tagMind ControlDutch Treat Ch. 02

Dutch Treat Ch. 02


All names, and most of the detail in this story is fictitious. If I've accidentally used your name, my apologies.

Sophia and I tumbled over and under each other in bed. It was a delightful afternoon, but eventually we were tired and hungry, or hungry and tired. I was too bleary-eyed to know which came first.

"Room service?"

"Yes!" Sophia was eager to hear the rest of the story about my Dutch friends and their adventures. We washed up and robed ourselves in the time it took for our order to arrive.

After we were down to desert, the Tiramisu I think it was, I continued with the story. It was doubly hard, aside from being tempted to talk with my mouth full, because Sophia shone so beautifully after our romp and our showers. She reminded me of Dominique way back in the Netherlands.

"Did you know that you are glowing?" I paused to ask her.

"Yes!" We laughed at her uncomplicated forthrightness. "Seriously, at the planning meeting yesterday, Katherine K_______ asked me where I went for a workout. I told her The Oxford, and she thought I meant the health club, not the hotel!"

"Did you tell her who your trainer is?" We laughed again.

"No!" She paused, as if remembering something wonderful from long ago. "Let's get started on the Netherlands, okay?"


At breakfast late that next morning, Dominique and I talked about all kinds of professional things. Anything to keep our minds off of sex, I suppose. We went bicycling for half an hour or so, working up a sweat in the humid, warm air.

En route, we met Frank Jones and Kalee's boss. They were strolling hand in hand, looking very much in tune with each other. They both gave us smug smiles, as if they had enjoyed the evening more than we could imagine. We stopped for a moment and chatted-- Jones pulling me aside to tell me that he thought that based on his interview of last evening, Jereon was on the right track, and that Kalee seemed to be ready for something special today. Perhaps it was just the language barrier that Jereon had to overcome.

It must have been in the high 70's, but being so close to the ocean, and surrounded by canals, perspiration came quickly. Back in Dominique's apartment, we showered - separately - and changed into clothes that at least for a few minutes would be dry.

I was not very meticulous. The inventory in my suitcase was pretty well used up. Dominique, on the other hand, dressed carefully. Something about the combination of her bra and blouse did not work right, so she pulled off the blouse and unclasped the bra. For a moment she stood in front of the mirror topless, looking trim in her slacks. She ran her hands over her breasts.

"Do you think he'll like them?" she grinned, half-concerned, half-knowing the answer.

"He'd be crazy not to. You are in better shape than women half your age." I felt my uninformed hormones eagerly starting to circulate.

"Of course," she murmured reflectively, "but half my age is how old he is." She pulled out a new bra, and then everything fit together the way that she wanted it. I struggled not to say anything.

Then we just sat quietly in her living room, me reading some of my notes from a conference, her reading through her checklist of trance words for her afternoon project, as we sipped orange juice. It looked so thoroughly domestic!

I looked up from papers and noted that Dominique had closed her eyes. She was taking a little nap, and she looked beautiful doing it. Her neatly cut blonde hair framed her relaxed face. It was hard to believe that she was older than I. Again, as in her dreams of last night, her tongue flicked briefly over her lips.

Just when I had begun to wonder if I should wake her, she blinked and stirred.

"Time to go, I think," she said with a smile. "You want to come with me, yes?"

"I wouldn't miss this for anything!" I spoke the simple truth. "You're really wonderful to let me in on this." Ever the researcher, she was offering me a chance that she knew a fellow explorer would rarely share.

Quietly we moved about, each deep in our own thoughts. Locking the door, down the stairs, along the streets, as if we were any other couple, and into the ticket lobby of the four centuries old Hortus Botanicus.

The vast collection of plants was divided into climate zones, indoor and outdoor, but it would all be closing at 4 p.m., we were told. Dominique already knew that, and explained in Dutch that this was the only chance for her American guest to get in. We were waved through, without being charged admission.

"Be sure to be out by 4 o'clock, though!" the attendant called out in fluent English as we entered.

We strolled in a pattern that I did not recognize, passing exiting visitors who had come for the spring flowers. Eventually we bypassed the modern display areas and found ourselves at an old greenhouse.

