tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDon't Bet on It!

Don't Bet on It!


Angela was lying on the bed, her legs spread wide for the next man to enter her. Brad was watching from the chair. His hands were tied behind the chair with Angela's bra, her panties were stuffed in his mouth, and his pants and underwear were pulled down to his ankles.

Two hours ago, they had received a knock on their door. Brad knew it would be the casino, wanting to know how he would pay his losses. He had no idea. He had won over $10,000 the night before and Angela and he celebrated big time!

They felt sure that they could take the $10,000 and double or triple it. Earlier that day, they were doing well, up over $5,000. They felt so confident that they bet it all on a chance to double their winnings.

They lost. Because they had done so well earlier, they were able to get house credit to add to the $3,500 they were able to advance from maxing out their credit cards. The afternoon went up and down, and they kept getting in deeper, just knowing they would be able to get 'just a little luck' and regain some of their losses.

Then came the final hand and they lost all, all their winnings, all their credit, all their cash, to sum up, everything they could scrape together.

The house terms were to pay up when they cashed in. Problem was, they had nothing to cash in. In fact, they owned the casino $27,569. They were packing to leave when the knock came.

When Angela opened the door, four rather large men entered, followed by an older man in a suit. One of the men held a video camera and was filming.

"We are here to collect your debt," he said calmly. "You must pay up now in cash, that's the deal you made."

Brad was nervous and upset, he opened his wallet and took out all his cash. "Here, it's all I have!" Brad blurted out. It was less than $20. Brad realized that he didn't even have enough money to take a bus to the airport to go home.

"That's funny, isn't it funny?" The man in the suit looked to the men. "You owe almost $30,000 and you give me pocket change!"

Angela began to cry, "We're sorry. We'll pay somehow, we promise."

Brad replied, "It's going to be alright, when we get home we'll send you the money."

The man in the suit laughed again, "If we let you go home, you will never pay. You don't have enough to pay anything. We researched your credit application, it seems you lied about some things. You don't have $30,000 equity in a house, you rent a house. Your credit cards are all maxed, you have a less than $1,000 in your bank."

"Do you have family who will wire the money tonight?" the man asked.

Both Brad's and Angela's families were fairly poor. He knew that there was no way.

"No," answered Brad. "But we will do what it takes to pay you back. We promise."

"Oh, yes, you will," the man in the suit replied. "Sometimes, in special cases like this we can give you a job so can pay us back."

"I can't take a job here," Brad responded. "But when I get home I will send you money from each paycheck."

"You are not going anywhere until I get all that you owe me," the man in the suit firmly stated. The men moved in close to both Brad and Angela. Two of the men held Angela and two others held Brad's hands behind his back.

"So you will work for me?" the man asked.

"I guess I will if I have to," Brad replied.

"And you little lady, you will work for me?" Angela looked down and shook her head 'yes'. "I didn't hear you, will you work for me?"

"Yes," Angela replied, looking at the man.

"Leave her out of it," Brad said loudly.

"We must have you both," the man replied.

"But what can she do?" Brad questioned.

"You may be surprised, you may be surprised," the man replied.

"Bring me the contracts," the man in the suit said. The largest black man took some papers out of his jacket and handed them to the man.

He laid one of the contracts on the desk. He then called Brad over and told him to sign at all the highlighted "x"s.

"What am I signing and what will I do?" Brad almost yelled.

"You are signing a legitimate emmployment contract, and you will do whatever I tell you to do. The contract will end when you pay everything you owe. Do you understand?" the man in the suit looked angry and two large men stood by his side as Brad signed the contract.

"And now you, little lady," the man in the suit said with a coy smile.

Angela walked over to the desk, sat down, and signed the contract at all the highlighted "x"s.

"Very good, and now you will get to work," the man in the suit said eagerly.

Brad didn't like the way the men were looking at Angela. Angela didn't either. In fact, she felt something was wrong and she was fighting back tears.

