tagBDSMDiscovering Daddy

Discovering Daddy


It was the fourth week in a row that Emily had come to ride the beautiful chestnut mare at Mr Gregson's stables. He had been expecting her, so Gigi was saddled up and ready to go when Emily arrived. Mr Gregson had given her his customary grin and wordlessly helped her mount the horse, then returned to his house to give her free reign of the paddock.

Emily hadn't ridden a horse since she was 13, but when she'd moved away from home a month ago to be closer to the University she had been thrilled to discover Mr Gregson's stables only a ten minute walk from her new flat. Mr Gregson had ridden with her for a few minutes on her first ride, but he was confident enough in her riding abilities to let her take Gigi out alone.

Today Emily was wearing her usual jeans and a wide-necked 80's style shirt which was billowing in the wind as she brought Gigi into a smooth canter. Her small breasts bounced gently as the horse bobbed up and down, and her long dark hair flew out behind her underneath her helmet.

Her hour was over too soon, but the exhilarated smile remained on her face as Mr Gregson helped her dismount.

"Thank you so much Mr Gregson, that was an amazing ride." She gave him her widest grin, displaying her dimples in all their glory. Mr Gregson didn't answer, and his eyes were focused lower than her own. After a moment he mumbled an apology and looked away. Emily glanced down and noticed with embarrassment that the neck of her shirt had completely slipped over her shoulder, exposing one pale, somewhat pointed breast.

She flushed deeply as she hurriedly rearranged the neck. "Sorry, ah, I guess I should wear a bra, but, they're so small anyway..." Emily realised she was only embarrassing herself further so she changed the subject. "Can I help you brush Gigi down?"

Mr Gregson nodded and gave her a smile, "Thank you. And don't worry about it, dear." He handed her a brush and they stood on either side of the mare, brushing her in silence.

Emily felt her face reach deeper shades of crimson by the moment. No one had seen her naked before. When her friends had started to develop Emily had waited for it to happen to her, but it never did and she was too embarrassed by her gangly, flat frame to be comfortable around boys.

Just when Emily had started to fight back tears, Mr Gregson came around to her side of the horse. "You have nothing to be embarrassed about Emily."

"It's just...their size...their shape...they...I should just go. Sorry." She put down the brush and started to walk past Mr Gregson, but he placed a firm hand on her shoulder. He stared intently into her eyes and Emily couldn't do anything but stare back.

Mr Gregson wasn't a bad looking man. He was in his 40s and his dark brown hair had just a light frosting of grey. His skin was tanned and freckled. He wasn't overly muscular but he was solid and toned. As Emily stared at him she couldn't help feeling comforted by his hazel eyes that permanently crinkled at the corners, making him seem eternally friendly.

Emily barely noticed when he started to slip the neck of her shirt down again. He cupped her exposed breast in one hand but didn't take his eyes of hers as he said, "This is the most beautiful breast I have ever seen." As if to prove his point he began to rub his thumb back and forth across the nipple, then he finally broke his gaze and placed a few soft kisses on her breast before taking the nipple in his mouth and sucking it with a hunger that Emily had never seen directed at her.

Emily was shocked with herself for letting him do it, but she couldn't deny how wonderful it felt to have someone admire the body she had always kept hidden, not to mention the physical sensations that were starting to shoot back and forth between her nipple and the increasingly damp area between her legs.

With his mouth still on her nipple, Mr Gregson reached up to pull down the other side of her collar. It wasn't quite wide enough to fit over both shoulders but he tugged at it until it tore enough for it to fit. He looked up at her just long enough to say, "This one is just as beautiful," before moving his mouth to her newly exposed breast while his hand took over the work on the other. He rubbed, tugged, sucked and bit until both nipples were a dark red and pointing at him like pencil erasers, then he stood back for a moment to admire the view.

Emily instinctively tried to bring her arms up to cover her chest but her movement was restricted by the neck of her shirt, and Mr Gregson stepped forward to hold her arms firmly at her sides. "No, my girl. You are beautiful." Emily stood awkwardly, unsure what to do. She was very aware of the fact that her hardened nipples emphasised the pointed shape of her breasts and she didn't know where to look.

