tagSci-Fi & FantasyDepraved Desires: A D&D Fantasy Ch. 01

Depraved Desires: A D&D Fantasy Ch. 01


Chapter 1: The Reunion


The sun was high when the Bard, the Monk and the Barbarian left The Dancing Harlequin's inn.

The trio had spent a couple days there, hoping to catch wind of dragon news. Fortune did smile upon them on the second day, as a panicked half-elf had barged in, screaming nonsense about a 'great, red winged beast that flew close by'.

The monk's ears were the first to capture his screams over the noisy, already full tavern. He had nudged the Barbarian, who was face deep into his third mug of ale.

The barbarian, a huge, broad, wild man, was visibly and horribly, bored. Spending these last days cooped up in an inn had clearly taken its toll on him.

His dark gaze shifted up to meet the Monk's with an annoyed frown.

"Yea', Keiji..?" the barbarian asked, with a low growl.

The monk pointed a finger at the half-elf that was being thrown out by the inn's workers.

"He speaks of a giant winged beast" the Monk said slowly, his impassible face turned towards his friend.

The barbarian leaned forward, trying the catch the muffled sounds coming out of the agitated patron's mouth.

"Perhaps it could be one of those dragons we've been trailing for weeks" added the Monk, intently observing his friend's reaction.

A huge grin spread across the barbarian's face and he stood up, straight as an arrow, making the wooden table waltz in front of him.

Keiji couldn't help but have a little smirk at his enthused reaction.

"Donnovan", the Monk said, "would you fetch Sterling? I'll see if can gather some more..."

Not paying attention to his friend's words, the Barbarian rushed vigorously through the crowd of patrons, making them huff in indignation.

The Monk observed his stride quietly, until the man disappeared through the exit door.

"Information..." he thought.

Keiji shrugged and slowly got up, leaving a couple of silver coins on the table. It seemed like the task of finding the womanizing Bard would be his. And, he'd have to make haste, as the barbarian's blunt eagerness could very much lead to his demise.

* * *


The warm rays of the sun pierced through the luxuriant foliage surrounding the Druid and warmed her bare shoulders in a gentle caress. She took a deep breath, savoring the pleasant, soft, embrace on her sun-kissed body.

Cupping a handful of clear spring water, the young woman brought it to her full lips, enjoying the contrast of the freshness of the water on her tongue.

She then dabbed another handful of water on her neck to cool herself, as a tiny pearl of sweat rolled down her temple, down onto her nude, heavy, full bosom.

She smiled happily as little fish nibbled at her tiny toes. She wiggled them, giggling.

It really was a beautiful day, even with the recent, light drought of the region.

The girl took a deep breath and plunged her silky, opalescent haired head under the cold water.

One with the aquatic life, she swam peacefully until her body gave her the first shiver. She then lay naked on the shore, letting the sun indulge in the beautiful view as it slowly dried off her perfectly curvaceous body.

Once dry, the Druid pulled her ample mane off her neck and tied it up in a messy ponytail. She sighed in appreciation and walked back into the verdant depth of the forest she called home, a slight hop in her step.

She walked for a while, her fingers brushing against the lush greenery, until her eyes spotted a peculiar red flower.

The druid approached it nimbly, recognizing the plant as a powerful analgesic. She knew that the women from the nearby village outside her forest, Northriver,could make good use of the plants, as most of its populace was aging elders with leg aches.The girlbit into the fibrous stem, separating the flower from its base, then proceeded into foraging around the same patch until she found a couple more of the brightly colored blossoms.

After gathering all she could hold, she made her way back to her favorite resting spot of the forest, moving her now slightly numbed jaw round, with a light laugh; the red flowers really did work fast.

She dropped the flowers in her weaved basket and grabbed an apple from her hiding spot, sat on her ankles and bit deep into the sweet, crispy flesh of the fruit.

A small chipmunk climbed her shoulder in a few hops, sniffing at her freshly bitten apple. With a few sharp chirps, the chipmunk extended its tiny arms toward the fruit and waved at it ecstatically. He didn't stop until the Druid bit a smaller piece off the fruit and offered it to her small friend. It didn't take long before he smoothly snatched the treat out of her hand and proceeded to happily munch at it.

The young woman patiently repeated the process a couple of times with the little one, sharing her snack until his already rounded belly was even rounder. He then hopped off her shoulder, a bit awkwardly, to go rest on her lap. It quickly fell asleep as the girl gently petted its big belly with a soft finger.

Looking up at the sun rays piercing through the veiled crown of the trees, the Druid closed her eyes, taking a moment to bask herself in the nice, warm feeling. She then lay back on the warm dirt and lifted the chipmunk until it rested in the nook of her neck. She heard the little one sigh in contempt, and she dozed off, snuggling with her little furry friend.

** *


The Bard took a slow, calculated step towards the two ladies with flushed bosoms sitting in front of him and plucked a couple of cords off his lute, in a smooth, sensual melody. The two girls, a cute elven brunette and a foxy human red-head, obviously had a bit too much to drink, and were giggling a bit too loudly, fascinated by the handsome man's performance.

"Abrielle", the elven girl whispered loudly, "we shouldn't be inhere..."

She laughed mid-sentence and Abrielle shushed her playfully.

"Hush, Primrose. Right now, all I want is to be here."

She had a low, soft laugh, and made fervent eye contact with the striking Bard. The dark haired man moved closer until his leg brushed against hers, and she twitched in anticipation. He did not stop the music, but made it more intense, slower, and deeper.

"What about your husband..?" Primrose asked, her light voice far away.

Abrielle stood up with weak knees, and glanced only for a second at her friend, her hand pushing her stray red hair out of her green eyes.

"Leave if you want to, Prim. I'm staying."

