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Divination and Manipulation


This story has magic and feminization themes. If that's not your cup of tea consider finding a more suitable story. This is also my first story with a magical twist - let me know in the comments if you enjoyed it!


Jenn and I had met a few weeks ago and had been having a wonderful time since. We had both been sitting in the lounge area of a little pub called Danivers that specialized in a cozy, intimate atmosphere. Lacking in loud music, flash, and crowds, it wasn't nearly as popular as the louder nightclubs down the street. Ask one of the devoted regulars who frequented it though, and they'd tell you it was the best place to get out of the house and have a low-key pint alone or with a small group of friends.

Danivers was my Thursday tradition. I would finish up work around 5, catch the 544 home, and walk two blocks to Danivers to relax, read, and grab a bite to eat. For three years I came and quickly became a well-known face. I didn't know many of the other regulars though. I think they saw my brick-binders coveralls and assumed I was your average brickey - annoying, not too bright, and overeager to show off my magic. It was that last assumption that bugged me the most - largely because I thought it was ridiculous that most brickeys didn't understand that brick-binding was one of the most common aptitudes in the world, and so the least interesting. But it didn't matter to most of them - give them just a little leeway in the conversation and they'd quickly get around to telling you how their latest construction project could never have made it without their incredible powers with natural materials.

Admittedly, the skill is impressive at first. A strong brickey could easily manipulate tonnes of earth - clearing massive forests or digging fathomless holes with just a few waves of their hands. But most brickeys were fourth-class and only capable of manipulating small amounts of materials into construction materials - some had aptitudes for metalwork, others wood, but most with earth and clay used to make bricks. That's where the name came from. These more commons mages where wholly uninteresting to most people. They served an important purpose in building new cities, but generally failed to attract any sizable amount of attention or respect in society. Thus, I suppose, came the need to boast.

But not me. It wasn't that I had come to accept my commonness - I was a second class earth mage and capable of moving pretty respectable amounts of material or converting large amounts of raw components into ready to use building matter. I just didn't let it go to my head. Overall, I was a quiet person who enjoyed reading and drinking good beer. Thus, Danivers was my home away from home to relax and read, away from the knuckleheads of my profession.

The Thursday I met Jenn was a relatively normal day. I had worked hard all week clearing out a large area for a new subdivision and had earned a bit of relaxation. I had been sitting in my favourite armchair in the corner of the bar where I could observe the comings and going of all the patrons. I was in the middle of a particularly interesting chapter of my fiction when a group of boisterous people barged in the door - hooping and hollering and obviously looking for a good time. This happened from time to time and I knew what would happen. They'd find a table, talk loudly, hit on the waitresses, and leave after one drink saying "man this place is dead". They'd then progress down the street, presumably to find somewhere less dead.

I had looked up from my book to watch them come in and sighed as I resigned myself to reading the next chapter or two in the now noisy bar. I looked around the room and noticed a girl sitting at the closest table to me who also happened to be reading. She was doing the same thing - looking at the loud group, and had just caught my gaze as it wandered over her. As she locked eyes on me I quickly smiled, trying to pass myself off as friendly and harmless. I didn't want her to think I was some brickey eyeing up his next conquest.

Then I noticed the book she was reading - a bestseller that I had read about a month ago and thoroughly enjoyed. Realizing that I was staring, I quickly decided to go against my usually furtive tendencies and strike up a conversation about the story. As it turned out she was about halfway through and loving it herself, though she had yet to find out about the major surprise in the book and I had to refrain myself from spoiling it. The conversation evolved from books to music to funny stories about our relatives and before we knew it three hours had passed and we were both having an amazing time.

Then she had to go. As she stood up she reached out her hand to me saying "I'm Jenn by the way and, uh, I don't normally do this but do you want to grab dinner sometime?" I stammered my approval and suggested we meet at the bar Saturday night and go from there. To my delight she accepted, and was gone.