The man in the suit walked up to Angela. Angela was a pretty woman, 5'9" tall, blonde hair that flipped up at her shoulders, 36C breasts, he guessed, a good figure, curving down to her waist, and hips that were in perfect proportion to her breasts.

She was wearing black slacks that she had just changed into for the airport, and a white stretch top that showed just the least bit of cleavage. Her black shoes had just the slightest heel to them.

"Strip slowly," the man said to her as he stood so close his chest was almost touching her breasts.

"What the hell!" Brad moved forward, but the two men grabbed him by his arms and shoved him into the chair.

"Let's get a movie on," the man said. One of the men turned on the TV and found a pay per view porno. A blonde woman was lying on her back while a large black man was penetrating her pussy. Another man, this one white was making her suck his dick. Other men stood around the bed, slapping their dicks on her tits and slowly jacking waiting their turn.

"I said strip. Do it slowly," the man repeated to the young wife.

Angela shook her head as she looked down, "I can't, please don't....." It was all she could get out.

The man took her by her chin and lifted her face. "You will do it and more. If you know what's good for you, don't make me mad. You don't want to make me mad."

Brad was saying something, but Angela couldn't hear. She was standing between two large men who would enforce everything the man looking her in the face said.

She reached down to the bottom of the white stretch top, crossing her arms, she took hold of the top and slowly began to raise it up. When it reached to the top of her bra, the man stopped her and had her hold the top there. He stared at her breasts, he fondled them, he pulled the top of the bra down and suckled her nipples, one by one.

He would savor this newest conquest, this wife, this beautiful woman, this innocent, who he would turn into a whore, a slut, a working prostitute, and more. He thought to himself as he fondled her tits, groped her ass, pulled her cunt into his now hard cock, "I am going to enjoy this."

"You may continue," he said to Angela. Angela slowly pulled her top over her head, held it in her hand and then dropped it to the floor. The man had her turn around slowly so all the men could see well.

"Continue," was all he said. Angela's entire body shook as she fumbled with the zipper to her new slacks. The man was patient. He loved to see the inner turmoil. Angela managed to get the zipper down, and taking the waistband in her hands began to pull her slacks off.

"Slowly," he said again. Angela stopped for a moment, then afraid she couldn't start again, with shaking hands she slowly pulled her slacks down over her ass, almost past her panties.

"Stop," the man wanted to savor her panties and ass. Pink lace, I like it, he thought. Nice ass, as he fondled it, squeezed each globe, savored the moment. Firm, but still soft, he thought as he jiggled her ass cheeks in his hands.

"Continue," Angela felt tears run down her face as she lowered her slacks below her panties.

She expected it. "Stop," the man in the suit spoke. As she stood with her slacks just below her panties, the man rubbed his index finger along her slit, pushing into her pussy. He kept rubbing until he could feel wetness. He bent down and kissed her pussy through her panties, then began to lick as he pushed her panties with his tongue into her hole. He stayed there for a while licking her through her panties.

The woman in the video was moaning and the sounds of sex seemed all around her as the man stood up and Angela stepped out of her shoes, slid her pants down to the floor and took them off. She had to hold the men's arms as she did. They enjoyed it, a very little precursor to what they would have.

"Soon I will be fucking her. Soon she will be sucking my cock. Soon I will be taking her, shattering any innocence she has, and she still has plenty, more than she thinks. But I will take it all. She will be mine," the man in the suit thought to himself as he salivated.

Brad was telling Angela not to do it, not to strip. But she couldn't hear. It was as if she were in a trance, a bad dream that would just go away. The moans, the men, the sex, the man, all she could hear was his voice as he commanded her. Maybe if she listened well it would all soon be over.

"Continue," the man was eager for more. Angela slid her bra straps off her shoulders and reached behind her to unclasp the bra. As she did, she managed to hold the cups over her breasts. She shook her head 'no' and looked down. The man took her by the chin again and repeated, "continue."

