Eve Quest Pt. 03

byJJ Neal©

Sometime during the night I was released. That exquisite pain at the point my limbs were release must have dulled my recollection of the events. I'm reasonably sure I was given the Toilet command and I hope I did a good job. In any event, I was still on the bathroom floor when I heard my mistresses stirring around the next morning. I got up, crawled under the covers on my bed and went to sleep.

It was nearly noon and I was off to a late start, but when I slipped into the tub my body refused to leave. Cleaned and powered and a vision in pink I whirled through my chores and was resting comfortable in my room when Jenny and Sheila got home.

Sheila found a lime green jog bra and a matching pair of long leg tights. She tossed them on the bed along with a pair of socks and baggy white shorts.

"Wear your gaff there are running shoes in the closet. We're going jogging."

This was my first time out in our neighborhood as a girl. Jogging with the girls would have been a lot of fun had it not been for the leash. It was only four blocks to the park. The weather was cool and the breeze up my shorts was a totally new sensation. The jogging path through the park was paved and bathed in the afternoon sun. It attracted a lot of our health conscious neighbors.

I expected my condition would attract a lot of attention, but the attraction was an old one, three pretty young woman. The hunks would jog past me and compliment my mistresses on her pet. Then they would ask if I did any tricks. The lack of originality was uncanny. I was mortified when Tom Pepper appeared on my left shoulder. He worked for me until I quit and lived two streets over from us. He was tan and beautiful. He apparently didn't recognize me and ran up beside Sheila.

"High, Sheila"

"Hi, Tom. What's up?"

"Everything's fine. How bout with you?"

"Excellent." Sheila said.

"What happened to Andy?"

"He left me."

Tom came to a stop, obviously stunned by the news, and then sprinted to catch Sheila. "Why?"

"I don't know. He quit his job and left me the same day."

"How strange." Tom said and then added. "What's with the girl on the leash?"

"She's my slave."

That stopped him again. When he caught us again, he said, "What do you mean slave?"

"I mean she does anything I say, anytime I say."

"Can we stop for a minute?" Tom said.

Our entourage stopped and Sheila said. "Tom this is my friend Jenny. We call our slave, Sissy. What do you want?"

"I hardly know where to start. Can we talk in private?"

"You and Jenny and I are in private."

A big fluffy cloud held us in its shadow for a few moments before Tom continued.

"I've been wanting to call you. I wasn't sure about Andy, but if he's out of the picture, well I was going to ask you out. Of course, that's before I see you out here with this." He said, pointing at me. "Are you a dyke?"

Sheila kissed Jenny carefully placing a hand on one of Jenny's breasts then said. "Sweetheart, am I a dyke?"

They both laughed and Jenny said. "I'm not sure, but I think that only applies if you wear a strap-on dildo while you're eating my pussy."

Sheila ran a single red tipped finger down Tom's chest and said, "You're real pretty so come over to our house anytime you want and I'll fuck your brains out, but don't insult Sissy."

"Why do you need a slave?" Tom asked shaking his head side to side.

"That's a good question. Let's see if I can explain it to you." Sheila looked around then offered my leash to Tom. "Take Sissy over to that little clump of bushes and she'll explain it to your dick."

"No fucking way."

"Sissy, take your teeth out and show Tom your tongue." As I did, she rubbed Tom's crotch.

"You bitches are sick." He shouted as he ran down the path in the opposite direction.

I put my teeth back in and we finished our run with only an occasional catcall.

When we got home I cleaned up, put my uniform on and made dinner. After dinner I cleaned the table and did the dishes while Sheila and Jenny got a bath. They emerged wearing cut-offs, tanks and flip-flops.

"Let's go for a little ride." Jenny said, snapping my leash in place.

We drove downtown and cruised the Fourth Street area. There were a lot of girls and guys offering their wears. The storefronts were bright with neon and as seductive as a siren's song. We pulled up in front of Tammy's Video Arcade, Sheila handed me an envelope and told me to give it to the man behind the counter. It was only a short walk, but I was in a pink maid's outfit. Of course, this was the red light district, and I probably looked more normal than most so I got out.

The young man behind the counter smiled, accepted the envelope, opened it and went about the store collecting items. When he returned he had:

Two hot pink dildos (approximately

8"long and 6" around)

Three butt plugs:

Large (pink)

Ex-large (purple)

Monster (black)

He laid the items on the counter. Every guy in the place was looking at me. "Do you need anything else, little lady?"

