tagInterracial LoveEncounter with Black Couple Ch. 02

Encounter with Black Couple Ch. 02


Parts of this story will be from Janet's perspective and part from mine.

Janet's and my second interracial encounter.

We also decided to meet with them without Robert and Tanya present. They set it up for us to meet with James and her sister Sonja, in the lounge at the Atlantis Casino


"You'll know them. My sister looks like me and James is one handsome guy, with well chiseled features. He is a big man also. You will know them when you see them.

Tanya was right. There was no mistaking them.

"There they are, honey," I said to Janet. I heard her breath catch when she looked their way.

"Sonya and James?" We are Paul and Janet. Tanya said we would know who you were as soon as we saw you. She was right. Sonja you look just like Tanya."

"There is only 2 years difference in our age. We used to be mistaken for twins, until my butt grew and hers didn't."

"Well, shall we go have a drink and talk about us getting together," James enquired.

He put his arm around Janet and said. "Damn, you're looking good for a 50 year old woman. Yah, Tanya told us. We wanted to know a little about who we were going to meet. I can tell that you both are proud of your bodies. It shows. Neither of us would be interested in getting together with you if you didn't."

I thanked him for the compliments as we were seated at a table near the back of the room.

"So, you enjoy the company of black couples, as I understand it."

"We have only been with one black couple and we both loved the experience and want to try it again. That is why we told Tanya we'd meet you."

James smiled at both of us. "Looks like the band is about to start. Janet would you do me the honor of the first dance."

She told him that she would.

We sat and chatted about our lives finished our drinks and ordered another round. The band started, James took Janet's hand and walked her to the dance floor.

"Would you like to dance, Sonja?"

"No lets sit this one out and talk a bit."

"You know that we are both bi-sexual but that doesn't mean that you or Janet have to participate in that. That is something we would not try to push on you. Have either of you ever been bi curious?"

"Janet had a brief moment with Tanya and was told you would probably want some of her also."

"As for myself, I never gave it any thought. Until these last several months we have been monogamous."

"Let's just see how it all plays out, but I will tell you, I hope your wife will consider, at least, a brief encounter with me. I find her very attractive."

She slid over by me and we watched James and Janet dance together.

They looked good together. Janet was keeping up with him, with no trouble. She loves to dance. Me not so much, but I can hold my own.

She was wearing a short dress that hugged her hips and had a pleated flair to it, below her hips. It came about 5 inches above her knees. When he would swing her around the dress would fly up and expose the wide lace band of her sheer black, thigh high, stayups.

As she moved, her 4" high heels, caused her calf and thigh muscles to flex. The whole scene was sexy as hell.

As James would pull her back into him, he would hold her against him for a moment. She would look up at him. Being over 6 ft. tall, she had to tilt her head back to look him in the eyes.

As the last notes of the song were played he pulled her back against him and held her there. I saw a slight movement from her. She pushed her hips against him and bent back slightly, giving him a view of the tops of her breasts. The shelf bra she wore, shoved her B cup tits up and together. I am sure he could see her nipples, as they were only about an inch from being exposed by the low cut of her dress.

They walked back to the table arm-in-arm. He pulled her down along side him and put his arm around her. His finger tips resting on her chest, just above her tits. He started to ever so slightly rub his fingers on her skin. I saw her jerk just slightly, then settle down.

We all sat out the next dance and James asked what the two of us had talked about.

Sonja told him what we had discussed almost to the letter. She looked over at Janet and gave her an evil smile, opened her mouth stuck her tongue out slightly and licked her gloss red lips. My wife dropped her head. James tipped her head back up. Sonja reached over, put he right hand on her cheek and rubbed her thumb across Janet's lips. My wife opened her mouth, more from shock than anything, but it had the desired effect. Sonja slipped her finger up to knuckle into her mouth.

"Suck it for me, baby. Your hot pink lip gloss, against your lily white skin is a real turn on."

"Okay, Sonja, that's enough." James told her.

James then leaned forward, so he could talk to me without any one around us hearing him.

"Aren't you just the least bit bi-curious. If you are, I am just the guy to break you in. There is no doubt that Sonja and your wife are going to get it on, sooner or later, so why not us."

