tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon


Authors note: This is my entry into the 2015 April Fool's day Contest. Thank you once again to the fabulous Aisie Lynn who lends me her keen eyes so often lately. I hope you enjoy. ~ellie


The Australian summer lingered long into March and with a final burst had turned the sun's full power into creating a hazy, humid heat wave that wilted every living thing in that part of the world. Kira was dripping with sweat, and her shirt clung to her as if she had just entered a wet T-shirt competition. She groaned setting the last of the boxes onto the floor in the kitchen. She could see movement through the window that looked out over the back yard, and she moved closer to better see.

Peering through the dusty panes, she could see a large black dog bounding across the sizable lawn between the house and the sparse bushland the house back onto. A moment later a man came jogging after it, whistling sharply and calling its name.

"Ransome!" The man shouted in a stern tone, but the big dog ran up and onto the shaded back deck of the house.

Kira went to the back door; she liked dogs, and this one seemed to have a friendly bark as it ran from its owner. She opened the screened security door, stepping out just as the man stepped up onto the decking.

"Hello, Ransome," Kira smiled and let him sniff her hand before giving him a friendly scratch behind the ears. "Did you come to welcome your new neighbours?" She spoke to the dog in a cheery voice before looking up at its owner.

"Sorry about Ransome, he sees a pretty woman, and he can't help but try and charm his way into her heart," he said smoothly. "I'm Jai, I'm your neighbour on that side," He pointed to a thick hedge fence.

"I'm Kira, and it seems your dog is not the only charming one in your house," she laughed lightly. Dropping her eyes momentarily, she became very aware of the way she must look and, folding her arms across her chest, she blushed, "Moving in a heat wave is not recommended, I should go change. It was nice to meet you. Once we're unpacked, we'll have you over for dinner sometime. My husband is a chef."

"Sounds great," Jai grinned still eyeing the generous pert breasts of his new neighbour. "They couldn't possibly be real," he mused but he'd certainly like to find out for himself. "Home, Ransome," he whistled and the dog bounded off into the yard again. "I'll look forward to seeing more of you then," his mouth twisted in its grin as his eyes dropped to her chest again before he turned to leave.

Feeling decidedly uncomfortable, Kira fled back inside the house. She wished Ethan was here already but with any luck he would arrive tonight. They had driven their own cars down from the city to this idyllic mountain community. Having their third restaurant receiving rave reviews and being sure of the chefs and management team they had put in place, Kira and her husband were set to take a break while he wrote a cookbook of sorts.

They had chosen this town for its lack of celebrity cache. Her husband was nearing retirement age and if she was honest with herself, he had past it already. But he was also so youthful and energetic in spirit she often forgot the large disparity in their ages. She wanted him to slow down and spend more time with her doing the other things they enjoyed, like entertaining his children and grandchildren with special weekends. As well as indulging in their interests other than the food industry, like bushwalking and bird watching.

The bushland that bordered their new property was what sold it to them in the end. It was a recently renovated, moderately sized home with room enough for visitors but not as big as the monstrosity they had just left. In truth, it was an average home but sat in the most beautiful of landscapes with a multitude of native wildlife to watch and interact with. That dog may scare most of it off though, she thought dourly.

Locking the door, she found her suitcase where she had left it at the base of the staircase while she unpacked the car and lugged it upstairs to what would be their Master suite. Throwing the case on her bed and opening it, she found a towel and fresh clothes. The huge sliding glass doors that led to the balcony showed the wonderful view of the bushlands. Smiling, she stripped off her shirt as she walked toward them to let in some fresh air and hopefully a cool breeze.


Jai jogged back to his home and brought the dog inside. Ransome immediately went in and laid his head on Annie's lap, looking up at her with adoring eyes. "Did you have a good run, my gorgeous boy?" Annie asked the dog who answered with a tongue lolling grin as he panted at her.

"Yes, I did thank you," Jai smirked at her, "I think I will go shower now, assuming you aren't ready for a break."

"I'd love to, but I can't, the publishers are pushing the targets they set," she said with genuine regret in her voice as she eyed her young lover.

"You used to like to do those things you write about with me," he said petulantly. "We used to rewrite those torrid love scenes of yours over and again."

