tagInterracial LoveEncounter with Black Couple Ch. 01

Encounter with Black Couple Ch. 01


My wife Janet and I, Paul, have been into swinging for about 5 years now. I guess you could say we "fell into it" with another couple. We never swing with more than one couple at a time and never apart. Separate dates were never our thing.

The couple that we were with before the one's we are with now, piqued our interest concerning swinging with a black couple. They had done it and they enjoyed it immensely. They had found them both to be extremely passionate, provocative and insatiable.

My wife and I discussed the pros and cons. We decided that we would give it a shot. The one thing that we both animatedly agreed on, was to find a couple around our own age.

Tom and Carol, the couple who got us looking at this, said they thought they could help and that they would be in touch.

Janet and I don't consider ourselves old and we are in good physical condition. Both work out diligently, four times a week at the fitness center, plus as weather permits we walk five miles each night after dinner.

We are both 50 years old and have been married 30 years. Janet is 5'6" and around 135, a nice handful of B cup titties, some middle age spread that does not distract from the entire package. Her legs are her best attributes. Athletic, but smoothly muscled. Her ass is not bad either, nice curved. She has nice 35" hips.

I am 5'9", 170 and I still have a slim waist and somewhat pronounced abs. I like to keep the definition in my muscles.

Besides, I feel, being in top physical shape, even at our age, leads to a very full and satisfying sex life.

Anyway back to the story. Tom and Carol came through with a black couple in their late 40's who wanted to meet with us, in a public place, for our first meeting. I thought that was smart. If we weren't compatible. No foul. We just leave.

I called and we agreed to meet at a coffee shop near the river walk, Saturday at one. Get a cup, walk and talk. There are places to sit along the way if we felt like sitting and conversing. There names were Robert and Tanya.

We got there almost at the same time. We introduced ourselves, got in line to get a coffee and get to know each other.

Robert was a rather large guy. Over 6' and probably 210. It was easy to see that he kept in good condition also.

Tanya was his opposite. 5'6" and maybe 115, model slim and shapely. Her skin was much lighter than and her eyes were almond shaped. She had an exotic look about her.

After walking the distance one way we sat down to enjoy the river and continue getting to know one another.

Robert said, "It is time to address the elephant in the room. I think that I speak for Tanya also, seeing as how her and Janet have seemed to bond, that we are ready to discuss where we go from here."

I looked at Janet and she said, "We have only just met but I like Tanya, we think a lot alike and I am sure that I will be very happy to be around Robert as well."

"I agree. When and where do we want to get together, if only for a night out together and see what develops."

"Are you and Janet doing anything tonight?" I told him we weren't.

"Let's meet at the Atlantis, say seven. I'll make reservations at there premier restaurant and then we can retire to the lounge for drinks and dancing. If that goes well, I think we are well on our way to getting together for our first swing."

Janet and I left them and went home. We both felt like this will be the couple we have our first interracial relationship with.

Dinner was superb. We went to the lounge. The band was almost ready to go. Time for a drink before we dance.

We talked amongst the four of us, about how our lives have changed since we got into this lifestyle. Things we learned and how to avoid some of the pitfalls of swinging.

Janet and I told them we got bored with our sex life after 25 years but could not cheat on one another and the opportunity arose to get with a couple once and here we are.

There experiences were about the same. But said it was hard being black and trying to break in to the lifestyle and that they were glad to see a white couple interested in being with a black couple.

The band started. We danced the first two dances with our spouses. Janet wanted to dance with Robert next.

"Let's just dive in and see how it feels."

The next couple of dances we swapped spouses. Tanya was a good dancer and a delight to hold. It was a slow song, which gave us a chance to get close. She put her head on my shoulder and sighed.

"Is everything okay."

"It's great, Paul, it feels good to be in your arms. I am looking forward to being with you. I love my husband, more than life itself, but he is so big, all over, that I am not always comfortable with him, if you know what I mean."

"That's a problem, huh?" I chuckled.

"It is when you are my size. Don't get me wrong I like it but size isn't everything and when we dance, I always get a crick in my neck looking up at my handsome husband. Not so with you. It's nice."

