tagLoving WivesEarly Christmas Party Ch. 02

Early Christmas Party Ch. 02


This is mainly true, somewhat embellished but precipitated by real events in our past. All this happened during that happy time of free love, in the days after The Pill freed women (and couples) from fear of pregnancy, and before AIDS and other STDs made everyone fear sex without wearing hazmat suits.

We spent most of the next day in bed. Got up for breakfast and then back under the covers. I implored her to tell me what else happened, and this is what she told me. We stayed warm by cuddling and turning on and playing and screwing and napping, all day. This story came out in pieces over a few hours. I remember it as she told me. How could I forget such a turn-on?

------------- (Her story)

He told me he had drinks planned with friends, but would come over later. When he showed up, he had two friends with him. A little surprise. I had expected just him, so I had dressed appropriately. By appropriate I mean sexier than I would ever dress in the office, deliberately to show off my attributes: tight sweater, short skirt, expensive silky pantyhose, perfume, fancy underwear, the whole bit. Yes, I had been expecting to go to bed with him again that night.

These two guys were in town for Christmas seeing their parents. They were the "drinks after work" that he had scheduled. No problem, we stretched the food a little, and there was plenty of wine since you had stocked up for the party. The decorations and prep went much more quickly with extra hands. After they noticed the mistletoe on the arch to the kitchen, we all tried it out. Pretty innocent at first, just nice little kisses.

And then the joints came out! Christmas joints, big ones, that the boys had brought from California. After the first one, candles replaced all the lights. Just seemed the right mood. Jonathan and I sat on the sofa; the boys sat in the chair and on the floor.

I keep calling them "boys." That's wrong. They're older than we are, they're his age, friends from college. Their names? Well, to preserve anonymity in case we ever run into them again, I'll shouldn't say. Let me call them Able and Baker. They were both pretty cute, dressed nicely in jackets and ties. So, Able sat on the floor, Baker in the chair. Yeah, I was a little concerned about my short skirt with two guys sitting opposite me staring at my legs, but not much. Much wine, good grass, many laughs. We were all buzzed after the second joint went around. Or was it the third?

Jonathan got another bottle of wine and brought the mistletoe back with him. He held it over my head, leaned over and kissed me. Deeply this time, a long time, with lots of tongue. Ooh, I liked that. And I'm sure it showed. Able and Baker both came over to kiss me in turn. They expected the same intense French kiss that Jonathan got. And they got it, we were all feeling happy and friendly from the grass and all.

Then Jonathan kissed me again, long and deeply. Only this time his hand came down from my shoulder to cover my breast. Whoa! Openly touching me like that? They can see that! Wait a minute! Did he tell these guys over their drinks earlier that we had been intimate? I took his wrist and tried to move it down. "What are you doing? They can see." I whispered to him.

He whispered back, "It's okay, babe, we're just having a little fun here." He squeezed my breast again. "Let's put on a little show for the boys." I wasn't interested in showing off, but it felt good, and I didn't exactly resist. In for a penny, in for a pound. He pulled me to him, and kneaded my breast hard, and played with my nipple poking out.

Now the boys really did expect the same. While Jonathan got more wine, Able split the mistletoe into pieces and taped them up above all the arches. You couldn't get out of the living room without going under one of them. When Jonathan came back in, Able pointed up to it. Jonathan insisted that I come over to kiss him, being the only female in the group. So I did. And then Able did. And then Baker. No matter who went anywhere, somebody passed under some damned piece of mistletoe somewhere and I had to kiss somebody. Did I mind? Not much. As I said, we were all happy and friendly and having a good time. These kisses weren't just pecks, by this time they lasted half a minute and swapped a lot of spit.

Then it changed again. Baker felt me up when we were kissing, openly. He pushed me back against the wall and put both hands on my boobs. Now everyone could not help seeing. I squirmed and struggled a bit, but to be honest it felt good. I was pretty horny by that time, kissing and hugging these three men over and over. So when he felt me up openly like that, I put my arms around his neck and held him tight. He pushed his hips into mine, too. I could feel that he was hard. Wow, this was getting serious. I should have done the arithmetic then: one girl, three guys; three outies for my one innie.

