tagIncest/TabooDillon's Mommy Ch. 02

Dillon's Mommy Ch. 02


Letter from the author: This story contains elements of Female domination, cuckolding and humiliation of a mother to her son. It is story of fiction and fantasy, not real life. If you don't like that, please move on to another story.

I have never received so much positive feedback and so many requests to continue on a story as I did for the first chapter of this one. I hope I don't disappoint with this chapter. I hope all of you that enjoyed chapter 1 enjoy this one as well.



"Please mommy, pleeeeeeeeease." Dillon begged as he kneeled on the floor of his mother's room at her feet while she stood towering over him. "I did all my chores today and I have been a good boy."

"Maybe later tonight baby, after you give mommy a nice long foot massage on the couch I will think about it." Grace told him causing Dillon to smile from ear to ear. Just the mere possibility that he might be able to come later gave him hope, and of course gave Grace a very obedient slave boy for the next several hours, as she knew he would not ruin even a shred of hope for release by being disobedient.

"Now finish before I lose my patience." She demanded.

Dillon held Grace's 4" spiked heel as she stepped out of it like she had just done to the other shoe.

"Oh Baby, mommy's dogs are barkin' hard today. That foot massage is really going to feel good later." Grace told him.

Then Grace turned around so that her back was to Dillon. He reached up and unzipped her skirt and peeled it off over her big round ass and down to the floor. Dillon admired her white fluffy cheeks and long statuesque legs as they came into view. Grace stepped out of the skirt and Dillon placed it neatly on the bed. Then Dillon reached up and hooked his fingers under the top of her thong panties and began to peel them off of her as well. Just as he began to pull down, Grace bent at the waist, resting her elbows on the bed, knowing full well that her big fat pussy would be in Dillon's face as he stripped her of her undies. Undressing Grace every day after work was now one of Dillon's chores, one that he enjoyed immensely, and one Grace loved to use to completely tease Dillon as well.

Dillon immediately noticed the remnants of cum and the unmistakable smell of sex as Grace's pussy was revealed to him. The cum strung from her pussy to the undergarment as it was lowered. His dick became painfully hard instantly.

"Oh yes, Mommy will need a little clean up Babydoll, Jerry took me to a lunch meeting with clients and then he took me back to his office and fucked your mommy like the dirty little whore she is." Grace teased him.

The string of cum finally snapped when it was stretched too long and landed along grace's thick creamy white thigh. She stepped out of the panties and Dillon dutifully put the silk garment into his mouth and sucked off all the gooey mess, soaking the material with his spit. Then he folded it and placed it on the bed next to the skirt. Seeing the cum on her thigh, Dillon placed his tongue on the end of the string and licked the entire length of her thigh toward her filthy cum soaked pussy.

Feeling his tongue reaching her Venus, Grace spread her legs enough that Dillon could get his tongue between her lips, but not far enough for it to be easy to clean her. She chuckled to herself as he struggled to lick and suck the creamy pungent fluid from her smooth, well fucked cunt.

"Don't forget mommy's asshole too sweety, Jerry's big, thick, fat dick spent much of the afternoon buried balls deep in there." Grace informed him.

Dillon licked all the way up Grace's ass crack, then back down. He pushed against her puckered hole with his tongue until it penetrated her sphincter. This released another small flood of Jerry's sticky load unto Dillon's tongue. He lapped it up and swallowed it all. Grace pushed out the remaining goo and Dillon licked it up dutifully. Then moving back to her pussy, he did the same. Grace thumbed through her mail as her son performed his cleaning duties. She enjoyed his tongue when he did such things, but it did not make her cum anymore. Her contempt for her son's submission made it hard to evoke real pleasure from his efforts.

When he had finally finished, lingering as long as he could until Grace shooed him away, Dillon began to unbutton Grace's garter strap from her stockings, but Grace told him not to, reminding him how much he liked them and that he would probably like them on when he rubbed her feet later. She stood up, turned and sat back down on the bed. Dillon unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, revealing her massive breasts still encased in her silk bra that, as always, matched the thong he had earlier removed. His urge to grab her tits was almost unbearable. He stared for a few minutes before reaching around his mother to unhook the bra. Being on his knees and with Grace being a larger woman, this exercise caused Dillon to have to bury his face deep into her valley of cleavage to be able to reach around her and perform this duty. Grace chuckled to herself every day that he did this because she knew how much it turned Dillon on and how much it hurt his little pecker that she now housed inside a spiked cock cage that only she had the key to.