After the slow one they played one with a Latin beat. Tanya wanted to sit that one out. She said she didn't want to spoil the moment. We sat down and worked on our drinks and watched Robert and Janet dance.

Janet loves dancing to songs like this. She gets to "do her moves" as she calls it. Robert was holding his own, with her style of "dirty dancing." He was behind her with his hands on her waist and she had her hands over her head and against his. Her dress was slithering up her legs, exposing the broad band of her sheer stay up thigh highs and her tits were about to pop out of the top of her dress. She was wearing only a shelf bra for that ultimate lift and it was about to lift them right out. Robert didn't seem to mind the view at all. Her next move was to slither down his torso and legs until she was squatting down and her dress was up high enough to show her black thong. As she started back up she let her head rest on his crotch for a few moments and then moved slowly upward, pushing back into him. When she was all the way up, she had her hands on his and wiggled her shapely ass against him. Her dress stayed up far enough to expose the white thighs above her stockings.

"Damn, she's good and sexy as hell. Robert is going to enjoy her as much as I am going to enjoy you. I can't wait."

The song ended and they came back to the table arms around one another. With her 5" heels she came to above his shoulder. They looked good together.

Tanya spoke up. "Robert can we finish our drinks and invite Paul and Janet to our house, to continue this evening. I want to go." She was holding my hand that was on her thigh and she squeezed it, when he said. "Sure let's go."

They lived in the hills south of Reno, so it was about a 20 minute drive. Gave Janet and I a chance to compare notes.

I told her about what Tanya said and that I was looking forward to being with her.

Janet said she was looking forward to Robert also. He told me just about the same thing. I asked him how much he was "sportin",he proudly stated, "10 thick inches."

"Looks like he is going to stretch me good tonight."

"I knew that one big cock would not be enough for you. He's got Jack beat by at least an inch, according to your estimate of Jack."

"Yah, he does and I felt it while we were dancing. Thick may be an understatement."

The door was no sooner closed but Robert and Janet were all over each other. We all went onto the living room. There was a large sectional going half way around the room.

My loving wife was busy taking off Robert's shirt and he was reaching around and unbuttoning her dress.

Tanya and I were standing watching. We had our arm around each other and I felt her shiver. I turned and took her in my arms. Hers went around me and we kissed for the first time. Her lips were so soft, full and inviting. Our tongues dueling to claim each other's mouth. This is one hot lady, I thought, as we devoured.

Across the room Robert and Janet were bare to the waist, except for her shelf bra, dress resting on her hips.

He was massaging one tit, while running his thumb back and forth across her small, pebbly nipple. His other hand behind her head holding her firmly against his lips. There mouths were opening and closing, tongues darting from one mouth to the other.

Robert pushed her dress past her hips and she stepped out of it, kicking it out of the way. She reached behind and unhooked her shelf bra letting it drop and discarded it.

There she stood in just black thong, sheer black thigh highs with there four inch, lacy band and 5" heels.

She was working at getting his belt and pants undone. I could tell by her fumbling that she was going out of her mind, trying to get to that big black cock.

Tanya had removed her blouse and unbuttoning her skirt and I was getting undressed, also, while this was going on.

I looked at this mocha beauty in front of me. Her tits encased in a black, underwire, see through bra, black lacy boy shorts and black stiletto heels. Her legs were smoothly muscled and silky to the touch. Her ass was what I would call a "mini ghetto booty." Round and tight.

As we stood near naked in front of one another, and at that moment, I wanted this woman more than I have ever wanted another, except for Janet.

Meanwhile, I heard Janet's breathing become ragged and heard her say, "Oh fuck, that thing is massive."

I looked back at them. Damn, she was right. It looked like a horse cock hanging between his legs in all it's flaccid glory.

"See what I mean. It doesn't get much longer when it's hard, just thicker," Janet quietly stated.

My focus went back to Tanya. I had to see those C cup tits. It was easy to get her bra undone as it was a front catch. When it opened to expose those globes to me, my breath caught. They hardly dropped at all. Riding high on her chest with large black areola and little pebble size nipples, just waiting to be sucked, handled and admired.