"If you decide you want to give it a try, I promise you right now, that I will take my time and not force you in any way. If you embrace this lifestyle, I want you to be totally comfortable with it."

"James, I don't know if I could do it with another guy or not. But if I decide to try it, I will keep you in mind."

Sonja by now had her arm around Janet's shoulder. They both listened to our conversation.

I was surprised when Janet spoke up in a quite but abrupt manner.

"If we agree to an affair with you two, I want the whole package, not just the bi-sexual part but the hetero sex part also. I am turned on by you ,James and I want to have sex with you. There is no doubt that by looking at my husband and your wife that they are of a like mind."

We all agreed. I was somewhat confused about my feeling toward having sex with James. Could I really do this. I guess time will tell.

James asked, "What are you and Janet doing the rest of the weekend.?

"We don't have anything planned."

"How about spending the weekend with us. You could go home and get a few things, clothes for an evening out tomorrow night and some things to lounge around in and of course your toothbrush."

I asked Janet what she thought. She said it sounded like fun, let's do it.

They gave us directions to there house. We went home to put together some stuff for the weekend.

"What should I take for tomorrow night. He didn't say where we were going."

"Why not that black dress. The one with the full skirt that is only a few inches above your knees. I like how the cowl neck shows off those marvelous little titties, when you wear a shelf bra. I know you say you don't look good in black but let's take it anyway. You look damn good in it. Take a thong, thigh highs and those real pointy 5" heels you got. I'm telling you now. James will love you in that outfit."

We packed and left for their place. When we got there we were met by both of them at the door.

They took us to a spare bedroom and we hung up our clothes and met them in the living room.

There place was spectacular. The carpet in the living room was so thick, it was like walking on air.

James invited Janet to sit with him and he handed her a glass of wine. Sonja and I sat across the room from them.


James made the first move on me. When he stood, he told me to stand in front of the chair and got behind me. Those big black hands of his encircled me after unbuttoning my dress and pulled it halfway down my arms. I couldn't move them.

This exposed my bare, taut tits and pimpled flesh of my little pink areolas. They were held up high by my shelf bra.

Moving in front of me, he took me by the shoulders and told me to sit back down. He pulled up my skirt so I wouldn't be sitting on it.

He pulled me forward so my ass was off the chair, kneeled before me, lifted my legs over the chair arms, lifted my ass up and captured my dewy pussy, no longer covered by my thong, in his wide open mouth.

I felt his thick tongue push my thong up between my labia. He thick, wide tongue lapped at my now dripping pussy. I knew I would not last long like this. He had my pussy's undivided attention. My clit needed tending to, so because he was otherwise occupied getting me ready to have my first orgasm, I was able to get my hand over that far and rub my hot pink fingernail over the end of my engorged clit. Between the two of us, I was ready to explode.

Explode I did.. He slipped that busy tongue of his in behind my thong and sawed it in and out a couple of times. I went off like a firecracker. My pussy flooded, covered his still thrusting tongue and mouth, with it's hot juices.

The aftershocks kept coming while he keep tongue fucking my hot, sodden pussy. I finally had to push him off. I was to sensitive at the moment for him to continue.

As I settled down from the most intensive orgasm a tongue had ever given me, I thought, that thing should be registered as lethal. My god what is he gonna do to me with his black cock.

He got up and I saw his face. All smiles and wet with my juices around his mouth. Taking the back of my head in one of those large black hands, he pulled me to his mouth. Our lips made contact and both mouths came open, both tongues meshed together. I tasted my love juice on his lips, tongue and his mouth as I swabbed it with my tongue. I loved the taste of my own nectar, kind of tangy. I had never tasted myself before.

I sat back, relaxed and daydreamed about his big, black cock ravaging my little white pussy.


As Sonja and I kissed, the hand that was not holding her head, was busy exploring the shape of one of her big tits. That was the one difference between the sisters. Sonya's were much more of a handful than Tanya's.

