tagHumor & SatireDemona and the Burly Man

Demona and the Burly Man


Thanks to SlaveGirl70 for editing.


Once upon a time there was a beautiful young woman named Demona, who lived with her aunt and uncle on a farm nestled in the most picturesque valley in all the land. Demona had jet black hair, even darker eyes and creamy skin that was as light as her eyes were dark. Her aunt and uncle did their best to keep her grounded, but they knew that she was destined to battle the curse of her notorious beauty. Her only chance of happiness was to find the one man who could keep her eye from the distraction of the men who would tempt her at every turn.

As Demona blossomed into a woman, word of her beauty spread throughout the land. Suitors from far and wide soon filled their lonely valley. There was nary a night that the tavern wasn't booked solid with princes and paupers hoping to cast their chance at catching her eye.

Demona adored their attention. She took every opportunity to venture into town alone, where the handsome young men would shower her with gifts and adoration. The luckiest of the men would escort her up to their rooms where she was rapidly schooled in the carnal lessons of uninhibited beauty.

One evening Demona's uncle had had enough. He forbid her from going into town. As he tried to lock her in her room she rushed out of the house and ran into the woods, vowing to never return. She ran as fast as she could to elude him, and soon she was lost, deep in the woods, which were getting darker by the minute. She feared the wolves which came out night, so when she saw the light of a cottage in a copse of trees by the side of a lake she didn't hesitate to knock at the door and ask for help.

A burly man with a dark beard and dark curly hair answered the door. "What do you want?" he growled.

"Please put me up for the night," she begged.

"Be gone!" he thundered. "I'll not invite a demon into my house."

"I'm not a demon," she pleaded. "I'm just a foolish girl that ran away from home, and now I'll be eaten by wolves if you don't help me."

He steadfastly refused to let her into his little cottage. He knew that only demons wandered through the woods at night and that a demon can only harm those that freely admit them into their homes.

"You'll not be coming into my home!" he shouted.

"But I'll die if you leave me outside."

"I'll not let you freely into my home. That is the road to ruin."

"Then bind me. A bound demon is not free."

The man was surprised, "You would let me bind you?"

She gulped and nodded.

Soon she was lying, bound hand and foot, on the burly man's bed, under his watchful gaze.

He knew that demons bore the mark of the devil, so he searched her body. He found nothing on her arms and legs, so he ripped off her clothes, and found a rose-colored birthmark in the shape of a crescent on her back.

"Ha! I knew yur a spawn of the devil. You bear his mark."

"You're as crazy as you are stupid. The devil's mark is three sixes. Does that look like three sixes to you?"

He slapped her face. "I'll not be taken in by your lies. The sign is certain to be here. All I need to do is find it."

"You won't find the sign, because the sign's not there."

He lifted her hips, to inspect her backside, then felt the softness of her ass. His touch was firm and forceful. He could toss her like a ragdoll, but treated her with care. "You must be the devil's spawn. Only the devil would make a body as tempting as this."

It was the only time in her life that she regretted having a nice body.

His hands inched slowly up her thighs, across her midriff and landed on her breasts. "You have the most perfect pair of tits that I've e'r seen. They're neither too big nor too small. They're just right."

She struggled against the ropes as he caressed her tits then pinched her nipple lightly between his unusually large finger and thumb.

He considered her exposed beauty and wondered what kind of woman let a stranger bind them. Only a powerful demon would take such a chance.

She regretted fighting with her aunt, leaving home and knocking on the burly man's door. She was vulnerable and afraid. She was certain he would take advantage of her, and that meant sex with a big hairy uncouth bear of a man.

She shivered as his huge fingers grasped at her tits. Her nipples burned as he pinched them. Her skin crawled as his enormous fingers crisscrossed across her body.

"It's not right that such beauty be cast about so carelessly."

"Surely a man as handsome as you has lots of beautiful girlfriends."

"No, I've just got you."

She didn't like the sound of that at all.

His finger dove into her wet pussy. He said, "Tis strange that you've no fear of bein' tied up," as he slid his finger in and out of her.

