect slutdom once again as I headed out of the hotel with Eve. She directed me to her car where I was instructed to lift my way to short skirt and sit with my ass on the leather seat of two-seat convertible with my legs spread. The top was up so I decided it wasn't her plan to show me off to passing motorists. She told me to open the glove box where I found a leather collar and leash. I put it on without being told. I was experienced enough not to need encouragement. She then told me we were going to a favorite club of hers because she wanted me to meet some of her friends. That sounded a bit ominous. The exhibitionist in me didn't mind being showed off. I loved both my trips to the theater where I was exposed for the slut I had become, but in a strange city with someone I had only met the day earlier, my fear of the unknown was palpable.

Eve had mentioned her girlfriend was staying at the hotel. But since she also mentioned fucking Thomas, I assumed she must have been bi, or at least her girlfriend was and Eve just directed the action. I figured that meant we were not going to a lesbian club. I decided that we must be going to some kind of BDSM/swingers club. As soon as I had put on the collar, Eve had me begin masturbating. If we stopped at a stoplight, so would I. I was instructed to raise my hands to give her access to finger my pussy and check on my progress. We fell into a rhythm as if we had been together for years. I instantly understood my masturbation wasn't meant to achieve orgasm and her invading digits were meant to reinforce the power she held over me. That was both in a business sense because I believed her boast to be able to sway her father's decision on which firm to pick and because she knew I was submissive and I knew she at least had Domme traits.

We drove into the night into an industrial area west of downtown. I knew we were not in St. Louis any more, but I can't tell you what suburb we were in because I didn't know. We did pass the Anheuser-Busch plant if that helps anyone who knows that area. We pulled up to a dilapidated warehouse. The presence of twenty cars or so in its parking lot, completely out of line with the look of the building and time of night, was the only indication that the building contained more than its outward appearance suggested. As we pulled in, Eve gave me more instructions.

"This is a very exclusive private club. I had to attend parties for over a year as a guest before I was able to join. Don't embarrass me in front of my friends. The fact that you collared yourself without being told tells me you know how to act and I'm sure you will enjoy yourself. But if I am wrong, use the word orange and we'll leave no questions asked. You will address me as Mam. If you prefer to say Mistress, that is fine, but I understand from Thomas that his wife is your real Mistress so I don't mind you not saying that. Let's go."

She didn't leave me room for discussion. She knew what I was, she intrigued me and I was exhilarated to find out what happened inside this generic looking building. She led me by the leash and I followed behind her. I saw no signage or even an address placard. It was the kind of a place you wouldn't give a second glance at if you drove by, unless it was to complain about urban decay. Even on the heavy steel door there was no sign, just an electronic lock where Eve punched in a code. She then pulled back the door. Inside was dimly lit, almost black. She walked in tugging on my leash. The door shut with a dull thud. It reminded me of a prison movie as if I was being led to solitary confinement. Or maybe a real dungeon. We walked down a hallway. Our eyes adjusted to the dim light enough to allow me to see enough not to bounce off the walls. At the end of the hallway I saw a round button dimly lit on the wall and Eve's finger as she pushed it. A red circle of lights illuminated a foot above the button. Eve looked toward the lights and spoke.

"Mistress Sunshine, 837449 and guest."

She then turned to me. "No real names here, by the way. You will just be called slut."

There was a pause as if her credentials were being checked and then I heard a lock release. Eve opened the door and we walked into the club. The front room was better lighted, although not brightly. But at least I could see. There was a coat checkroom. That wouldn't be noteworthy except for the woman checking coats, purses and whatever personal items you wanted was topless, collared and wearing wrist cuffs. She did have leather pants on, which I thought was strange. Eve later explained that as an employee of the club she was off limits and was also wearing a chastity device in case any of the members got and bad ideas. I told her I understood about wearing a chastity device so I could commiserate with the girl. There was also a bar with a bartender. He was dressed like the coat check girl, his barrel chest proudly on display. I would have been happy to play with either of them. The club was strictly BYOB to avoid licensing issues. We had not brought any booze, but Eve assured us other members would share if we wanted some... for a price. She didn't need to explain what type of barter might have to be made for a drink.