After that, things got serious. Able and Baker sandwiched me at one point, and I could feel that they were both hard. Baker behind me held both my boobs, Able in front of me kneaded my ass and pulled my skirt up to get at it. We moved back over to the sofa, Jonathan on one side and Baker on the other, both kissing me and playing with my breasts. Another joint came out. Able sat on the floor in front of me playing with my legs, staring up my skirt and trying to spread me open. A guy ogling at my underwear was the least of my problems, given that two other guys were mauling my boobs.

Time was slowing down, and I had tunnel vision from the grass. I could feel and smell and taste intensely. My whole body had the munchies. I knew where this was going. I immersed myself in the sensations. I wanted what I wanted and I didn't want to stop until I got it.

Jonathan got even more serious, running his hand up my thigh and up under my skirt. I let Able spread my legs more to make it easier for Jonathan to reach into my crotch. He reached it and cupped my mound. I was hot and wet. I'm sure he felt how red hot damp I was. Everyone was watching him play with my sex, he pushed his fingers hard into me. I pushed back hard, too, it felt wonderful to have a hand on my sex. My sweaty pantyhose and panties were all that kept him from opening my lips and getting into my vagina.

So he reached up to my waist and down inside the pantyhose. Then inside my panties. Oh, jeez, it was going to be just like last night, only tonight I was expecting it, I was asking for it the way I was dressed. And I had an audience. That was it, no turning back.

Right over my crotch, into the hair, he split my lips with his finger and found my clit. I screamed with pleasure. Able was kissing me and he heard and felt and inhaled my cry. I jerked my pussy up at the hand on my crotch to feel it more, and again, and again. His finger slid down from my clit to the opening of my sex hole, and then curled and pushed in! In me! In me! Oh, god, I'm being finger fucked right in front of the others. My hips jerked up again, I cried, I swooned, I wanted to be penetrated and I was! Deeper! I almost came. Maybe I did come a mini-orgasm. How could I not? One man kissing me hard and feeling my breasts and playing with my nipples, sending electric shocks down to my crotch. Another spreading my legs open, kissing my thighs and looking into my privates, watching the third man snake into my body. And the third, inside my clothes, inside my underwear, on my mound, on my bush, on my privates, inside my hole! Drilling me, his fingers inside my cunt, bathed in my hot juices, sawing into me while I push my fuck tube up onto his fingers to feel them deeper in me, fucking myself on his probing digits!

I came, loudly, my cunt muscles grabbing at his fingers that were sliding deep into me. God, they all heard me, felt me, they were all over me, hands everywhere, feeling me spasm and clench and writhe under their touches.

Able cleared off the coffee table. Nice warm wood, thank god. They moved me over onto the table. I was just floating. My sweater was pulled up, my bra unclasped, too. Baker did that, I guess, because Jonathan and Able were pulling off my pantyhose and panties. Part of my mind was saying No, but my body was screaming Yes! I lifted my arms and my hips to help them at both ends. My breasts and my sex were completely exposed and available to them. Baker was kissing my nipples and my mouth alternately. Jonathan pulled my hips to the edge of the table and buried his face in my crotch, spread my labia, locked his mouth on my opening and then my clit. He licked and sucked, stuck a finger back into me. Able joined him inside me, too. Two men finger fucking me at the same time, and one of them eating my clit! I was still half dressed, but, god, I was hot, crazy, out of control. I didn't come again, but I was massively lubricated and hot to trot.

Jonathan dropped his pants. I was holding onto the table over my head waiting to be fucked. Able and Baker pulled my legs up so that my knees were almost at my chest. I was completely wide open to be penetrated, my pussy must have looked like a drooling mouth waiting for a hot flesh popsicle to slide between its lips. And he did. Jonathan aimed his hard cock at my pussy, touched its head to my inner lips, then pushed slowly into me. Aaahh! That feeling when a cock first pushes into my sex! I was folded like that, my sex tube contracted, he got deep into me, pushed past my cervix, stretched the back of my cunt to its limit up in my belly. He started pumping in and out, delicious, what a delicious feeling, that hot rod sliding deep in up to its limit, pulling out a few inches, then back in, hard. Again and again. He went faster and I knew he was going to come. I pushed my hips up as far as I could to get him deepest inside me, and he came, I felt his seed shooting into me, filling the back of my pussy hole.

You should have seen me! Folded in half like that, half naked, three guys holding me down, their hands and mouths all over me! My legs in the air, split wide open like that, my cunt pointed up at them, gaping, filled with cock, filled with cum, three cocks and three mouths and six hands all over me! Wild with passion, wild with raw sex, moaning and screaming fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! I just wanted hot dick shoved into me!