She was shocked at the penetration of his huge finger, but also surprised by how good it felt. She didn't want to admit it, but the burly man had unanticipated talents. His single finger was doing a damn nice job of fucking her. She'd had sex with guys whose hard cocks were smaller than his burly fingers. She wondered how big his cock was, and her pussy unexpectedly surged at the thought. She had always been unapologetic in her desire for large cock. Guys liked big tits, what was wrong with a naughty girl wanting a cock that was big enough to satisfy her?

The burly man's face was against hers and his hot breath was on her cheek. He smelled like an old goat that had slept in the ashes of a campfire and his thick black hair was everywhere.

His finger felt divine.

She'd never thought about it before, but cocks were pretty lame. They could get hard and they could fill her up, but when it came to motion all they could do was in and out. Fingers had dexterity, but they were too damned small. They could flick at the g-spot, but they could never satisfy the way a real cock could. Cock-fingers were the best of both worlds. They satisfied like a cock while hitting exactly the right spot, and cock fingers could move fast.

She laid silently while she blocked his smell and the ticklish hairs from her mind and focused on the pleasure emanating from the finger lodged deep in her pussy.

The burly man let out a belch and switched from his index finger to his longer middle finger. He curled it up towards her clit from the inside, inducing an involuntary sigh from Demona.

She opened her eyes to see the lusty look on his face.

"Yur not so clever now are ya devil spawn?" he asked. "Ya think that you can cloud my mind with your full breasts and ample hips, but I've got the cure fur you, don' I? My fingers turn your mind to mush, and there's no dark magic with a mind o' mush."

Mush or not, her mind would not be conjuring any magic, but it might not be too bad if she could make him believe she was capable. "Your finger will not be the end of me. It takes much more than a skinny little finger like yours to turn my mind."

"You call'n me fingers skinny? What kind of demon are ya that calls fingers like mine skinny?"

She let out a shrill laugh, trying her best to sound like a witch. "I've seen bigger fingers on the beggars in Lichincher and the King of Dinkenburg has a baby toe that makes your fingers look like the pin feathers on a mud hen." She hoped that he'd heard of Lichincher and Dinkenburg, but that he didn't remember why. With luck the names of far-off lands would sound exotic and put a little awe into the burly man.

"Bah! The beggars of Lichincher!" He pushed his middle finger as far in as he could and began to flick the tip of his cock-finger at a very sensitive spot inside her.

She writhed and wormed on the mattress and strained against her bindings as her body involuntarily responded to the tactile maneuvers of his surprisingly well-educated fingers. There was no controlling the saturation of her pussy or the moans and cries that came from her mouth. If he was putting any effort at all into reading her, her deception was doomed.

His ticklish hairs brushed her face and she heard him whisper in her ear, "What do the beggars of Lichincher have to say about that?"

She cackled. She'd intended to laugh, but it hitched in her throat and a cackle came out.

Stark fear was the face of the burly man. What kind of wench cackles at the best his fingers have to offer? All motion stopped as he tried to gauge her.

This was not the response she wanted. She pushed her hips to cover his finger and said, "What of the King of Dinkenburg?"

The burly man scoffed, "The King o' Dinkenburg? The brain o' that klutz is smaller 'n the pin feathers on that there mud hen yur talk'n bout. His mother married 'er brother who was 'er uncle an 'er cousin. Thar's so much incest in that clan that the church won't hitch none of um."

His finger came back to life and began to twitch within her. "You're from Dinkenburg?"

She breathed a sigh of relief as his huge finger stirred the broth of her vagina. She was a little surprised that he knew so much about Dinkenburg, he seemed so ignorant about most things. She desperately wanted him to convert her mind to mush, so she said, "It's not incest. The Dinkenburg clan is cursed, and if you don't watch out, you and your clan will be cursed too."

"So, ya admit ta bein' a demon?"

"You stop moving that skinny little finger of yours for a few minutes and let me think, and I'll show you what a demon can do!"

The burly man howled, "Ya demons thin yer so smart, but yu'll be doin' no hexin' with me finger inside ya."

She pretended to try to pull her pussy off of his finger, but made no effort to stop him from reestablishing his possession of her passion pool.

His finger wiggled and twitched as it pressed deep into her swollen pussy. Her hips undulated in sync with its motion and her breathing became shallow.

He pinched the nipple of her beautiful tit with the cock-fingers of his off hand, which sent a lightning bolt of ecstasy coursing through her bound body.