"I will make it up to you," she sighed, "When I have these new chapters complete." She waved her hands shooing him from her studio, "Now let me work so I can keep you in the style to which you have become accustomed," she laughed.

Jai turned and walked away. He hated when she said things like that. True he had started out as her handyman and gardener and had moved in with her shortly after. She paid him as she had always done even back then, in short though he was nothing more than a kept man who helped out around the place. He shook his head and dismissed her and the words from his thoughts, focusing instead on the new neighbour and her awesome rack. The thought of getting a chance to play with those amazing mammories made him hornier than he had felt for a while, and as he stripped off his shirt he looked out of the bathroom window.

He could see her there, standing just inside the sliding glass doors of the balcony that he assumed led to her bedroom, in only the flimsiest of bras. He imagined that if she jumped those big beautiful breasts would just bounce right out of the scraps of material that held them. He found himself wishing fervently for just that.

Lowering his shorts, his fisted his cock, stroking slowly as he enjoyed the view of his new neighbour, Kira. Disappointment ran through him as she went back into the room. Kicking of his shorts and with his cock leading the way, he moved from his bathroom, down the hall, to the spare guest room. Looking through the gauzy curtains he could see her in the bathroom that led off the main bedroom. Happy that the last owners had taken the blind from that window, he watched as the lovely woman started the shower and shed the rest of her clothes.

Mature by some standards to him, she was exquisite, and he eagerly committed every feminine curve to his memory, knowing she would feed many a lonely night's fantasies as his partner finished her new book. The shower screen disrupted his viewing pleasure, and he returned to his bathroom curious about her husband the chef and how often he left his wife alone to find her own amusements.

Running the shower, he let his mind wander to the lovely Kira and how those curves of hers would feel under his hands. Stepping into the shower, he tilted his head back under the hot running water and pumped his hand up and down his rigid shaft letting his fingers rub over the swollen helmet with each pass. "Oh yeah, I can entertain her," he thought to himself.


Kira and Ethan sat on the back deck watching the sunset and enjoying the sound of the curlews and honey-eaters as they called out to their mates in the darkening light. It was what they had dreamed this place could be like and, after days of unpacking and organising their new house, they finally felt at peace. Ethan reached out and took Kira's hand squeezing it and looking at her with obvious love. She smiled at him in return, but neither spoke to disturb the birdsong as they held hands and sipped their drinks.

A series of barks disturbed their sanctuary, and a cloud of birds lifted from the trees. Ethan stood in indignation that someone would let a dog roam free in the pristine bushland. "Oh god, it's that awful man from next door and his dog," Kira groaned. "The dog is quite nice but the man... I think his name is Jai, is just awful."

"I don't care about the man that dog is the awful thing. Aren't there laws against having pets in the national forest," Ethan watched the big ugly dog bound across his lawn towards Kira.

"I am not so sure this is a national park," Kira said furrowing her brow as Jai entered the yard, letting out a whistle loud enough to rival the bark of his dog.

"Sorry about that. Seems old Ransome here knows a good thing when he sees it," Jai walked up to where the dog was nuzzling Kira's hand. He eyed her overtly as she bent to scratch the dog's ears, revealing move of her cleavage. "Hey, I'm Jai, your neighbour on that side," he poked his thumb in the direction of the house before holding his hand out towards Ethan.

"Hello," Ethan replied stiffly. "I wouldn't have thought dogs were allowed in the bushlands, all the native wildlife and such."

"Don't know," Jai shrugged. "Never thought about it," he admitted. "Still old Ransome here knows how to stop those birds squawking all afternoon, right?"

"He does," Ethan replied with distaste. The fact that his distaste was with Jai and his dog seemed utterly lost on the man. In fact, his distaste wasn't limited to the conversation at hand but also the way the man and his dog seemed to be far too friendly towards his wife.

"Wait, I know who you are, you're that guy from the thing," Jai seemed to be searching his mind. "That cooking show, the one with all the challenges, you're a guest judge or something... Master Chef!" He looked at Ethan with a wide smile as if proud of himself for recognising the man.

"Yes, I do a few television shows from time to time," Ethan admitted.

