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Downing the Dark Lady


This is a story based of WoW (World of Warcraft).


It was one of those days as I awoken that morning. A young but aspiring druid such as myself had little to do about nothing on days like today. I had everything I could want or need. A backpack full of supplies, food and the such should I need to go on one of my adventures. A trusty feline mount, no I had never thought of screwing my pet come now. I know there are some that think just because I shift to a cat as a druid, I'd get horny and use my pet for something more then swift transportation. Those were the sort of things that made me want to have my Death Knight best friend use them for a bitch I swear by Elune.

However the wayward thoughts of a young druid really should learn to fixate upon one thing at a time other then paltry annoyances. On this day it seemed like it was going to be slow so as I went about gathering information about some on going events around Dalaran, I listened in to some of the more boisterous males standing around a fountain as they started preaching they wanted to make a little run. They wanted to decimate the leaders of the Horde. Naturally, normally I was wary of such events as they often lead to the need for lots of bandages, a body cast or two and someone going home in a body bag.

This morning however was a different story, I felt the roar in my blood as just that morning I'd gotten a bit of mail. My sister had died a few days ago, having been raped by a tauren and troll both just outside of Rachet. Now I wasn't a blood thirsty sort of person but this action had set in motion a wanting for vengeance. The lull of blood lust and need for battle was tugging on my male pride that my sister had died, trying to do what these men were talking about.

For the Alliance! Oh yes, what I wanted to do now was for the good of the alliance. I wanted to feel the surge of adrenaline as I charged into battle. To slash my claws across the face of Thrall and show him who was boss. I longed to put blood hoof on his knees and cry for mercy for what his foul underling had done to my sister, Amatra. My thoughts were rather angry this morning which was a bad thing, the Arch Druid warned about letting the not letting fury cloud the mind. But hell, I'm a healthy young male druid, I should be able to do this just this once.

Raising my hand, I called across the crowded square, "Yo! I'll join up on this raid. I want to show those horde a thing or two. " Naturally the leader looked me over and smirked faintly. "Dramorion, since when do you want to make a run on killing anyone?" So of course it had to go to banter, that's my name by the way. My name is Dramorion, I'm a Night Elf that grew up in the Oracle Glade. "Dirty Horde killed my sister." That was reason enough and I knew it, the man's face lightened up immediately. "Yay! Let's kill the Horde, For the Alliance!"

That was it, slowly the group started forming, orders given, positions organized. Where was I? I was well what I was normally doing, tending the sick. I'm a healer normally although this morning I had a wanting to use those defensive spells for something more then pretty fireworks. First stop was one that would change my life indefinitely. We were going to the fallen Prince's home city. The Ruins of Lorderoen, where the once powerful Menethil family ruled, now a new ruler held it within their grasp.

Undercity, the home of the once beautiful general of the Blood elves, was now the home of the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner. She was a beautiful woman in her prime, until that same Fallen Prince, made her his bitch and used her to nearly destroy the blood elves she was once a part of. Undead blood elves were well odd to say the least, especially her. Alright alright you'd think I had a bit of an obsession with her. What can I say, I researched my advasaries so as to ensure when I went into battle, I'd know what I was going up against. Today, my day would start out with seeing a bitch fall to the floor.

Weaving our way through the sewers and let me assure you they were a putrid place to be. We made our way finally past the Royal Apothecary, the area where their plague was being created that was killing our people left and right. And entered the Throne room of Undercity, before us along with the rest of her denziens stood the powerful Banshee Queen. A surge of remorse went through me as battle started to rage around me. My body transformed into that of a tree, hands raised casting a spell to keep my rather boisterous loud mouthed leader from falling to the Queen's powerful spells. Let's face it, the Fallen General of the Blood elves was screwed, outnumbered and vastly caught unawares.

One by one her compatriots fell to the might of our swords, bows and magical spells that rendered it soon, one on well many. Rape would be a good term for this, she was vastly screwed and there was not a damn thing she could do as she spell cast time again. A few men and women fell beside me, naturally this woman was a bitch and tricky and that's when the idea hit me. Perhaps it was time the bitch learned what it was like to be a bitch. For the Alliance, again the bloodlust hit me as I watched her battered form take hit after hit despite what she did.