"Mmmph!" Dillon groaned with his face buried in his mother's tits and his ass wiggled to try and alleviate the pain in his pecker.

Finally releasing all four of the hooks on her bra he pulled the undergarment off revealing her big fat beautiful tits to him. He just stared at them, as he did every day. He lusted for them and wanted with all his being to suck them. He knew if he did that it would cause more pain, but that pain had now become so mixed with pleasure in his mind that they had really become one. He looked longingly up past her tits to his mother's face.

"Go ahead Snookums you have been a good boy today." She teased him.

Immediately Dillon engulfed one of Grace's long nipples in his mouth while squeezing the other breast with his hand. He sucked and nibbled for a few moments, switching back and forth several times before Grace scolded him for being too greedy and pushed him back. Standing, Grace walked pasted her kneeling son and went into her walk-in closet to where all of her lingerie hung. Removing a hot pink satin spaghetti strap camisole and her black satin full length robe she walked, still only dressed in her stocking and garter belt, back to right in front of Dillon and proceeded to dress herself while he watched. The cami only came down to mid thigh, leaving her freshly licked pussy free to breath, but her robe reached down to her ankles. She tied the robe closed and slipped into a pair of sexy slippers that had a small heel on them and walked passed her son and headed to the kitchen as he stood and then followed.

Grace actually liked cooking so that was one job Dillon did not have to do, but he did have to be her little helper and after dinner was over he always had clean up duty. When everything was read, they sat down to dinner and had pleasant conversation as if they were a normal mother and son. However, not many sons were made to wear a cock cage and pink silk pajamas for their mother like Dillon was made to do.

Grace was sitting on the couch when Dillon finished cleaning the kitchen and joined her. She had one leg on the couch and the other resting on the floor when he sat down on the other end of the couch.

"Do you still want that foot rub Mother?" He asked

"Of course I would baby, but how do you address me?" She said with a scowl in her voice that matched the one on her face.

Dillon knew his mistake, but even now, after all this time, he still rebelled occasionally to try and assert a sliver of masculinity, even while wearing pink satin pajamas, but Grace never let him get away with it.

"Would you like that foot rub now mommy?" Dillon corrected himself as he positioned himself closer to Grace and facing her, taking the foot on the couch into his hands and beginning to rub it ever so delicately.

"Mmmmmmmm." Grace moaned as she laid her head back and enjoyed the feel of Dillon's effort. A few minutes later she untied her robe and peeled it open. Dillon had her foot up about chest high and her knee was bent so her pussy was on full display. Her mature lips were unfolded and her pink center was exposed.

Dillon stared and his little pecker jumped in its cage causing more pain and pleasure in his groin. Grace's devious streak took over and she lifted her other foot from the floor and placed it against Dillon's silk PJs at his crotch and pressed his cock cage with her foot. She moved he foot around mercilessly on the smooth silky material causing Dillon to squirm. Dillon continued his foot rub while his mother tormented him. He could see her stiff nipples poking through the thin material of her camisole and it only drove him crazier. At one point Grace actually grabbed her pussy lips with her thumbs and forefingers and stretched them wide open, massaging them and then her clit with those fingers until her pussy was so wet it was glistening with her juices.

By the time Dillon finally finished rubbing both of Grace's feet, she had herself and Dillon so worked up she thought she might explode. Oh how the power of teasing her little wimpy son turned her on. She at last relieved him of rubbing her feet and asked him if he wanted to cum.

"Oh yes Mommy, Pleeeeeeeeeeease." He begged.

"OK, get mommy's purse."

Dillon did as he was told. Grace fished around in her purse until she finally found the key to Dillon's cage. She instructed him to stand and take off his pajama bottoms. She unlocked his cage and as she slid the curved tube from his little member, it sprung up so hard that a little precum was flung from it onto Grace's stocking covered leg. She giggled openly, and playfully batted his rock hard penis a couple times, watching it bob up and down. She removed her robe and sat down again on the couch, extending one of her legs between Dillon's legs and the other she placed on the couch again at the same time as she reclined against the pillow she was against before. Her pussy again was open and begging for attention, and her stiff nipples were on display under the cami.