"You're still embarrassed, sweetheart?" Emily nodded, and Mr Gregson reached down to unzip his jeans. He took her hand and placed it over his boxers, then leaned forward to whisper in her ear. "See what you do to me, my girl? See how hard my cock is for you? It doesn't do that for just anyone." Emily's cheeks flushed again but she couldn't hide her small smile.

Mr Gregson reached behind her and picked up a blanket, tossing it over a hay bale. Then he stood back and locked his eyes with hers again. He reached down to undo her jeans. As he slipped them down over her ass he moved her slowly backwards and sat her on the hay bale. Then he kneeled before her to take off her boots, his eyes not leaving hers until her jeans were completely removed. When he looked down he smiled at her plain pink cotton panties. "Just like a little girl. They match those beautiful girly titties of yours." Emily's face froze in mortification but Mr Gregson stood up and stroked her hair gently. "That's what makes them so beautiful, baby." He leaned forward to lightly brush her lips with his.

Emily was torn between her physical desire and her horror. As if sensing her confusion, Mr Gregson reassured her, "Don't worry sweetie, I'm not into real little girls. Just beautiful little girls like you." That was enough for Emily, and she gladly let him kiss her more firmly, probing her mouth with his tongue.

Suddenly Mr Gregson pulled away and stood up in front of her. He placed two fingers under her chin and lifted her face to look at him. "Does my baby want to see Daddy's cock?" Emily's mouth dropped open just a little, shocked at his use of the title 'Daddy' but even more shocked at the new rush of moisture his words had produced between her legs. She nodded her head slowly. "Find it then baby. Let Daddy's cock free."

Emily placed her hand on Mr Gregson's waistband and pulled down his jeans and boxers in one motion. She was surprised at how quickly it sprung out and pointed at her face, and it made her jump back. Mr Gregson laughed at her. "Did Daddy's cock give you a fright my baby?" Turning red again, Emily nodded. "Do you like Daddy's cock, my girl?" Emily nodded again. She didn't really have a lot to compare it with, but she guessed it was about an average size. Regardless of how it compared to others, her body was definitely responding to it.

He started to gently stroke her hair. "I want you to touch it princess, feel how hot and hard it is." Emily gently wrapped her fingers around it. "You feel how hard it is baby?" Emily nodded. "You made it like that because you're such a pretty little girl. That's what happens to Daddy when you flaunt your pretty, tiny little titties, and when you get your little panties all wet like that." His hand moved a little more roughly through her hair. "It hurts when you do this to Daddy's cock. You don't want to hurt Daddy do you, my Emily?" Emily shook her head. "Speak up baby."


"No who?"

"No Daddy."

"Do you want to give Daddy's cock a little kiss? Try and make it better?"

"Yes Daddy."

"Use your manners baby."

"Yes please Daddy."

"Please what?"

Emily paused for a moment. Her voice was just above a whisper. "Please let me kiss your cock Daddy."

Mr Gregson smiled down at her. "Of course you can Baby."

Emily slowly moved her head forward and placed her lips on his cock. As she let her tongue slip forward to lightly brush it, she was amazed at how much she wanted to take the whole length in her mouth. She had only asked for a kiss though, so she let her lips close and moved her head away.

Mr Gregson was looking up with his eyes closed. "That was so nice princess, but now it hurts even more. Do you want to try something else?"

"Yes Daddy."

"What do you want to do baby?"

"Can I..." Emily looked away, embarrassed.

"It's okay baby, you can say it."

Emily took a deep breath. "Can I please suck your cock, Daddy?"

Mr Gregson grinned down at her. "Sure baby, just be gentle, careful with your teeth."

Emily took the head of his cock in her mouth, sliding it in and out of her lips and letting her tongue run across it lightly.