"That's great another celebrity in the neighbourhood!" Jai enthused.

"Another?" Kira asked curiously.

"Sure Annie, my partner. She's a novelist. Mostly historical romance stuff, you might have heard of her, A.N. Cabin.?" Jai said.

"I don't think I am familiar with her books," Kira admitted.

"She writes for a select market. I'll drop one over to you. So that the next time your husband is away you will have something to entertain you," he waggled his eyebrows and nudged Ethan. "The ladies love a bit of romance. Am I right?"

"I am sure you and Annie research her books very well," Ethan said caustically. "When will we get to meet this crafter of great romance tales?"

"She's finishing off a few chapters to make her deadlines but when she is done, rest assured we will take you up on that offer of dinner your wife made when we met earlier." Ethan raised an eyebrow and turned to look at his wife in consternation.

"Ransome was the first of our neighbours to greet me, in much the same way as he had today. It seemed only fair to invite them over once we were settled in," Kira explained herself.

"Of course, I will look forward to it, just let us know when Annie is free," Ethan nodded. "If you will excuse us now though, I had planned an evening of romance with my wife."

"No worries mate, and just let us know if you have to go back to the city for a guest spot or something. I'll keep Kira entertained for you," he winked and, whistling loudly to the dog, jogged back out of their yard.

"That was thoroughly unpleasant. I can't believe you invited them over for dinner, Kira. What were you thinking?" Ethan grumbled as they went back into the house.

"He seemed nice yesterday and they are our neighbours, Ethan. We should at least try to get along. This is a small community. It's not like the city where you can ignore everyone and get along just fine," Kira said reasonably.

"He was looking at you in entirely the wrong way. Entertain you indeed," he spat the words and rolled his eyes.

"Aww Honey, it's nice to see you can still feel a little jealousy after all these years," Kira sidled up to him and kissed his cheek.

"You are as beautiful as the first day I ever saw you, my love," Ethan turned and wrapped his arms around his wife. They forgot about the dinner they had come in to make and just got on with the romance of the evening.


Jai returned to his home and watched from the side porch where he took a seat in the growing darkness. He could see Ethan take Kira in his arms, and the kiss they shared was so deep and loving he felt a pang of jealousy even though he had no right to. Jai had been fantasizing about the lovely Kira constantly since their meeting yesterday. Her soft curves and big beautiful breasts burned into his memory. Wishing he had thought to bring a beer out, he considered the scene before him and not wanting to miss a chance to see her possibly disrobe, he sat back into the cushioned wicker chair. His cock hardened as he allowed himself the thought that they might do it right there in the kitchen for him to see.

As Jai watched avidly, Ethan seemed to act out his fantasy for him. He lifted Kira up to sit on the stone island bench in the middle of the kitchen and began to undo the buttons of her blouse. Letting the shirt drop from her shoulders and down her arms, he caught it just below her elbows. Jai was close enough to see her eyes widen as Ethan leaned forward clutching her as if in an embrace. He saw the older man tie the blouse expertly around her forearms effectively locking her shoulders back and thrusting her breasts further forward.

When Ethan stepped back slightly, Jai watched him dig his hands into the flimsy bra and withdraw the soft globes of flesh then let them bounce back against her to hang in their natural form. Jai's breath caught and his hand moved to the front of his loose shorts, massaging his growing hard on. This was better than he ever could have imagined, his eyes glued to the window as Ethan slapped each breast leaving a hand print, and Kira arched her back as if begging for more.

He took her nipples then pinching them and pulling them forward, making her breasts stand out from her like rigid pyramids. Through the open window, Jai began to hear her mews and moans of pleasure, as Ethan let go and slapped them twice more as they bounced back and forth on her chest. Jai watched Kira tilt her head back further and groan as her nipples were then sucked, bitten and chewed by the man he believed to be the luckiest man in the world right at that moment.

Jai's hand slipped into the waistband of his shorts as he watched Ethan drop his pants and hike up his wife's dress, scooting her forward on the island. He kissed her deeply then, smothering her cries as he drove into her hard and fast. Jai's hand moved with an equal tempo as he watched the woman who had filled his fantasies lately get fucked harshly. This was better than most of porn Jai had watched and within minutes he had come all over his hand and his shorts.