"Ohhaaaohhhh," she moaned.

Her eyes rolled back into her head as she dropped into a cock-finger induced stupor. It was an extraordinary fucking that burned itself into her brain and with it all of the sensations of being with the burly man. The smell of his breath and his body, the rasping tickle of his coarse black hair and the sound of his grunts and groans all became associated with the action and satisfaction within her wondrous cunt.

"Don't," she said.

"Please don't," she repeated

"Please don't do that." She struggled to get the words out.

The burly man watched the demon-wench twist and turn on the mattress. She was no threat to him like this.

She stammered, then said, "Your finger is turning me into mush."

"That be true, but yur sure 'njoying it."

She pressed her cheek into his wild mass of hair and breathed his scent deeply into her lungs. His fingers had ignited a spark that burst into flames within her pussy and was spreading through her body like it was made of a pile of second-year sticks at the end of summer.

Her breathing became short and sweat glistened all over her body. Her hips thrust wildly in a desperate attempt to swallow more of his cock-finger.

He thwarted her by extracting his finger, which left her in shock. He smiled down at the pathetic mess she'd become. Her hair was every which way and damp with sweat. She was mush.

Her pussy was vacant for what seemed like eternity. Then an unruly cock-finger barged its way into her ass while a second finger pierced her pussy. Her ass burned and her pussy swelled as the two fingers raced in tandem, each doing more than the other to turn her brain to mush.

A familiar vibration stirred within her.

"I have ya now ya slippery vixen."

The vibration slowly built in intensity.

"You demons think yur so damn smart."

The vibration slowly spread throughout her body.

His fingers viciously seated and reseated themselves in her socket time and again.

The vibration reached a crescendo that blocked out everything the burly man said and did.

She wailed in ecstasy like a harpy with a fresh kill, sending chills down the burly man's spine.

"I'll have YOU now!" she shrieked.

Her aggressive turn took him by surprise.

She snarled and spat at him, "Now that your fingers have done their worst, I can do as I will."

He wiggled the cock-finger in her pussy, in a vain attempt to regain control.

She scoffed at him while she warded off his finger's stimulation. He could easily bring a second orgasm with his digits, but she wanted his cock, and she knew that she'd never get it if he could keep her at bay with his fingers.

"I'm going to start by hexing you, then I'm going to hex your wife and your children. All of your boys will have little tiny pee pees and your girls will have cunts that are so loose that men will think they are fucking the great beyond."

"Ya can't hex me, yur bound!"

"Ha! Do you think I hex with my body?"

The burly man's finger twitched, turned, flicked and flailed like tomorrow's sunrise was in the balance. Her mind was too dangerous to leave unchecked.

Demona struggled to maintain composure. She could not afford to let him know that a second, bigger orgasm was surging within her. Her mouth held a steely grin and her words failed her, but she managed to hold the waves of physical pleasure below the surface. All she could do was stare him in the eyes and hope that the swell of ecstasy didn't wipe out her composure.

The strange expression on Demona's face was unnerving. The burly man had never seen anything like it. Her eyes were bugging out of her head while fixed straight ahead. Her jaw was clenched tightly while her lips exposed her bared teeth.

The realization that she must be hexing him struck with a bolt of fear. He cock fingers plunged furiously to break her will.

"AAARRRRGGGGHHHH," she wailed, scattering the burly man's thoughts.

He wondered if that was the beginning or the end of the hex. Oddly there was something sexy about her spell. Her pussy was drenched, her hair was matted and there was desire behind the strange expression in her eyes. Even her strange wail was sexy. He felt a stirring in his loins as he considered the desperate measures that these desperate times were going to require.

The burly man reached down to his cock to see if he'd been hexed. He half-expected to find he'd been cursed with a pea-shooter sized pecker, but was relieved to find his manhood intact. It was more than intact. It was ready to be released from his pants and put into extended service. If there was one thing that would keep the conniving virago from uttering her hexes, it was a mouth full of his cock. He dropped his pants and gave his massive johnson a couple of quick strokes.

Demona couldn't believe what she saw. The burly man's penis was every bit as big as that of her uncle's stallion, and the horse was eighteen hands. Her eyes watered at its sight and her pussy ached in anticipation.

"Yu'll not be hexing me with this in yur mouth."