"Jereon should already have found his way inside by now," Dominique quietly explained, as she slid open the heavy door. A counterbalance on a rusty chain pulled the door shut immediately behind us with an authoritative "thunk!" We heard voices.

"There may be some other visitors here," Dominique noted. "We'll just wander around, and if we see them, look at your watch a few times and they'll realize it's time to go home." She paused. "I have an arrangement with the maintenance people, and no one else will come in here after us." We wandered.

It was quite a surprise, though, to find not an elderly couple of horticulture fanciers, but our waitress from the night before!

Dominique blinked her surprise at me, and then reacted smoothly. Perhaps there had been unexpected contingencies in the past.

"How wonderful to see you here." Introductions all around. Her name was Kalee. "Kalee, we noticed you working in the restaurant... You should join us... if you're here by yourself." I am condensing what she said, but that was the gist of her side of the conversation.

"I'm waiting for Jereon to come back. He brought me here, but for some reason he just remembered something he had to check out, and he went deeper into the aisle back there." Kalee's words seemed a bit distracted, and an idea began to form in my head. Dominique nodded discreetly at me.

"Why don't I go back and look for Jereon. The professor would surely love to learn more about you, and you two can wait right there on that bench. If you wait right there, then everything will be fine." It was a smooth hand-off. Dominique and I knew each other's thoughts so well! And it made sense to Kalee.

As she disappeared into the simulated rain forest, I showed Kalee to the old bench. What Dominique had suggested was the kick-off suggestion for many more from me.

"Isn't it amazing, both of us being from the States and turning up here? I guess that's not much of a connection, but it's amazing what we might find out when we swap stories." Of course, she agreed, and we began to go pleasantly deeper into synchronization with each other.

As I guided her into a trance, I learned that Jereon had encouraged her to come here, that he had shown her how the spring flowers outside, and now the sensuous perfume of those inside, would remind her of beautiful times past.... and of her special place as a woman in Creation.

"You can enjoy those feelings again and again," I assured her. "With me, the scent of flowers always brings up something good. It's hard to remember at times, it's hidden, isn't it.... but with someone who shares their energy with you... you can remember and enjoy."

She licked her lips and her nostrils quivered a bit. She was almost ready to go under, deep into the flowery set-up that Jereon had introduced and that I simply had helped her to recall. She was just beginning to notice how the greenhouse was getting warmer and warmer, and then it only made sense that she now understood why we both would feel more comfortable without our shirts. And then our process was interrupted by a deep groan from back in the tropical forest, or perhaps two groans! Kalee stood up on tiptoes to see where the sound came from.

Her eyes grew very wide, as through a random gap in the jungle branches she saw the trim and energetic Professor Dominique throwing her head back in sheer joy as she very obviously rode a man of great power to a shuddering climax. Only her partner's hands and arms were visible, cupping her breasts, tenderly caressing her arms, and then pulling her head down for kisses.

Kalee turned back to me, amazed and puzzled. What should I say?

"Wow!" I agreed with her unspoken reaction. "In this natural place, it's so easy to feel all the barriers between we fellow humans dropping away. And as you envy her pleasure, it will (not) be hard to feel your way toward the same joy." To myself, I added hope that she would not realize who the strong young man was who bucked out of our sight beneath Dominique.

"Joy like that takes a physical action of some kind, yes?" She nodded coyly at me.

"Deep inside you," I responded, "it's waiting, the feeling is waiting for the right way of opening to it... your subconscious knows what you need... now... you want to think about it more and more....? Perhaps you just want to enjoy the way that your body is already responding to your desire to capture joy like that?"

"No!" Her response startled me. "Here I am, a child of Creation... full of the perfume that surrounds us... sensitive... growing sensitive... I need no longer think... just let myself respond..." she began pulling off her clothing as she recited thoughts that must have grown from Jereon's earlier suggestions... and yet they were her own, too. Perhaps he was more clever than I had realized. He was slower and more methodical than the man from Marin, but by finding Kalee's own mental keys, he would unlock and release the woman within her more certainly than the quick fling that he was supposed to seek.