"Go ahead Dilly." She told him, pressing her shin against his stiff little reed of a penis.

"Please Mommy no, not like that?" He pleaded, knowing that Grace wanted him to get off by humping her nylon clad leg like a dog in heat.

"Babycakes, you know how much you love rubbing that pathetic little dinky with mommy's nylons." She chided him, referring to the time a few months earlier, before she locked him away in a chastity device when she had found him in the laundry room while doing laundry masturbating with his dick inside one of her stockings. "This is the same as that, but they are just on mommy's legs.

"Please Mommy, no." He beseeched, not wanting to admit how humiliating it would be to have to cum that way.

"Dillon Robert!" She snapped. "If you want to cum you will do as I say or I will lock that pathetic excuse for a cock away for a month. Is that what you want?"

"No mommy." He replied dejectedly. He lowered his crotch to her shin, wrapped his arms around the back of her knee and just like a dog, began moving his pelvis up and down her legs.

"Oh I love it." She laughed as she watched. "Doesn't that feel good Dilly baby?" Doesn't mommy's nylon clad leg feel just like a pussy?" She teased.

"Yes mommy." Dillon lied.

It definitely didn't feel that good, but as he continued, the feel of the expensive silk nylons rubbing against his rock hard pecker was very nice. He squeezed his mother's leg tightly and began a nice rhythm.

Grace felt him squeeze and decided to help him along. She flicked both of her stiff nipples with her fingers through her camisole. "You want to see mommy play with her big ole titties baby?" She asked him teasingly. "Or would you rather watch Mommy play with her big fat pussy?" She again grabbed her loose pussy lips and stretched them like she had earlier.

Dillon's humping was already speeding up. He couldn't handle his mother's teasing. It always made him so horny. "Your titties!" He screamed, humping her leg like a rabid horny dog.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes!" He screamed. "Yes Pleeeeease Mommy Pleeeeeeeease."

"Ok." Grace grabbed each of the straps on her cami and pulled her arms out of it. As she did the satin materiel fell lower on her tits , almost but not quite revealing, her areolas and nipples. Grace grabbed the top and slowly pulled it down. "Are you sure?" She teased again.

"Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" His humping was frantic now.

Grace could see he was about to blow and pulled the top back up, covering her breasts completely. "No, you have been a bad boy. She admonished him.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease, Mommy. Please let me see." He was just about to blow.

Grace pulled the top down again and stopped just short of the nipples again. It was too much. Dillon grunted like that rabid horny dog and spewed his load all over Grace's leg. He grunted and moaned for what seemed an eternity to Grace until finally he collapsed on the floor next to her cum covered leg. Grace waited a moment before ordering him to clean up his mess. Dillon did as he was told and for the next 10 minutes Grace made him lick her legs clean of any remnants of his "pathetic juices". The power play had her so horny that as he did it, Grace fiddled her clit to a nice soothing orgasm. When she was finished, she ordered Dillon to clean himself up and leave her alone for the rest of the night. He went to his room after cleaning his penis and jammies of his cum and went to sleep soon after. Grace watched some TV and fell asleep on the couch before eventually retiring to her room in the wee hours of the night. As she passed his room she laughed at how much power she had over her little Dillon and pondered how she could make him accept even more humiliation and domination, because it appeared to her the more she dished out, the more he craved it.


After the leg humping incident, Grace vowed to find more humiliating ways to let Dillon release his insubstantial loads of cum. He seemed to really revel in the humiliation, and the power Grace possessed when she did it made it very pleasurable for her too. She began to research the subject on line and was very pleased to find that there were oh so many forums and web sites on the subject. She got many suggestions form female dommes as well as the submissive little trolls they dominated. One in particular caught her fancy and she planned to use it when the time was right.

Grace was out one night on a date when she decided tonight would be the perfect time to try it out. After her date's massive cock filled her pussy with his load of cum, Grace used her French cut panties to catch all that cum as it oozed from her sloppy, mature, used fuck hole. She excused herself after they were done and left immediately for home. When she got home Dillon was still up watching TV in his pink satin pajamas and was of course wearing his cock cage.