There was another metal door that led to a large room where many of the club members gathered. There was a mix of leather booths around the edges and pub height small round tables with stools. There was also a small stage with a stripper pole and a dance floor. At the moment, there was no music playing and nobody dancing, but most of the booths were full. Eve led me to one that wasn't and had me slide into the center. She slid in next to me. Minutes later, a muscular man, dressed in leather pants and an open leather vest slid in on the other side trapping me.

"Who is your new friend, Sunshine?" he asked. She replied, "This is slut. She is visiting for the night."

"Is she here to observe or will she be participating?" he continued.

"That is to be determined," she replied. He asked if we wanted a drink. Eve looked at me and I nodded. "That would be great," she told him. He slid back out of the booth and walked toward the door.

"I hope you like Scotch," Eve told me. "He usual brings the good stuff to impress the ladies."

I just smiled. I felt her hand reach between my legs and slide up my thigh. "When he returns, if he wants to touch you, let him. I will decide later if he get anything more."

The mystery man returned with three glasses of Scotch, straight up. It burned going down, but I needed to calm my nerves. I knew better than to gulp it, although I wished he had brought shots because it wasn't satisfying my taste pallet to sip. We chatted, small talk basically, and eventually as we finished our drinks I felt his hand on my thigh. As I had been instructed, I made to move to discourage him. You know me enough by now to know I was happy he was getting down to business. I envisioned this excursion as another hall pass since I was not formally serving Eve. I was happy to play the role of her submissive for her friends, but I intended to enjoy myself thoroughly. Plus Scotch guy was a hottie.

Eventually the guy's hand did complete his trip up my thigh to discover my pussy was available and ready for action. We continued to talk while he lazily rubbed my kitty kat. Eve didn't seem that enthused with him, though, and when he asked if we wanted another round she dismissed him with a maybe later. He didn't seem upset, removed his hand and left our booth.

"I've played with him before," she told me. "He always cums too fast. Good for a nightcap on the way out, perhaps, but not what you want as a main course. Fortunately he knows his place with me and doesn't give me any grief about it."

I was content to sit and wait for whatever or whomever Eve decided was better for us. The club got a little busier and another couple joined us. They were married and lived an open Dom/sub relationship. From the conversation, I could tell Eve had played with them before. The husband was the Dom and apparently Eve was the first woman the wife had been with when they first found the lifestyle. I was surprised that the woman seemed older than her husband. Music had begun to play. It was an industrial dance beat. Loud, but no too loud to overwhelm our conversation, I noticed some people had started dancing. A few minutes later a woman was escorted to the stage by a guy I assume was her Dom and she started a sexy bump and grind and swinging on the pole. She didn't have the polish of a professional stripper, but she kept my attention until Eve suggested I dance with our new friends. I love to dance so that sounded good to me.

There were a couple single women dancing with each other, one other couple and the three of us. If I had to describe the style, it was decidedly sexual as everyone was basically grinding on each other. It didn't take long for the husband to end up behind me, holding me firmly with his arms wrapped around me. I didn't mind as long as his wife didn't. I could feel his cock stiffen and press against my ass. He felt, shall we say, manly and I hoped to get a more intimate encounter with his shaft soon. His wife was swaying in front of me and as I ground my ass back against her husband, she began to kiss me and then unbutton my blouse.

There were far fewer people in this room than the number of cars in the parking lot suggested were here so I assumed there were other rooms for naked fun time. But nobody seemed concerned that she was exposing my breasts in a public room either. I glanced at the stage and that woman had stripped down to a thong so I guessed at least toplessness was tolerated in the social room. Once she had me exposed, she stopped dancing (if you can call what we were doing dancing) and took my left nipple into her mouth. Needless to say, I was a happy camper.

She gave attention, with her mouth, to both my nipples. I was in heaven. His strong arms gave me a feeling of security while her mouth, well, you know how much I love getting my nipples sucked. This dance of arousal continued for a few minutes. The woman on the stage disappeared, probably to some back room I theorized after suitably turning on her partner. I expected that would be where we would be heading as well. I couldn't have been more wrong.