Little lady, I thought, but I said. "No thank you."

He rang up the items, made change from money in the envelope and put everything in a plain black sack. Then he handed me a note that said I would give him a blowjob. I put my teeth in the bag, went behind the counter, got on my knees and unzipped his pants. My only thought was to get it over. Everybody in the store and everyone walking by could see me. That included Sheila, Jenny and any cops that might wander by.

When I got his dick out I changed my mind. It was thick at the base, uncircumcised and had a very small head. It resembled an ice cream cone with the point toward my mouth. I unbuckled his pants, and pulled pants and shorts down so I could get a better look. His big balls hung down in a long sack. I picked one up and put it in my mouth. The cone stiffened. I dropped the balls and slide the cone into my mouth. He responded to my tongue and ball, but I already had my nose in his pubic hair. It was a strange feeling as I withdrew. I sucked back and forth a few times. When he put his hands on my head I slipped I frosted pink finger into his ass and he came. It wasn't a flood but I had to swallow twice to get it all down. The flavor was fabulous.

I left him standing there with his pants around his ankles, picked up my bag of goodies and ran to the car. As I got to the car, Sheila kept pulling forward a few car lengths at a time. I was running as fast as I could in my heels. Jenny was laughing and waving and then they were gone.

Standing in the middle of the street I jumped up and down in absolute rage, followed quickly by stark terror, followed by tears. In retrospect there may have been some humor. A transvestite jumping up and down in the middle of the road on Fourth Street dressed in a pink maid's outfit. It was a very bad area. Several store fronts were boarded up, others had iron bars in their windows and doors. Two winos were huddled by a short brick wall sucking on paper sacks. The traffic cruised by slowly. I felt like a porterhouse steak at the dog pound.

I needed a Kleenex and some pants or even a skirt and a plan. My first thought was that it was a prank; they'd be right back. I walked back up the street and stood by the video store. I thought the cap looked stupid, as if the rest of the outfit didn't, so I took it off and put it in my sack. I put my teeth in and stood quietly next to the building avoiding eye contact with passers by. I didn't have a watch so I had no sense of time, but I became convinced they weren't coming back.

My next thought was a taxi. I needed some money. There was money in the bag. It turned out I had forty-three dollars and some change. I needed a phone. I knew the video shop was a bad idea. There was a well-lit convenience store at the end of the block. I decided to try it. The attendant was behind a bulletproof glass partition. He wouldn't call a cab, didn't have a phone book and wouldn't give me any change unless I bought something. I hadn't smoked in six years, but I bought a pack of cigarettes, a lighter and a cup of coffee. I walked outside, lit a cigarette and called information. I didn't have anything to write with, but the operator dialed the number for me. They said there would be a cab in twenty minutes. I leaned against the wall, smoked my cig and drank my coffee. It ran through my mind that a lit cigarette was a weapon of sorts.

A car with three young men pulled up and asked me what I was doing. I said I was waiting on a ride. The driver got out, walked over and stood within inches of me. He hooked a finger in one of the D-rings on my collar held a hand on his crouch and said, "I'll give you a ride."

I took a drag on my cigarette and it came to me. I whispered. "I'm a vice cop you dip shit. Slip me twenty bucks, get in you car and get."

He stepped back, looked around and reached for his wallet. He handed me a twenty-dollar bill, I kissed him and he hauled ass. I'm amazed my heart didn't burst, but I'd pulled it off. The cab arrived a few minutes later and took me home. The meter read eighteen dollars and seventy-five cents. I gave the driver my friends twenty and the rest of the cigarettes.

Mistress Sheila answered the door with a scowl, "What the hell happened to you?"

I couldn't believe my ears, but I decided I better play along. "I got lost, Mistress. I'm sorry."

"How'd you get home?"

"I took a cab."

She took the bag out of my hand and looked inside. "If you spent any of my money because of your stupidity, I'll take it out of your ass."

"Just some cigarettes, Ma'am. I bought him some cigarettes."

"More likely you sucked his dick you little nympho. You every heard of AIDS? If you introduce AIDS into this family you're dead."

"I promise I didn't touch him."

"Go to your room and get ready for bed. I'll be there in a minute."