That Saturday we met and walked to a little bistro down the street where we again spent hours talking. I found out that we had so much in common in terms of the food, music, and books that we each liked. But there was one thing we didn't talk about: work. Initially I assumed it was because she wasn't terribly interested in talking about my earthen affinities, but as I continually tried to steer the conversation towards her profession she always managed to guide us back to another topic.

It went on like this for a couple weeks before I finally resolved to straight up ask her about it. That night we found ourselves in a bar of the louder variety, sitting at a booth in the back - my arm around her and our sides glued together. I had been working up the nerve all night to ask her, and had consumed a little liquid courage as well. I finally found a lull in the conversation and decided to ask.

"So Jenn, uh... I noticed that you don't really talk about your aptitudes? Why is that? You know that I wouldn't care if you're... you know..." I stalled, trying to not to say "plain" which was a rude way of saying that she wasn't magical.

"Plain?" she asked quietly.

"Well, yea. Even if you were plain I wouldn't care! I just want to know you."

She sat in silence for a few moments, her hands fidgeting in her lap.

"Do you promise you won't overreact when I tell you?" She asked with a serious tone.

"No! Of course not! Jeeze, what are you? A kink mage?"

She sat quietly, her head hung down for a moment before she quietly replied "yeah, I am."

I sat surprised and ashamed at what I had said. Kink mages were very rare and had many stories that surrounded their capabilities and personalities. Some stories told of kink mages as the ultimate sexual partner - always able to bring you to the most satisfying orgasm of your life. Others made them out to be terrifying sex fiends - forcing you to succumb to their fetishes, or else.

I tried to wrap my mind around it and started to wonder if she was joking. Such mages were extremely rare, and if they were like other mages then the powerful ones capable of any strong magery would be even rarer.

"Really?" I asked, not sure if she was serious or making me feel bad for having suggested it. Not a moment later I suddenly felt a tightness in my pants. Without moving, whispering an incantation, or any external hint she had given me a rock-solid boner. I looked down and realized that she hadn't just made me hard, she had made me bigger as well. I had no idea how large I was now, but my pants were obviously straining to contain my member.

"Whoa" I whispered, my hand unconsciously going down and feeling my crotch. "That's... That's something..."

"Yeah" she sighed, as she started to slide out of the booth. "Anyways, I'm going to go now. I'll take that away if you want, or you can keep it. It's up to you." she said, motioning to my crotch.

"Wait, what are you talking about Jenn?"

"Well, do you want me to put you back to normal before I leave?"

"Whoa! Slow down! Why are you leaving?"

She looked confused before she replied. "Don't you want me to?"

"What? No! Of course not."


"Yes! Jeeze, sit down! Of course I want you to stay. We were having such a good time!"

She acquiesced and sat down across from me. "You're really not mad?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked incredulously. "Why would I be mad?

"Well, I magicked your body without warning and well... Most guys run screaming from kink mages. They seem to think I'm going to take away their manhood or tie them up or something they don't want."

"That's ridiculous! Why would they be scared of you?"

"I don't know. I think most guys, especially brick binders, like to be in control. It's like a masculinity thing or something. I dunno." She looked away.

"Seriously, Jenn, if you think I'm all about masculinity then you haven't been paying attention the last couple weeks." And it was true, I really have never been the most masculine guy. At 5'5" and thin I wasn't really the poster boy for brick binders. "And plus, you wouldn't tie me up and stuff I'm sure."

"Only if you wanted me too" she said slyly, and giggled.

"See! There you go, and maybe I'd like being tied up by an attractive kink-mage. You never know! And it wouldn't make sense for you to take my manhood! You just doubled it in size!"

Jenn smiled earnestly. "You have no idea how good it is to hear that Sam." I smiled back. "So uh.." she continued, "do you want to get out of here?"

I nodded and we walked out into the chilly October night. We wandered in silence for a while, taking random turns and just being happy to be together after Jenn's revelation. "So, I guess I don't really know what a kink mage actually can do" I said, "there's so many stories it's hard to tell."