He didn't have time to soften before Able was pushing him away wanting his turn. I just stayed where I was, legs wide and folded up, box wide open, holding the table and Baker behind me. My cunt was presented to his view and his tool for his enjoyment. He showed me his cock, it was much larger than I was accustomed to. He laid it against my labia, then pushed in slowly. Slowly, my vagina, as juicy as it was, had to stretch to accommodate him. He reached the bottom and pushed in even farther than Jonathan before him. Then slowly he slid out and back in and out and in. I was going crazy. I had never felt so fucking full before. I wanted it to be in me but when it was all the way in it almost hurt and I wanted it to back out. And it did, back and forth, slowly, hard full and then less full then hard full again. He didn't fuck me more than a couple minutes, I'm not sure I could have taken more than a couple minutes, pleasure and pain and more pleasure. He groaned and pushed in hard, all the way, and squirted into me five, six, seven times, maybe more. He relaxed a minute, softened a little, pulled slowly out with a pop. I felt cum leaking out of me, even in the position I was in with my cunt pointed almost straight up. Down my ass, onto the table and rug, I didn't care.

It was Baker's turn to fuck me. He was more involved. After he slid into me, he bent down to kiss me, put his cheek on mine, whispered to me, 'You are so fucking beautiful. I love you. I wish you were mine. I love feeling your body. Fucking you is so wonderful.' He kept that up for several minutes, fucking into my slippery cunt, hissing love in my ear, fucking faster and faster, and finally he came. I felt it less than the others because my pussy was stretched out and liquid and maybe a little numb from yards of cock pushed into it.

When he pulled out, they let my legs down, slowly, boy my hips hurt from being folded up like that for so long and being banged into hard by these large males. I lay there for a while, I could feel the cum dripping out, down my ass. My crotch was cold where I was sweaty from the sex and warm where the hot sperm flowed down my lips and cheeks and thighs.

Somebody helped me up and handed me a wine. Boy, that tasted good. I finished the glass and he handed me another. I just sat there drinking, looking at the guys, making a puddle between my legs from the three of them. Jonathan took my glass, pulled me up to hug me and wanted to dance. I put my arms around his neck and swayed with him. Cum was running out of me, my thighs were slick, completely covered, I should have been embarrassed but I didn't care. My skirt was still on, covering the honey pot, source of all those fluids. They put all that goo in me, they shouldn't be surprised when it seeps out. He danced me over to the mistletoe again -- remember the mistletoe, where all this started? -- kissed me gently. He told me what a wonderful woman I was, how beautiful, how sexy, incredibly sexy, how he would have trouble keeping his hands off me in the office. He played with my ass, pulled my hips into his, pulled my skirt up to feel my bare butt. He said that we should all go into the bedroom and cuddle for a while and see what happens. I agreed.

We all went into the bedroom and shed our clothes. We made stops in the bathroom to pee and clean up a little. Then we crawled under the covers, laughing and tickling. It was a little awkward for the guys, I think, they didn't want to touch each other, only me. We settled on one guy on each side of me and one between my legs sort of on top of me. The one in the middle started things going again. I was kissing everyone, and they all had their hands on my boobs, but only the one lying on top of me had access to the goodies.

This was different from the living room. This was stone cold, calculating, hot sex, if that makes sense. I wanted to revel in all that flesh, have them all over me, enfold me in their arms and legs, and penetrate me deep. I wanted to fuck them all, I wanted all of them to fuck me and keep on fucking me until I just couldn't do it anymore. I wanted to be filled, with finger and tongue and dick and cock and penis and phallus and hand and elbow and anything else that would fit. I was so open and so wet and so yearning to be pumped. Stoned hot. Oh, god, it was wonderful.

Jonathan got into me first in this missionary position. He ate me for a short time before he slid up to my chest and his cock slid into my cunt again. He fucked me longer than the first time, no surprise, then squirted his hot sauce into my body. Baker went next, was very gentle again, he made love to me, with little foreplay admittedly, but gently and smoothly. He didn't take long either.