I put my uniform up and rinsed my underwear. I removed my tampon, put on a gown and cupped my sensitive little breasts in the soft soothing material. I had a handful on both sides. In addition to the implants, I was sure they were growing. I washed my face and sat on the bed waiting for Sheila.

"Your five dollars short. Stand up and show me your tits."

I was facing her. She attached clamps to my nipples and unscrewed the stop screws. The jaws were directly over the shafts of my barbells. My nipples screamed in pain. I was sure the pain would subside, but I closed my eyes and clinched my jaw. Sheila slapped me across the face.

"Pay attention, bitch. Pull up your gown and bend over the bed."

She had a long slender cane. I heard the swooshing and when it ended, any thought of the pain in my nipples passed. The cane had taken a long slender bite out of my flesh and it fell four more times before she stopped. She left the room and returned with a thick salve, which she used to trace the path of the cane.

"You'll have some great welts, but don't worry they won't scar. Turn around and let me see your breasts."

I complied. She removed the clamp from my right breast and dropped it. It dangled from my left breast by the chain. She rolled the right nipple between her fingers and smiled. She deserted my right nipple and released the left one. The clamps clanked to the floor and she rolled my left nipple.

"You love the pain don't you?" Sheila asked.

"No, Ma'am."

"Then why is your clitty stick twitching?"

I didn't have an answer. She told me to sit down and I did, but I immediately wished I hadn't. She pulled one of the rubber dicks out of the sack and handed it to me.

"I want you to practice sucking this little darling and taking it deep down your throat. Saturday morning I want you to demonstrate you abilities for us. As for your butt plugs, I'd wear this one tonight." She handed me the pink one.

I stood, bunched my gown around my waist and put the plug in my mouth. The plug was smaller that a turd and wet with my saliva, it moved easily inside me. I dropped my gown and sat back down.

"Even I'm amazed at how obedient you are. I didn't mean right this minute, but that's fine."

"In the morning, while you're in the tub, I'd insert this one." She handed me the purple one. "Anytime you have a plug in you, you don't have to use a tampon. By Saturday I want the black one in you. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress." The purple one looked smaller than Alex, but the black one looked impossible. Still I'd given her the correct response. She turned and left the room.

"French toast in the morning." She said over her shoulder.

I wanted some extra time to soak in the morning so I set my clock for 4:30, turned off the light and settled into bed. My teeth were on the nightstand. The head of the dong slipped easily into my mouth. It had an unpleasant chemical taste; still I pushed it slowly deeper. I suppressed my gag reflex, but as the head entered my throat it was too large to continue. I tried to flatten my tongue, but it didn't help. I didn't know if my throat would stretch or tear, but I did know what Sheila would do so I shoved hard one more time. The head of the thing slipped down my throat for a moment, then popped back out. It would take some work, but my throat was okay and I could get it down.

Stinging welts and visions of a plunging phallic made for a restive night. Fear of the new day woke me early.

Chapter 12

The next morning I pulled off my gown. The welts were angry, but hadn't bled. I pulled the butt plug, douched and shaved. The tub was wonderful. I just soaked for about ten minutes and rubbed my wounds.

I tried the purple plug and it went in easily, so I decided to try the black one. I couldn't get it in. I couldn't even get enough leverage to push hard. I got on my knees with the plug on the floor of the tub behind me and started easing down. I couldn't get close. I pulled up then pushed down again. If I moved down another centimeter it felt like my asshole would tear in a hundred places. I jumped out of the tub, smeared my pussy with petroleum jelly and tried again. On the third push down it felt like it was going. I pushed one more time, there was a massive stab of pain and it popped into place. I rested for a moment and the pain subsided.

I decided to leave it in place while I shaved my legs and did my hair. When I got out of the tub, my ass seemed bigger and I had an unexplainable desire to swing it. Since the plug didn't hurt, I left it in place in lieu of one of my constant cotton companions.

I powdered my body and slipped on my corset. My natural breasts were peaking around the edges of the cups. This realization ran a tingle down my clitty stick and that tingle reminded me it had been weeks since I'd had an orgasm. It had been weeks I hadn't had one and I hadn't died. Maybe an orgasm just wasn't as important as I'd always thought. I finished dressing and locked my collar and bracelets in place.

Sheila and Jenny came down together and seemed to enjoy breakfast.