I don't know what made me do what I did next, but something got ahold of me and that was it, I was a prisoner to my own darkest basest thoughts. A smile etched upon my lips as the woman fell to her knees. It was a beautiful position as out of no where I started doing this fast so as no one would see. The cheer went up that she was going down. The darklady of the horde was going down and if I had my way, more ways then one.

Swiftly I shifted from healing to something worse, my large body shifted to that of a boomkin, it was against my nature to do this but today...... Well that's another story in on itself as I cast a spell that entangled thick full vines about her body. Sort of like a demon's tentacles the look on her face as she was unable to run away was amusing and just brought a stirring throught my entire body. This bitch was going to learn the meaning of being raped and she'd learn on her own purloined throne.

A killing blow was coming for her head, which was when I acted, faster then a sword's stroke I cast a spell that well temporarily rendered her unconscious with not enough life left in her to fight. The cheer went up, the others thought she was dead. Good, this was my time and turn. Quickly a beautiful mage that I'd watched a few times created a portal that would open to Ratchet. Ugh, that wasn't somewhere I wanted to go right now. So I sort of hid behind a stone pillar as the rest of my ravaging and pillaging friends disappeared from sight.

Sylvanas was in my sights as she started to stirr. The vines entangled her body once more as I leaned down and picked up her dagger and put it to her throat. Her eyes wide, "Why am I not dead." Her wail resonated throught her chamber, despite it's weakness. It didn't surprise me at all that that would be the first thing out of the bitch's mouth. "Simple, I felt you needed a lesson. You and your damn Horde all need a lesson, and I'm going to teach it to you. You just got raped by a raiding party, you're about to learn the true meaning of rape. Fucking bite me cunt and I'll make sure you'll wish for the Lich King's tender mercies."

If a woman could blanch, she was definitely doing it. She fought her bounds which only tightened around her more. A lascivious smile etched it's way upon my lips as those same vines tore away the Banshee's clothing baring her blood elf like undead form. I'd always been repulsed by necrophilia and yet here I was. My body was hard, my cock well let's just say I wasn't the biggest but I wasn't the smallest rooster in the hen house. The throbbing veined shaft came into view and slapped her across the face. All 8 inches of it slapping a pasty white imprint on her face, the two inches of thickness made sure she kept that dumbstruck look upon her face. "Open your mouth slut." I ordered as the vines about her neck squeezed to make her gasp out in outrage.

Naturally, most men would say something cliché like. "For the ALLIANCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEE!!" But hell that wasn't me as I felt her pasty cool lips wrap about the head of my cock. It was like masterbating just the right amount of pressure suckling and a little cold but I didn't mind. Oh no, a surge of carnal want and pleasure burst through me as I kept the dagger of hers against her throat, my other hand gripped the bitch's hair as thrust after thrust I forcefully sank my swollen cock into her mouth and down her throat. "Swallow!" I ordered as I rammed it further and further until I felt her lips touching the base of my shaft.

Necrophilia, rape bedimmed the woman knew how to use her mouth as she fought her bounds, her teeth raked my cock. Fistfuls of ghostly undead tresses and the bitch was salivating all over my arousal. Dribbling on the floor, perhaps she liked being forced. The thought brought on another surge and surprisingly, my cock grew another inch both around and in length. Her cry against me made me grin as another rancid idea permiated throught my brain. Oh yes, it was time to teach the Horde bitch just who was boss.

Gripping her hair I felt the surge of precum start ebbing through the head of my dark purple cock into her greedy slut mouth. "Get used to that taste, It's going to come back to you shortly." I vowed as with a jerk the vines shifted, moved her and as such extracted my cock from her mouth. Bent over like a animal, I without preamble shoved my cock into her cunt. Forcefuly spreading those pussy lips to swallow my dick just like her mouth had. Thrusting deep within her greedy it felt awfully wet, to think she probably liked it who knew.

It was about then the contracting way she fought her bounds, fought in rage to stop this putrid male, yes that's me. Off her, out of her. It just caused a surge to me as my hand lifted and I slapped her ass hard. Thrust after thrust, it was all about self gratification. Her ass went whiter from then on with each slap I made, fluids trickled down my cock, my thighs. For all her fight she sure was wet, and it almost made me feel bad as the first tingling sensations resonated throught my body. A burst of cum shot deep within her heated depts and she screamed again. "Don't fucking cum in me you alliance bastard!" Another slap and this time it was accompanied by a laugh. "Shut it slut, you're now an alliance whore." Perhaps I had gotten a bit out of hand here, who knows the surge and lust had a grip on my mind. The torrent of word and cruel actions had a grip on my mind.

