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Dogman Summer


Dear Dogman Sightings Blog,

My name is Rachel, and 'm going to tell you a story about something that happened to me a few years ago.

I was 19 years old, and still living with my parents. They have this pretty big house, and it's located pretty far back in the woods. The town itself is suburban, but we were in one of the more remote sections.

It was mid-July. I was on break from community college, and was working at a local grocery store. My parents were on a two week long cruise. They didn't invite me, since they knew I had work, plus they probably wanted time alone.

One of my duties while I house-sat was to take the trash cans out to the end of the street on Sunday night so that the truck could pick it up super early Monday morning. I woke up to use the bathroom around 2Am, and realized I had forgotten. I hated going outside this late at my parent's house. It was really creepy, but I didn't want to deal with an over flowing garbage for a whole week, so I decided to suck it up and go wheel the can out.

It was warm, so I didn't put on shoes or a coat. I went out in my pajamas, which consisted of black panties and a purple tank top with a skull on it. I went to the back yard, and froze in my tracks. I heard a rustling of a large animal retreating. The garbage can was tipped over. This was just great! I cursed the stupid animal, and bent over to pick up the spilled garbage.

I looked over in the woods, to where I heard the creature. What I saw was both beautiful and terrifying. The creature was about seven feet tall, and standing on two legs, like a human. The body was covered in shiny black fur. He was only 10 or so feet His knees were bent backwards, like a dogs. His face was hairless, and looked pale in the moonlight. The face was in that uncanny valley of almost human, but not quite. It was beautiful and wrong.

We looked at each other for what felt like longer than it probably was, and then he ran deeper into the woods, dropping to all fours as he did so.

I ran inside so quick after that. I ended up shaking under my covers, even though it was too hot, until morning. I took the trash out at 5:45, and made it just in time for the garbage truck, thank God.

I asked my co-worker if there were any Bigfoot sightings here in Michigan. She gave me weird look, so I laughed it off and lied about a drunk neighbor making stuff up.

A few nights later, I was getting dressed in my bedroom, when I caught glimpse of a beautifully wrong face staring at me through the crack in the blinds. I screamed, and face was gone.

The next day, I researched it online. I learned about something called the Dogman. He was sighted in the other side of the state, mostly, but also where I lived. The stories were different from mine though. All the others reported terrifying eyes and teeth. My beautifully wrong creature's eyes were curious and bright, not threatening or burning at all, his face more human than the crazed wolf creatures in the artist's renderings.

That night I had a bizarre dream. It was too hot to wear clothing, and nobody was home anyway, so I slept in a black thong and not shirt. I was tossing and turning, until I fell into a fitful sleep. I dreamed that I was in a clearing in the woods. Green mist was rolling in all around, and I was wearing a thin gauze dress. My nipples were as hard as rocks underneath, despite the air being warm.

I heard a low, throaty growl off in the shadows. I felt terrified and thrilled. I felt hot breath on my neck, and a voice quietly rumbled in my ear, telling me to close my eyes. I did as I was told. I felt two hands reach around from behind and begin to gently massage my breasts. I could tell from the angle that the figure was much taller than me. I leaned backwards, and felt the creatures erection on the middle of my back. I groaned. The creature began pinching my nipples through the textured material of the gown I was inexplicably wearing. His clawed fingertips gently scraped my skin, sending a wave of heat through my lower belly. I rationally knew I should be scared, but I was not. I was curious and I was aroused, but I was not afraid. I

Felt the creature's lips at my ear. They felt soft, and human-like. He trailed a slightly too-wide tongue behind my ears, and gently licked and kissed his way down my neck. The creature gave a quick, painful nip at my collar. I shrieked a little, in both pain and pleasure. The hot mouth made it's way back up to my ear, and I felt the hot breath tickle deliriously. The hoarse whisper sent a shiver down my spine. "You are so beautiful".

The hand on my left breast slowly trailed down my side. The nails were lightly dancing down my skin. The hand slipped itself under my loose dress. I could feel the fur against my bare skin.