"Mmmm that's a good little girl. Don't be scared princess, you can take some more." Emily moved her lips as far down as she could comfortably, and she was rewarded with a loud moan from deep in Mr Gregson's throat. "Oh baby girl, you're such a good little girl. Do you want Daddy to fuck your tight little throat?" With her lips spread wide around Mr Gregson's cock she nodded her head frantically, though a part of her was terrified.

His fingers tightened in her hair until he had a firm grip on her head, then he pulled her head toward himself while his hips thrust towards her. Emily's eyes bugged and she gagged as his cock slid down her throat. She wanted to push him away but then he said, "Oh my good girl, you make Daddy so happy." He thrust again. "I love it when you gag on my cock baby girl, it makes Daddy feel so good."

Emily couldn't understand why she enjoyed pleasing him so much. Her throat hurt and she wanted to cry, but the knowledge of his pleasure made her body even more excited.

Finally Mr Gregson pulled his cock out of her mouth and she gasped for breath. He stroked her hair gently. "You did very well baby, but we're not finished yet." Emily gulped audibly, excited and scared at the prospect of losing her virginity. "Stand up baby." She stood obediently and watched him crouch down in front of her. "Tsk tsk tsk. You've got these panties very wet, haven't you baby? Is my baby girl a bit of a horny little slut?" Emily remained silent but her face flushed again which prompted another laugh. "We'd better take these off my sweet pea, no baby of mine is going to walk around with wet panties." He slipped his thumbs under the waistband and slid them off, letting her step out of them. He tossed them aside and ran a hand up her leg, moving his index finger through her slit. "You are a very wet little thing." When her face turned an even darker red he smiled. "It's okay baby, it just means you love Daddy very much." When he let the tip of his finger slip inside her he paused for a moment. "Well, well, well. It seems my little girl isn't such a slut after all. You've kept yourself a pure little princess for your Daddy." He removed his finger and stood up to face her. "Are you sure you want to do this for Daddy?"

Emily nodded emphatically. "I just want to please you Daddy." She was surprised at how much she meant those words. Mr Gregson bent down to retrieve her panties. "In that case we may be needing these after all." Emily was confused but she didn't ask any questions. She just watched as Mr Gregson gripped the neck of her shirt with both hands and ripped it completely off, finally removing the restriction of her arms.

"Turn around baby." Emily turned to face the hay bale and Mr Gregson dropped her panties on it. He pressed his body against hers and she could feel the hardness of his cock pressing into her lower back. He brought his hands around to massage her breasts and roll her nipples between his fingers. "Now we're going to do something that will hurt you baby. Daddy doesn't want to hurt you but it's something that we have to do because we love each other. Do you understand sweetheart?"

"Yes Daddy."

"That's my good girl. Now I want you to lean forward and place your elbows on the hay bale." Emily complied. "Very good baby. Mmmm, such a cute little ass. Now spread your feet, nice and wide." Emily shuffled her feet apart. "That's it princess, right there. There's Daddy's pretty little cunt." He leaned over Emily and she felt his cock slip between her ass cheeks. He reached forward and picked up her panties. "Open your mouth baby girl." Mr Gregson arranged the panties so that the wet part was closest to her, then he pressed them into her open mouth. "When it hurts you can bite down on these. You should thank Daddy for letting you have them."

Emily tried to say, "Thank you Daddy," but it came out as an inaudible mumble. Mr Gregson just laughed and stood back to admire the view. He ran a finger through her wetness, stroking back and forth. He brought it all the way up to her asshole and pushed just the tip inside. Emily's body tensed and Mr Gregson laughed again.

"Don't worry baby, Daddy would love to use that lovely little hole but we'll save it for another time." Then he moved his hand away and placed it on his cock. He held the head of his cock right at the entrance to her pussy and applied a little pressure, then slid it up towards her swollen clit, then back along all the way up to her asshole where he again applied pressure. He repeated the process a few times until she started moaning in frustration and bucking her hips back towards him. "Is baby desperate for Daddy's cock?" Emily nodded frantically. "Is my baby's slutty little cunt hungry for Daddy's nice hard cock?" She nodded even more rapidly, with little moans for emphasis. "Okay baby, I don't want to make you wait too long."

