tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDesert Captive Ch. 3

Desert Captive Ch. 3

byProblem Child©

"Oh, shit," I thought. "What is she gonna do now?" I sat up and rubbed my eyes, trying to wake up.

"Kim, why did you untie him?" Pam yelled, furious with her.

I began to speak, but Kim cut me off, "Pam, it's ok baby, he's not going to go anywhere." She stepped off the bed and stood in front of Pam, speaking in a low voice, "Sweetie, I wanted him untied...so we could make love."

Pam stared at her for a moment and then looked at me. "Well did he? Did he fuck you good baby?" A smile slowly formed on her lips, and then she pulled Kim close and kissed her softly. She draped her arm around Kim's back, the gun hanging next to Kim's ass. Pam broke the kiss and handed the gun to her and then looked at me, motioning for me to rise. "Come here boy," she said.

I rose off the bed and stood in front of her.

"Did you have a good rest after you fucked my girl's sweet pussy?"


"Good, because I've got a job for you. Come with me."

I followed Pam as she turned and walked toward the bathroom. I couldn't help staring at her tight bottom as it moved in front of me. I fought the impulse to think of having my cock buried in her, but couldn't. My cock was half hard by the time we reached the bathroom.

I stood in the doorway as Pam she stripped out of her thong and tank top. Her tits were gorgeous- high and firm. She moved her hands over them as she looked at me, playing absentmindedly with her hardening nipples. I just stood there, drinking in her erotic beauty. She looked over her shoulder to the vanity counter, and pushed some of the things sitting there to the side, clearing a spot on the counter. She put both hands on the edge of the counter and the raised her bottom, sitting on the counter.

"I want you to shave me," she said, rather matter-of-factly.

She extended her arm toward me, offering the can of shaving cream. I took it from her and shook it. She spread her legs and I could see the pink outline of her pussy lips through her wispy black pubic hair. My cock was nearing fully erect at the thought of feeling her bare pussy. I squirted a large dollop of cream into my hand and stepped between her parted thighs.

"Be careful."

I didn't answer. I reached between her legs and began to massage the shaving cream into her pussy hair. I looked up and saw that she was looking not at my hand, but at my face, studying it. I felt her heat on my hand. I turned to the sink to wash the excess shaving cream off, and my hard cock pressed against the inside of her thigh. She didn't move. I found the disposable razor on the countertop, and bent forward to begin shaving her.

"You're going to have to scoot forward," I said. She did, and spread her legs wide to allow me access.

I felt my hand trembling a bit, but hoped she wouldn't see it. I flattened my fingers over her pussy to tighten the skin between it and her thigh, and began shaving carefully.

"I want a little muff over my clit," she ordered.

The razor guided smoothly over the area around her pink lips, removing soft hair. I stopped every so often to clean the shaved areas, and then apply more cream to her skin. Tenderly, I stroked closer and closer to her slit. Soon, her lips were bare and she had an inch wide stripe of hair starting just above her clit. I stood back and admired at her gorgeous naked pussy, imagining what my cock would feel as it parted those tender lips. I took warm water in my hand and washed her pussy with it, and felt a small shudder go through her.

"Unnnhhh...God, that feels good..." she moaned.

I let my fingers linger at her lips, playing there gently. Her soft moans grew in their sensuality. I slipped a fingertip inside her, and waited for her reaction.

"Yes, keep going baby."

I pushed my finger deep inside her, curling it toward her G-spot. Her hand gripped my sinewy arm and her hips bucked toward me as I penetrated her. She leaned for ward and wrapped her fingers around my stiff cock, squeezing a clear drop from the head as her fingers milked me.

"Put your cock inside me...fuck my bare pussy."

I wrapped my hands around her tight bottom and pulled her to the very edge of the counter. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders, hugging me. I guided my swollen member toward her pussy, which was dripping with excitement. I pushed my erection against her smooth lips and watched as the blunt head forced its way into her.

"Oh...all the way in...fuck me hard," she whispered hoarsely.

Her pussy was fantastically snug, and gripped my invading cock like a vise. I tightened the muscles of my ass and thighs and pushed into her until my balls pressed her ass. She hugged me tightly and let loose a low moan in my ear as I stuffed myself into her cunt again and then slowly withdrew, only to reverse my direction and fill her over and over. Her legs wrapped tightly around my waist as I continued to pound her at an ever-faster pace. I felt her back arch as she screamed and her pussy muscles tighten around me as she came, drenching my cock with her lubrication. My motion slowed as she collapsed into my chest, her body still vibrating and squirming. My cock was trembling from the tightness and heat of her pussy, but I wasn't ready to cum just yet. I pulled out of her and placed my hands under her bottom, lifting her gently off the vanity. Her mouth lifted to mine and we kissed hungrily, passionately. My throbbing cock was trapped between her flat belly and mine, slippery with her juices.

"Let's take a shower," she whispered.

I leaned into the shower and turned the shower knobs. As I was letting the water run over my hands to test the temperature, I felt her hands on my back, pushing me into the stall. The warm water washed over us, lubricating our skin as we pressed together.