The wife stopped sucking my nipples and put her hand under my skirt. She wasn't shy. She went right for my pussy and quickly inserted her finger. My lack of movement to stop her signaled my consent. I looked over toward Eve and she nodded. It was at this point I noticed two feet wearing high heels under our table. She apparently didn't waste any time replacing me. I turned back to the woman who was slowly finger fucking me. I saw her nod. Her husband then released me and in a well-practiced move, her free hand went around my neck as she pulled me into another passionate kiss. I was held there by lust more than force. I had no desire to pull back from either her lips or her finger. Moments later I felt her husband raising the back of my skirt.

"Spread your legs a bit, babe," he whispered in my ear. I knew that meant he intended to fuck me right there on the dance floor. I didn't have to spread for his wife to do more to me so obviously he wanted more room to take me from behind. I moaned into his wife's mouth and acquiesced to his command. I felt his cock between my legs. His wife never broke our make-out session, but in another well-practiced move, pulled her finger out of my pussy and grabbed his cock guiding him home inside of me. Once buried, he reached around and grabbed not me, but his wife, pulling the three of us together in a mass of aroused flesh.

The angle on his penetration meant he had to go slowly. That he couldn't fuck me too hard or he would have popped right out. But it didn't matter. We were pressed together, but that didn't prevent his wife from kissing me again. Our breasts were mashed together doing wonderful things to my nipples. I wasn't getting the clitoral stimulation I needed, but the insane nature of having sex on the dance floor with two strangers was almost as good. Slowly, but consistently, he slid his cock in and out of my pussy, while he wife and I French kissed. I couldn't look back at Eve, but I imagined her enjoying every lurid moment of my performance, even as she had her own needs tended to once again.

Surprisingly other club members did not surround us. My experiences at the theater made me assume a new group for round two would form around us. When my new friend was ready to cum, he pulled out and his wife dropped to her knees to enjoy his spunk, I looked around and everyone was watching, but they were also giving us space to enjoy ourselves unencumbered by interruption. The woman was gone from under Eve's table and I returned to the booth, sliding in next to her. Eve immediately put her fingers on my pussy.

"So did you cum?" she asked me. I shook my head. She could easily correct that if she wanted.

Instead another couple appeared next to our booth inquiring of Sunshine who her new friend (me) was. A second introduction as "Slut" followed along with Eve telling them, "She didn't get to cum because she only cums when she is tied. Do you want to come back to the rope room with us?"

Eve wasn't correct in that assessment, but I certainly wasn't opposed to going to the rope room, whatever that was. It sounded exciting.

This couple was an older guy with a young blonde companion. She looked yummy and he was fine so exploring additional rooms sounded like a good idea to me. Eve removed her fingers from between my legs and we slid out of the booth. Like the first couple, the second couple was not introduced, but that didn't prevent me from following them, with Eve at my side, through another steel door. That passage led to a large room with padding on the floor and four couples going at it like rabbits. Eve told me it was the swinging or orgy room. There were some benches around the outside, I suppose for if you need a rest or wanted to watch, but all the action was in the center. I paused to look, but Eve tugged my leash and I scampered behind her.

Another door and then a hallway. Off the hallway were smaller room labeled "medical, office, classroom, dungeon, wilderness" and the last door, "bondage." That was the door we opened. There was already a couple using the room. A busty Dominatrix in head to toe leather had a professional looking guy bound and laying on the floor. She was teasing his cock with her boot toe and occasionally her stiletto heel. The room had various ropes, chains, cuffs, a winch system, a few floggers, a padded bench and a sex swing. I asked Eve what the difference was in the dungeon and she said mainly different apparatus more designed for torture. While there was overlap, the dungeon was more for serious impact play and this room was more for tying, light impact and fucking your sub. Either option sounded good to me right now.

The blonde seemed gleeful to see the Dominatrix and her victim. She asked if she could sit on his face. The Domme seemed amused by her offer and gave her permission. She took off her skirt. I was not surprised that she was going commando underneath. She straddled his head and squatted down. The Domme continued to torment his dick and balls while Eve and my second anonymous man brought me to the bench. There I was tied.

