tagIncest/TabooDoctor Eva Ch. 02

Doctor Eva Ch. 02


You'll read some lyrics from music played during the pool party. If you have a chance, search for clips of the songs, if you don't have the album, because they were crucial to how things went.


I woke up the next morning, and I have to confess, I was confused by my surroundings. My eyelids felt like they weighted a ton. It took me a second to realize that I was in my own bedroom, but I couldn't remember how I got there. There was Eva's office, then Tommy helping us out of the car. Then...nothing, until this morning, anyway.

Wait. Didn't we plan something for today? Oh, it was a party for Anita, and Eva put something in my purse. What was it?

I propped myself up on my elbows and looked at the time. 10:00? There was something about 5:00 that was important. Someone's coming over, right? Damn. The primas, that's it. I looked the other direction - what's Eva doing here?

I pulled the covers down, and OMG, she's not wearing anything. Wait. Neither am I. Oh, no. Did we...? It was one thing back in college when we, you know, "experimented," but did we have a "peer review" last night?

I honestly couldn't remember, and I couldn't - how do I say this? - taste anything, so maybe nothing happened after all. She still looked hot, so I couldn't be blamed, if it did.

I got out of bed and took a shower. It felt good letting the hot water run all over my body and using the soap as a chance to explore myself. There was something I was supposed to do...

My purse...something about a bag...I got out of the shower and dried myself and my hair. After I put on something light, I thought it unusual that everything was so quiet. I looked in first on Tommy, then Anita, both still asleep. Everyone was wiped out. I found my purse on the table next to the front door, then took it into the kitchen where I made some coffee. Pouring myself a cup, I took it to the dining room with my purse. There was a paper bag inside, and something was coming back.

I vaguely remembered that Eva had given it to me. I also remembered that I didn't know what was in it. Now it was time to peek, and that's when I remembered more of what happened the night before. Eva thinks of everything, even when she's fucked up. She wants me to give this to him? It's not like he needs it. Then there are all the "ethical" concerns. Oh, what the hell. Screw ethics. This will be fun. I don't think he'll complain. Besides, "doctor's orders."

How am I going to pull this off? He can't know. I rubbed my hands over my face and had more coffee. Needed to wake up, I reminded myself. A quick check of the refrigerator and - there it is! - a big container of fresh, cold orange juice.

That's it, I thought. Vitamin "C." There's a double entendre. I fetched a mortar and pestle and opened the foil container, putting its lone pill in the cup and grinding it to a very fine powder. Then, emptying the powder into a glass, I filled it with orange juice and stirred until the powder was no longer visible. "Back in the fridge you go," I said.

There wasn't a whole lot of time to make all the preparations, so it was back upstairs. Anita and Tommy were still in something of a deep sleep, so it was with more than a mild protest that each of them got up. They needed to get to the store. Anita understood that, but I had to explain to Tommy that Anita's cousins were coming over later in the afternoon and I needed everyone to help get ready.

"Please, not again," objected Tommy.

"Come on," I countered, "it's been a while, and they'd really like to see you before you go away."

"It's been a while since all the clean-up, too."

"Well, we're still going to need you, because I'd like to get caught up with Eva. If you don't want to socialize, could you at least tend the bar for us? It's only for a few hours."

"Okay," he conceded.

I knew it would be at least a half-hour before they would leave, so I went back down to the kitchen to make some breakfast for them. Still nursing my coffee, I developed a shopping list for things that would last us well into the evening.

The sound of heavy steps on the staircase told me Tommy was coming down first. Anita didn't go out in public as much as she made an appearance in public, so she always took longer than her step-brother.

I put the glass of orange juice on the table, and so as not to cause any questions, I poured one for Anita, but used a different kind of glass than Tommy's so that I wouldn't confuse them.

Tommy came into the kitchen.

"Good morning!" I greeted him.

"Hi," he yawned.

"Sleep well?"

"Oh, yeah. You?"

"Perfect. Still a little groggy, though."

"Listen, Mom, about yesterday - "

"Sshh. Sshh. Sshh. I know we kind of got carried away. Um, I don't know how to say this other than to say it, but...sometimes life is just so difficult without someone to go through it with, and...I felt young again."

"With me leaving and Anita going back, are you going to be all right?"

"I think so. I might be calling and using Skype a lot with you, at least at first."