"Now!" he demanded. Angela held on to her bra. "It will be a $1,000 fine each time you tell me 'no'," the man continued, "How many men will she have to do for $1,000?"

One of the men responded, "Gee, boss, I'm not sure."

"Let's see," the man in suit was figuring. "After our cut, she will get $50. That will be 20 men."

"How many men do you want to fuck? You have told me 'no' twice now, that's 40 more men and your debt is now $2,000 more!" the man in the suit laughed. "Tell me 'no' again and it will be worse. I'm being nice to you since it's your first day."

Angela moved her hands and her bra dropped to the floor. The men gasped as they ogled her beautiful tits.

"Pink lace panties, plain white bra," the boss thought as he said to Angela, "Continue."

She hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and looked the man in the eyes as she slowly started to lower her panties. When she felt them begin to slide over her ass, she began shaking again. "I can't," she was crying.

"That's $1,000 more and that means 20 more fucks. You must want to fuck a lot, Mrs. Scott. And if you don't continue now, you will also fuck my dog! I mean it." The man in the suit looked Angela straight in the eye. He was serious.

As Angela slowly slid her panties down, she began to cry. As she was led to the bed, she whimpered. She was silent as she undid the man's belt, zipper and helped him take his slacks off. As she pulled down his boxers and his hard cock sprang out, she tried to look away.

The man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face into his cock. "Look at it, get to know it well. You will pleasure it. You will service me. You will make love to it. Now, suck it!"

Angela opened her lips slightly as the man pulled her into his hard cock. As his cock penetrated her lips, she opened her mouth to take him in. He held the back of her head and said, "get it wet, very wet, use your tongue and flick my cum hole as you suck me."

Brad lunged forward, but the men pulled him back to the chair. "Tie his hands to the back of the chair with her bra and stick her panties down his throat," the boss directed.

The men also tied his legs to the chair, using the legs of Angela's slacks. They ripped her top into strips and used them to tie around his mouth and hold the panties in.

Angela continued sucking the man in the suit's cock. It had a large purple vein running down the left side, it had a helmet head, it was a little shorter than Brad's, but thicker. She licked it up and down as the man in the suit asked and even blew on and then sucked each of his balls. Angela managed to hold it all together through the cock sucking, even when the man said to Brad, "Your wife is a very good cocksucker. She must suck a lot of dick!" The man laughed as Brad struggled to get free. The two men just pushed him down, undid his pants and pushed them along with his boxers down to his ankles.

The man pushed Angela away as he pulled his cock out of her mouth. She had already tasted his precum and hoped she could end it here. But when he pushed her down on the bed and the two large black men held her arms and moved her to the middle, she lost it. Angela began sobbing, please, I'm a new bride, another way.....She did her best not to say 'no'.

The man moved between her legs as the men held her open. He licked her pussy, tongued her hole, chewed her hood, and flicked her clit with his tongue. He finally tasted her juices before placing the head of his cock to Angela's pussy lips. He liked the V trimmed blonde bush that ended just before her pussy began.

He looked Angela in the eyes. Tonight would break her, he knew that. Then he would make her into his whore, his slut, she would do anything he asked of her and do it his way. He spoke up, "Now you will be mine," as he pushed his cock all the way in her pussy. He pulled it almost out again and then thrust it in as hard as he could. He knew the men would fuck her harder, but he would be the first and he would fuck her as hard as he could.

Angela gasped as his cock plunged into her. "Like that whore? Take it all you fucking slut. You whore. I have taken your innocence, you slut, whore! I hope you like cum, you're going to get a lot of it!" The man raised up, grabbed her tits and held them tight as he pumped hard into her.

"Fuck me, whore!" The man said as he pumped his cock into her married pussy and tightly squeezed her married tits. "You better fuck me well!" Afraid of what he might do, Angela raised into the man, meeting his thrusts.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you! Say it! Say 'Fuck Me'! Say I'm your whore! Say it! Say I'm you slut! Say it all now you fucking slut whore wife!" The man spat on her face and then said, "say it you slut, say it all!"