"Wash me," she said as she turned her back to me.

I took the bar of soap from its holder and rubbed it between my hands, working up a good lather. Tentatively, I reached around and began soaping her belly in slow circles. I sensed her body beginning to relax, and she leaned back against me, resting her head on my shoulder. The circles got gradually bigger until my hands were soaping the underside of her breasts with one hand and her smooth pussy with the other. A soft moan escaped her lips and she pressed her bottom into my cock and wiggled it as my finger slipped into her cunt and my thumb massaged her clit. I kissed her neck, and she turned to meet my lips with hers.

"Fuck me again." She leaned forward, grasping the bar on the shower wall, and spreading her feet for me. I placed one hand on her hip and placed my other on her baby-bare mound, separating her pussy lips for my entrance.

"Do it...ram your cock into me," she panted over the sound of the water bathing us.

I pushed inside her again and began pounding her mercilessly, pulling her hips to me with each thrust. She rocked back on my cock, matching my frenzied rhythm. I reached forward and grabbed a fistful of her dark wet hair, and pulled her head back. Her ass and the back of her thighs were slippery from the soapsuds as I slapped against her.

That's it, baby...take me hard...fuck my little cunt..."

My legs were hard and bent at the knee, and her ass lifted up with my every thrust. I was lost in the feeling of her pussy suctioning my cock, and feeling like I was about to cum, when I felt hands on my backside. I turned and saw Kim's lovely naked body step into the shower.

"Can I join you two?" Kim whispered, close to my ear as she put her hand between Pam and I and massaged my wet, soapy balls.

"Of course baby," I said, slowing my rhythm into Pam. Kim knelt in front of Pam and began licking her swollen clit as I moved in and out of her swollen pussy. Pam's moans instantly became loader, and another orgasm racked her body, squeezing my cock inside her as she came.

"Are you ready to cum?" Kim asked me, giving my balls a gentle squeeze.

"Yeah, really ready," I gasped.

Pam pulled off of my cock and then joined Kim, the two of them kneeling in front of me as the water massaged us. Each girl's breasts and hard nipples pressed against my thighs as they both lapped at my hungry cock. The feeling of both their hands wandering over my ass and legs was almost more than I could take. Kim's fingers squeezed the base and milked it as her lips teased the head. Pam slipped under Kim and began tonguing my balls. I could feel my climax rising and Kim sensed it too. She pulled her mouth away just as my body convulsed and the first heavy rope of semen flew into her mouth and across her cheek. I leaned back against the wall of the shower and thrust my hips forward with every pulse that left my cock. My cum splashed on to her tongue and then dripped thickly down her chin and onto her breasts and nipples, eventually being washed away by the warm spray of the shower.

Pam cleaned my cock with her soft mouth and then kissed Kim deeply, sharing my cum with her. The two women held each other passionately for a long time as I watched them, entranced. I got down on the floor with them, the three of our naked bodies folding into one...


I awoke between the two girls on the king-size bed. The gun was on the bedside table near Pam. It would be easy to take it and tie her up, and get the fuck out of there. I thought about it for a long time. My brain told me that I was an idiot not to take the chance, "Do it now, grab the gun." But, my heart wouldn't let me. What was wrong with me? I didn't know. Something was compelling me to stay here, but I didn't know what it was. Obviously the sex was fantastic, but these girls were nuts, right? Then I had an idea. Slowly, very carefully I reached across Pam's sleeping body and took the gun from the table...


I looked across the dry desert landscape as I pissed against a mesquite bush. It was early March, but it was still cool, even at 11:00 am. Sunny and bright, with only a few scattered puffy clouds in the sky. There wasn't any sign of human habitation anywhere for 360 degrees. Off to the north was a small group of mountains, about five or six miles away, but other than that it was flat as a pool table. The occasional hawk screeched in the sky. I zipped up and stepped back into the RV. The bacon I had been frying for breakfast was done, so I placed it on some paper towels to drain, and cracked half a dozen eggs into the pan, listening to them sizzle softly. I poured the juice and set the glasses on the table. I heard soft footsteps from the back of the RV coming toward me. Kim's soft body dressed only in a long white t-shirt pressed into me from behind and her arms wrapped around my stomach as I spooned eggs onto the plates. "Did I say good morning yet, lover?" she cooed in my ear. A little shiver ran down my spine. This girl was pure sex and love wrapped up with a bow.

I turned my head and kissed her forehead, "You just did babe...good morning to you too. Did you have a good nap?"

"Mmmm, wonderful...breakfast looks great."

"Sit down and eat. Is Pam awake?"

"No, let her sleep...please?"

"Sure honey," I said, sensing that she wanted to talk to me alone.

"Are you still wondering how you ended up here?"

"Of course. Are you ready to tell me the rest of the story?"

"Yeah...yes, I am. You deserve that much."

"I'm listening. Go ahead baby."

Kim took a drink of juice, and thought for a minute, playing with her food. "Well, it's a fucked up story. I don't know how it got so fucked up, and I've spent a lot of nights in the past three weeks trying to figure it out."