Tommy opened the refrigerator door.

"What are you looking for?" I asked, both terrified and feeling guilty.

"Milk," he answered, like he was wondering what the big deal was.

"Oh, Tommy, here, I poured orange juice for you."

"But I wanted milk."

"Well, the OJ is already out, and it can help fill you up, so take that and you can have milk afterwards."

Tommy sat at the table and began eating what I prepared. That's it, Baby, drink up that OJ, with all of its "nutrients." This was like a scene out those old B movies, where the narrator says "someone slipped me a Mickey." He had finished about 3/4 of the glass when Anita entered the kitchen. She must have been thirsty, quickly finishing the first glass and getting herself another. While eating her English muffins, I reminded them that Saturday was always crowded at the grocery store. Tommy got up to go to the car, finished off his glass - good boy! - and I made sure to give him the shopping list and my credit card to cover the cost. After he left, Anita got up to join him, and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Bye, Mom."

"Bye. About how long do you think you'll be?"

"No more than a couple hours."

"What time does everyone arrive?"

"I told them around five, but they might get here a little earlier. One of them said something about a 'front row seat.' Does Doctor Cabrera need anything?"

"I've got coffee for her already. I think she's looking forward to this, too. She got a little something for Tommy."

"She's been here since last night. What kind of 'little something' could she get him?"

"A little something she gave me at the office. Go on, go. There's lots to do and not a whole lot of time."

"What aren't you telling me?" she smiled.


I head the car door shut and let out a sigh. I needed the solitude. Taking my cup and another, I grabbed the coffee pot and went out on the patio. Looking out over the pool, I had a sense of solitude coupled with mischief wondering how the day would play out. Seeing the Jacuzzi made me think of Bill and all the great times. I missed him, but I couldn't help smiling. By the time the day is over, I said to him, Tommy just might be following in your footsteps.

Thinking about those times made me want to relive some of them. I stood up and looked around. The neighbors couldn't see. The kids weren't home. So, I kicked aside my shoes, and looking around one last time, I took off my blouse. This was so exciting, so liberating. The outside air felt so good on my breasts and nipples as I removed my bra. I just stood there taking in deep breaths because it felt so electrifying. I have to do this more often, I thought, especially after I dropped my shorts and started to step out of my panties. There I was, "starkers," as the Brits say, and I felt at least 20 years younger, pretty much looking the part, too, I felt proudly.

Go ahead, Carol, I told myself. You've earned it. I walked confidently towards the pool. "Check me out," I told the imaginary crowd, hands on hips.

"Do you how long it's been since I woke up in a strange bedroom?" a voice behind me asked.

I spun around and tried to cover myself, horrified. I wasn't prepared to see Eva. She had just a towel wrapped around her. In fact, I had almost forgotten she was in my home.

"Were you going for a dip?" she asked. "I thought you said you didn't do that anymore."

"The public me doesn't. The private me does." I started to uncover.

"I get it. There's a side you want the kids to see and a side you don't. I think we're all like that. You got any coffee?"

"Over there," I nodded. "I thought you might want some."

She poured herself a cup.

"Damn, that's good."


"Now why am I not surprised?" she asked sarcastically. "The kids are gone, right?"

"With me like this? Yeah, I think so," I retorted.

"I heard them leave. That's what woke me up. I didn't know where I was, at first. Then I saw the pictures on the wall and that's when it hit me. Hey, can I ask you something?"


"When I got up, my clothes were on the floor, and your clothes were on the floor. Did we...?"

"I don't think so. We didn't smell like sex."

"It's been so long I almost wouldn't know."

"You're kidding."

"No. I wish I was. After my divorce, it seemed like the only reason guys went out with me was to get in my pants afterward, you know?"

"No, actually, I don't."

"Oh, hey, I'm sorry," she said, hugging me. "I didn't mean to hurt you. Forgive me?"

"Of course I do. Loneliness sucks. I mean, at least you've had dates. They don't call you the 'Black Widow.' Why the divorce?"

"He decided he liked white women better, no offense. My sisters and me, we'd get together - we still do - just us and we'd talk, about a lot of things, but sooner or later, we'd start up about sex, and one time - this was in our house - we were talking about our husbands, and then it was my turn. I wasn't complaining. I was bragging. So, I tell them that Eddie - that was his name - has this 'problem.'"