As I pulled the bottom of her low cut blouse, she lifted her arms for me to pull it over her head. She reached behind her back and released the catch on the back of her lacy pushup bra. It fell forward allowing her full brown tits to drop free.

I took one in each hand and hefted them up so I could pay homage to those grape size nipples. I sucked on one and toyed with the other.

I bit down and heard her breath catch and then, "Yah, harder, bite it harder. That makes my cunt tingle."

Not one to disappoint, I slowly increased the strength of my bite until she stiffened, "no more, no more."

In the meantime, she was working at getting my pants undone. She reached in and rubbed my stiffening cock.

"Get them off. I want to see what you have for me."

Letting her tits drop back onto he chest. I sat up as we pulled my pants down and off, bringing my boxers with them.

My cock was just about a hard as it was going to get as it sprang free.

"Not bad for a white guy." She took it in her soft hand and stroked it, running a finger tip around the crown each time her hand came up.

"Tanya and I have always been competitive. Lets see how her cock sucking compares to mine. She was right, though, your cock is the perfect size to swallow." With that she started to lick up and down the length and swirled that hot tongue around the now engorged head.'


"Suck it, get it ready for me to fuck that hot, black pussy."

As she continued to work my cock, taking it further into her soft, wet mouth, gripping the shaft with her CSL's, I reached under her skirt and rubbed her swollen pussy lips, tugging on them and letting them snap back.

She started moaning around my cock. The vibrations coming from her throat was massaging the head of my rigid cock, causing my balls to jump. I had to stop this before I came in her mouth. I had another destination for my load.

Taking her head in both hands, I gently, lifted her mouth off my turgid, precum dripping cock.

"What's wrong, don't you like that."

"I like it to much. I was getting to close and I didn't want to cum yet. I got other plans for you."

"Oh, yah, what?"

"Lets get you out of that skirt and thong and get you on all fours."

"Uh, huh, I'd like that."

"Oh, and by the way, I can't make up my mind about who is the best cocksucker. I would have to have you both a few more times to be sure."

She unbuttoned the skirt and shimmied it past her hips. It fell in a puddle at her feet. She stepped from it.

"Take my thong off with your teeth, lover."

I worked it down past her pussy, stopped, thrust my tongue between those swollen, bald, black labia. She jerked back and groaned, pushing my face into her pussy with one hand and ripped her thong off with the other.

"Eat me, suck my clit, fuck me with your tongue."

I kept licking her slit and strumming her clit with my index finger. It was becoming engorged from my touch. I felt her heat on my face and my tongue as I shoved it in as far as it would go and moved it up and down and side to side.

"Oh, fuck, oh fuck, here cums my first onnnnnnnnnnne, nooooooooooowww."

Her orgasm flooded her pussy and soaked my face. Damn, she's a squirter."

She pushed me away and looked down at me.

"Son of a bitch, no one, not even James has made me cum that fast, from eating my cunny."

"Being with a squirter is first for me, too."

She looked at me, licked my face, kissed me and said, "Damn, I love the taste of pussy, even if it is my own." She did have one tasty pussy.

While she was getting on all fours, I kneeled there stroking my hard cock and watching her move that fine ass into position. Maybe I'll get to tap that butt, sometime this weekend, I thought.

She had pulled a pillow off the couch and had her head resting on it, back arched, ass and pussy up in the air, waiting patiently for my hard cock.

The sight of her big, swollen labia from behind and her little black pucker winking at me was almost to much to take.

"How do you want it, slow and easy or just go for it."

"Put it between my lips and then give it to me all at once. I can take it. I am not that tight."

Sliding into her was like sliding into an oiled, silk sleeve. So smooth, wet, hot and surprisingly not all that loose. When my pubes came in contact with her ass, it was game on. I just started fucking her with long, steady strokes. All the way in and out until just the head was in.

She matched me stroke for stroke. We had been fucking for 5 minutes or so, when on the outstroke my cock slipped all the way out. Looking down and seeing her gaping pussy hole, I lined up and slid right in.

She gasped, her head came up, looking over he shoulder at me and with a quivering voice said, "Oh, my god, I have never felt that before, keep fucking me that way. Pull further back and do it. I want to feel you bulging cockhead, come thru my opening. That is one hell of a feeling."