My head lowered to those luscious tits, she held one for me to suck on while holding my head in place. I wasn't going anywhere. She had dabbed perfume in her cleavage. Her essence and the perfume were intoxicating. Her hands moved me from one to the other. Her moans of pleasure were having their effects on me.

I had both of my hands on her ass massaging and running my fingers between her arched ass cheeks.

We both stopped what we were doing as Janet, coughing, gagging and tears running down her face, pulled back off Robert's now fully erect, engorged black cock. She only had about 3" in her mouth.

"Oh, fuck, there is no way I can take anymore of that monster in my mouth.

"Just take what you can. I am not going to force you. It feels real good, babe, just keep up what you are doing"

She opened her mouth as wide as it would open and fed that bulbous head of man meat back into her mouth. Her head twisting to try and make room for an inch or two more. Her cheeks were bulging and her face was scarlet. I think she had maxed out what she could handle.

Tanya meanwhile, had taken off her panties and was working at getting my boxers down. I stepped out of them and kicked them aside.

Without any prompting that beautiful brown goddess, sunk slowly to her knees, trailing her tongue down my torso as she went. All I could do was stand there and enjoy her ministrations.

When she was all the way down and facing my raging hardon, she looked up at me, smiled and said, "Get ready for the best deepthroating you have ever had. This is just the right size to fill my throat."

She was not kidding. Her lush lips formed a perfect "O", her long tongue snaked out and licked the slit, taking with it the first vestiges of my precum. She worked the head for a couple of minutes with her tongue, her lips had not touched it yet, but when they did, oh my god, I was in heaven. Her lips formed a seal behind the head and she sucked just the head, hard, until it was beginning to get uncomfortable, she knew just when that was. Pulling off of it, I looked down and the head of my cock was engorged with blood and bigger than I had ever seen it. As her tongue flicked over it, I winched, it was so sensitive.

Her next move caught me by surprise, she reached behind me, grabbing my ass with both hands and pulled me towards her. My engorged cock head plowed forward and didn't stop until her face was nestled in my pubic hair. She had taken my whole cock in one movement. Her throat felt so soft and satiny. The swallowing she was doing was doing things to my sensitive cock head that was going to have me shooting directly into her belly, in short order.

Back off and inch, back down all the way. That is the way it went for a few minutes. My hands resting on her head but not forcing her at all. I could feel my balls start to contract. She reached up and started caressing them ever so gently.

I whispered to her, "I'm gonna cum, baby. Are you ready? Do you want it down your throat?" She shook her head "yes" which caused another sensation to race up my cock as my balls pulled up tight and released their load, streaming up my cock, out into her swallowing throat and into her belly.

She was breathing through her nose, breaths coming in raged succession as she took my load, not pulling back until the last dribbled out and my balls dropped into her soft, gentle hands.

As we rested, we became voyeurs. Janet had given up on trying to get more big black cock into her mouth and Robert was getting her settled on all fours. He had her knees on the edge of the recliner, that he had reclined all the way back. Her legs were wide apart and her dripping pussy and little anal pucker were there for the taking. Her head and chest were on the cushion and her ass and pussy were high in the air.

His swollen cock head was steadily leaking precum, that he was rubbing on her by dragging it along her ass crack and down into her pussy. He would push the head in between her pussy lips and pull it back out, which was frustrating her to no end.

"You bastard, quit teasing me and get it in me."

"Get what in you."

"Your cock, your big black monster cock. I want you to fuck me. Stretch my little pussy like you did my mouth, but take it easy until I get used to that horse cock."

"Tanya, I gotta see this. I can't believe she is gonna be able to take that thing."

"Oh, he will work it into her, I know, but she will be sore and walking funny for days."

We moved over by them just as the plum sized head popped through into her wet, hot hole.

She came up off the cushion and screamed, "Oh my god that hurts. Don't move, please don't move."

He stayed perfectly still and ran his hands up and down her back, massaging her muscles, helping her body to relax. This went on for several minutes until she told him she wanted more and that she was okay.

This was going to take awhile. My wife was pushing back as he pushed forward. Progress was oh, so slow.