"Like ED?"

"Not like you're thinking. He'd need about a half hour to come, and that was with a BJ or a hand job. I'd get worn out, wondering why it was taking so long. He'd say things like it was feeling so good and he loved all the sensations and that, so I asked him to beat off for me a couple of times, 'cause I was wondering if it was me. Five, ten minutes, he's done. So I ask him how he can do it so quickly, and he says that when he does it, he's thinking about how good coming feels, and when I do it, he's thinking about how good I feel."

"Well, that's sweet."

"Right. That's what they said."

"But how did that lead to your break-up?

"I'm getting there. See, there was no such thing as a 'quickie' with him. He'd need like 45 minutes minimum to get off, sometimes an hour-and-a-half. I'd climb the mountaintop like three times already when he was just getting to his first. One time, he wanted to get it on over lunch, and I had to reschedule appointments at the last minute because his energizer bunny was 'stilllll going.'"

"I still don't get how this caused a divorce."

"Because I'm telling my sisters this."


"And he hears me. Well, their cars are barely out the driveway and he comes flying into the living room, screaming that I embarrassed him, I humiliated him, that I did it on purpose, he'll never be able to show his face in public."

She started crying.

"I tried to tell him that I was bragging about him. Their guys, 15 minutes and they're done, rolled over, and snoring. I was proud of him. I was getting my needs met. After that, any time we got together, he'd spend the rest of the night upset at the way he thought they were watching him, they ways he thought they were whispering about him, their guys didn't want to socialize with him, and that's all my fault, right? So he starts 'working late,' then come the 'business trips,' people spot him with some lilly-white princess, or princesses, and six months later we're split. He wanted nothing to do with me and I wanted nothing to do with him."

I hugged her. The pain was still raw, and she needed to feel safe

"I've had dates since," she said, choking on her tears, "but they've mostly been with other doctors. They're the worst. Biggest bunch of lechers ever. And the ones who aren't doctors? Real make-out artists. 'Hey, I got this pain, right here,'" she said, pointing to her crotch. "Oooo, yeah, Baby, let me kiss it and make it better." I knew what she meant. And yes, doctors really were the worst.

"Well, at least they haven't said, 'Could you excuse me?', and then disappeared. I've lost track of how many dinners-for-two that I ended up paying for by myself."

"They're all fucking pigs, I tell you. Now Tommy, he's different. I don't know what you did with him, but somewhere down the road, someone somewhere is going to thank you."

"I wanted him to be like Bill."

"I didn't know Bill, but if Bill was a gentleman with a - an...erogenous side, I think you succeeded," she smiled. "Did he get the Cialis?"

"I had troubling remembering at first, but yes, he did."

"Let's go for a swim," Eva said, unwrapping her towel. "What time?"

"Around 11."

She dropped her towel on a deck chair. Yes, I looked at her breasts. They were full and erect. Eddie must have been a real asshole.

"So," she said, enjoying the light breeze blowing over her body, "he should be good until tomorrow night."

We were both now totally nude. I wrapped my arm around her as I led her to the pool's edge. She rested her head on my shoulder.

"At least. I've heard from some women that the effect can last at least 12 hours beyond that."

"There's field research for you. Is the pool heated?"

"Oh yeah. Ninety degrees, just like Germany."

"What is it about you and that place?"

"We'll need to go sometime. It's a different kind of carnal. Tell you what. We're going to Sevilla over spring break to visit Anita. Why don't you come with us and we'll spend a week in Munich afterwards?"

"Can Tommy get away that long?"

"He could only do Sevilla, then he'd have to get back."

"I'll do two weeks in Europe. Sure!"

We slipped in the water. Jeez, it felt good.

"What did Anita see when Tommy went swimming? Did she ever tell you?"

"Well, if she saw what I saw - "

"Wait. What you saw? I thought you didn't know."

"That was the public me. The private me came down one night for a swim of my own and there was Tommy. I wasn't that sure he was in the buff, not at first. I thought I saw his butt cheeks on the surface of the water, but then, when he started backstrokes, his penis was straight out and I wanted nothing more than to jump his bones."

"You're kidding."

"No, wait, I haven't finished."

"There's more?"

"Tommy figured out how to pleasure himself in the pool. I thought Bill was creative with the Jacuzzi - I mean, he was really creative."