Able was more of a problem. By this time, my sex was hot and a little sore. Juicy as hell. It would have been impossible to get A's dick into me if I weren't already thoroughly lubricated by so many loads of cum. I wanted that big dick, I wanted to feel it inside me stretching me again. I rolled him over onto his back and climbed on. It was a little painful to push my hole down onto him. Painful but delicious. I sat down onto his cock very slowly. But eventually I got it all in. Hard as a rock. They watched me swallow it all into my body. I kept my eyes closed so I could feel it. I could feel the head of his cock way up inside my belly, halfway up to my navel. I leaned on his chest and started stirring it around, moving round and round more than up and down, frankly because it hurt to push down onto it. And my clit liked being scraped by his pubic hair and mound. Able and Baker and Jonathan all had their hands on me, holding my swaying boobs, pushing my hips around, one hand down on my butthole pushed a finger in and that was thrilling. Baker reached down in my crotch to get his fingers on my clit while I was actively fucking Able, and that -- pinching my clit and probing my butt and a big dick fucking my insides -- all of them together made me come again, wildly, I screamed and this time there was no kiss to hold my cry in so the whole neighborhood probably heard this woman being fucked within an inch of her life. I collapsed on his chest. He kept moving a while until he came, too. I was exhausted. I slept for several minutes. I woke when his dick softened and fell out and all that cum flowed out of me again. I rolled off to the side and curled up between two of them.

When I woke up, I was covered but alone. My pussy was sore. My hips were sore. My knees were sore. I was a little bruised all over just from being handled and moved around and held so much. I hobbled off to the bathroom to sit and pee and drip.

The place was clean! All cleaned up, as though no orgy had just taken place there! Their clothes were gone. My clothes were laid out neatly over a chair instead of dumped all over. The food and drink and plates and glasses and the mess of this little gathering were all cleaned up in the kitchen. There was a nice note on the sofa, covering the pussy juice stains. "Thank you for the wonderful evening. We all love you." Signed by all three guys. There was a separate note in the bedroom containing all their phone numbers, hint, hint. As I walked around, their cum was still oozing down my legs. I enjoyed the feeling of the slick man juice oiling my thighs as they brushed together when I walked. Lordy, I got fucked six times and eaten twice, yes, a wonderful evening.

I did wonder how I would explain it to you, to my to-be-husband, that I let three men have sex with me. Oh, I didn't just let them, I *wanted* three men to have sex with me, I wanted three men to fuck your to-be-wife, all of them, use your girlfriend as their sex doll, put their cocks in her -- in me! -- and come in her cunt -- my cunt! your girlfriend's cunt! the cunt that will be yours as my husband! -- over and over again like that. And that I enjoyed it immensely, and loved their warm sticky semen flowing down my legs right then.

I went back to bed and played with myself. Cupped my breasts, slightly sore from so much handling. Pulled my nipples. Pinched my clit. Slid three fingers into my vagina as deep as I could reach. I thought about getting one of the dinner candles to help me, but I was too tired to get up. I came twice before falling asleep for the night. In the morning, there was a wet spot on the sheets, and another one on the coffee table, and a little one on the sofa. I decided not to clean them up too much so that you could see the evidence that your honey had been thoroughly fucked, that men had used her body and come in her repeatedly. And then I would tell you about it, as I'm doing right now.


(When she retells the story now, she is clear about how they used her and how she not just cooperated but loved it, how she swallowed them like a hungry animal. She tells me about it to turn me on for our mutual benefit. We're in bed, and she taunts me with this story of her wild night of sex, feeling and fucking and more fucking and more fucking and orgasm and screaming with pleasure. God, I love this woman.)

"Yes, they all kissed your wife under the mistletoe, your not-so-innocent little wife, and then they all kissed her over on the sofa, and then they felt her up, fondled your wife's breasts, tweaked her nipples, and she minded a little but not enough, and then they ran their hands up under your wife's skirt and between her legs, and she minded more but enjoyed it too and turned on, and turned on to the idea of getting laid, of getting fucked good and hard, and of getting fucked by all three of the men. And your wife opened her legs for them so they could feel her sex, and they got inside her pants and into her slit and between her lips and into your wife's fuck hole, and they invaded her body with their fingers, and they licked her with their tongues, and she let them take her panties off, helped them uncover her sex, and let them stick their cocks into your wife's pussy, into her hot cunt, hot, dripping, wanting to be penetrated by male parts, so hot that she couldn't wait to undress, she just pulled her skirt up and opened her legs and pulled them back to her breasts to leave her cunt open for the deepest penetration possible, and they all took it, all slid their cocks into her, pushed their long cocks into your wife's body and shot their hot spunk deep into her.

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