"Who are you?" I asked. "I've seen you around"

"I shouldn't be here right now" the voice breathed into my ear. The creature rolled his hips, grinding the hot erection into my back. "I'm not supposed to exist". He brought his hand between my legs, hovering over my sex, so that only the tips of nails and the ends of his fur were touching.

"Why are you here then?" I murmured. "Why are you doing this?"

The hand on the chest began pinching my nipple even harder, rolling it around, and gently pulling. The hand at my groin closed in. I felt two fingers carefully spread my outer lips. I wasn't wearing my thong in this dream, apparently. I leaned further into the beast, humping my back into his cock. The creature yowled, and then hissed in my ear.

"I already told you".

The hand on my nipple left, and thrust into my opening without warning. The creature was pumping a thick, furry clawed finger into me. He gave a couple of hard, fast thrusts, and then slowed down. The movements were slow and sensual. He added another finger, making me moan. The speed stayed the same. It was too slow to really feel that good, but it was erotic, how careful and gentle this inhuman beast was being with my body.

I could no longer take the teasing. "Please. I need more". The erection at my back twitched. "I need you inside my body".

"Do you mean it?" the voice growled. The twin fingers were pumping hard and fast now. "Do you want my hard cock inside that tight little pussy of yours?"

"Yes," I moaned.

"Very well, my beauty".

Next thing I knew, I was flipped over my strong arms. I opened my eyes in shock. I was on all fours now, and couldn't see the creature behind me. The mist was still swirling around, and I could see soft moss beneath my palms.

The creature behind me howled. I felt him leaning over my back, his groin against my ass, and lips on my ear. He licked and nibbled the shell of it, before whispering to me. "This is probably going to hurt. I'm going to go slow. Let me know if you want me to stop"

I nodded against his mouth.

That was all my strange lover needed. I felt the tip of his cock against my entrance. I tensed slightly in anticipation. The creature slowly push himself inside. My breathing hitched, as I felt him bottom out. I couldn't tell how much of him was inside, but I knew that he wasn't fully inside of me. The creature held his dick inside of me at first, keeping very still, and letting me adjust. I was not a virgin, but this was the largest dick I had ever taken, by a long-shot.

When I was finally ready, I began to thrust my own hips back back, The creature chuckled lowly, and started to move. We both moved in tandem for a while, slow and firm. I pushed back, and the creature pushed forward. I began to speed up. I needed more. The creature grabbed my long hair, and howled again. He began to rut against me, hard. His hips kept snapping back and forth, his courteous speed gone, replaced by the erratic desperate thrusts of a creature too fr gone.

I used one of my own hands to reach up and play with my own clit. The creature pushed it away, and replaced it with his own. He kept pumping in and out of my bod while he furiously rubbed my clit. I looked down, and saw a strong, black furred arm, and long fingers. The visual confirmation of what was happening to me was so erotic. I couldn't take it any longer, and I screamed out loud as I orgasmed. The creature gave a gruff shout, and pulled out of my spastic body. I felt thick ropes of burning hot cum coat my back. I heard the creature grunting and panting.

I turned around, and got a glimpse of my strange lover. His face was even more beautiful in the throes of his orgasm. His slightly-too-widely-spaced eyes were tightly shut. His almost human nose was scrunched up in pleasure, and his angled jaws was clenched. His large, clawed hand was grasping his erection, pumping the last of his fluids out. In the moonlight, I could tell it was the same ashy color as his face skin, and covered in the same velvet fuzz. He was about 14 inches long, and looked more or less human in shape.

The creature opened his eyes at last, and looked at me.

"I'm sorry" he whispered. "You are just so beautiful".

I was about to saw something, to reassure him, when I woke up. I was in my bed. The rays of dawn where leaking in my window through the crack in my blinds.

I felt sad that it was only a dream, but it only made sense. There were no such things as seven foot tall beautiful furry dog-like men.

I got up to get ready, when I noticed it. I was really sore, and I was still wearing the strange gauze dress.

I haven't seen my creature or any others since that night. I debated on whether or not I should tell anyone, but I decided that I would write your blog, and get my story out there.

Signed, Rachel

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