We fuck like that for a few more minutes. For whatever reason, it took some of the edge off of me and I wasn't on the verge of cumming anymore.

I stopped fucking her, leaving my cock imbedding in her hot snatch, reached down and pulled her back against me as I sat back on my heels.

"Why don't you ride me, baby. I want you to fuck yourself to orgasm while I watch your expressions and play with those succulent tits."

She lifted up off me and I lay down, holding my cock straight up, she turned and mounted me. Her hole was still open and she just lowered herself all the way and sat down on me.

Slowly, she leaned forward, letting her tits hang in front of my face. I licked one nipple and she sat back up and commence fucking herself. Ass slamming back down after each stroke.

I had both her tits in my hands, running my thumbs across engorged nipples. Her breathing was getting more labored, her mouth slack and her eyes closed as she continued to ride. Her pussy was gushing fluid and each time her ass hit it made a squishy, slapping sound. She was getting close and so was I.

I started to push my hips up as she came down. The result was both of us almost immediately start our climax.

My cock started to swell, I felt my balls start to tighten. Her body all at once got this sheen of sweat all over it, as she lifted one last time and dropped down on me, causing both of us to let loose with a scream of passion. It must have been heard down the block.

Never in my life of sex, have I ever climaxed with a woman, so simultaneously. We were exactly, right together.

I felt her having little aftershocks and it was keeping my cock from going soft as quick as it usually does. They lasted for a couple minutes, when finally I fell out of her.

She collapsed onto my. I put my arms around her and held her until our breathing became normal again. By now our crotches were swamped with a mixture of my sperm and her vaginal secretions.

This fine black lady knew how to please her lover.


I could not believe the performance that my husband and Sonja put on. I was fucking jealous. She made him cum harder than I have in years. In the early days, our couplings were always like that. Damn, her black pussy!"

After I recuperated from James' tongue fucking, we sat and watched my husband and his wife go through this mating ritual they had going.

We were now both naked and I was sitting between his outstretched legs, with his knees up along side me. His hard cock resting against my back.

He had one hand between my open legs, gently fingering my cuntlips. His other big hand was massaging my breasts and playing with my nipples. Once in awhile he would pinch them hard and twist them.

At first it hurt but as he kept at it, the hurt evolved into a tingling in my cunt

I guess he figured that out because he was getting more into fingering my cunt and working only my nipples now. He quit massaging my tits.

The more he pinched and twisted the more feverish and wet my cunt got and the more fingers he pushed in.

I lay my head back on his shoulder and moaned, "harder, harder, hurt my nipples, make me hurt. My pussy is on fire. Finger fuck me."

I looked down at his big black fingers, abusing my white wife nipples. They were dark red, almost purple. My cunt was gushing juices over his ravishing fingers. I slid down some and spread my legs wider and pulled them up so he had better access. I wanted him to fuck my with that big black monster cock, leaning against my back, but I didn't want to lose this magnificent feeling I had going.

"Fuck me with those big fingers, you big black stud, make me yours, James. Make me your slut." I no sooner got those words out of my mouth, than I started to orgasm all over his fingers. My body stiffened, my mouth came open to scream but nothing came out be some gutteral moans.

I slumped down as he pulled his hand from my cunt.

He had brought me off twice in an hour and neither time had been with that powerful looking cock.

As I came to my senses, he held me again and we watched Paul and Sonja, hit the high notes of their simultaneous orgasms.

I now began to worry that we both may be in over our heads but would either of us want to stop.

After Paul and Sonja, got their bearings back, we all got up and went to our own spouses and hugged and kissed each other.

Paul asked me if we were okay. I told him I thought so.

Then he asked me, "Do you want to continue with the weekend?"

"Yes, I do. We need to either get this out of our system or get involved in the interracial lifestyle. But I will never, never fuck around with a guy, unless we are together. I would never cheat on you that way."

He told me the same thing goes for him.

We told them we wanted to shower and go to bed, with each other. They agreed and said they wanted to do the same.

To be continued-our wild weekend was just getting started and interesting.

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