Gwen, Thomas and Dean had always cuffed me. They had taught me early on that cuffs could be worn longer and a sub's position could be changed quicker if they wanted to move her. I never questioned their wisdom on the matter. Eve's friend, however, was an excellent rigger and soon I was tied in what could best be described as a rope corset. It ran through my legs (lovely tease on my clit), around my waste, around the top and bottom of my breasts framing them just right and finally, around my next. My leather collar had been exchanged for rope. He even tied rope cuffs that he slipped around my wrists, although I was not bound at this point.

I was bent over the padded bench and Eve retrieved one of the floggers. After several firm swats, you will not be surprised that the guy took off his pants and stood in front of me. I didn't need to be told to suck him off while Eve continued my flogging. Nor was I told to hold my position when he popped out of my mouth and walked behind me. Eve knew I was her play toy for the night and if she OKed him fucking me, then so be it. He quickly mounted me, my second cock in the last twenty minutes or so. His blond friend had a shrieking orgasm on the mouth of the male slave as her friend began to pick up the pace fucking me from behind. Eve sat on the bench next to me and I saw the blond kneel down in front of her and begin licking her pussy.

This is how the night went. Eve seemed pleased to share me with her club friends, but rarely did anything directly to me. We visited all the rooms and I was fucked in each one. Each them were unique. In the schoolroom, decorated to look like a high school classroom, I was spanked by the teacher (lightly) for passing notes in class before he fucked me. His girlfriend also ate Eve's pussy. That seemed to be the payment for getting to play with me. The dungeon did have more impact toys than the bondage room. Eve took advantage of that. She also made me cum by using the riding crop on my clit. We partied long into the night including a 5am orgy to cap off the festivities and yes, Mr. Nightcap did get to fuck me, briefly, as he came quickly as Eve had predicted.

When she returned me to the hotel about 6, I definitely looked worse for wear. I was wearing her collar again and he marched me into the lobby led by the leash. But I didn't care. I probably would never be at that hotel again so fuck it. It was a great night. I was surprised Thomas was already downstairs for the free breakfast. He just shook his head, although it wasn't in a negative "what the hell did you do way" it was more of a "why am I not surprised" way. Eve brought me to him to the surprise and joy of the other early risers in the breakfast lounge. She handed him my leash as she unbuckled the collar and then took both.

"I'll talk to my father this afternoon," she said. "Remember our arrangement."

"We can make that work," Thomas assured her. "Did you girls have fun."

"Yes, but next time I want a full day with her. Bring her back for the contract signing," Eve commanded. I just smiled. Eve turned and left.

"We need to leave for the airport in an hour," Thomas told me. "You'd better take a quick shower. At least you don't have much to pack."

He didn't ask anything about what I'd done with any of the kids and didn't seem concerned that my behavior may have screwed up the negotiations. He just dismissed me for my usual post craziness walk of shame. But I was used to that by now. I headed for the elevator and the warm water of my shower.

Heading back to the airport and on the flight back to Chicago, we talked business, but not much. It was a pretty quiet trip. We were convinced we had done all we could. Thomas got to enjoy the pleasures of Eve and her girlfriend as a bribe to helping her steal the family company away from her brothers. Well steal control at least, they wouldn't be left out monetarily, I did the harder work, although very pleasurable, of making sure Eve wanted to work with us.

Upon our return home Gwen wanted to hear all the details of the trip including our play session Thursday night and about how both of us spent Friday. If she was jealous about Thomas playing with two young hotties without her, she didn't show it. Gwen told us she was going clubbing again that night, but didn't invite me. I was disappointed. I got the impression she was tiring of me. Thomas said he was just going to stay in. I hoped that meant he would play with me, but early on in the evening I could tell that wasn't his plan. Bruce too was gone so I was left to my own devices. I called Tiffany to see if I could schedule a massage for later that night. My motives were far from pure. I really just wanted to get my freak on with her. Fortunately she wasn't busy and fortunately her needs that night were in tune with mine. After our last encounter, she and Katherine had given up the pretense of doing massage therapy and were exploring a BDSM together. Neither was really dominant so they took turns. I wasn't really dominant either, but like at our first encounter, I enjoyed pretending I was and having both of them serve me. Technically I didn't have permission to play with them, but part of me was growing defiant after St. Louis and I wanted to earn a punishment from Mistress Gwen.

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