At that point, it all came to me. Jereon had subconsciously picked up the same natural themes that Dominique was offering him! With his limited experience at seduction, he had simply replicated the subconscious concepts that Dominique had installed in him and applied them to his own plan.

"You must feel a special connection with me... to want to share your deep understanding of nature with someone here..." I worked to step into Jereon's place. I felt no guilt about it, he was needed elsewhere. And I trusted Dominique's promise that he would become a better lover than ever for Kalee-- or whoever else he might choose. "You may begin your inward journey with me... and build on the knowledge we are about to share..." I leaned slightly forward and enjoyed her instinctive move to lean back to receive my kiss.

"As you become aware of your femininity... you will enjoy sensing your body's preparations..." I paced her through the steps, heightening her awareness of her sensitive breasts, the changes taking place now, the sexy wetness, the need to receive me.

Kalee plunged into my embrace, nuzzling her full breasts joyfully against my bared chest. Her lips stayed glued to mine as best as she could, while my hands swept over her. It was time to stop talking and let our senses and the sexual mystery do the work. The heat of her body told me of her readiness.

In short puffs of words, we worked out a pillow of our shirts, and a bench cover of our pants, and Kalee stretched out gracefully to become a part of Creation.

For a moment I stood over her, hands on my hips, looked down over my erect manhood and wondered at her ready body. It was one of those perfect moments, my eager partner attending my next move, the feeling of my balls turning urgently, preparing to fill Kalee's need, the sense of our warmth and scents all blending together in perfect harmony. Then she spoke. It was dreamy and almost regretful, but necessary enough to overcome the trance that she was enjoying so deeply.

"I've never had an orgasm...." She paused. "But, here, now, in this place, it seems so possible...."

It just about knocked me off of my feet. I had only limited experience with this situation, years ago in my own university student days, but I knew this was not unusual, especially when her sex partners may have been in too big a hurry, crammed in some back seat or rushed in her folks' recreation room.

Almost in desperation to stall for time, while I dredged up some recollections, I knelt at her side. Taking her hand, I caressed it lovingly and whispered reassurances to her.

"You will with me, because you feel the right way about it... and as you relax here, you are becoming increasingly aware of how your senses are telling you all kinds of wonderful things... the scents of the flowers are sending sexual signals... the joyful moans of that other couple in the back... even the sound of the air rushing into your lungs.... makes you feel just as alive as my touch does for you....." My words were not necesarily making sense to a conscious listener, but she understood deep within. My hands grazed tenderly over her recumbent body, drawing her attention to each part. I wondered whether it would work out as well as I had told her, but all that I could go on was my past positive memories and the tender thank you's offered in intimate after-moments of cuddling.

I felt her apprehension as I began to caress between her thighs, taking time for a sensual massage, knowing that Jereon and Dominique should be busy for a while. Tenderly, I worked from her outer nervousness to her inner tensions, avoiding her hungry vagina at first, concentrating with her on preparing her body.

And then I felt her relaxing, and slipped my gentle hand to hold her vagina, capturing its hot eagerness.

"With each stroke, you will feel warmer, and your excitement will focus.... focus.... in this special place, on the rainbow that you may now imagine leading almost to you....." My sweet young lover murmured her recognition of the imaginary rainbow.

"The rainbow is so hard... to make out... completely," I assured her, "but as you focus your energy toward your own excitement, you can see it begin to take shape... some colors are only visible in the strongest rainbow... and I have a special magic liquid that will bring out those colors..." I stood over her again, and flexed my penis, swaying it soothingly over her... her eyes following it, watching as a silver stream rose from its tip.

"How will you make all of the colors come out in the rainbow?" I asked.

"With your magic...." she sighed.

"Yes... you understand so well... it's only natural now... as I caress you with this silver magic....." and taking the stream onto my finger, I stroked along the discreetly hidden trail toward her clitoris, gliding on the magic liquid.

"With each stroke now... you may see the rainbow growing more intense.... as you feel the power building in you... you can make out... more and more..." I felt her loins tighten around my hand.