"Show Jenny your ass." Sheila said.

I faced away from Jenny, pulled down my panties and bent at the waist.

She traced a long slender finger along one of the stripes. "Nice job, Baby." She said to Sheila. She tapped the butt plug with a red tipped finger. "That's a pussy full isn't it, Sissy?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"She's got the black one in her." Jenny said, to Sheila.

"She's become quite an over achiever when it comes to doing my bidding." Sheila said.

As Sheila left for work she gave me a list of additional chores and instructions for a large dinner. "There'll be eleven for dinner. Wear your black outfit and be ready at 5:00."

My mistresses were home shortly after 5:00. They were satisfied with my preparations and with me. They scurried back to their room to change for dinner. They emerged in the same outfits I'd seen them in that first day.

Sheila was in the white on white brocade corset, her breasts billowing over its top. She wore no panties and her hairless pussy lips pouted out beneath her flat belly. She wore white stockings and white sandals with 4" spike heels. Her nails flashed red.Jenny wore her black leather waist cincher. The rings in her nipples were joined together by a heavy chrome chain. Black leather garters hanging from the cincher supported her black fishnet hose. Her polished black, high-heel boots were laced up to just below her knees.

The guests were couples except for Alex. They wore skimpy leather outfits (except for Alex) and the women were obviously dominant. I showed them to the dinning room and served the wine. Dinner consisted of shrimp cocktails, chicken cordon bleu, Julianne potatoes and chocolate cheesecake. The conversation was polite and topical. I was a real French maid and nobody seemed to give me a second thought. After dinner Alex and the women retired to the den for brandy and cigars. The rest of the men sat at the table and chatted quietly over coffee as I cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher.

"Sissy, you and the boys come here." Sheila said.

We obeyed. At her command, using short pieces of chain, they attached my shoes to the spreader bar. Then they hung me, head down, from the ceiling in front of the window. Using two more short pieces of chain they attached my bracelets to the spreader bar so that my back was down and parallel to the ground. A slight push caused me to swing. My cap fell off.

There was a sheet over an easel in one corner of the living room. Sheila removed the sheet and said, "Okay ladies, this is a Toulouse-Lautrec lithograph. It's worth $1,500.00 and goes to the winner of tonight's contest. Since Jenny won't be competing, she will be the judge – the final judge."

She moved away from the easel and continued. "The rules are simple. You will get your man hard any way you can, let him fuck you and fill you up. As soon as you can, you'll walk over and position Sissy between your legs so she can suck your cunt clean. If you come while she is down on you, that turn is forfeited. Then you go back and get your partner ready again. The teams will start on fifteen-minute intervals and each team will have one hour. The team with the most trips to Sissy's mouth wins. In case of a tie there will be a fuck off. The males will fuck Sissy in the mouth. The quickest to come wins. Again, Jenny will be the judge. Any questions?"

There were none and she walked over to me. "Open your mouth." I did and she took my teeth.

It took Jenny a few minutes to get the teams on paper. The first cunt was clean-shaven and sported a gold ring around its clitoris. She was on me ten-minutes after Jenny said go. I sucked out three good globs then tried to hook my tongue ball inside her ring. She pushed me away. Jenny was suspicious and wouldn't let her leave until she pushed a finger up her cunt. It came out wet, but Jenny was satisfied so she let her go.

My second pussy was covered in soft blond curls. My third was a thick musty black bush. The forth was my Mistress, fat and full. The last cream-filled delight was topped with a short heart-shaped brown mat. Mistress Sheila and the blond were able to give me three loads and tied for first. My face was a wet sticky mess. Jenny took a damp cloth and cleaned me up. She even gave me a little peck on the cheek.

Blondie's man was short and thin, but his cock head was nice and fat. I worked his underside with my tongue then sucked him down my throat. It was to be his fourth orgasm in an hour and a half, but with my gums and tongue on his shaft and my sucking throat, I got him there.

Alex was hard as a rock and ready. I was in a perfect position to take his big bad beauty. He slammed his rod down my throat, pumped me hard about a dozen times and dropped his load. No contest, Sheila kept the lithograph. While I remained hanging near the window, each of the losers beat their men. Everyone but Alex bid my mistresses goodbye and left. He took me down like I was a feather, sat me on the couch then kissed Sheila goodnight.

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