He grabbed her matted hair in his hand and pulled her head back, forcing her mouth open. He expected to see terror in her eyes, instead he saw wonder and delight. She stuck out her tongue and invited his cock in.

She'd leered at her stallion's erect penis many times. Now she knew what it would feel like in her mouth. She gagged as the cock's tip pressed at the back of her throat, but she was determined to suppress her reflex and swallow it.

The burly man's cock quivered in the demon girl's mouth. He must have been desperate to put his masculine prize in such a precarious position, and yet it felt so good. He was now certain that she was a demon, because only a powerful demon could take all of him. For a moment he worried that his cock was taking a one-way trip down her throat. One snap of her teeth and an emphatic swallow and it would be gone forever. He pulled it out to check that it was still there.

She took a deep breath and stuck out her tongue again, letting him know that she was ready. Once again he drove his massive cock down her throat. She gagged a little as the tip slid past the back of her mouth, then she felt her nose press into the curly black hairs at the base of his dick. The smell was pungent and overwhelming. From that day forward it was a smell the she would associate with gratifying sex.

The next time she stopped for a breath he pressed his cock-fingers into her tight little ass and her glorious cunt.

Her back arched and her arms and legs pulled at their bindings as the fingers slowly made their presence felt. Once firmly inside her, they began to transit back and forth while his cock slid down her throat for a third time.

The burly man chuckled to himself, "There's no demon wench wat can hex me. Not wof me johnson fillin' her gob."

She liked having him in her mouth, but she wanted him between her legs. Getting it there was just a matter of manipulation.

The next time he let her breathe she said, "That's a mighty fine cock you've got there. I'd say it's the second or maybe third biggest that I've seen."

"Ya seen bigger?"

"It's nothing to be ashamed of."

"I'm not ashamed o' nothin."

"Oh, I'm glad to hear it, because a lot of guys act funny when a girl says their johnson isn't quite up to snuff."

"Ar yu sayn' me johnson's not up to snuff?"

"I would never say that to a man who had be bound to his bed."

Her words were vexing. Never in his life had his cock been second to anyone, and yet this wench claimed his was second or maybe third!!

"Maybe it would feel bigger in my pussy," she cooed.

"Ya clever minx. Ya make me wanna dip me dong in yur tasty twat, but soon as me johnson leaves yur mouth yu'll be hexin' me, an when the sun rises tomorrow morning I'll be hexed."

'Shit,' she thought as his middle leg slid down her throat again. She'd done such a good job getting his dick in her mouth she was going to have trouble getting it out. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasures of a mouth full of penis while she formulated a new plan. As she did, his fingers continued to work their magic on her pussy, but even the motion of his extraordinary digits did not compare to his massive member. It was such a satisfying hunk of meat that she couldn't wait to feel it between her legs.

The next time he let her take a breath she said, "You know you've already lost don't you? As soon as your little pecker spits out its dew-drop of man-juice, you'll do what all men do and fall asleep, and then I'll have all night to hex you."

She sensed his fear, which she needed to make her plan work. "It's hopeless for you. You should just kneel down and beg me for mercy and hope that I don't turn you into a pile of mush."

His long johnson pressed back down her throat as he thought about what she'd said. Her mouth felt spectacular wrapped around his shaft. Each trip down her throat sent shivers down his spine. He could feel himself being turned to mush, and he knew it would be the end of him. He needed to turn her into mush and his fingers were no longer working. He only had one hope left.

"Don be countin' me out yet. Me mind's not goin' ta be tha only mushy mind on this bed."

He pulled his massive dick from her mouth and slid it into her slippery cunt.

Demona was overwhelmed by the presence of his enormous penis inside of her. She threw her head back and pulled as hard as she could against her bindings, while her hips responded to the motion of his.

"Oh," she tried to speak.

His cock ran through her from stem to stern, and her body responded by convulsing uncontrollably. "Oh," she tried to speak again.

He pulled his cock all the way out, then pierced her through and through again.

"Oh, no," she wailed as she twisted from side to side on the bed. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and she was sweating profusely.

Her contortions on his mattress were wildly erotic and the squirming of her cunt while she was skewered by his rigid cock felt like nothing the burly man had felt before. His cock twinged and surged while his ball sack grew tight.

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