Tanya was playing with my cock, which after viewing that was hard again. Been awhile since I recouped that quickly. I was not complaining.

I rubbed that luscious butt of hers and move back to our place and climbed onto the couch.

"Paul, would you mind if I got on top and rode you. I don't often get to do it that way."

I lay on my back, now engorged cock standing straight up and Tanya straddling me.

She reached under herself as she squatted and lined my cock with the opening of her pussy. I could feel the heat and wetness that radiated from her hot quim.

As my cock head entered that silky, wet hole, she sighed and said, "Oh, that feels so good. I am going to enjoy this."

She kept lowering herself at a steady rate until she had me impaled fully in her womanhood. Leaning forward, she lowered her dark titties to my mouth and said, "suck em, baby."

As I started sucking one of them, she started moving back and forth on my cock. She would let all but the head come out and then slam back down on me. We got a rhythm going and she felt so good on my cock. Her juices were flowing steady. There was a slap every time she bottomed out and she was leaking on my pubes.

Her moans of pleasure were having their effect on me, so I put my arms around her and whispered, "slow down baby, let's make this last. I don't want to cum yet."

Her movement slowed with mine and she said, "This is so good, I can actually take you all the way in without any pain and it feels great. I am so enjoying this."

We kept that up for a few more minutes and then I went back to licking her nipples that were by now, engorged and hot to my lips.

I rubbed her ass cheeks and worked a finger into the crack, rubbing it up and down, stopping just slightly to press at her little puckered hole. It didn't take much of this until she said, "I like that, keep it up."

As I rubbed her and pressed he little hole, I felt it start to relax just slightly. I held constant pressure, not forcing my finger and all at once it slipped in. She jerked and shuddered as she started to have an orgasm.

"More, more push it in." I pushed my finger in and rotated it. She screamed and started thrusting up and down on my cock.

I met her thrust for thrust and had by now gotten my whole finger in her little brown hole and was moving it in and out against our thrusts. This drove her over the edge with a loud whimper and "Oh fuck that's good."

As she worked her ass against my pelvic region, I felt myself begin to lose it and told her I was gonna cum.

"Yes, yes, cum in me, give me your loaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad." She had another orgasm and several aftershocks for the next few minutes. We were both drained and she collapsed onto me, my now shrinking cock, sliding out of her well fucked pussy. Followed by a stream of cum and pussy juices.

We lay there. Her on top of me, our lips plastered together in a very passionate kiss.

As we broke, we could hear our spouses across the room going at it.

I looked over at my wife and Robert. What I saw was both disturbing and breathtaking.

Robert had been fucking that big black snake into her for the 15 minutes, his wife and I had been lost in our own sexual bliss.

Her face was screwed up and there was a wet spot on the couch under her mouth from all her drooling. He had put his shirt between them, on the couch, as secretions were running down her legs. In all this time he still had over 2 inches to go.

Tanya and I got up and walked over to them. They were still for the moment. They became aware of us and looked our way.

"Oh, honey, I have been trying to take all of him but I don't think that's possible for me. Every time he shoves a little bit more in I have a little orgasm. I am so full and so fucked."

"I'm ready, let's try one more time for you." He leaned forward and she pushed back and the rest slid in.

"Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she screamed as he went in to the hilt, her head and chest came up off the couch, the tendons in her neck were standing out and her head was thrashing from side to side, as she moaned, "oh, oh, over and over. In a minute I saw her start to relax and then her whole body shuttered, an evil smile came across her face as she went into one mindblowing orgasm.

He took this moment to start slowly backing out of her a few inches and back in. She was still in an orgasmic state, he started fucking her slowly at first and then as she became stretched to accommodate his size, he started the deliberate mauling of her ravenous pussy.

"Fuck me, fuck me. That big black dick fills me like no other. Oh god, oh god another one." She was having one orgasm after another as he deep-stroked over half of that powerful black organ into her fuck hole. Every time he pulled out it looked like he was turning her inside out.

Meanwhile, I found myself standing behind Tanya, mauling her tit and rubbing my once again throbbing, erect cock up and down the crack of her ass.

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