Base perhaps crude even I felt her body thrusting back as if she wanted to cum. My cock pulled from her sweltering salivating depths and slapped her ass spewing a few more shots of my spunk along the translucent flesh. My hand reached down and started slapping her pussy. Strike after strike the wet sounds resonated throughout the undercity throne room. My cock, saturated and hot still hard thrust deep within the bowls of her ass. The puckered little star spread wide , so much for foreplay, yes I knew. It was about vengeance as thrust after thrust I felt her rectum open, tear to take that thick veined cock of mine.

Despite my actions, the bitch's pussy seemed to convulse so I started slapping it some more along with my hard full balls slapping it. Her groans and moans, the unholy howls of pain or pleasure who knew as this female was nothing more then a vessel for my lusts resonated all the more until a surge of cool fluids gushed, squirted from her foul cunt onto the floor along with some of my own spunk. I growled in frustration, I had just filled that and here the slut was spitting it out as she came. Well that wasn't going to go unnoticed and unpunished.

Surging harder, faster into her ass, I pounded her time and time again. Hearing the slap of flesh on undead flesh. Her hair was gripped and neck jerked to an unnatural ankle as I watched the ashamed , angry and lustful rage run through her. She wasn't fighting her binds now like an animal in heat she was fucking me back, well for now it was permitted as I used her ass as my personal fuck hole. My cock tingled and her body strained more the vibrations made her clench around my cock more. "No." I Roared out as I slapped her ass rather cruely. Denying her getting to cum again where as my cock surged and I errupted my thick cum into her ass.

Vibrations, shudders ran down my body and spine as the bitch screamed again as she felt her ass blown out, Cum gushed out her puckered ass and her undead eyes went wide. Pulling my cock from her , I surveyed the scene with a sick bit of pleasure. Her ass was wide spread, cum dripped from it as I rammed back into her cunt and pounded it with several thick hard thrusts, "Cum Slut!" I again roared this time I slapped her breasts and jerked her nipples gripping them with unnatural might as I used them to pull her hard onto my cock. Her surge of cum and orgasm hit me in waves, that cunt of hers all but trying to eat my cock, milk it and squeeze it right the fuck off.

Those gripping contracting cunt muscles of hers caused my lust crazed mind to again frenzy in my want to cum. Shot after shot as my balls contracted and cum shot within her pussy again. Her cries and grunting tones filled the throne room as her body went limp. My own was loosing it's lust , well almost. Pulling from her I walked around her root entangled form. Shooting shot after shot of my cum as I jerked my hand down my dark veined saturated length. Her ass, her thighs, her stomach and breasts all dripped my cum as I moved up her body. Shot after shot of my cum it was almost becoming unnatural how much my body had to give. Perhaps it was just the forbidden lull that brought out all that cum from me but her back was splatter arted, her hair. Gripping those tresses I smiled as I shot load after thick load into her face. Watching her rage, her weakness as she couldn't fight back.

Like a slut she was dripping cum as I slapped that ass and pussy scented cock against her cheek, her mouth. "For the Alliance." I mocked her as I rammed my still hard cock into her mouth and shot the last load down her throat. Making her taste herself, my cum, her ass for the final insult. Raping her throat those final thrusts before I pulled away leaving her a puddle as the roots tightened around her, burying her within their thick vines. The sound of cunching, cracking filled the room as I walked away. My body rather pleased with itself.

For the alliance in deed, the dark lady was downed and god I hated to admit it but she was a hot fuck. A pitty she had to go down as she did. A wave over my shoulder to the deceased mistress of the forsaken. One by one the Horde would feel my wrath, she was the first. It made me grin as perhaps the experience made me depraved. I couldn't wait til tomorrow to see who would be the next to feel me. Men, women, it didn't matter. All that mattered was showing the Horde who was boss. Me. The little night elf druid from the Oracle Glade.

For the Alliance!

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