"I got one, too, you know."

"No, I didn't. How could I? Well, Tommy used the jet right over there to get himself to come. He can have really intense orgasms, you know?"

"Yes, I know. He almost busted my eardrums, he yelled so loud. Oh, by the way, nice little bedtime story you told him."

"Well, that's why I'm sort of worried about today."

"He'll be fine."

"Oh, it doesn't end there. He knows how to use a noodle."

"He doesn't put it under his back, does he?"

"You're damn right he does."

Our legs were now wrestling with each others.

"What does he do?"

"What do you think he does? His cock is sticking straight out of the water, he's fantasizing about someone - for all I know, it could be Anita - and he's aching for the next go-around."

My feet played with her pubic hair and slipped between her legs.

"How did you know that?" she asked, returning the favor. She felt so good.

"Because he was going to start stroking himself when he saw a light come on upstairs."


"Yeah, I think it was a bathroom visit, but then Tommy must have thought it was all over. He looked like he was afraid of getting caught, so he got out."

"What did you do?"

"I couldn't help staring at him because he was so...pronounced, even after coming. I could have watched him dry himself all night. I hid because he was coming in and I didn't want him to see me."

Our bodies rubbed each other's. I had forgotten how sensitive my breasts could be, especially with someone whose fondling was as tender as Eva's. I wrapped my arms around her waist and began my own stroking of her back, and as we looked deeply into each other's eyes, some invisible force drew our lips together -

And that's when we heard a car engine and the sound of tires crunching on pavement. Damn. They were back from the store.

Eva and I quickly got out, grabbed our clothes, and dashed upstairs, hoping we wouldn't get caught. We giggled like school girls at the thrill of it all. I grabbed a couple of swimsuits from the dresser and took them into the bathroom, putting them in the sink and turning on the faucet.

"What are you doing that for?"

"If they heard us or see the water disturbed, we have 'evidence' that everything was legit."

"Done this a few times?"

"Yeah, just a few," I let on.

I took the suits out, wrung them, and hung them to dry. Anita got in the shower and I dried myself off. I had to get fresh clothes because my others were still wet, so I started with a two-piece swimsuit and put over it another light blouse and some shorts. There was a soft knock at the door. I noticed Eva's clothes still on the floor and quickly kicked them under the bed.

"Mom?" Anita asked softly, cracking open the door.

"Hi!" Whenever Anita used the same tone of voice, I knew she was hiding something.

"Eva's just getting cleaned up, and I was getting ready to come down."

"Did you go for a swim? The water looks like someone was just in it."

"Oh, uh, sure. We both did. Our suits are drying off." Why did I say that?

"Why wouldn't they be?" She hesitated. "Is there something going on?"

I hate it when kids ask their parents questions the parents normally ask their kids.

Just then, the bathroom door opened, and thankfully Eva had another towel wrapped around her.

"Hey, Anita, I thought I heard you. You all set?"

"What'd you get Tommy?"

"What did I get him?"

"Yeah. Mom said you got him something special."

"Oh." I was trying to give a signal not to tell her anything. "Come on, Carol, let's tell her. This whole thing was her idea."

"Tell me what?" Anita asked, with a curious smile.

"Well, understand that...um, Eva wanted to help."

"Don't put this just on me. You're an accomplice."

"An accomplice? Did you break a law or something?"

"A law of nature, you might say," I explained.

"All right, I'm officially confused."

"Tommy took Cialis this morning," I said very matter-of-factly.

"Wait. That's the 36-hour one, isn't it? I thought he wasn't supposed to know."

"He doesn't know," said Eva.

"How could he take it and not know?"

"Because I mixed it in his orange juice this morning."

"How did you get it?"

"I put it in her purse at the office last night. Heck, I mean, you don't have a party like this and not try to make it a hit," Eva said.

"Well, that explains something."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Tommy was fidgeting a lot when he was driving, and at the store, he was - I guess you'd say he was 'adjusting' himself a lot."

"Where is he now?"

"Anita!" Tommy called up from downstairs. "I could really use your help getting all this stuff ready. It's your party, you know."

"And I'm having it for you," Anita called back, rolling her eyes.

"Some things never change," said a smiling Eva. "We were the same way."

"Okay, Sweetheart, why don't you go help him," I encouraged.

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