We walked for a few minutes as Jenn formulated her answer. "Well, powerful kink mages have the ability to make sexual fantasies come true through two techniques: divination and manipulation." She stopped talking as we hurried across a crosswalk, then continued. "Divination involves finding out what a persons fantasies are, while the strongest mages, like healers, can actually manipulate someones body."

"Whoah that's crazy!" Then I stopped in my tracks. "So you know my sexual fantasies?" I asked as I started to blush profusely, imagining her knowing the things I had thought about her.

"Well, no. Divination happens through touch Sam. We've never held hands." I was startled to realize that she was right. We had never held hands.

We continued walking in silence now as I pondered what she had told me. After we passed another block she stopped and I turned around to see her in front of the door to a four-story apartment building.

"Do you want to come in and warm up? It's pretty cold out here and I think a drink would be wonderful." After a moments surprise I realized she had steered me right to her house. I acquiesced and we went up the stairs to the third floor. As she stood at the door fiddling with the key I found myself wondering what it would be like inside. I had heard that some kink mages tended to revolve their lives around sex and had very.. interesting decore. But as Jenn opened the door I saw that in front of me was a regular two bedroom apartment, complete with the exact kind of clutter I imagined her having - books and clothing scattered across every surface.

She gestured for me to come in, and after I slipped off my wet shoes and gave her my coat she motioned for me to take a seat in the living room as she went to the kitchen. After a some banging around she came out with a bottle of wine and two glasses poured a bit more than a civilized amount. I took a sip, and then another. It was surprisingly sweet and went down easily.

We sat there and started chatting about the wet, cold weather and our hurried walk here as I digested the information. As usual the conversation carried on and in no time I was ready for a refill, and then another. Soon Jenn had to run back to the kitchen and come back with another bottle of wine as we polished off the first one. She poured and sat down.

In the time that our conversation had lapsed I had come to the conclusion that I was willing to take things to the next level with Jenn. I was excited and a little scared. This was going to be like nothing I had ever done before.

I held out my hand.

Jenn stared at it.

"Are you sure Sam?"

I nodded.

"I can't stop myself from seeing everything Sam. Are you really sure?"

I nodded again.

She gingerly reached out her hand, and closed her eyes as she made contact. I felt nothing as she sat quietly, holding my hand. Then she withdrew.

"Sam, before we go any farther I should explain that being a kink mage makes me very... Open..." she said, searching for words. "There's not much that I don't like or that doesn't turn me on. I just wanted you to know that."

"Wait, what is it you saw? You shouldn't be surprised that I'm attracted to you."

"No of course not! I've known that for a long time. It's just... Well I don't think you know what you want. Or at least, you only know at a subconscious level."

"What is it? You're driving me nuts."

"Are you sure Sam? Once you realize it it might... Stick with you..."

"Uh... Yea! I mean how bad could it be?"

She didn't respond. Instead, she leaned in and kissed me. Her lips were incredibly soft and not too big. Despite that it felt like my entire world. I closed my eyes and lost myself as her lips brushed furtively against mine several times, slowly growing into bigger and bigger kisses. Her mouth felt electric and hot. She was by far the best kisser I had ever met.

I let my hands start to wander up her sides to her shoulders, then slowly down again to her waist. The second time going up I stopped at her breasts, slowly feeling and massaging my way around them. She let me continue for a few moments, until I had her full breasts in my hands, then she gently brushed me away without breaking the kiss.

For a moment I wondered if I had done something wrong, when I felt her hands running over my chest. Then as they continued to descend both her thumbs flicked my nipples. I inhaled sharply. The feeling sent unexpected electric waves flowing through my body. I stopped kissing for a moment as I gasped in surprise. A moment later though and Jenn was back on me - kissing and playing with my nipples. I was paralyzed with the feeling. No girl had ever played with my nipples before and I was completely unprepared for the intensity of it.

