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DP Wife Surprise


Your husband holds your hand carefully leading you to the bedroom. He has you blindfolded again. It's another one of his silly role-playing games. This time he's told you that he found a guy online named Jeff to join you two in the bedroom. It's something you've discussed a few times, and you admit it turns you on, if only a little. The sensation of having something in your ass while he fucks your pussy is fantastic, but you know that's as far as it will ever go. Still, it is adorable the way he tries to spice things up for you. He really commits to these games.

When you enter the bedroom he instructs you to lie on your back on the bed. He proceeds to gently kiss you on the neck a few times, working his way down to your breasts. He kisses and licks each nipple a bit. This doesn't usually do much for you, but you know it turns him on, so you let him enjoy it. He continues kissing his way down to your crotch where he just kisses your pussy then softly licks you. It's nothing new, but it does the trick. Soon you can feel the moisture building as he continues to lick up and down your lips, and a small moan escapes letting him know you're happy. He slowly rubs a finger in your wet slit and begins to slide it inside you, and your back arches slightly as you moan a bit more.

Your husband continues sliding his finger in and out you trying to keep a steady pace, but you can feel him shifting to your side. He says to you, "Okay babe, Jeff is getting pretty turned on; why don't you help him out with your amazing mouth?" With this you can feel the mattress rock, and something touches your cheek. You turn your head and open your mouth to take what you know to be your husband's cock and close your lips around his shaft. As he slowly begins to hump in and out of your mouth, he says, "Wow baby, that's so hot; I can't believe I'm seeing another guys cock slide in and out of your mouth." While you know it's a game, you still feel a twinge of excitement at hearing the words, and smile around his cock. He removes his finger from your now very wet pussy and says, "Baby, I'm so turned on I need to be inside you." You feel a little more movement on the bed and something touches your wet pussy lips. It rubs up and down then slowly starts sliding in parting your lips. You can tell right away it's just the dildo he keeps in the nightstand. Still, the idea of being penetrated at both ends creates a small spark of excitement in you and you moan quietly around his cock.

He continues sliding the dildo in and out of you for a while, still humping gently at your mouth. You love how hard he's trying to make this exciting, but are getting sore in your neck. Fortunately, he pulls his cock from your mouth, stops with the dildo, and says, "That was so hot babe, but I know what you really want. Roll Over." With this, you turn over and he slides under you. You feel him rub his cock head along your now soaking pussy and you slide down onto it. You moan as you sink down to his base and pause there to adjust. He pulls your body down onto him and kisses you deeply; your tongues playfully dancing in random as he begins slowly pushing his cock in and out of you.

You always love the way he sinks himself so deep inside you and holds you there tightly while grinding against your mound. You can feel your pleasure building and your pussy growing even wetter as he finally reaches both hands around to your ass. He grasps a cheek in each hand continues driving his cock into you over and over. You know what's coming; this is when he usually puts a finger or two into your ass, and you're ready for it. You arch slightly as his fingers crawl across your cheeks closer and closer to your hole. Your breath picks up as he swipes a finger across your pussy around his own cock for some lubrication then you bite your lip and whimper as he swirls that finger around your tight little hole. You're ready and can't wait for him to just stick it in so you can get off already. The tip touches your puckered hole and starts to press; you try to relax to let him in. It slowly starts to slide in, and you revel in the pleasure mixed with a small bit of pain. You love how this makes you feel, and know that you'll be cumming before long.

You're a little disappointed when he removes his finger, but you know you're orgasm is approaching soon anyway. He hugs you tightly and whispers, "I love you." Suddenly you feel something poke your asshole again, and it starts to press into you. You're so lost in your impending orgasm that it takes you a few seconds to remember your husband's hands are wrapped around you. Meanwhile another pair of hands grasps your thighs from behind and parts your cheeks with the thumbs as the intruder continues pressing against your hole. It all happens so fast, and you start to pull away, but your husband holds you tightly and says, "You're okay, it's fine, relax and let him in. It's gonna feel so good, I promise." Your head is spinning and your adrenaline is pumping; you've never felt this scared and excited before, and it makes you dizzy with pleasure.

The man behind you continues to press his rock hard into your ass and you scream out as he stretches you more than you've ever been before. It hurts, but the whole situation is so incredible you're reeling in pleasure. They both stop as he finally sinks his cock all the way in and they wait for you to adjust. You can feel their hard cocks throbbing inside you; you've never felt so full. It's almost too much but it's amazing. You push back slightly against their cocks and your husband and the man start both start to pump each of your holes. Your husband says, "Oh my god baby, this feels so fucking good, oh fuck this is so hot!" You can't believe this is actually happening; it feels so incredible. You're moaning loudly as they increase their speed now. You're orgasm is building and you can't take much more.

You can tell your husband is getting close too as he starts moaning a little the way he does, and they both start really pounding you when your orgasm finally starts. You clench down as it racks your body with waves of pleasure and you scream out over and over. This is too much for your husband and he yells, "I'm cumming! Fuck!" and blasts his seed into you. This along with the man still pumping in and out of your ass prolongs your orgasm as you continue quaking and groaning with pleasure. Finally the man sinks his cock deep inside you and shouts, "Fuck!" You can feel his cock pulsing and pumping hot cum into you and you're thrown into more waves of orgasm rocking through your body.

Finally you collapse onto your husband panting, trying to catch your breath. No one moves until you feel that the man has softened and his limp dick slides from your ass leaving you feeling strangely empty. You lift off your husband's cock wincing and lay beside him both still breathing heavily and remove your blindfold. He looks at you and says, "Did you like it?" You manage a weak smile and say "Yes, thank you honey. That was incredible." He smiles back and says, "Good, maybe I'll start looking for a third." Before you can object he pulls your face to his and kisses you passionately again, making you wince as you are still sensitive. He then heads off to the shower leaving you to rest.

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