That's ok, sweetheart," I said, moving closer and putting my arm around her shoulders, "Just tell me what's wrong, and maybe I can help you two out."

She took a deep breath and continued, wiping the tears away that had started to form in her pretty eyes.

"Ok...I already told you how Pam killed her husband...that prick. There was a trial, and we...all of her friends, of course we thought she would be let go, since it was obviously self defense. Well, it didn't work that way...I'm not exactly sure why. Anyway, they convicted her of manslaughter, and she got five years in Brownsville. She was my best friend, and I felt so sorry for her. She had helped me out with my own problems. See, my husband was a prick too, but I never had the guts to do anything about it until I met Pam. It's really weird because she talked me into leaving my husband, but she wouldn't leave hers. I guess, even though he treated her so miserably she still loved him and blamed most of his problems on the booze." She stopped for a moment to compose her self a little more.

"I understand," I said...pausing before I asked the next question, "Baby, you...you didn't kill your husband too, did you?" I felt stupid for saying it, but had to know. Birds of a feather and all that shit...

"Oh, God, Mark NO! I would never do that; I mean I don't think I could. He was never physically abusive- but the mental shit he pulled on me was just as bad. But no, he's still alive and living in Dallas; probably torturing some other poor woman by now, I expect."

"Well then, how did she help you?"

"She just woke me up, that's all. Convinced me to leave him and get a divorce. I don't think I would have done it without her. We had money, a big house, everything, but I hated living with him. And on top of that I knew he was cheating on me. But I stayed, and she was the one that gave me the courage to get out. And I owed her for that."

"How did you repay her?"

"Well, this is the part where things got all fucked up. I had money...a lot of money from the divorce settlement. Pam was in the minimum-security section of Brownsville and I used to visit her every week. One week I was there visiting like usual, and she was telling me how much she hated it, how she really needed to get out, and any way possible. I asked her how, and she told me there was a guard who was on the take. She had talked with this guard and said he could be bought. So one day the prisoners were about five miles outside the prison on a work detail and I parked my car behind a stand of trees and waited. Pam came walking through the trees about thirty minutes later and we drove off."

"No way! Easy as that, you helped her escape?"

"Sure, the escaping part is easy if the guards are cooperating. Especially if they're making $25,000 from it."

"Jesus, that's steep- $25K."

Believe me babe, that's chicken feed. My ex was loaded."

"I guess. So now what...you're both fugitives. Where do you go from here?"

"Well, that's where we screwed up. We didn't have much of a plan beyond the breakout. Pam has a sister in L.A., and we thought we'd go stay with her for a while and then go back to Texas, but then shit kind of got crazy."

"Where'd you get the gun?"

"Oh, I got that from Woody...my jerk-off ex-husband. Part of the divorce settlement. I wasn't sure if we'd need it, but it came in handy more than once."

I didn't want to ask her about the details.

"Don't worry hon, we didn't kill anyone, but we did have to tie up a cop after he pulled us over in New Mexico. I felt sorry for him lying there by the side of the road, all duct-taped with no pants on, but we didn't have a choice. We left him some water, and made sure he could drink it but still not get free, at least for a little while, and set him under a bush to get him out of the sun. We dumped his car in the desert and then had to take this RV from a nice old couple, because we knew he'd called my plates in. See what I mean...this has gotten totally fucked up. But believe me, we don't want to hurt you or anyone else. I especially don't want to hurt you."

She stopped and leaned her head on my shoulder.

"Don't worry babe, I said. We'll figure out some way to get you out of this mess." I couldn't believe I was saying the words as they came out of my mouth. These crazies had kidnapped me less than twenty-four hours earlier, and now I was making myself their accomplice? I needed a thorough psychological workup as soon as I succeeded in extricated myself from this mess. But that was the root of the problem- did I really want to be free of these two? I wasn't sure I knew anymore. This was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Maybe I just couldn't afford to miss out on it, no matter where it took me.

I lifted Kim's sweet mouth to mine and took her in my arms. She responded to me by unbuttoning my shorts and slipping her leg over my lap, straddling me on the bench seat. Her thin t-shirt hiked up over her waist as she spread her creamy thighs apart over me. I lifted her shirt up over her head and pulled it off. She shook her head and her long golden curls fell loosely over her shoulders. Fuck, she was so beautiful. What was the use of kidding myself...she was the reason I didn't want to leave.

Kim ground her wet pussy against my stiff cock and pressed her full breasts to my mouth. I took her swollen nipples and sucked them gently as I caressed her bottom. She reached between us and guided my cock inside her, moaning as I thrust deeply up into her.

Mmmm...God, you fill me up...sit back and let me fuck you lover," she purred as she rocked back and forth on my hard shaft.

I obliged her, and slumped back on the seat, drinking in her erotic form as she squirmed on my cock. Her head rolled back and she kneaded her breasts, lost in her own world of pleasure as she came over and over on my cock.

She collapsed on top of me as my own orgasm pulsed into her almost an hour later. We fell asleep in each other's arms once again, my cock still deep inside her.

The breakfast had long since gone cold and uneaten on the table behind her.

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