Once again he pressed his cock against her pussy, but this time he didn't stop. He pushed gently at first but her pussy wouldn't let him enter. "I'm sorry baby but your little cunt is very tight, I'm going to have to push really hard. It will hurt a lot." Emily nodded again, she just wanted him inside her. He gripped her hips firmly and thrust his own towards her. When his cock finally pushed through Emily bit down hard on her panties. They only slightly muffled her scream.

Mr Gregson kept pushing his cock deeper inside her until it was buried deep in her pussy and his balls rested against her clit. He leaned forward and removed the panties from her mouth, then brought his hand down to rub her clit. "I'm sorry baby, we'll just rest awhile until you're ready for more."

Emily had tears in her eyes but she smiled. "It's okay Daddy, I know you had to do it. Do you like it?"

"What baby?"

"My cunt, does it make your cock feel better?"

Mr Gregson smile. "Yes my princess, you have a very lovely cunt."

Emily wriggled a little on his cock while he pressed and stroked her clit. The combination of pain and pleasure running through her body was exhilarating. "Okay Daddy, I'm ready."

"You're such a good girl baby. You sure you want Daddy to fuck you?" Emily nodded. "Tell me baby."

"I want you to fuck me Daddy, I want to make your cock feel good."

Mr Gregson stood up again and slowly pulled his cock out, leaving just the head inside before he thrust back in. Each thrust sent waves of pain and pleasure through Emily's body and she reveled in both of them. He bucked his hips faster and faster, using her body more and more roughly. Each thrust was accompanied by a large grunt of pleasure followed by, "Oh my little girl," to which Emily replied, "Yes Daddy, fuck your baby."

Just when Emily thought she might faint if it didn't end soon, Mr Gregson took his index finger and plunged it into her asshole. He buried it all the way up to his knuckle and held it there, wriggling it around.

Emily was surprised that the single finger hadn't hurt, and instead there were new waves of pleasure running through her body.

"Come for me baby girl, come for your Daddy." He pulled his finger out of her ass and gripped her hips roughly, thrusting his cock deeply inside her. His balls ground against her clit and she felt his juice begin to shoot inside her. "Oh yes, you're Daddy's cunt now."

That sent Emily over the edge and she felt her cunt spasm around his cock as sparks of intense pleasure shot through her body. "Oh yes Daddy, my cunt is yours Daddy!"

Her elbows collapsed from under her and she fell face down on the hay bale. Mr Gregson collapsed on top of her and they lay there long after the last spurts of pleasure had subsided, his softening cock still buried inside her.

By the time he slid his cock out, Emily had caught her breath and started to feel a shame overtake her body. She stood up but couldn't look Mr Gregson in the eye. He wouldn't look at her either, and they stood silently for a while, both unsure of themselves.

After a while, Emily picked up her shirt but realised it was completely unwearable. Without a word, Mr Gregson unbuttoned his own shirt and Emily realised that was the first time he was completely naked. He moved towards her and helped her put the shirt on, buttoning only the button right in between her breasts. "I'm sorry for hurting you." He started to pull his boxers on, then his jeans.

"It's okay. Actually," she flushed yet again and looked away, "I kind of liked the pain. I think I'll almost miss it when it doesn't hurt anymore."

Emily turned her head back towards him just in time to catch him glancing at some old riding crops. "I'm sure we can remedy that, my girl."

They gave each other a small smile and then Emily reached for her panties. Before she could put them on, Mr Gregson took them from her hands and put them in his pocket. "My cunt; my panties." Without a word Emily put her jeans on and couldn't help enjoying the way they rubbed roughly on her bare cunt.

She started to leave when Mr Gregson called out, "Next week my girl, wear exactly that, no panties."

Emily just stood looking at him with no expression; she didn't know what to feel. "Yes Daddy."

"Oh, and Emily?"

"Yes Daddy?"

"Thank you. That was an amazing ride."

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