"I can tell, you are learning.... to bring the rainbow down on your end... to the Earth... to you..."

"Yes!" she said huskily. Breathing and talking were getting in the way of each other.

I knew now that she was on the path, and as my kisses descended over her, I felt the coiled sensation building, building deep in her. My caresses met my kisses at her clitoris, and in a minute of ecstasy, she cried out in delight. My fingers went deep into her, and brought the sensation into her deepest being.

"Come... into... me!" Kalee panted urgently. I had one brief look at her eager, confident expression, sort of like the jungle animal that spots her prey. That was while I was rolling on the condom that I had retrieved from beneath her (it was in my shirt pocket).

And then, she arched her back, as Mother Nature had taught her to, offering her open self to me and to the jungle around us. I knelt between her legs with my gift. I melted deep in her when her rainbow finally touched Earth, and the proverbial pot of gold flashed in the burning, intense light of our lovemaking.


Gasping, still glowing and still sneaking mischievous grins at each other, between lustful glances, we finished helping each other get dressed.

"I've never had a man hold my panties for me while I stepped into them before," she cooed. "But then we just did a lot of things that I had never done before... or maybe hadn't understood as deeply as before."

"How do you mean that?" I queried. I was still distracted by the sight of her damp curls disappearing inside of her thong.

""Oh... how we're really a part of Nature, yeah?" She smiled to herself as she remembered us making love under the giant leaves in this man-collected jungle. "And so once I relaxed and accepted that, everything just happened! And, cool, how did you know that my rainbow would touch me.... touch Earth, mean... when I focused on it?"

"Uh, it's not too hard... I just remembered what a sweet lover once told me a long time ago... it was her way."

"So you listened to what she said in bed with you afterward? Wow! That-- is-- radical."

Before I could try to rationalize my unmasculine habit of listening in bed, Dominique and Jereon turned up. They looked just as dissolute as we must have. And they looked like they felt as positive as we did.

"Oh, there they are! We were looking for you both," Dominique claimed.

"I guess we just missed each other in this jungle," Kalee offered.

Jereon looked at her with deep interest. Their eyes met.

"I'm glad that you're here now." Jereon dropped his voice to a pleasant tone, tinged with his Dutch accent-- Dominique thought he might be from The Hague. "As all the experts say, there are deep connections that we can find in Nature... especially things that we can explore together..." Kalee blinked as she recognized her developing trance words, now integrating her feelings with her most recent experiences at developing previously hidden connections. She would build her rainbow again with Jereon.

My colleague took me by the arm.

"Come on, these two can stay here for a while!" I nodded agreement.

"YOU two were sure noisy," laughed Dominique.

"Hey, YOU two were waking up the jungle," I retorted.

"Let's go get some dinner, and then back to my place."

"Okay, and then I'm going to put you into a trance that has you eating orange slices off my navel." I had noticed how much she loved oranges and orange juice.

"Ohhh, no...." she laughed, and in her cute trace of a Dutch accent, whispered "I have some orange food color, and I was just thinking of how once you're in a trance, you'll want to paint your body orange."

And in that way, we laughed and chuckled through dinner and to her home.


"But what happened?!" Sophia wanted to know. "Did you put her in a trance and finally have your way with her? Didn't you say that you did not have sex with her?"

"I'm not much of a hypnotist at all," I said, stating a real fact. "With me, it's just a situation of bringing out my lover's natural feelings, or making her aware of how good it is to let her lust out for exercise with a trusted companion. But, I woke up the next morning feeling great, rested, refreshed. And I did not have any more sex with her than Bill Clinton had with you know who."

"And?" Sophia insisted, grinning.

"We both had to shower to get the blasted orange dye off."

Sophia laughed now, tears rolling down her cheeks as she pictured the two of us in the shower, orange dye running off our pink scrubbed skin.


I began to laugh with her, and soon we were holding each other closely. Whenever one of us would try to shape a kiss, we would start laughing again.

"Let's try slowing everything down a bit, and maybe we can keep our faces straight..." Sophia laughed as she said it. But I took her up on it.

Pull the shade and heavy curtains slowly against the traffic hum.

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