Angela quietly said, "fuck me".

"Say it louder and keep repeating it!" The man slapped her face.

"I want you to fuck me! Fuck me! I'm your slut, your whore! Fuck me!" Angela repeated. The man repeated it to her and she kept saying it, over and over. She soon felt his cock jerk inside her and his cum enter her pussy. His foul cum was now deep inside her pussy. She was committed to her husband. She had just been married. Another man had just shot his seed inside her.

As the man in the suit's climax settled, he stayed inside Angela, now sucking her tits for all he was worth. "Tell me," he said to Angela. "You're married. Your husband has just seen his bride fucked by another man on their honeymoon and my cum is now inside you. How do you feel about all this Mrs. Scott?"

Angela began to cry again, whimper, and then sob quietly, her body literally jerking with each sob.

"I guess that says it all, doesn't it?" The man was enjoying this torture. "You know it all could have been prevented, don't you? It's your fault. How long have you wanted to be a prostitute? Are you just a natural slut?"

He looked Angela straight in the eye, "You little whore, you liked this didn't you? And you are really looking forward to these other men fucking you in front of your husband, aren't you?"

He leaned into her and whispered in her ear. "You better answer me the way I want you too!"

"Are you a slut?" the man said to Angela.

"Yes," she replied as she knew she should.

"Are you a whore? Tell me the truth!"

"Yes," the young wife answered.

"Are you going to make your husband watch all these men fuck you?"

"Yes," Angela looked down toward Brad.

"Do you want all these men to fuck you, to cum all in you and on you, you little slut whore wife?"

"Yes," Angela's lower lip was quivering.

"One last question, do you really want to be a working prostitute?"

"Yes," the newlywed bit her lips.

"What are you?" the man in the suit asked. He whispered in her ear, 'a slut'.

Angela responded, "A Slut!"

"What else are you?" The man again whispered, 'a whore'.

"A Whore!" Angela said.

"Who are you?" The man whispered one more time, 'a prostitute'.

Angela looked at the man. His eyes were menacing, "A Prostitute!" she replied.

"Alright then," the man said as he began to pull his cock out of her, "if that's the way you want it." As he raised up off her, he looked at her right tit. A large red hickey marked it. His mark. He was proud of his accomplishments for the evening.

"You should thank me for fucking you, you little slut. I am Mr. Palmer," the boss told her. He waited.

"Thank you for fucking me, Mr. Palmer," Mrs. Angela Scott replied.

"Boys," the boss said. "She's all yours."

Brad watched as Angela was taken by the men. The large black man was the first to have Angela suck him. One of the men who had held Brad said to Angela, "Spread your legs, bitch." She did.

Glad the boss wasn't an ass man, the man penetrated her pussy first and then, applying lube to his cock and her ass, took Angela'a ass cherry through her pain and tears.

One by one the men used her body and continued to fuck her mind. "Do you want my cum? You a little cum slut aren't you whore?"

"Fucking men right in front of your new husband. You are a born slut. Ain't never seen such a whore before. I'm surprised this cunt ain't already worn out."

The large black man had a dick that looked to be 11" in length and big around as a beer can. Angela looked frightened to take it.

"Don't worry whore, the way I figure it, you get $50 a fuck, course that don't count us, we're free," he laughed. "But, hell", he continued. "You owe almost $30,000. That's 50 into 30,000. That's...shit...that's a whole lot of fucks. You ain't never gonna be able to stop fuckin. I'll just stretch out that fine little white pussy for ya. You should thank me too."

As he shot his cum deep inside Angela's stretched pussy, he told her, "I'll be the last one to fuck your ass. We planned it that way, smallest dick up to the biggest! Boss wants you to be able to work tomorrow."

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