Then in one quick motion she pulled my shirt over my head and took my left nipple in her mouth, gently sucking it and flicking it with her tongue. I felt myself moan. It wasn't manly, but I didn't care. At this point I was beyond thinking as I felt her push herself up and then place one of her legs between mine on the couch. As she continued to play with my nipples she slowly spread my legs - the feeling and her initiative completely melting any resistance that may have been lingering in my body. But at the instant that thought crossed my mind she stopped, stood up, and marched out of the living room and down the hallway, suggestively pausing halfway there to indicate that I should follow her.

I stood up and quickly followed. If whatever she had planned was half as good as what she'd just done I was down.

When I arrived in her bedroom I had expected to see her on, or at least by, the king size bed. Instead however I could see her bent over and rummaging in her closet. I stared - in the time it took me to get here she had taken off her jeans and was wearing intricate black lace panties that tightly hugged her shapely bum.

"Take your pants off silly" she called over her shoulder as she continued looking for something, now sending random garments flying across the room and landing in no particular order.

I complied and was shortly wearing only my briefs. Hearing that I was now pants-less she turned and walked up to me, placing a small pile of clothes she had gathered on the end of the bed on her way. She gave me two passionate but quick kisses before pushing me down onto the bed. I could only lay there and stare as she pulled off her shirt, revealing a matching black lace bra with purple trim around the edges. Then she was on top of me licking my nipples.

The feeling was no less incredible the second time. In moments I felt my toes curling as I once more started moaning. Her leg had also returned between mine and was pushing them apart. A moment later she had my legs spread with my knees bent and feet up on the bed, while her knee had found a position in my crotch pushing against my backside, though not uncomfortably.

Then she stopped and stood up once more, admiring her handywork as I laid breathing hard on the bed, my legs still complacently spread.

"Did that feel good then?" she asked. I nodded my reply, not trusting myself to speak as echoes of the electric feeling swept through me. "Good. Stand up." I complied. "Good. I need you to do something for me now sweetie. I need you to put these on." she said, as she picked up a pair of her underwear that she had placed on the bed earlier. It was a leopard print thong with pink edges and a matching bra.

"What? Why?" I asked, confused.

"Because honey, I have a little rule. I only have sex with men if they do what I say, and right now I'm telling you that you're going to wear my underwear."

I stared, uncertain about what she was proposing. Seeing my hesitation she quick stepped up to me and grabbed my nipples, flicking them. I felt my knees grew weak. In an instant we both knew I was going to do what she said.

When she stopped I slowly slid off my boxers and stepped into the thong she handed me, pulling it up. I gasped slightly as the back settled between my cheeks and rubbed my hole. I had never felt something like that before. Then she handed me the bra and I put my arms through the straps and tried to do up the clasp but fumbled. She tsked under her breath and went behind me to do it herself. Circling around she admired the view of my boner barely being constrained by the thong and my nipples poking through the soft fabric of the bra which had had any padding it once held removed. For some reason wearing her underwear made me even hornier now and I felt myself waiting in anticipation of her next command.

But instead of commanding she came up to me and kissed me even more passionately than she had before. I was instantly lost in her supple lips, though this time my hands were roaming my own body instead of hers as I felt the strange and interesting sensations through the soft fabric of the underwear. Then she pushed me down onto the bed once more, but this time instead of going to my nipples she went to my crotch and pulled my dick out of my panties.

"I love the look of a good dick in my panties" she started, "although usually I'm the one wearing them."

I tried to come up with a witty retort but she immediately started licking the head with her tongue, slowly working the moisture around and down to the base. Then without warning she deep throated me. I gasped and unconsciously thrusted into her. immediately, she pinned my down by my hips and pulled me out of her mouth.

"Good girls don't thrust honey, do try and stay still." she said, again leaving me no time to respond or think about her calling me a girl before my dick was once more all the way down her throat. This time I consciously resisted the urge to thrust.

She continued for several minutes, building up to an orgasm but stopping at the last minute before I came. She did that three or four times before she finally seemed satisfied that I was ready and climbed on top of me, straddling me as she slowly lowered herself onto my waiting member.

"I'm afraid I won't last long" I gasped "that blowjob was too good."

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