"I'm home baby." She called to him from the door. "Come help mommy undress." She told him.

Dillon knew what that meant. He knew when his mother went out on dates, she only went out to get laid, and there would be clean up involved. He dreaded it, but something inside him craved it as well. When he got to her room, his excitement level rose immediately. Grace stood at her bed like always, but tonight she looked particularly hot. She wore a royal blue silky blouse unbuttoned to show most of her canyon of cleavage. The blouse was tucked unto a black leather skirt that came to about mid-thigh, barely long enough to cover the elaborate tops of the expensive black stockings that covered her thick long legs. He assumed the stockings were seamed in the back as they always were. He loved seamed stockings. Her feet were still in the black patent leather 6" platform spiked heels that made his little dick scream for attention when he saw them. Being 5'11" and having her heels on made Grace tower over Dillon's thin 5'9" frame. Apparently he had gotten his height from his father's side of the family.

Dillon was so aroused he could hardly stand it. He moved to his mother and just when he was about to kneel as he always did to start undressing Grace, she spoke.

"Get mommy's purse, buttercup. I have a wonderful surprise for my big man tonight." She told him with a hint of excitement in her voice.

Dillon did as he was told; retrieving the clutch his mother had taken with her on her date from the bed. He handed it to her. She reached in and pulled out the key to his cock cage. Then she handed the clutch back to him to put back on the bed.

Oh shit, that's where it is. He thought to himself. He had spent over an hour fishing through his mother's real purse and her dresser drawers that evening looking for it in hopes he could jack off and get some much needed sexual relief. When he had seen her leave earlier he noticed she had only a small purse, and he had hoped she left the key in her real purse. When he couldn't find it there, he rummaged through her drawers to no avail. He was sure she hadn't taken it with her on her date, but as he had just found out, he was dead wrong.

"OK Sweetums, you know what to do. She instructed him as she reached inside her blouse and then her black satin bra, placing the key in there, "Mommy will put this in here for now for safe keeping."

Dillon's little prick jumped in his spiked cock cage causing him great discomfort and Grace great enjoyment.

"Be careful Dilly. Getting too excited around mommy can make your poor little thingy jump and hit the mean ole spikes in that cage."

"Yes Mommy." He replied, as he kneeled down and began to take off Grace's heels.

"Oh leaves those on. Mommy needs those on for your surprise, just my skirt and my blouse for now." She charged him.

From his knees he reached up as Grace turned her back to him and he unzipped the skirt. He then pulled it over his mom's big round ass and down her long thick legs. He could instantly smell the cum that had soaked her black satin panties and left a very visible spot in the gusset. Grace stepped out of the skirt. Dillon stood, folded it in half long ways and placed it on the bed. Grace turned toward him and Dillon began unbuttoning her blouse. The view of her magnificent tits again made his little prick jump and he grunted in pain. He could never keep his eyes off her tits. He finished unbuttoning her blouse and the cuffs. He stood in front of her and pushed the blouse back over both of her shoulders at the same time. Doing it this way and with his mother so much taller than him it meant that as he did it his face would be forced into her massive tits. Just like he always found a way to do.

"Oh Babydoll, you are so transparent, anything to get close to mommy's titties huh?" She scoffed at him.

Pulling her blouse down and off her arms left his face dragging all the way down her cleavage and over the cups of the bra filled with her spectacular tits. He looked up at his mom as she teased him and smiled. As he did this he noticed the outline of the key to his cage in the thin black satin of the bra, and he wished upon wishes that his mother would use it and release him from his sexual prison. Dillon folded the blouse as he did the skirt, then he placed it right on top of the skirt and returned to stand in front of his mother.

Grace was teasing her nipples through her bra and they were both completely visible through the material. Dillon's cock jumped again as he saw what Grace was doing and he winced in pain/pleasure again.

Grace giggled, "Suck mommy's nipples, Babycakes." She told him as she stopped the manipulation of her rock hard nubs.

Dillon did as he was told, licking and sucking the pebbles until there was a big wet spot on both cups of Grace's bra.

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