When he opened his eyes, Kira was gone from the island but Ethan still stood there his hips thrusting and his groans loud. Jai could only imagine how beautiful that woman looked with a cock in her mouth and considered standing on the seat to view it. Rather than risk being seen, he stayed put and let his imagination take over as he watched the absolute ecstasy on Ethan's face. What Jai wouldn't give for a woman like that?

The old man wasn't finished yet though and, as the scene continued to incorporate the use of every surface in the large kitchen and a number of utensils, Jai's eyes stayed glued to the scene. Ransome barked and danced around the backyard. He knew it would draw unwanted attention from Annie if he didn't move soon, but he was reluctant to leave the scene that played out so gloriously before his eyes.

Kira was pushed to lean on the counter before the very window Jai watched them through. Ethan stepped behind her and spanked her roughly with a flexible spatula. Jai knew any chance of his moving undetected had gone as the beautiful woman facing him with tears in her eyes stared out into the darkness. He ignored the dog and was lost in the wide open gasping and mewling mouth of Kira, along with the way her big beautiful breasts bounced and swayed with each swat she received.

Ethan reached up behind her then, and Jai watched as Kira's face took on an expression of painful pleasure, and the old man grunted pushing into her hard and fast. If he had to guess, Jai would say Kira was getting that hard, fat cock up her ass. His own cock jumped in his shorts, never having quite subsided from its premature eruption as he watched his neighbours.

"Fuck this woman is wild!" he thought to himself as he saw Ethan finally collapse over his wife, done for the night. With her head down on the counter, Jai took his chance to move and slowly stood up in the darkness. Moving slightly, her head came up and she seemed to peer into the darkness for a moment before being pulled up into Ethan's arms and led away, presumably to shower. With his attention solely on Kira at the time, Jai hadn't noticed that Ethan too had looked out of the window and, when he moved a second time, had seen his shadow quite clearly.

Jai jogged around to the back of the house where Ransome sat happily dismembering another bird he had caught. "Urg," he thought as he grabbed the hose to spray the dog and wash the remnants of his feast away. His erection subsided slightly at the sight of the blood and bones the dog played in so happily.

Leading Ransom into the atrium, which served as his home during the night, Jai went in to see if Annie might like a break from writing her book to do a little research on the romance angle of it.


Over the following days, the dog barked at all hours and even trotted into their yard carrying bloodied and broken carcasses of birds and wildlife he had killed, depositing them on the porch for Kira, much to her horror.

"Listen, Mate," Ethan's hostility towards the man barely held in check. "You've got to stop your dog from going into the bushland and killing things. It's not right!" Ethan said testily to Jai on one of the occasions he had jogged into the yard after his dog.

"Aww, he's not hurting anyone. He's just playing in his way," Jai reached down and scratched the dog's ears.

"He's probably killed half a dozen endangered species," Ethan's voice rose in anger. He had had enough of the guy and his atrocious dog, not to mention his wandering eyes and the overt innuendo when it came to Kira. The guy literally spoke to her breasts the whole time he engaged in conversation with her. Ethan knew Jai was a pervert who liked to watch, and he had gone out of his way to prove his virility and claim over his wife's heart and body in the last few days. Not that he thought she would ever cheat on him, especially not with a dumb, young jock like that.

Kira and he were soul mates, after the disaster of his first marriage he counted himself as a lucky man to have found the love of his life. She was his everything, and there wasn't much he wouldn't do to keep their idyllic relationship safe from predators like their new neighbour. It was time to do something about this guy. In the city he would have shouted, argued, and punched the guy out if need be but he couldn't do that here. He had promised Kira he would try to reign in that side of his nature and try to become part of this small town community. Maybe he could kill the guy with kindness, or give him a taste of his own medicine at the very least.

"We've been here over a week, I think it's time to make good on that offer of dinner. Maybe a lunch might be better for getting that lady of yours out of the house for a few hours of fun and good food. I'll cook up a storm, and you can be the first to taste my new recipes that will go into my new book," Ethan suggested generously. A plan was forming in his mind, and he knew just what he had to do to get the ball rolling.

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