The bard's eyes caught the unsure motion of the elven girl, and with a swift gesture, he moved towards her, his music shifting to a more soothing sound.

"Dear beautiful little rose," he said in a deep, husky voice," please don't leave us."

He bent down until he was at her eye level and stared at her pretty, pink mouth.

"Today, we celebrate life. Cast your worry aside, for we will only feel pleasure!"

Abrielle giggled, moving towards her friend, a cup of cider in hand. In her awkward movements, she stumbled over the uneven floor boards and plunged forward, spilling her drink all over her friends dress.

The bard, in a smooth gesture, threw his lute on the Inn's cot, and caught the girl in his arms, breaking her fall. She laughed, blushing even more.

"My hero!" she giggled with red cheeks.

The bard gave her his best smile, which made her swoon, and gently helped her up.

"Abrielle!", the elven girl complained, gestured at her wet chest, "I reek of alcohol!"

The man swiftly evaluated the situation, grasping the sudden opportunity. His calculated gaze fell unto the elven girl's wet breasts, now poking through her corsage, and he let his mouth open in an astounded gesture. He even let himself blush a little to add to the impression.

It only took a few seconds for the lusty red head to catch his expression and react exactly how he expected her to.

"Prim! We've got to get you out of these clothes and dry them or you'll catch cold!"

In a moment, she was on her friend, pulling on her corset's lacing and removing her dress, with playful gesture. Primrose was reticent at first, but her friend quickly got her to settle as her hands grazed against her now naked flesh.She even moaned a little.

The bard mentally congratulated himself, and with a smirk he moved closer to the two ladies.

-"You two are simply the sweetest girls I've ever laid eyes upon." he said softly, making eye contact with the shy elven girl, as she blushed furiously. She was trying to cover her body, as her friend moved around her, but the handsome man had already noticed how she did not put much effort into it. He only needed that extra, small push to get her.

"Abrielle dear, care to fetch me a cup of water?"

The red-head obliged happily, moving away from the two of them. The bard used this moment to slowly move up to the elf.

She was trembling, but he knew it wasn't just fear. This was something else; a pure, lustful, and deliciously anxious feeling. He got down on one knee, looking up at her with a soft smile. The human girl returned soon after, handing him the requested water.

With a nimble movement, he threw his pure white linen shirt over his head. He then used a small corner of the shirt to dab in into the cup of water, as the two girls huffed sharply over the sight of his firm, perfectly shaped torso. He got closer to the elf, slowly, giving time for his slight, manly musk to get to her.

"May I?" he asked gently, gesturing towards his soaked linen shirt.

He could see her pupil dilate at his tone, and he knew she was close when she nodded quietly.

The bard smiled at her warmly, and gently proceeded to wipe the couple of cider drops that had landed on the girl's cheek. He concentrated at his task until he felt her shiver; he then paused, and plunged his dark blue eyes deep into hers. His mouth gently opened, as he was searching the depth of eyes,and she mimicked his gesture.

"Lovely" he whispered, touching her temple gently, and putting a strand of her hair behind her ear.

The elven girl's eyes shot wide open, as she took a sharp breath in, and soon after her pink mouth was pressing fiercely against his.

The bard smiled against her mouth, and let her weight push him down to the ground. She didn't notice the shift of position, and laid her lithe figure,naked, on top of him. He could feel her hot body burning against his nude torso, and her dark pink nipples hardened. A couple of feet away from them, Abrielle, huffed impatiently, but the bard ignored her, and wrapped his arms around the pretty little thing on top of him, enjoying the taste of her mouth a little bit longer.

Abrielle moved closer to them, kneeling on the floor.

"Seriously, Prim, you shouldn't hoard him all to yourself..." she complained quietly.

The elf rose up from the kiss, stunned, and sat on his chest, covering her bosom.

"Oh, God...what am I doing...?" she whispered in a huff, her mouth all red.

She looked around and then stared at the Bard, underneath her.

"You must think that I'm some lowly harlot or something..."

Abrielle steadily pushed her off the Bard's chest until she fell next to them, staring at her friend anxiously remove the Bard's pants, both gasping at the revelation of his striking manhood,before straddling him in her place. He could feel her round,naked buttocks, under her skirts rubbing against his most sensitive skin, as she pulled on her own corset's lacing.

"What's wrong with acting like a harlot, from time to time...?" Abrielle breathed at her friend, then gazing at the Bard's face as her heavy breasts were unveiled.

The Bard let himself have a slight shiver of pleasure, and swallowed hard.


The human girl let out a pleased chuckle, rubbing her own bosom and bright pink nipples.

"Now it's my turn..." she said in a low voice before ravishing his mouth with her plump lips.

The handsome man let himself indulge in her sensual assault, feeling her warm hands hover deliciously over the length of his body. He responded avidly to her kiss, allowing her tongue tease his as her heavy breasts rubbed against him.

He kissed her passionately, letting his own hand caress the curve of her buttocks, before he felt a warm breath, followed by a warm mouth close on his erected manhood. He opened his eyes and noticed Primrose who had moved past them, straight to his inner thighs. He moaned against the housewife's mouth as the elf's feverish mouth worked the whole length of his dick.

They barely even noticed the Monk until he was but a couple of feet away from the trio.

Both of the girls had a slight startled scream, and the Bard looked up at the tall man, in disappointment.

"Keiji...I'm kind of busy right now...?"

The Monk's impassable face stared at him, not at all affected by the nudity of any of them.

"We leave now", he said simply, crossing his arms.

"Keiji..." started the Bard, gesturing toward the two confused and flushed girls.

"Now", the dark, tall man repeated, before grabbing the Bard's lute in one hand and dragging him by the arm, with the other hand, making Abrielle fall off of him.

The naked Bard trashed around, but the Monk's iron grip didn't falter as he watched the two girls disappeared from his sight.


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